Q.  Bro. Gan, I believe that sin came because of sex. Adam and Eve were to speak the word to bring forth children, not by sex. That's what the prophet said.

A.  Yes, sin was caused by sex (indirectly), but what do you understand by the word "sex"? To many people, SEX is a dirty word! If it is, then why did God create sexual organs?
   What did Bro. Branham mean by "speaking the word"?
   To some, it is literally speaking to the dust of the earth to produce a son, for example, Abel. The dust would gather together to form a body and then the man Abel would stand up and be alive!
   If that is so, I could see Eve, turning to Adam, saying,
"Honey, I have seen the ram and ewe came together and later lambs were born and they nestled up to their mother's "breasts" to suckle. Other animals did the same. Adam, what are my two breasts for?"
   Using the Sacred Scripture only,
answer Eve's question, if you can. Also, do explain how Adam and Eve could be one flesh (Gen.2:23-24) without sexual union. If you cannot, be not as the foolish Branhamites whose reply is almost always this: "If the prophet didn't preach it, then it's not important. We do not need to know." [Read Two Shall Be One Flesh]