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Updated: 16 January, 2022

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Songs written by Bro. Richard Gan and sang by Bro. David Curtman and Sons.
"I Belong To You, Lord Jesus" (Click here for Music sheet)
"I Belong To You, Lord Jesus"
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    I cannot remember precisely the year I wrote this song; it must have been between
                     1998 and 2002. This song came to me as a surprise. I was taking a shower, and as
                     usual I would sometimes praise the Lord with my mouth open towards the flow of
                     water from the shower head, creating a gurgling sound. This time, my thoughts of
                     His saving me just came out of my mouth with the words, "There was a time when
                     my heart was so lonely..."
  Then I found myself filled with an anointing, and I let my
                     mouth sing and the words just flow. In less than 5 minutes I was out of the bathroom,
                     at my study table, penning down the words.

"It Is Raining" (Click here for Music sheet)
"It Is Raining"
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      In December 2004, I was invited to an assembly in Togo, West Africa, to minister the
                      Word. I had revelation to impart regarding the season we are living in after Bro. Branham
                      had delivered the SHOUT message (the First Phase of the Lord's Coming to take His
                      Bride, 1Thess.4:16) and the Midnight Cry (of Matthew 25); to turn the heart of God's
                      children to the VOICE of the Archangel that will establish them in the Faith of the
                      Apostolic Fathers. My message was entitled: IT IS RAINING. Similar to the message
                      THE MARRIAGE OF THE LAMB which was delivered to the assembly in Malacca,
                      West Malaysia, the congregation stood to sing a Pentecostal chorus which caught me by
                      surprise. The revelation of the Early (Former) and Latter Rains was never understood by
                      the Christians. Many were taught to believe that the Early Rain fell on the Day of Pentecost
                      after Christ Jesus ascended into the Heaven.

                         After I ministered the Word I prayed for the words to write a song that will depict the
                      Truth of the Early and Latter Rains. I cannot remember when the lyrics for the song came
                      to me but it did take quite a while; I was picturing in my mind how the TWO RAINS
                      would fall. The fellowship sang it a few times just the way I wanted and Bro David
                      Curtman recorded it in his home studio.

"Wonderful Time" (mp3) (Click here for the lyrics)
"Wonderful Time"
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  This is a song I wrote when I was in Zambia in 1995. A few believers and I were going
                      to visit a church, and I was sitting in the front passenger seat. Somewhere out on an
                      open road, I looked up to the sky and said, "It's a wonder day for the Lord to come
                      again." Then I started beating the car panel in front of me and the rhythm came and
                      the words flowed in my mind. Hence this song.

"Because I'm Yours, Lord" (Click here for the lyrics)
"Because I'm Yours, Lord"
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                        Just praising His Name this song came to me, just because I'm His.

Songs written and sang by Bro. David Curtman
"When I Hear Jesus Sing A Song" (Click here for the lyrics)
"When I Hear Jesus Sing A Song"
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    I wrote this song in April 2010. it was to be the last song written unto the Lord before
                      I heard and seen Him face to face. Instead, He chose to heal me from my illness and
                      I wrote more songs and now await His meeting us in the air. My son David Jr. played the
                      electric bass track and recorded and produced the song. I sang and played the keyboard
                      and guitar tracks. It is the most special to me of all the songs I have written and recorded.
                      I hope and pray you enjoy it, God Bless, Bro. David A.Curtman Sr,

"Rise And Shine"  (Click here for the lyrics)
"Rise And Shine"
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The Bridegroom's Lament"  (Click here for the lyrics)
"Reigning With The King of Kings"  (Click here for the lyrics)
"The Life Of The Tree (The Tree of Life)"  (Click here for the lyrics)

"Higher" [Sis Samantha Assouad, Lebanon] (Click here for the lyrics)