Audio-Video Sermons On Line
Updated: 19 September, 2017

Years:  2004 - 2005
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Should you in any way not able to listen to any of the sermons on line, download the file directly
to a directory in your PC and then open the file with an appropriate media player.

Songs written by Bro. Richard Gan and sang by Bro. David Curtman and Sons.
"I Belong To You, Lord Jesus" (Click here for Music sheet)
"It Is Raining" (Click here for Music sheet)
"Wonderful Time" (Click here for the lyrics)
"Because I'm Yours, Lord" (Click here for the lyrics)

Songs written and sang by Bro. David Curtman
"When I Hear Jesus Sing A Song" (Click here for the lyrics)
He's the Greatest of My Heroes"
(Click here for the lyrics)
Have You Been With Jesus"

"Rise And Shine"   (Click here for the lyrics)

"Higher" [Sis Samantha Assouad, Lebanon] (Click here for the lyrics)