Brother Gan, many times, all I have heard about you are very negative. Many do not even read your books, they just regurgitate what certain foreign preachers said about you. Some have said they would challenge you if they get the chance. Have you ever confronted such preachers about their teachings?

     Well, God called me to preach and teach the Word and not to debate or argue with others over the Word.  Yes, I have been confronted by many in several countries, face to face as well as by mails.  But I certainly do not behave like them.  This is one reason I do not even go on the many Forum Sites on the INTERNET to give my 2-cents worth of contribution.  If you are a Bible believer and have read the messages of Bro. Branham, you would know that the prophet was never into challenging other preachers just because he disagreed with their doctrines.  But the opposite is true.  Many who disagreed with him challenged him.  This is a pharisaical spirit and it manifests self-righteousness and arrogance in the person.  Like the Pharisees, such a person would even lie and when he is corrected he shows no remorse in what he did.  Such a person is Dalton Bruce.

    Here is a photo taken of a confrontation at the breakfast table back in 1984 in Tema, Ghana.  The "spoken" words scribbled on it were a part of the many words uttered against me at that breakfast table.  Notice the minister who sat across me how he was tapping his finger repeatedly on the table as he questioned me.