Brother, do you have signs and wonders in your ministry? I was told that apostles and prophets must have such gifts.

     First of all, let me ask these questions: How many signs and miracles must an apostle or a prophet perform before he is regarded as one having such a ministry? Do they have to sensationalize the acts (like those being done in Pentecostalism and Charismaticism) to make themselves known? Do I have to document all my signs and miracles and then proclaim to all what has been done in the ministry? And would that mean that my teachings are true? Did Bro. Branham heal everyone who came to him? With all that which took place in his ministry, did all who hear him believe that his teachings were of God?
     Some denominational theologians believe that the days of the apostles and prophets are over. They said that if there are such ministers, then these ministers must
constantly perform healings and miracles; they must heal the sick without fail when the sick are brought before them for deliverance, citing the example in Acts 5:15-16. (I wonder what will the Branhamites say.)
     Now, if what you were told is true, why did not John the Baptist, whom Jesus Christ regarded as a great prophet, perform one miracle? The disciples of Jesus Christ knew John the Baptist was a prophet, but none of them and not even the Pharisees ever raised the question to Jesus (or to John himself) as to why he did not, or could not, perform miracles. So, then what do we have but one passage of Scripture (Acts 5:15-16) that the theologians dare to take and ascribe a qualification for God's apostles and prophets.
     John the Baptist had no signs and wonders to vindicate him and his preaching and teaching of the coming Messiah, yet his ministry was readily accepted by the true worshippers. I wonder how many self-righteous Jews shook their heads and said, "His claim is false because we didn't see any sign and miracle performed."