YEAR 2010
Eternity & Time Series continues
[Jan.10] Elisha...  the chariot of Israel and the horsemen thereof...

122.0MB    8.6MB

[Jan.17] Elisha's Double Portion...  the prophet Elisha and his exploit of faith...

175.0MB  12.4MB

[Jan.24] Elisha the Seer... not just one who prophesies, Elisha also sees...

164.3MB  11.5MB

[Jan.31] Fulfilling Elijah's Prophecies... what he prophesied must be fulfilled.

166.5MB  11.4MB

[Feb.07] A Revival and A Departure... a kingdom revives under Jehoiada and a prophet departs with power and honour.

162.3MB  11.5MB

[Feb.14] Pride and Treachery... sins caused by a hunger for power and fame.

147.0MB  10.4MB

[Feb.21] Judah's Worst King and Israel's Fall... No king of Judah like Ahaz, and the end of the northern Kingdom of Israel.

138.2MB    9.7MB

[Feb.28] King Hezekiah... purging the temple and restoring the worship as the good king began his reign.

144.6MB  10.2MB

[Mar.07] The Assyrian's Challenge... under heaviness of heart King Hezekiah prays and his prophet gives the answer, extending even his years of life.

152.7MB  10.7MB

[Mar.21] The Sacredness of Marriage... The choosing of a wife or husband requires wisdom in the Will of God, for marriage is forever.

154.6MB  10.8MB

[Mar.28] Why Water Baptism?... The love for our Lord compels us to fulfill His Word.

122.4MB    8.7MB

[Apr.18] Lord, Correct Me... as I move forward in life that my steps are your delight.

122.1MB    8.5MB

[Apr.25] Conception and Birth... a parable. What True Life is not.

174.1MB  12.2MB

[May 02] Identifying With Christ... our identification reveals our root, who we are.

152.0MB  10.6MB

[May 09] Rest For the Restless... "Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

166.6MB  11.8MB

[May 16] Demonic Influence... Does having an infirmity mean having a demon? What is "the cup and table of the Lord" and what is "the cup and the table of the devils"?

152.0MB  11.3MB

[May 23am] Bro. Felimon 'Nonoy' Togonon (Filipino): Permission
[May 23pm] Bro. Felimon 'Nonoy' Togonon: Two Perspectives of The Blood


[May 30] Christ's Inheritance In The Saints... What is it? How do one obtain it? What comes with it?

160.0MB  11.2MB

[June 06] Bro. Felimon 'Nonoy' Togonon: The Evening late?


[June 13] Read and Understand 3... Simple Answers to Difficult Questions.

159.4MB  11.2MB

Eternity & Time Series continues
[June 20] The Remnant and Captivity...  I will forsake the remnant of mine inheritance, and deliver them into the hand of their enemies.

162.1MB  11.6MB

[June 27] Jeremiah... His call to the prophetic ministry. His apprehension of the rebellious people of Judah towards the Word. Nevertheless he was faithful to the Lord.

121.0MB    8.5MB

[July 04] Jeremiah Laments... for his people and for himself. Ah, a lamenting prophet, a prisoner of God with the Word burning in his soul, who wishes himself not to be...

145.0MB  10.3MB

[July 11] Jeremiah Warns... the remnant of God's Chosen of their continuous rebellious act and of what things to come upon them and the nations of the world.

159.2MB  11.3MB

[July 18] Ezekiel... a prophet of the Babylonian captivity.

148.5MB  10.5MB

[July 25] Ezekiel's Prophecies... of Israel's sins, of the surrounding nations, and of the future hope of Israel.

138.0MB    9.7MB

[Aug.01] Sexual Issue... God made Man and Woman, Fornication is not Rape, Unnatural sexual deviation or relationship is not a genetic cause.

136.5MB    9.6MB

[Aug.08] God Orchestrates His Ministry... by the gifts placed in His ministers to fulfill His Plan and Purpose.

160.9MB  11.5MB

[Aug.15] Diligence... are you passionate about the Faith you possess, giving all diligence to it?  Do you love the Lord and His Word, and His Body of which you are a member?

166.5MB  11.8MB

Eternity & Time Series continues
[Aug.22] God's Other Prophets...  showing His grace and mercy, and His judgment...and revealing His secrets to His prophets of things to come.

167.8MB  11.7MB

[Aug.29] Daniel and The Babylonian Kings... With diligence and sincerity Daniel and his three friends manifested their faith in the true God of Israel before the kings.

151.7MB  10.7MB

[Sept.05] Old Daniel... An unfaltering prophet with visions of the Gentile worlds.

153.9MB  10.9MB

[Sept.12] Daniel's Visions... of the Gentile nations that God raised up to trouble Israel till the end of time.

160.5MB  11.3MB

[Sept.19] Daniel's 70 Weeks Vision... "I am now come forth to give thee skill and understanding...therefore understand the matter, and consider the vision."

137.7MB   9.7MB

[Sept.26] Daniel's 70 Weeks - Cyrus... From the going forth of Cyrus' decree...

150.6MB  10.6MB

[Oct.03] Daniel's 70 Weeks - Troublous Times... for the children of Israel during the rebuilding of their temple and their city Jerusalem.

163.0MB  11.5MB

[Oct.10] Daniel's 70 Weeks - Israel Revived... but only towards the end of the 69 weeks was the mystery of redemption unfolded to the remnant of that hour.

163.6  11.6MB

[0ct.17] The Mystery of Redemption... In His Covenant with Man, God deals with the HEART. The spirit of Elijah is used to "hook" His elect back to the Faith of God.

170.8MB  12.0MB

[Oct.31] Sabbaths - Fixed Days... Sabbaths are God's appointed Rest on fixed days of the year. There is no weekly Sabbath. Sabbath is about Rest, not about Day.

161.6MB  11.5MB

[Nov.07] "It is Finished"... from the Garden to Calvary, and from Calvary to Eternity. The Veil was torn to present the Blood of His sweet sacrificial life before the Throne.

160.9MB  11.2MB

[Nov.14] Bro. Isacc Okello Wonyima: Transition Time


[Nov.21] Sheol-Death... At death, what happens to the immediate body, soul and spirit of man? Does a righteous man go to heaven and a sinner man go to hell fire?

155.1MB  11.0MB

[Nov.28] Bro. Israel Dume: Confirmation


[Dec.05] Sheol-Death Questions... Where was the spirit-soul of Jesus Christ between His death and resurrection? Where is Enoch, Moses and Elijah? Are they sleeping? Etc....

129.6MB    9.1MB

[Dec.12] Bro. Leonard Lifese: The Chosen People

107.9MB    7.6MB

[Dec.19] Behave Thyself in the House of God 1... If and when you are truly converted only then would you known to behave thyself properly in the Church of God.

151.5MB  10.7MB

YEAR 2011
[Jan.02] Behave Thyself in the House of God 2... If and when you are truly converted only then would you known to behave thyself properly in the Church of God.

140.1MB   9.9MB

Eternity & Time Series continues
[Jan.09] The First Advent of Christ...  The entrance of a "new thing" -- the Gospel.

130.2MB   9.1MB

[Jan.16] Jesus - Childhood Years...  the years before his ministry.

132.3MB   9.4MB

[Jan.23] Jesus - The Lamb of God...  John the Baptist's declaration of the Christ.

155.4MB  10.9MB

[Jan.30] Jesus - The Heavenly One...  in Whom is the Light of Life.

147.0MB  10.3MB

[Feb.06] Jesus - The Prophet, The Messiah...  preaching the Kingdom of God.

155.2MB  11.0MB

[Feb.13] Jesus - This Day is This Scripture Fulfilled...  declaring and proclaiming the acceptable year of the Lord.

162.2MB  11.3MB

[Feb.20] Jesus - Who Can Forgive Sin?...  but God, truly.

133.6MB   9.4MB

[Feb.27] Jesus - True Life Given to The Son...  from God, the Father of Jesus Christ. Only in God is the Source of True Life, and He has given this Life to His Son.

143.6MB  10.1MB

[Mar.06] Jesus - Lord of The Sabbath...  and the religious Sabbath keepers.

139.6MB    9.9MB

[Mar.13] Jesus - Sermons on The Mount...  The Beatitudes, Salt and Light, Law and Anger, Adultery and Divorce, and Oaths.

159.5MB   11.3MB



[Mar.27 am] Bro. A.B.Nice: The Light Bearer

157.7MB   11.2MB

[Mar.27 pm] Bro. A.B.Nice:  Identification

 138.1MB     9.6MB

Eternity & Time Series continues
[Apr.03] Jesus - More Sermons on The Mount...  Love and Almsgiving, Prayer and Fasting, Mind and Body, False Prophets, God' Will and True Foundation.

164.0MB   11.5MB

[Apr.10 am] Bro. A.B.Nice: The Great Gathering

211.0MB   15.0MB

[Apr.10 pm] Bro. A.B.Nice: Headship

199.5MB   14.1MB

Eternity & Time Series continues
[Apr.17] Jesus - Entering Capernaum...  The faith of a centurion; the question of John the Baptist.                                      [Believers taking Water Baptism - video]

164.6MB   11.6MB

[Apr.22] Jesus - A Pharisee and A Sinner...  Of Love and Forgiveness.
                                               [Feetwashing and Communion Service]

170.0MB   10.9MB

[Apr.24]  TESTIMONY TIME of new baptized converts.


[May.12] Sifting Through The Dirt... Do you reflect on the words you hear? Do you possess the skill to sift out the dirt? Can you tell dirt from worthy nuggets?

142.1MB   10.0MB

[May.08 am] Bro. A.B.Nice: Becoming What We Believe

139.6MB    9.9MB

[May.08 pm] Bro. A.B.Nice: The Law & The Prophets Were Until John

216.5MB   15.3MB

[May.15 am] Bro. A.B.Nice: That Same Serpent

162.8MB   11.5MB

[May.15 pm] Bro. A.B.Nice: That Same Spiritual Rock

258.0MB   18.3MB

[May.17 pm] Bro. A.B.Nice: Chastening...Believing

222.5MB   15.8MB

[May.29] Grace, Mercy and Truth... With grace comes mercy. As a Christian, can you confess to having God's grace when you walk not according to His Truth and when you think lightly of His chastening and His image to perfect in you? Have grace or disgrace...?

178.6MB   12.6MB

Eternity & Time Series continues
[June 05] Jesus - The Prince of the Devils...  so says an adulterous generation.

150.7MB    10.5MB

[June 26] Jesus - What Manner of Man...  He is a Brother to us...Master over the elements...the devils' nightmare...

144.6MB    10.1MB

[July 03] Jesus - Follow Me...  so says the Lord. But take up your cross, confess Him before man and be ready to suffer for your Faith.

170.0MB    12.0MB

[July 10] Jesus - Compassion...  a tender compassionate Friend.

159.1MB    11.6MB

[July 17] Jesus - The Bread of Life and The True Sabbath...  Eat and drink of Him for He is the True Sabbath; He is the REST. With REST comes Peace, Joy and Strength.

174.2MB    12.2MB

[July 24] Jesus - Leavening... Confessing...  beware of the leaven of the Pharisees... Who do you say that I the Son of man am?

168.4MB    11.9MB

[July 31] Jesus - Upon This Rock...  He builds His Church upon the REVELATION of Him being THE CHRIST. Peter is just a rock, and so is Jesus and so are the saints.

151.7MB    10.7MB

[Aug.07] Jesus - The Transfiguration...  shows what "the Kingdom of God come with power" really is.

136.1MB     9.6MB

[Aug.14] Jesus - Of Faith and Offense...  If thou canst believe...and to forgive seventy and sevenfold.

177.0MB   12.4MB

[Aug.21] Jesus - Never man spake like this Man...  an unlearned Man's doctrine causes division. (An educated religious man's doctrine will most likely cause death.)

188.3MB   13.3MB

[Sept.04] Jesus - I AM the Light of the World...  and the same One who spoke from The Beginning.

162.9MB   11.5MB

[Sept.11] Jesus - I AM the Good Shepherd...  I lay down My Life for the sheep.

160.2MB   11.3MB

[Sept.18] Jesus - The Strong Man...  He tears down every stronghold of the enemy.

170.5MB   12.0MB

[Sept.25] Jesus - Whom We Should Fear...  is He Who could destroy both body and soul in hell.

199.6MB   14.1MB

[Oct.02] Jesus - I and my Father are one...  If I do not the works of my Father, believe me not. But if I do,...believe, that the Father is in me, and I in him.

163.0MB   11.5MB

[Oct.09] Jesus - Parable, Parable, Parable...  regarding the hypocrisy, pride and carnality among religious people; the faithfulness of God's people, and the Love of God.

171.8MB   12.2MB

[Oct.16] Jesus - Simple Lessons... of forgiveness, duty, thankfulness, understanding God's Kingdom, faith, fear, humility, simplicity, sacredness, fairness...

193.0MB   13.7MB

[Oct.30] The Events that Surround the Translation... The Rapture is a secret. Do you know what to expert if you are a chosen one? Have you a revelation?

132.1MB    9.3MB

Eternity & Time Series continues
[Nov.06] Jesus - The Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem...  "Hosanna to the son of David: Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest."

149.2MB   10.5MB

[Nov.13] Jesus - A Stumbling Stone, A Rock of Offence...  "Whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder."

142.5MB   10.1MB

[Nov.20] Jesus - Woe Unto You, Ye Blind Guides...  "Scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites! Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?"

137.8MB    9.7MB

[Nov.27] Jesus - Concerning The Endtime...  "Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?"

166.8MB   11.5MB

[Dec.04] Jesus - The Supper...  "And in the evening he cometh with the twelve. And as they sat and did eat,..." What supper did the Lord and the twelve eat?

146.2MB   10.3MB

[Dec.11] Jesus - Last Speech and Admonition...  A night of grief...eleven perplexed disciples and a comforting Saviour.

183.3MB   13.0MB

[Dec.18] Jesus - In The Garden...  "My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death: tarry ye here, and watch with me."

164.0MB   11.6MB

[Dec.25] Jesus - The Denial...  "I know not the man." So denied Peter. Watch and pray less you fall as Peter.

144.0MB    8.8MB

YEAR 2012
[Jan.01] Jesus - The Judgment... "What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ?"  A question that you too have to ask and to answer.

184.0MB   13.0MB

[Jan.08] Jesus - The Crucifixion... On Golgotha Hill they crucified "JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS". And they looked upon Him whom they pierced.

164.6MB   11.7MB

[Jan.22] Jesus - The Resurrection and Ascension... He's alive! He has risen from the dead! He has conquered death! He now sits on the right hand of Yahweh!  Hallelujah!

178.0MB   12.6MB









Chart 6

[Jan.29] The Birth of The Church... on the Day of Pentecost. " shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me..."

140.0MB    9.9MB

[Feb.05] The Acts of The Apostles... are the acts of the Holy Spirit. The first generation apostles are the founding fathers of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ.

150.0MB   10.6MB

[Feb.12] The Keys of The Kingdom... are entrusted to the apostles. They are empowered with a gift -- how and when to use those keys.

166.6MB   11.7MB

[Feb.19] Saul and The Uncircumcison... brought much fear and contention to the saints when they were converted. But the Spirit confrimed His Word.

147.3MB   10.4MB

[Feb.26] Separate Unto Me... God calls and separates men for His work. God-called men are vindicated by His Spirit and His Word.

169.1MB   11.9MB

[Mar.04] Turning To The Gentiles... "Your blood be upon your own heads; I am clean: from henceforth I will go unto the Gentiles."

165.3MB   11.7MB

[Mar.11] Establishing The Churches... "I kept back nothing that was profitable unto you......I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God..."

174.4MB   12.3MB

[Mar.18] Paul's Final Years... "Be of good cheer, Paul: for as thou hast testified of me in Jerusalem, so must thou bear witness also at Rome."

156.3MB   11.1MB

[Mar.25] Bro. James Veremu: We Were Called.

161.3MB   11.4MB

[Apr.01] Take Heed How and What You Hear... How do you hear and what do you hear when a message is given? "...for whosoever hath, to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have."

193.4MB   13.3MB

[Apr.29] Bro. James Veremu: The Lord Our God.

160.0MB   11.3MB

[May.06] The Thing Called Love... Taking a closer look at the Biblical issue of love.

180.6MB   12.8MB

[May.13] Bro. James Veremu: Effectual Prayer

154.3MB   10.9MB

Eternity & Time Series continues
[May.20] The Age of Grace... An overview of the dispensation of grace in the first vision of John on the Isle of Patmos.

159.1MB   11.3MB

[May.27] The Mystery of God... which was declared to God's prophets of old time is revealed when He began grafting in the wild olive branches to the natural olive tree.

134.0MB     9.5MB

[June 03] The Ephesian Church Age... an age of great love for the Saviour and His Word, but the church soon drifted away from that first love.

160.0MB   11.3MB

[June 03] The Ephesian Church Age Messenger... Paul: he raised and set a standard for all the other ages to come.

188.0MB   13.2MB

[June.17] O, How Art Thou Fallen... A look at fallen angels.

176.4MB   12.5MB

Eternity & Time Series continues
[June 24] The Smyrnan Church Age and Messenger... an age of bitterness and suffering for the church. Irenaeus: militant against organization and the antichrist spirit.

138.2MB    9.8MB

[July 01] The Pergamean Church Age and Messenger... an age that sees the rise of hell's headquarter. St. Martin: bold to the tearing down of the devil's stronghold.

167.0MB  11.8MB

[July 29] The Thyatirean Church Age and Messenger... an age of darkness dominated by "Jezebel". St. Columba: a consecrated and bold missionary of God.

143.8MB  10.2MB

[Aug.05] The Sardisean Church Age and Messenger... an age of reformation caused by the discovery of God's treasures. Martin Luther: fearless against the serpents of Rome.

150.1MB  10.6MB

[Aug.12] The Philadelphian Church Age and Messenger... an age of great missionary work spurred on by John Wesley when he found the pearl of great price.

185.6MB  13.2MB

[Aug.19] The Laodicean Church Age and Messenger... an age in which people demanded their own rights. But the saints are given a message by William Branham to get back to God's Word and be rightly set upon Its foundation.

174.8MB  12.4MB

[Aug.26] The Shout, The Voice, The Trump... the final ministries that will close the Age of Grace after the Fullness of the Gentiles is come in finishing up the Mystery of God.

160.0MB  11.3MB

[Sep.02] Around God's Throne... who is the One that is sitting on the Throne?

167.9MB  11.9MB

[Sep.09] The Sealed Scroll... only the One who is worthy can take the title deed and open it and redeem all that belongs to Him. Worthy is the Lamb that was slained...

156.5MB  11.1MB

[Sep.16] The Opening of The Seals... looking at the revelation and the fulfillment of the first four seals - "The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse".

163.5MB  11.6MB

[Sep.23] The Time of The End... what to expect as the fullness of the Gentiles comes in.

172.8MB  12.1MB

[Sep.30] For The Love of God... A look at God's Love in us, and exercising righteous authority over our own will, governing our own life and spirit.

168.6MB   11.9MB

Eternity & Time Series continues
[Oct.07] World War 3... or the Battle of Ezekiel 38-39 as foretold by Prophet Ezekiel.

151.8MB  10.7MB

[Oct.14] The Trump... the final "reveille" of Christ to His Gentile Bride.

160.9MB  11.5MB

[Oct.21] From The Seven Thunders to The Two Olive Trees... the Gospel transfers from the raging sea of the Gentiles to the holy land of the Jews.

145.3MB  10.3MB

[Oct.28] Prayer and Supplication... Breathing the life of the Spirit unto the Heavenly Father in truth with all sincerity and faith.

179.3MB   12.5MB

Eternity & Time Series continues
[Nov.04] Entering Daniel's 70th Week... after the fullness of the Gentiles is fulfilled.

181.6MB  13.3MB

[Nov.11] The Two Witnesses... come to minister the Gospel for 1260 days as the Antichrist makes a covenant with many for "one week".

168.8MB  12.0MB

[Nov.18] Sealing The 144,000... They are spiritual virgins unto God. They are set apart to preach the everlasting gospel.

177.3MB  12.6MB

[Dec.02] The Woman Israel... the nation that Satan seeks to destroy because of the Promised Seed.

171.2MB  12.1MB

[Dec.09] The Seven Trumpeting Angels 1... the first four trumpets.

168.5MB  11.9MB

[Dec.16] The Seven Trumpeting Angels 2... the three woes of the trumpets.

183.1MB  13.0MB

[Dec.30] The Manifestation of The Sons of God 1... A look at our Adoption.

155.0MB   11.0MB