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UPDATED: 2 September, 2022


 Devils dwell in false doctrines. Why do some message believers seek to harm and kill other believers if they have the Truth of the end time message and the Holy Spirit?


 Brother, some American preachers told us not to use the African drums in worship. They taught us that the African cultures and traditions are pagan and are therefore against the Word. Is it true?


Brother, do you have signs and wonders in your ministry? I was told that apostles and prophets must have such gifts.


 Secondly, I did not hear an audible voice of God calling me to the pastoral ministry. But I have a good church and ministry. How come those who are called to be apostles and prophets must directly hear the audible voice of God?

Bro. Gan, I believe that sin came because of sex. Adam and Eve were to speak the word to bring forth children, not by sex. That's what the prophet said.

 Bro. Richard, I believe that God introduced and sanctioned polygamy from the beginning. Bro. Branham said so and even taught that polygamous marriage is permitted among believers.

 Question to you, Bro. Gan: Bro. Branham was vindicated of God, but who are you? Do you have the same vindications as the Prophet?


Who is the chief apostle today?


What are the mysterious Seven Thunders of Revelation 10?


Separating from an unbelieving wife in order to be a son of God?


What do you understand from these words of the prophet Isaiah, "...with his stripes we are healed" (Isa.53:5)?


Why did Adam have nipples?

Contradicting and Blaspheming...

Brother Gan, many times, all I have heard about you are very negative. Many do not even read your books, they just regurgitate what certain foreign preachers said about you. Some have said they would challenge you if they get the chance. Have you ever confronted such preachers about their teachings?


 I am disturbed about some preachers’ opinions that an egg of Mary was used in the conception of Jesus. Could you please expound a little on the subject?

Is it true that you do not believe in reading Bro. Branham's books and that you discourages others from reading them?


Where is the Garden of Eden?

Why is the sexual act of Eve with the Serpent called adultery?  Should it not be called bestiality?

To whom does the Mighty Angel of the Covenant relate to: the Jews or the Gentiles?  What does the vision of Rev.10 speak of?


Bro. Gan, I found this on a website and I believe that Bro. Branham had every intention of preaching on the Seven Thunders.  What do you say to it?


Is it true that after the fall of mankind Satan still had access to heaven and there participated in the meetings with angels?

Columba the messenger to the 4th church age actually died before the church age even started. Have you ever looked into this and if so did you find any answers?

 Can an unmarried man be an Elder or a Deacon? Addendum [added 9 June, 2014]

When was Jesus born December, April or September?

THE ENIGMA OF WILLIAM BRANHAM What are your thoughts on this article....?

Feetwashing and Communion - Did our Lord institute the Communion before washing His disciples' feet?

 l just heard from some Branham followers that we don't have to understand the WORD OF GOD. We have just to believe it...

Bro. Gan, why do the Branhamites refuse to look closely into the Sacred Scriptures?

Are Christians required to give TITHE in the New Testament?

 Rom 11:29 - This verse of Scripture has been interpreted by several ETM believers as: A person cannot have gifts and calling from God if he does not repent. True or False?