Is it true that you do not believe in reading Bro. Branham's books and that you discourages others from reading them?


Several believers that I had met over the past many years had asked me this question.  It is obvious that these believers received information based either on a rumour or from someone who claimed to have heard, intentionally or unintentionally, the utterances from my mouth. Instead of coming to me to clarify what they claimed to have heard, they chose to go around and spread deception. It is a lie. The practice of deception is iniquity, and God hates iniquities above sins. Anyone who had read my books or listened to my sermons would know that the above accusation is a lie.  Ask any co-labourer in the Vineyard of God who is close to me and he will tell you that the above accusation is also a lie.

When I came into the message of Bro. Branham in 1971, I not only read and listened to the messages, I began also to distribute THE SPOKEN WORD books and taped sermons.  I also had a library where the believers of the fellowship could borrow. I have encouraged the believers to read and to listen to the messages.  When the VOGR started charging for the books, we no longer received books from them for distribution.  Some of the believers now have them on CDs or mp3 players.

Those who are accusing me do so on the reason that I am not like them.  Why should I be like them?  They want me to believe that THE SPOKEN WORD books and taped sermons of Wm. Branham are THE ABSOLUTE, that without them, there's no revelation gotten.  I had been told personally that only by Bro. Branham can one receive revelation of the Word of God.  That's a devilish lie.  On the contrary, revelation of Truth does not come by men; it is God who gives the revelation. It is not the prophet (or any preacher). If it is, then Israel would have had received their Messiah a long time ago because they have had hundreds of prophets.  Nevertheless, these accusers believe in searching for Truth in the books of Bro. Branham instead of the Sacred Scripture.  One particular reason is that they believe Bro. Branham had ALL TRUTHS and MYSTERIES of God in the Bible.  Hence, they are searching THE SPOKEN WORD books and taped sermons for those "revealed mysteries". Like Theologians, they are dissecting every statement and every word of Branham and many have come up with very strange revelations, such as THE THUNDERS ARE REVEALED; THE RAPTURE HAS TAKEN PLACE; WILLIAM BRANHAM IS THE CHRIST; WILLIAM BRANHAM IS COMING BACK TO PREACH AGAIN BEFORE THE RAPTURE, etc.

A person can read, or listen to, a message by Bro. Branham, or Pastor S., or Apostle J., etc. yet it is God who anoints the person and quickens his spirit to receive truth if there is any in the message to reveal to him. And the revelation of the truth is taken back to the WORD to where the source is. This is what the Spirit of God will do. I have received revelation from the Lord in different ways, reading or listening to Branham's message, listening to a preacher's sermon in a church service or on tape, during a ministerial meeting, reading some Christian books, and listening to testimonies of believers.  God quickened me to what I have read or heard and then flashed me back to His Sacred Scripture for the source.  There in His In-breathed Word, He revealed the REALITY of His TRUTH.  It is not some QUOTES or the mere words of something that was said by Branham in which a believer (especially a preacher) can opine on them and exclaim: "It's a revelation!"  Unless it is proven and backed up by the ONE TRUTH SOURCE THE ABSOLUTE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD, it is not a revelation.  It is only a worthless opinion, at worst, a false doctrine.  Examples of such false doctrines are THE TWO SOULS, THE RAPTURE HAS TAKEN PLACE, and THE RETURN MINISTRY OF WILLIAM BRANHAM.

Bro. Branham's messages point us back to the WORD of God. Read them, listen to them, study them.  However, without the IN-BREATHED WORD, you have nothing because you are not standing on the Rock.

Here is an example where a believer can make a "revelation" of what Bro. Branham said.  Read the quotes carefully.  They speak of Enoch and Noah preaching at the same time and that when Noah saw Enoch taken up, it was time for him to start on the ark.

E-20  Now, as I've just said that the antediluvian destruction, Noah was the sign. And Noah had a sign to start on. When he seen Enoch was taken up, Enoch was taken up, then Noah --was time Noah to start, for he knew that that would be the sign of his beginning and then the end would be near.
And Enoch , of course, was the--a type of the raptured group of the church. And Noah is a type of the carried over or the elect of the Jews that will be carried through the tribulation period. And we're now living in that day.

  E-13  And notice, back there in that evil day just before the destruction, when God had a man out preaching the Gospel, a poor man, humble man, not very much of the world, but a man who had a heart to listen to God: Noah . There was Noah and Enoch preaching at the same time. And if you notice over in Revelations 11, it said, "I'll give power unto My two witnesses in the last day." Two witnesses again in the last day, Revelations 11... And they performed signs and wonders among the people.

  E-28  Enoch ... the... but--a Noah -- Noah was a type that was carried over like the sleeping virgin. But Enoch was translated just before the tribulation struck. And Enoch was took up, and was found not, because God took him: the type of the going forth of the church. And Noah watched him. When he seen Enoch go, he knew it was time to enter the ark, for to be carried through the tribulation.

  E-22  Abraham was looking for something. That's what the church, the believer, is today, watching--watching for something. He knew the time was growing close.
Just like Noah , watching Enoch . When Enoch went up, Noah knowed that the storm was close.

And now, Noah was a type of the Jews, but Enoch went home without dying. And when Noah seen Enoch go, he knowed it was time to start on that ark. That's right. That was Noah's sign, when Enoch went home. And as soon as the Gentile church is taken away, then He makes Hisself known to Israel. See? That's right.

Now, a preacher may teach from these quotes a "revelation" that Enoch and Noah were real pals -- great grandfather and great grandson; that Enoch communicated to Noah of the judgment to come and told Noah to be ready for the ark when he was gone.  My question: Is the scenario possible?  Yes.

BUT, is it possible ACCORDING TO THE IN-BREATHED SCRIPTURE?  The answer is NO.  Why not?  Enoch never saw the birth of Noah. Therefore it is no revelation.  Check the WORD.  Bro. Branham made a mistake; a common human mistake made by hasty preaching. (“How could you say that, Bro. Gan?” Defensive Branhamites have often jumped on me with that and even pronounced a curse of leprosy on me for saying that Bro. Branham made mistakes in his preaching. To them, Branham, the prophet, made no mistake. He is THE ABSOLUTE.) If these statements of Branham are not mistakes, then the statements in the Holy Bible inspired by Holy Spirit are mistakes. Take your pick.

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