Question to you, Bro. Gan:  Bro. Branham was vindicated of God, but who are you? Do you have the same vindications as the Prophet?

     Your questions are commonly put forth by many Branhamites to those ministers whose teachings they do not agree with. The latter question shows the immaturity of those who would ask such a foolish question. The vindications that William Branham had were vindications to his own calling as a Church Age Messenger fulfilling the Scriptures of Mal.4:5-6, Rev.3:14 and Lk.17:30 (cf.vv.22-30). If another minister has the same vindications as Bro. Branham then both would have fulfilled the same calling of the same Scriptures. Then we would have two Messengers to the same Age. Wouldn't we? And would that not be unscriptural?
     Consider this: Kenneth E. Hagin's mother said that an angel appeared to her during her pregnancy and told her, "Fear not! The baby shall be born, for as John the Baptist was a forerunner to My First coming, this child will be a forerunner to My Second Coming."
Now, who then is the forerunner to the Second Coming of Chri
st William Branham or Kenneth Hagin? Just look closely at each of their ministries for the true vindication.