Secondly, I did not hear an audible voice of God calling me to the pastoral ministry. But I have a good church and ministry. How come those who are called to be apostles and prophets must directly hear the audible voice of God?

     Now, I have no idea where such a presumptuous view came from. It is basically unscriptural. Such a teaching can be compared to the view of those who believe that there are no apostles and prophets today. What is it? They teach that to be an apostle one must fulfill either of these two prerequisites: i) a witness of the life of Christ from His baptism until His death (Acts 1:21-22), or ii) have personally seen the resurrected Lord Jesus (1 Cor.9:1). Of course, only the second prerequisite can be fulfilled today. So, to destroy the existence of the apostolic ministry, they cite Acts 5:15-16 as the qualification needed.
     Concerning the ministry, some have heard the voice of God; others have seen the Lord, in vision or otherwise. So, have I. But do these mean all are apostles or prophets?
   Then again, who was Balaam? Was he not a prophet called of God but turned bad? Who was Judas Iscariot? Did he not move about with Christ in His ministry? Was he not sent of Christ to do miracles? And yet he betrayed Christ. Both had encountered the anointing and the Voice, but they did not walk in the Light they received.
     The Lord knows how to call those whom He had ordained before the foundation of the earth. He deals with them individually and they know Him, as the Pillar of Fire moves in their life.
     A true apostle points you back to the Word. He sets the Word in order and the foundation for the saints. He is anointed with the ability in "rightly dividing the Word of Truth". A true apostle does not force feed the saints; he does not use the fear tactic. And, an apostle does not feed the saints or answer questions with quotes of William Branham but he rightly divides the Word of Truth to them as God gives him the ability. If he does not know how to use the two-edged Sword (WORD) of the Sacred Scriptures, then he is not an apostle, he is not even a minister of God.