Dated: 30th October, 2019

Dear Bro Peter Wan,

It is with concern that I am writing this letter to you, saying what’s on my heart, and not holding back what’s in it. I know you do not like me because you think that I am a false preacher because all my teachings (doctrines that Bro Branham did not teach or mention in his sermons) are considered baseless, false and do not line up with the Scripture. They are to you because you don’t really take time to truly examine them in the light of THE SCRIPTURE.

Peter, you can have your opinion about me, but I know who I am. (Detailing my life story, my calling, God’s dealingwith my life, and the things He has shown me, are better not made public, as the majority of Branhamites are skeptical and full of mischief. Hence, I have posted only a brief testimony of my calling as the Lord told me to, after years of hiding it.)  No matter what testimonies you may have heard from other ministers (and believers) who associate with me and my ministry (because they have seen the light of the Present Truth Ministry of God) and have left Branhamism, you would not consider their testimonies to be of God. There are those who said to me, “No, we consider you a true servant of God, but you are not preaching Bro Branham’s message.”  Strange people, cultic people they are. I am not here to give you an exegesis about WHAT THE ENDTIME MESSAGE IS. I have it all out there on my website.

Since you called yourself Pastor Peter Wan, my writing you is to let you know (if you truly are a man called and ordained by the Lord to be a pastor in His vineyard) regarding your sincerity and your place in the Body of Christ. I know you think you have a ministry just like many men in “THE MESSAGE”, all because they came to the message of Branham, read a few Spoken Word books and heard a few sermon tapes of Branham, and that automatically qualified them as “able ministers” of the Endtime Message. A sad fact is that the majority of believers do not even know WHAT IS THE MESSAGE OF THE HOUR that Branham preached. It’s so simple and yet they missed it, being taught by wrong spirits that started with the many Caucasian (especially the American, Canadian and European) preachers that it is all the sermons of Bro. Branham. If you believe you are called to be a preacher, a pastor, a teacher of God’s Word, so be it. But remember that you (and all preachers too, including me) are going to stand before the Judgment Seat of the Lord to give an account of your life, your actions and your words you uttered, that affected the lives of those around you, deceiving them (Mat.7:21-23). So, let me not be silent, to allow you to sin and to deceive those that you are feeding. You are very comfortable bending the truth when it suits you in your bitterness.

I am not here to teach you as you are a Pastor and Bible teacher. I know what you believe and you know what I believe. I am here to tell you about this particular webpage (see below) that you have put up on your website; a page that shows your bitterness and covetousness and envy (Eph.4:31; Heb.12:15; Rom.1:29; Heb.13:5; Luk.12:15; Psa.119:36). If this is not true in you, you can ignore it; otherwise, consider what I write here. I am not here to put you down, even as much as you have ridiculed me in your website this two times. I do not care if you call me a false preacher, etc, as long as you do not twist FACTS, do not misrepresent TRUTH that I hold and teach, by dishing out lies and falsehood to feed your followers and readers (as some preachers have done, and even after speaking and writing to them for proofs as to their accusations, they continued to lie; so I posted my side of the story on my website and books). There are many LIARS in the ENDTIME MESSAGE MOVEMENT, and you should know what God said about LIARS. My friend, you should never take God’s Grace for granted. Many have taken His Grace and made it a DisGrace, bringing a reproach to the Message of the prophet Branham. They are teaching that he had ALL MYSTERIES OF THE BIBLE REVEALED, and should anyone bring forth “new treasures” out of the Holy Book of God (Mat.13:52), he is condemned as a false servant of God. (For your information, I was the one that the Lord gave the revelation of THE MARK OF CAIN in the early 1980s, and has preached it locally and in other countries; a booklet was even published. Thus far, I have yet to hear from anyone calling it a false teaching. A few have said, “Did not Bro Branham say that Cain was a big fellow?” so as to credit Branham as being THE ONLY ONE to whom God could revealed the mystery of the MARK THAT GOD PUT ON CAIN, but Branham’s words was not even close to what the MARK of Cain is.  Branhamites just have to glorify Branham as the great revealer of all mysteries, and no one else could reveal any more mysteries from God because there are no more mysteries to reveal. That’s a damnable lie. Amos 3:7 has become the ONE FAMOUS AND FAVORITE Scripture so commonly uttered. One hundred percent of the time, the person quoting it has no spiritual understanding of the verse, what it actually says.  And you are one of them. It is often a waste of time and effort to show from the Sacred Scripture as the arguments from Foolish Believers are always answered with a bunch of QUOTES (as if they are sacred scriptures, every word being inspired by the Almighty God in the mouth of Branham).

Majority of Branhamites are just the same; as long as Branham did not touch on the subjects, they cannot be important, and anyone preaching them are just wrong. There is a lot of fear in many ETM believers. To go beyond the prophet, they believe they are not elect and will not make the Rapture; they have to stay with the prophet because they were taught so by the “traditions of ETM elders” – “stay with the prophet, say what the tapes say”. How pathetic! They are just like those children of Israel who hearkened to the “traditions of the elders” in their days. But were they taught the Truth? They heard the words of the prophets read every Sabbath in their synagogues, yet they were following the opinions of the elders, handed down through generations because they were told to “say what the prophets said”. Question is: what did their prophets actually say? Did they hear right?

Glorifying Branham, fear of God’s prophet, and not to believe all that he uttered (in his recorded message) tantamount to disrespecting him, even to disobeying God Himself. (Well, look closely at 1Kings 13, a lesson you should learn, if you are called of God.) Fear of repercussions from ETM preachers and followers, not to mention God Himself! Like the majority of foolish ETM preachers, it was your assumption (or rather, your presumption) based on a paradigm that marginalizes anyone who do not believe what the majority of the ETM followers believes regarding Branham being ABSOLUTE in all his sayings, in all his words, as Thus Saith The Lord. Perhaps you are not that extreme, still you hold to certain of his statements as absolute truth when it comes to doctrines and mysteries of the Bible. Read Joshua 1:2-3, what God told JOSHUA, and see the type in this our generation, if you can.

Jos 1:2: Moses my servant is dead; now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, thou, and all this people, unto the land which I do give to them, even to the children of Israel.
Jos 1:3: Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses.

Branham my servant is dead; now therefore arise, go over to the other side, for this side of Jordon is a place of darkness (“Come out of her, my people…”), you and all God’s people, unto the place (of my Promised Word) which I do give to them…”  The True Joshua ministry (Eph.4:11-16) will lead the people out of darkness and over into the ABSOLUTE WORD of the Lord, and not backtrack to the words of Branham who died this side of Jordan. Like Moses, who stood on Mt. Nebo, and saw the Promised Land, Branham stood upon the Rock of Christ (the Pillar of Fire) and saw the Promised Word (where God has put His Name there). That’s the PLACE where we are to be. Remember, Branham, God’s servant, is dead.

The MARK OF CAIN is just one of several revelations that the Lord revealed to me. Ha, this one you mentioned in your webpage – the Sin of Ham – as being false, because Branham did not preach it. (A few Branhamic preachers said this to me: “What Bro Branham did not teach/reveal, it means they are not important.”  Wow!  What idiocy!  Cultic spirit!  William Branham is THE ABSOLUTE!  Now, that is short of calling him “GOD” or “Jesus Christ”. And you know that there are many who believe exactly that concerning the prophet.) If I, or Raymond Jackson, were to tell you that Bro Branham believes that the Sin of Ham is Ham’s incestuous act with his mother, would you believe? Of course not, because he did not preach it. Let me tell you this: there are doctrines that Branham believed and understood from the Bible, but never did get to teach them. Does it mean that they are not true even if someone scripturally teaches it?  One example is THE TRAIL OF THE SERPENT. Branham was going to preach it but could not because he died in the car accident. So, if anyone were to preach and teach that subject correctly according to Scripture, would the Branhamites embrace it, or would they call it false because Branham did not teach it?  Oh, cultic Branhamites! As long as Branham did not preach it, you won’t believe it, because you believe that the Word (or word/words) comes only to the prophets according to Amos 3:7 (a verse that speaks not about doctrine or teaching; a verse so misunderstood and misused by Branhamites. Why? Simply because they do not study the Bible, the Scriptures; they study the Message books of Branham, his words). May God have mercy upon those who have eyes but refuse to see.

Now, your attention to this:

Back in 2012, you posted an article entitled:
Those who called themselves the seven voices thunders today. You took it down after Akpan Blessing Nice wrote you because of the deceptive words you used in that article (on money issue) that created problems for him back home. Now, you have put back the same article but with some changes to it. What is your motive in putting that up again on your website?  Still bitter, covetous and envious of what took place back then in your life?


Look at your bitterness in your article.  Do you not even realize that you are lying to your readers by putting words into the mouth of those preachers, whose names you mentioned?  Did Odell Frederick and Joe Coleman call themselves the Thunders or the Voices of the Thunders (however you want to word the words)?  You insinuate (in the article) that they died because they made that claim. How wicked you can be. You predicted: "Be not deceived. God is not mocked. I predict this year another of those who called themselves the 7 voices will also die in like manner."  Now, who is that “voice/thunder” that died in 2012?  Do not all people ultimately die? As far as we know, you can just name any preacher, who is not in the same faith as you, as the one in the prediction. Isn’t it? And I wonder, what if I were to die that year, you would surely have rejoiced in that your prediction came true. Isn’t it? Examine yourself before the Lord. Be sincere and look at your foolishness and intention in what you wrote. Do not for a moment excuse yourself that it is not your intention. It’s a very silly prediction – indeed. The title of your page tells it all: Those who called themselves the seven voices thunders today.  Now, am I not also included in that title? You pasted a picture of my books, taken from my website, and you wrote this:

Are you not insinuating that I had also called myself as one of those “Seven Voices Thunders today”? (Many have even spread lies that I called myself the 8th Messenger or Elisha.)  Remember you even presumed that B.Nice was one too?  You are very presumptuous that you don’t even fear that you are actually lying. Have you not read in the Bible about presumptuous sins?  You also said that I am exalting myself above the prophet Branham.  Was I? Am I? Did I? Do I? Had I? Have I? Or is it you, yourself, believed with all your heart that I am?  You are presuming, committing presumptuous sin.  Again in the same statement you state very clearly that I "got hold of him" (that is, B.Nice) after you have hosted him in your Balestier apartment for more than 3 months: "He stayed with me for more than 3 months in my Balestier apartment, joined later by Udoka, before the local pastor...who exalts himself above our prophet got hold of him".

"got hold of him"?  How? By proselytizing him away from you? By speaking evil about you to him?  Friend, you know that I have no idea who B.Nice was back then when you called me on the phone that a Nigerian minister wanted to meet me.  You called because B.Nice asked you to, because he told you that he heard about me and wanted to know what I believed.  Did you remember that call?  I came to your apartment on my motorcycle and picked him. We rode to East Coast Park, we sat down and B.Nice asked many Bible questions. I answered him from the Bible, not Quotes of W.Branham.  When he asked about certain Quotes that some preachers used to interpret doctrines, and the confusions that existed within various camps, I simply answered him, that the prophet’s message calls the elect back to the Absolute, the Sacred Scripture, and what the prophet had said, that if what he preached are not in the Scripture, then we are not to believe it.  We spent about 2 hours, and went back to your apartment. He requested that I pick him up the next day.  I did and again we spent about 2 hours over Bible subjects.  At no time did I try to proselytize him.  Ask him, if you do not believe me. I don’t believe in proselytizing; I just preach the Word; it’s the Word, the Truth that converts a person to God Himself.  I don’t make unto myself disciples, but Disciples of Christ.

Now, just because B.Nice came to Singapore and you hosted him in your home for more than 3 months, you must have felt that he belongs to you, or else why posted such an article with such a passage of words?  You were so bitter back then, and even now, to have lost him because a self-exalted pastor
"got hold of him" (that is, grabbed him, proselytized him, isn’t it?), a pastor "who exalts himself above our prophet".  You are possessive. You are so covetous, wanting to be someone important that you have to run me down with lies, even to the extent that I am exalting myself above the prophet.  You cannot deny that you are not; your very article shows it. (Just recall the time when you were with James Nair. You called me one day to tell me about your great work you have done in teaching the believers while J.Nair was away in India, and how that when he returned from India “he told me off, saying who made you the leader?”  Then you said that Nair’s wife, who was there, asked him, - - - - - - -.  My, oh my, you were upset, you were bitter, and you have to call me to complain about him. Who was I then that you should call and complain?  Was it not that you were trying to influence me to see your view, that what you were doing was a great work of the Lord and for the Lord?  Several days after, J.Nair called and told me what you did. Why did he call me? Apparently you must have complained to others about your phone call to me, otherwise why did J.Nair call me to tell his side of the story? How did he know that you called me? Interesting, isn’t it? Even Peter Ong heard your view about me and my teachings, and he used them to argue against the prophet, and that he was right to call Branham a false teacher. If only you knew why he left the Endtime Message and returned to his vomit. By the way, all the Christian ETM Peters that I have known so far are all hotheaded, opinionated, and self-assured like the Apostle Peter (but at least he learnt), first Peter Ong, then you, Peter Wan, then Peter Wang, Peter Tan, and Peter Lim (two of them, and one not an ETM believer but a Presbyterian pharisaical man who tried to expose me on the news, through the media company where he worked, as being the cult leader to a cultic movement called Branhamism in Singapore. How he arrived at that, I have no idea. Failing that, he called the CID to investigate me. They did. So, if you want to know, my name is in the CID record.)

Next, you are envious that B.Nice chose to associate himself with me, someone you disagree with, that you even have to brag about
"how sad I was after having so great fellowship with a Brother from Nigeria, even surrendering my 5 million commercial health insurance premium to help his wife do business (…which was S$1,800)".  See?  And my, oh my, you have to bring in your giving to B.Nice and brag about it on the Internet – loud noisy cymbal splash of money. Oh, how unlike you are to the poor widow with two mites who did not draw attention in her giving compared to the rich who dropped many coins into the treasury – loud and noisy (Mar.12:41-44).  If you give with your right, do not let your left hand know.

Your bitterness, covetousness and envy have even caused you to be an interpreter of dreams.  Regarding B.Nice's dream, because you did not want to accept the Truth, you just have to give your so-called interpretation (after having prayed, talking to the Lord about it). 
"When he first told me the vision, I thought it was strange but after praying I realised he was of the opposite side."  Did the Lord really tell you that "he was of the opposite side"?  When B.Nice told you the vision, did you hear only what you wanted to hear?  And did you not read B.Nice’s testimony on my website?  Anyone with common sense will know that "Look behind you" does not mean "the opposite side" of the river without B.Nice being in the river.  You heard and read into the dream of B.Nice according to your grievance, resentment, dissatisfaction of spirit that you had within you.  [Question: Why posted the article even after B.Nice told you that you got the dream wrong?]

An African brother recently texted me and that’s how I came to check your website and snapped the webpage. You have articles and you have opinions. They don’t bother me except what you have put back, something you have taken down years ago. I have no idea when you have done that.  This is the chat that the African brother forwarded:


You have lifted up Branham far above our Lord.  Disgusting!  If you say that you are not, then stop quoting the words of Branham TO SUPPORT YOUR FAITH AND DOCTRINES. Use the Bible and QUOTE THE SCRIPTURE AND PROVE YOUR FAITH. If you have to prove my teachings as false, use the Bible, show the Scriptures, and detail plainly. (Do not simply quote a verse or two without explanation. Foolish Christians always do that just like the Trinitarians who would take, for examples, Matthew 28:19 and John 15:26, and say “See, three persons in One God? What else do you need?”)

Your 3Curtains are even a lie:

Do not use the Scriptures within the framework of the QUOTES. To confess that you have No books but The Bible and yet use the QUOTES of Branham for your FAITH makes you a liar, for the words of Branham are your BOOKS (for that is where you get his words from). Just remember the QUOTES of Branham, his BOOKS, are not Inspired Scriptures.  That’s Thus saith the Lord.  If you believe they are, then you have added to the Bible.  No books but The Biblethen USE YOUR BIBLE!  I challenge you to use IT.  No Law but Lovethen why are you so bitterNo Creed but Christthen why keep saying “Bro Branham said this…that…; he never preached such and such…etc.”
?  Such is the confession of a CREED.  See?  All your confessions and actions thus far have negated those “3Curtains” you claimed to walk and live in your life.

What else can I say, my dear friend?  Get your faith in order.  You know me, how I was never a part of Samuel Tawarsokono’s fellowship when I came to the Message in 1971.  He and his people tried to proselytize me and the few believers with me.  When I refused, he did me much evil (even witnessed and testified by others).  Then came Judah Howard, by cunningness and deception he went up to Malacca with another believer one evening, and destroyed a young assembly that I had started.  J.Howard, my, he believed he is also someone called and ordained into the Vineyard of God, but his actions were not that of one who shows praises to God. He did not even live up to his name “Judah”. Is he really a man called and ordained of God?  Did God tell him to go and tell those souls in Malacca that my periodical and R.Jackson’s ‘Contenders’ papers are full of false doctrines and should not be read, but be destroyed?  He must have believed so, for he took all of them with him in that one evening. What did he do with those publications?  Did he read them all, as he so told those souls in Malacca?  Your guess is as good as mine, he destroyed those publications. In so doing, those nearly a dozen souls were destroyed. Why did he do it, if he had the Spirit of God?  If he was righteous and really in tune with God, he should instead go to the many pagan churches and take away their many idols, somewhat like Christ cleansing the temple in Jerusalem. Why did he have to sneak into my little Malacca assembly in the evening like a thief in the night? Why did he go to sow discord in a field that belongs to another?  What spirits taught him that?  The answer: It’s a cultic spirit within Branhamism that has nothing to do with the Message of W.Branham or the messenger himself.  Would W.Branham have done what J.Howard did, sneaking into another shepherd’s sheepfold to steal and destroy the sheep?  Surely not. Only self-ordained and self-righteous preachers will do that.  Evil men, they are. (Remember demons live and feed on false doctrines and manifest the life of those doctrines.)  All these many years, J.Howard had never apologized for the evil work he did to my little assembly in Malacca; instead he brushed it off as something that I should just forget. He said, “Bro Gan, what happened in Malacca, just forget about it. It’s in the past.”  How righteous, no guilt, no shame, no regret!

I cannot even began to tell you, Peter, what the Lord showed me in 1974 concerning Samuel’s fellowship and how it would break into factions, with each group destroying the faith of people. What happened to his church? What happened to Judah’s? As long as an assembly does not stay upon THE ABSOLUTE BOOK (the Inspired Scripture), but upon THE SPOKEN WORD BOOKS of W.Branham (as the ABSOLUTE inspired words above the BIBLE), the souls of the believers are on shaking ground, on sinking sand. Read 2 Timothy 3:16-17:

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.”

That’s right, “All scripture…” not all QUOTES of W.Branham “is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousnessThat the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.”

This ABSOLUTE WORD tells us that J.Howard never was taught by THE BIBLE, “ALL SCRIPTURE”.  If he had, IT would have reproved him, corrected him, and instructed him in righteousness and furnished him unto all good works.  But because he was in a cultic faith, taking only the words of W.Branham and interpreting them according to his own notions under a strange spirit, he committed sins against God and men.

Yes, God
is not mocked.  Be not deceived. To those who believe that they are called and think that they are anointed to preach the Word, BE AWARE, less the FIRE of the WORD destroys them.  You cannot preach unless you are called. Do not assume to teach what you do not know. Do not venture where even the angels of God fear to tread.

So, in conclusion, I exhort you to be sincere, and know your place in the Body of Christ, to do what needs to be done. If you believe right, you will live right. I am not seeking any revenge on you, but I want to let you know that I have the intention to properly frame the text of this email, together with some extracts from what are found in the files (that I have here attached for your perusal) into a webpage for posting on my website. It will be entitled: Letter to Pastor Peter Wan.  As long as your article: Those who called themselves the seven voices thunders today is still up on the Internet, whether on your 3Curtains site, or some other site, blog or social platform, in the next week or two, I will post it.  The choice is yours. I will not have you telling lies, big or small, and deceiving people, whoever they maybe.

I will not be – silent.


Richard Gan



From: peter.cce@gmail.com
To: #prNET
2/11/2019 2:02 AM

Dear Bro Gan,

I have written what has been written. If there are issues, then bring it up. If I think they are legitimate, I will amend the article accordingly, AS I HAVE WITH BROTHER NICE DREAM-editing it. You yourself said this letter from you is the first time you write to me about it, after so many years. What is the point of taken down the site which very purpose was to post what I want to post...God being the True Witness. I do not hate or envy anyone. Everyone is accountable for his or their actions and words. Even if you do not speak, God knows what you are thinking, and we cannot hide from Him. He is the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever. He certainly will hold us accountable for our words.

You are free to post in your own webpages, what you think and teach. But I will continually warned against false doctrines, such as the issue of Ham having incest with his mother, or that the two trees in the garden of Eden are two laws. Both are false and not scriptural. That is why I say, No books but the bible. No Law but Love and no Creed but Christ. As to Brother Nice, I have already written to him as you have copies of those letters or emails. So far, he had not written anything else about my replies. My loan of the S$1,800 is still outstanding, but I have never chased him to return it. Not even once. It is up to him, as God said Owe no man nothing. You said, I should offered it to him instead of a loan, but I had already offered him more for his ministry including the apple notebook, which I paid for it twice, as he said it was stolen from him in Egypt. Few days later, he informed me that a man claimed to have his notebook, and that he had to buy it back from him, for an amount exceeding S$1,400 or so (exact sum, I cannot remember), So I sent him the money freely, not as a loan. But for his wife business, I told him it has to be a loan. When you first approached me about it, I even told you why not you help him pay it back as I clearly indicated to him that I do separate free gifts for God's work and loan for business purposes.

If you wish to engage this to-ing and fro-ing of letters, I certainly am willing to do so. I will regard you as a gentleman, to post all the exact words and not edit anything out. I have nothing to do with the doctrine of others. I only write against unscriptural "prophecies" and false doctrines. Doctrines that have no scriptural basis. And if you have copied your letters to anyone, please indicate you have done so. I think it is not a healthy practice to mention names of people and not copied them. Your letter about Ewald Frank for example. Did you copy that to him as you mentioned his name. Did you talk to him about those things you accuse him of before you post them? In my webpages, did you find your name mentioned there ? But if any of your people write me or whatsapp me to ask who I was referring to, perhaps I might even tell them the name...privately. If they want to make it public, it is their call and theirs alone. As a gentleman, I expect you to copy this reply to those whom you already copied to or bcc not cc to.

With love (corrective love)
Peter Wan


From: #prNET
To: peter.cce@gmail.com
Cc: James Nair, Akpan Blessing Nice
2/11/2019 11:36 AM

I am not into your idea of "to-ing and fro-ing". You are the one doing that. I gave you the email straight to the points, about Those who called themselves the seven voices thunders today, but here, once again, you are side tracking the issues in question with your to-ing and fro-ing about Bro Nice's stolen Notebook, money loan, etc.

Did I talk to Ewalk Frank about those things? What do you think? Do you have any idea what transpired between him and me? And his to-ing and fro-ing with others over Polygamy? I won't tell you beyond what's in my article IF YOU WILL BE SINCERE.

As for you, you would lie, by IMPLYING that Odell Frederick, Joe Coleman, Blessing Nice and I called ourselves "voices thunders today"; and your silly prediction that shows it; your boasting about your generosity, your money and how I "got hold" of Bro Nice from you. Name or no name, the picture of my books and those who know this brother from Nigerian and Udoka show who you are referring to. Are you not bitter, covetous and envious?

As I said, I don't care if you want to call me names, anything, and you can disagree with my teachings, but don't put words into my mouth.

Sure, you can post whatever you want expose false teachings, etc. Write your views of the Sin of Ham and the Two Trees, and whatever else you want. But if ever you quote from my messages and twist my statements to imply what I did not teach, I will take you on for twisting just like I did with Bro Jackson and Amos of Nigeria. Though their names are not mentioned in the article, those who know them know who I referred to. A few asked me to call out their names, as Apostle Paul did to some in his days for falsehood and deception and evil works. I have been thinking about it.

I did not send my email to you to anyone except Bro Nice, for he had seen your webpage too, and had the intention to write you. But he had been busy. I will send this reply to him, and the whole things here to Bro James Nair to let him know my intention of putting it on my website. He has a right to know because his name is mentioned. I will let him know that I might remove the part where I quoted your saying what his wife said to him.

I am not playing pucks with you. Period.

From: peter.cce@gmail.com
To: #prNET
2/11/2019 3:30 PM

Since I don't see your first letter being copied to Brother James Nair and Howard Judah. I have corrected that for you. Also in the 2nd reply, I did not see copied to Howard Judah, and I have done that. He now has the updated correspondence. Thank you for inviting me to discuss this openly. It helps to explain current situations in Singapore.

From: #prNET
To: peter.cce@gmail.com
2/11/2019 6:37 PM

I see, so you are so righteous to forward the emails to Judah Howard. Did you forward also to Samuel Tarwarsokono, Peter Ong, Peter Lim, Peter Wang, Peter Tan? You should because their names are also mentioned.
I have done dealt with them already, and therefore why should these emails be forwarded to them?  Do you think that Paul's epistles to Timothy and Titus were copied and forwarded to Philetus, Hymenaeus and Alexander, because Paul mentioned their names?

I don't care for you to forward the emails, you can forward them to whoever you want to as well. I have until next week to see what you would do with your posting before I post this LETTER TO PASTOR PETER WAN on my website.

From: peter.cce@gmail.com
To: #prNET
3/11/2019 12:36 PM

You must as well go ahead to post what you already wanted to post. Why should I take down what I have posted? Go do what you already wanted to do. Post your letter and let people see such childishness coming from someone who claimed super revelation some of which are not scriptural at all.

Preach the gospel. Be instant in season and out of season. Do not engage in superfluous issues. Why do you think I should dislike or envy you ? How do you come to such a conclusion? The truth has already set me free. Does one who is joint heir with Christ contend with the chatter of falsehood? An eagle just let the chipmunks carry on with the chatter and he just soar into the heavenly atmosphere sitting in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

From: peter.cce@gmail.com
To: Howard B Judah
Cc: #prNET, Santha Kumaran
4/11/2019 8:50 PM

Brother Richard Gan,

I see that you have not changed your attitude of lumping wrong behaviours of some message believers as Branhamism. I wrote to you in August 29, 2018, to try to explain to you, such philosophical approach is not scriptural but here in your letter to Bro Howard Judah, you are at it again. So let me repost my previous email here for all to see. Please be reminded, I am not against a person. Just against false teachings.But even then, I try to correct those whom I think are wrong....Since you are going to post all these correspondences anyway in your webpage to answer to your followers who are asking you to do something about my two articles. The False Doctrine of Ham having Incest....And Those who called themselves the Seven Thunders. Bearing in mind that Brother Nice had clearly stated he is not one of them. Are you claiming to be one of the man with the thunders? Otherwise, why are you even bothered about it...when Brother Nice so clearly said he is not one of them? By the way, I am not too keen to continue this discussion but if you wished to do so, I will provide you some quotes...If you think it was my email that prompted Bro Howard Judah to reply, perhaps it is so, but when I read his apology, I saw it as a brother who clearly said he was immature at that time....and now is wiser...so he made that apology. I don't think he done you any harm, as later the very publication "Contender" and the Pastor denounce your teachings. But I am concerned about those sheep...where are they now?


From: #prNET
To: peter.cce@gmail.com
2/11/2019 6:37 PM

I am tired of your nonsensical posting of words. You are good at specializing in the absurdities and ambiguities of words so as to safeguard yourself. See your own reply to that African believer in your WhatsApp chat with him. I will answer this email which will be the last of them.

For "lumping wrong behaviours of some message believers as Branhamism", just read BRANHAMISM IN THE VERY EXTREME, and examine where you are on the scale of 1 to 10.  It is not wrong for anyone to quote Branham. However, when it comes to Christian Faith and Doctrines of Christ, to quote him as if he was the WORD, a man who was without human errors, you are already on that Branhamic Scale.  The spirit of Branhamism can take, and have taken, misguided men and women into cultic realm where fanaticism knows no bound such that devilish teachings and demonic claims are manifested, and destruction takes place.

>>Bearing in mind that Brother Nice had clearly stated he is not one of them. Are you claiming to be one of the man with the thunders? Otherwise, why are you even bothered about it<<

Ha, just look at yourself in the mirror.
“Bearing in mind that Brother Nice had clearly stated he is not one of them.”
1) Surely, and why did you not ask B.Nice first as to whether he did actually claim to be a thunder before you accused him so?  [You only have ears to hear what you wanted to hear; thus, in hearing you hear not, like those who accused Jesus by presuming to have heard Him said, "I am able to destroy the temple of God, and to build it in three days" (Mat.26:61).]  2) Instead you went ahead and presumed that he did call himself a thunder;  3) then wrote and posted the article Those who called themselves the seven voices thunders today with  4) all the mentioning of your giving him a large sum of money 5) how sad you were, seeing you have hosted him for more than 3 months with so great fellowship with him;  6) after which the local pastor who exalted himself above the prophet, got hold of him ("the local pastor who placed himself as a revealer of more mysteries....which are off the word");  and then 7) you predicted (that year being 2012) -- "I predict this year another of those who called themselves the 7 voices will also die in like manner".  I wonder who you had in mind that he would die. Thank God, B. Nice and I did not die; otherwise more absurdities and ambiguities would have come out of your mouth.

Now, is it not quite a foolish question you are asking in that statement: “Are you claiming to be one of the man with the thunders? Otherwise, why are you even bothered about it”?  If I claimed to be one, I would not be bothered about it.  It is because I am not, and you are creating a lie. Your article implied that I was one, by the contents of it. It was after you posted that article (the original one - in 2012) that B.Nice wrote you (see the insert below). You took the article down and you put it up again (we do not know when) but with some correction to it. This added statement tells us what was actually in your mind concerning that "local pastor...who exalts himself above our prophet....placing himself as a revealer of more mysteries...": (He also wrote that he did not exactly say such words but that he believed that there will be 7 men, so I asked whether that 7 include the said local pastor and he will answer soon).  Peter, you know your heart; you know your motive.

Remember the following that you wrote to me in an email in 2013? --
>> I have of the same opinion that anyone who exalted themselves above the revealed Word is doom to fail and many had died and the list goes on.....Federick Ordell.....Joseph Coleman...etc..<<

So, does that not include me? Search your heart. If you were not then including me as one of the Thunders in your article, you would have stated so in that email to me. You would not have used my picture of my books on that webpage. You would not have written about a local pastor who exalted himself above the prophet who got hold of B. Nice. Etcetera, etcetra.  Hence, my letter to you LETTER TO PASTOR PETER WAN.

As to J.Howard, you said: "I don't think he done you any harm, as later the very publication "Contender" and the Pastor denounce your teachings. But I am concerned about those sheep...where are they now?" 

What? You got to be kidding me. Just hear yourself talk. You are getting the same spirit of self-righteouness; brushing away an evil thing that was done as if it was nothing. Such is your spirit: "Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness" (Pro 30:20).  Surely, she did not do any harm; no harm was done. No one was hurt in the adulterous act; not her, not the man with her, but what about her husband and the man's wife?  So, think Peter.  Listen to yourself talk.  (It seems that you love to open your mouth, without thinking.)

What is harmful? What is not?  The souls of believers destroyed or your bitterness grumbling over your LOSS of B. Nice, nitpicking on him on your presumption that he called himself a thunder, etc., and then wrote the article and posted online?  What are you trying to achieve, and/or to justify with that article?  Correct false doctrines of mine the Sin of Ham, the Two Trees in the midst of the garden, and the Seven Thunders being Seven Men yet to appear?

Sincerely, would you have written and posted that article IF B.Nice had not associated with me, but with you?  Huh?  The obvious answer is a NO.

Now, if I were to destroy your fellowship, and claim that I was immature, that I did not know what I was doing, and even after 10, 20, 30 years in the faith and even preaching the Message, I still refused to acknowledge what I did was very wrong, instead I told you to forget about it because it's in the past.  Then after more years down the road of life, when I am old and really to meet my Maker, that I apologize, somehow.  Can you really say that I did you no harm?

And what R.Jackson had denounced is what you read in his "Contenders".  Beyond that you know nothing.  Do not presume to know the relationship R.Jackson and I had over the years. We had exchanged many letters and audio messages on cassettes between us in our correspondence. You might have read about his stand in his "Contenders", but you do not know beyond what is not in those papers, the questions he could not answer me. He had read into my words many times, and I have to point them out to him. He knew in his heart he was wrong. He remained silent. For many preachers, it is hard for them to admit errors. So, do not presume to know what you do not know (even what you had presumed about E.Frank and me).  I will only speak out against preachers who play pucks with God's Word; twisting words of Truth into a lie; playing the hypocrisy like what the Apostle Peter did; putting words into my mouth (like many Branhamites have put words into Branham's mouth by quoting his words as Scriptures teaching false doctrines such as the Return Ministry of Branham, and Believers have Two Souls) to the harm of believing souls. This do I only after dialogued with them on their continuing falsehood.

I have a great respect for Bro. Jackson, for the stand he took against fanaticism in the early years after Bro Branham passed away. He had revelations given him of God that have been a blessing to many.  But there were those who followed him that pushed hard on him to be the Chief Apostle (read RELIGO), just the like of those many followers of Branham who lifted him up higher than Christ, saying that his words are all 'Thus Saith the Lord', and that he had REVEALED ALL MYSTERIES IN THE BIBLE, etc, etc.

"But I am concerned about those sheep...where are they now?"  Really?  "Where are they now?"  Well, go and figure it out. Are you that foolish not to see what's in front of your very eyes, what's been done?

Lastly, I don't care if you disagree with my teachings on the Sin of Ham or the Seven Thunders, or whatever. You can mention my name and say, "Richard Gan is a false teacher. Many of his teachings are false. The Sin of Ham is not an incestuous act that Ham committed with his own mother."  However, if you twist my words or take them out of context, that's a different story. I won’t fault you on your view and teaching of the Sin of Ham, or the Two Trees, or the Seven Thunders.  Remember, “No books but the Bible”; No Spoken Word books but the Bible.  You can have a comment or two of what Branham said, but not a bunch of QUOTES and QUOTES.  I will be happy to read if you have them posted on your website, I will not correct you because I am not called to correct preachers' doctrines. Many have asked me, "Bro. Branham said this and that and such; what do you think; was he right?"  My answer to them: "What do you yourself think?"  I am not called to interpret what Branham said; I am not called to study Branham's sermon books as if they are part of God’s Sacred Scripture. I am called to study God's Word and not to be ashamed to "rightly dividing the Word of Truth".  I am not ashamed of the heavenly vision He gave me. If you, Peter, have met the Pillar of Fire and He had called you to handle the WORD, then do it, prove it. Otherwise, don’t; for without the anointing you can get really burnt, not just the souls of those who believe in you.

Enough of your to-ing and fro-ing.
Further emails from you will be deleted as it's a waste of time. Period.

B. Nice's letter to P. Wan, March 2012


           Re: Those who called themselves the seven voices thunders today.
Dear Bro. Peter Wan,

I bring you sincere apostolic greetings in the name of him who loved and gave his life for all who loves his appearing, even our saviour Jesus Christ.
My attention was drawn to your simple but lovely website some weeks back, and the portion that carries the above heading was read during the questions and answers session in our local assembly “Life Assurance Tabernacle”. Well, it was a blessing as the saints requested to re-listen to the message 'That Same Spiritual Rock' which I preached in Singapore that had also prompted the post on your site, to which I am now answering with all sincerity.
I had told the church here in Lagos, Nigeria, how we met during my first trip to Singapore, and how you were a blessing to me, of which I am ever grateful, and in remembering the fight that I had with the oneness organization which I left. May the Lord bless you and replenish you for that and many more.

1. I would first want to respond to the statement you made about your health insurance which you surrendered to me for my wife's business. You did send a mail to that effect which I want you to recall. The mail went thus:

Dear Bro Nice,
I have given much thought to the Health insurance money which I must submit
by today and I did not. I will arrange for this amount of S$1,800 to be sent
to you as a loan without interest according to Gospel. This is because you
will be using the money for a busines. You can take you time or anytime to
return the money as the Lord provides.

Please let me know how should it be sent to you. Can I use Ikotun, Lagos
under your name with the Password "Brother Henry" by Western Union?
God bless you
Bro Peter Wan

I had to show your mail to the saints in our local assembly to clear myself as they thought by your statement that I took 5 million (what? Dollars?) from you. I made a humble request to you and Bro. Patrick Soh, who had openly told me he would love to be of any financial assistance to help me concentrate in the mission field. I never for once approached Bro. Patrick directly because you were then the closest person to me in S'pore.

Bro. Patrick said he was not sure of businesses in Africa according to your mail. You wrote me after you had discussed with him, and decided to loan me the said amount that appeared on your mail. I was not even aware of a health insurance until I saw it the day before you sent the money. Immediately after the dream came, the issue was raised, I do not know how it came about but Bro. Patrick called the pastor in question, to say that I was asking you for a loan when you are the one who said that the money was on a “loan” basis. I had not even mentioned this to Bro. Patrick since then, and the way you now presented the issue is clearly misleading, as those who read it on your site will only run with what they see without the clear picture.

2. You also mentioned that I believe that I am one of those men (Thunders). In doing so, you pass a death sentence on me.

Be not deceived. God is not mocked. I predict this year another of those who called
themselves the 7 voices will also die in like manner
. You can imagine how sad I
was after having so great fellowship with a Brother from Nigeria, even surrendering
my 5 million commercial health insurance premium to help his wife doing business,
that he believes he is one of those men

I just wonder how you arrived at this conclusion, as someone asked me in church “Brother! Did he hear that from you?”  “Certainly not,” I told them, for I have never preached such a thing. By this statement, you have classified me a thunder of which I am not. Again this is misleading those who will come in contact with your post.

I will begin my response to this thunder issue by first recalling the dream that seem to tear us apart, and had caused you to write these things.

1.                 Fly East (My Dream of The Scream).
This very dream was the force that brought me to Asia in 2005. As I journeyed, I was led to preach to a Telugu speaking community of Hindus in a small town near Secunderabad, India and started a new church there. I also miraculously preach in a Catholic Church after the healing of a retired army general who had kidney problem, and baptising over 40 of its believers before coming over to Singapore.
In S'pore before your very eyes, the Lord led me to minister and re-baptise a top Pentecostal pastor, a Muslim woman, and a strong member of the Jewish synagogue who was in the same fellowship with you until a year ago as you reported, when I demanded of his well-being.

2.     The same God who gave the first dream, gave a 2nd and upon this 2nd dream my present ministry has been established and proven before many witnesses. The very dream in question was about the Clean flowing River (See the dream in full) in which I saw the Prophet and those that had gone on before him on a straight line up to Adam, and their images were cloudy as it goes further.

This vision has given me the insight to the message 'the great gathering'.
The only living person I saw in that dream happens to be the wrong person to you and many others who feel it ought not to have been so. Yes! Bro. Wan, you know that even at first, I was very uncomfortable with the dream myself. You have known me personally, and I have proven by the grace of God at least not to be a hypocrite. I have never played the double game nor sought to buy friendship anywhere in the world, that is why I always leave the high and rich in the cities and head straight to the villages to look for those that have the ears of life in them. Out of these have come the many notable testimonies of the grace of God in this humble ministry which I received of the Lord.

In your letter, you seem to question the dream by this statement
He believed this local pastor because he was given a vision where Brother Branham was drawing water from one side of the stream and the local pastor in like manner was drawing water from the opposite side of the stream. When he first told me the vision, I thought it was strange but after praying I realised he was of the opposite side. And also you did pray concerning the vision and came out comforted because you discovered
he was of the opposite side
, for in that you had re-dreamed it yourself the way it ought to have been so as to soothe you, and help keep me in the good book of the yes-men. It is the same thing some of us do with the Word of God. However, just as many friends were questioning and helping me to re-dream this one dream, the Lord gave another while I was in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This last dream became a bombshell, as the interpretation was in the dream itself, solidifying the 2 earlier dreams. Please read the highlight of the Moroto Convention.

Dear brother, I would want you to understand that the body of water was flowing from one source to the other direction. The reason behind this dream was to clarify the very source of this local pastor's ministry in question. I did not run to the river with him, but being thirsty, I got to the river but my hands seemed to be too dirty to put into the water, and even my mind judged me not to put my dirty hands. Just then as I lifted up my eyes, here was this pastor standing with a pan asking me to take and drink. At this point I did not see anyone except him, but suddenly this pastor said to me 'LOOK BEHIND YOU'. (You know when I began to think in the vision what YOU and other ETM believers back home would say if you were all to hear me say I took the pan from him.)

IT WAS AT THIS POINT I SAW THE PROPHET AND THOSE THAT HAD GONE BEFORE HIM. I have not on my own stopped praying about this vision, and each time I re-visit it it’s like I am going to fetch from the same source. I said in one of the messages I preached, that the reason why Bro. Branham could not see Paul and the others before him, including Wesley, when he looked beyond the curtain of time was because the GATHERING IS CENTRED AROUND THE MINISTRY OF THESE 7 THUNDERS, I got that from the interpretation of the same vision.
I have come to see that many believers run errands for the devil without knowing, by trying to help defend God (The Word) from being broken, yet they end up standing against the fulfillment of the same Word of God. So were the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Saul before he turned Paul, and the very spirit still run its course by rebuking the very Lord Jesus Christ against the cross using the voice of the very sincere Apostle Peter. Jesus, turned looking at Peter, he looked beyond the veil and saw the very enemy. And to the enemy he directed his speech 'GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN...'  That precious brother Peter was glad that it was not him that was rebuked, but the spirit that had taken hold of him instead.

Let me discuss the subject under contention, the 7 Thunders and their voices. This is the national cake of the end-time message group, that is, the followers of the message of William Branham. I did say in my farewell message to the saints in Singapore, of which you were in attendance, that the following school of thoughts existed:

Ö   Those who by the message claim the thunders have been revealed even if they do not know and can never proof what those thunders are and what they said.

Ö   Those who say it has not been revealed, but in order to be in the good book of those who are certified as 'message believers', Bro. Branham MUST resurrect to “ride the trail once more” to tell us of those thunders.

Ö   Those who just don't know and they prefer to keep quiet and go with every popular teaching on the subject.

Ö    The last group have this to hold -- since they cannot find a solution to their blindness of heart, and also do not want to offend the yes-men of the message, they claim that the 7 Thunders is not for the Bride, but for the Jews. By this they still fall in the good boys' camp.

It is never a good thing to come to God as a “Ready-Made”, because He is the one that should make and mould us.
The Thunders uttered their voices, and John heard and was about to write what those Thunders “said”. It means the 7 thunders by this context are separate from their voices. It is true that I believe that those 7 thunders would be 7 men to the Gentile Bride at the close of the age to gather her. Before you crucify me, let me help the readers also to ask some vital questions.

Ö     Can God send more than one person to handle a vital issue as such, or is it not strange to the way which God does his work?

Ö     What do we need the voices of the 7 thunders for?

Matt 24: 31 says “
And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

Would God really send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet (one message)?
This is talking about the 2 witnesses who will come in the spirit and power of Elijah and Moses. Would this not offend our anthem of God never sending two prophets at the same time to any age?

The ministry of the 7 thunders is coming to the gentiles for the great gathering, which is also found in the same verse (Matt.24:31). The following which none of us can boast to have experienced so far would then be achieved.

Ö     I Cor. 15:50-53 says ...AT THE LAST TRUMP” exactly the same word used by the same apostle in I Thess 4:16-18 “...AND THE TRUMP OF GOD”. Then the change (Redemption) of our physical bodies. Rom 8:19-24

Ö     Our re-union with resurrected saints here on earth, for we will NOT hinder them, and they will NOT precede us.

Ö      The quick and short work (ministry) of the bride, which is the pre-manifestation of the sons of God before we are caught-up in the air. The ministry of the bride is going to be a short and quick work but the attention of the rest of the world would be distracted by the events surrounding them at that time.

Ö     The receiving of the new name. I trust you too have read all of these from the message of the Prophet.

Ö      The bride to whom the voices of the 7 Thunders are revealed would know the actual day of the return of the Lord. We are not children of the night, and so he would not come to us as a thief in the night.

Brother Branham said this of the 7 thunders:
The seventh Seal Para.249-252, Page 503.
557-5 {249} Now, why? Let us prove it. Why? It is the secret that no one knows about.
John was forbidding to write about it, even, even write a symbol about it. Why? This
is why there was no active in_activity in heaven; it might give away the secret. Do
you see it now? If it’s so great it must be included, because it’s got to happen, but
when the seven thunders...

Bro. Branham separates the JEWISH TRUMPET (One) from the GENTILE
Now, notice, when the seven angels come forth to sound their trumpets, there was one
. When Israel was gathered, there was a trumpet. When time shall be no more,
the last trumpet... One thunder,....

Now to the Gentile-bride he says;
...but here is seven straight thunders right in a row: one, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, that perfect number
.  Seven thunders in a row, uttered not making just_just
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, straight. Then heavens couldn’t write that.
Heavens can’t know about it, nothing else, because there’s nothing to go on. It’s a
relaxing time. It was so great till it’s kept secret from the Angels. Now, why?

Please, my dear brother the truth is that you yourself have not stated what you believe about the 7 Thunders. When a sincere man criticizes another man, his criticism should come with correction or suggestion as to what should have been expected of him from the very on set.
I preached in your fellowship, prayed the saints there and they testified, glorifying God for healing them, and you decide to draw a circle and put me out. Would you also ask God to withdraw the blessings your fellowship enjoyed when we were together?
I expected you to have met me in person so we could discuss whatsoever, and answer any question. You asked me twice while dropping me off after preaching in your fellowship if I needed anything, and I said 'NO', twice you wanted to give me money,
I said 'NO', then you said “oh you seem to have too much money”. I told you what I had was enough and that there was no need to have excess. While waiting at the Airport, I tried reaching you but your line was off, so I thought it could be because of the discussion we had. I now have an understanding that it was what I preached, and worst of all, because it agrees with the teachings of this local pastor that you have to attack me. But now, you have clearly shown that you are very much against this pastor, and it goes beyond what you do not believe about his teachings.
Do you know that Bro. Branham taught us never to allow any bitterness to stay in our hearts concerning any man? Whether he is a believer or not, or else we would be as the people of other religion, who can go as far as killing when beliefs differ.

I have read many side talks concerning the teachings of this pastor you did not even mention his name but displayed his books. I want you to judge by the experiences of the past with the words of the Prophet “that a God called pastor is actually the pastor of the community even if they do not accept him”. Would this not be the reason why you all had in the past gone to this very Pastor for one thing or the other concerning matters of faith and Church administration?
A sister once told me that the only stable and consistent ministry in Singapore was that of the same Pastor, yet as each day passes by, the believers in S'pore are gathering self-made ideas only to get more and more confused because they refuse God's given leadership.
When Bro. Branham was so confused about his peculiar life and ministry and was desiring to be like the vast majority, in one quiet moment he asked and reasoned one sincere thought: “WHAT IF ALL THESE OTHER MEN WERE WRONG?”

What if this minister was right? Have you ever thought of that?
I am glad that God is working a work in my day and I am a witness. I am glad that He is gathering rough stones in this age, and my stone-type is considered.

The very moment we close our eyes from understanding the 3 stages of the coming of the Lord, 'the SHOUT, the VOICE, and the TRUMP', we begin to wrestle with every revelation that follows. I will not re-write that which was well written, but I will preach every of God's given truth that others have preached.

In conclusion, I want to say that a vast majority of the end-time message believers have missed the ministry of the Five-fold. I returned once from Uganda to hear some lie specialists say that the same S’pore pastor in question had mentioned the names of the seven thunders, who are mostly those that associate with him. When I demanded to see the material, the story changed. All I was hearing was “They say he said this and that,” and I asked if they have read it for themselves, and the response was zero.

This local pastor has got a very peculiar ministry that you as a close neighbour should be proud of, but as stated by the Lord Jesus Christ, there is no honour for a local prophet in his homeland. Brother Wan, in clear language the reason why I was asked to fly east was to be established in the present truth and that truth must be spoken by a living ministry.

Not that I am defending him but these particular distasteful untruthful words you wrote about him seem to be borne out of some sought of deep anger: “...before the local pastor from a self exalting group who exalts himself above our prophet got hold of him.” 
Just how well do you really know this pastor that you wrote thus? Have you really read his books or read his writings on his website carefully? How many preachers of the ETM are so bold to face those denominational preachers who openly war against the Prophet and his message on the internet?
You should know that when you write to put down another, you are indirectly exalting yourself.
Did not some of those who knew the prophet, and were with him, later spoke negatively about him – that he had exalted himself above them and taught false doctrines, so much so that God had to take him home in an accident?
According to you, that pastor got a hold of me. No, brother, God led me to him. The pastor is not a man who seeks to proselyte others or be someone that he is not like many “preachers”. Many have called him 'one of those projecting himself as an eight messenger' and have closed their eyes to his message “There is NO Elisha”.

I wonder how you have also become a pastor too when the tapes of brother Branham can still be played and everyone has got access to the books. You do not need to say a word to the people because they have ears to hear the prophet directly, you do not need to gather them as they can hear these tapes in their cars, or at home. Now that you are a pastor, you have put yourself in trouble because you would be judged by what you preach to these people. When you stand before God, you will have to prove to him your certification, and then preach your last message to him. I will do the same, and everyone that takes the honour on himself, will do likewise. Would you be able to honestly answer “yes” if I were to ask you this question: “Did the Lord call you to be a pastor, or a minister of His Word?”

My dear brother, I love you in the Holy Ghost, and you know it. I put to you that upon your confession, my insignificant ministry have first been vindicated before your very eyes and have been a blessing to you, and if this is true, then I need no deliverance as you stylishly stated in your write-up. You also can speak the things you have spoken but whenever we meet, and our eyes, come in contact, you would not be able to tell me that the Holy Ghost have misled me, for that would be disastrous.

One last take: Brother Branham said 'if a man claims to have the gift of healing, then it does not belong to God any longer'.
I have this to say “If there is any man that God had sent with a ministry into this world, and that man never made a mistake, then he is no longer a man but God.”

Presently there are 2 groups claiming that their leader is infallible, and that is the Catholics, and a vast majority of the end-time message believers, and that is why the pentecostals coined a name for them 'the branhamites'.
The Bible has this to say “And no MAN in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof.”
I Cor.4:6, 'And these things, brethren, I have in a figure transferred to myself and to Apollos for your sakes; that ye might learn in us NOT to think of men above that which is written, that no one of you be puffed up for one against another.'

I have told you before that most of the preachers in Singapore are very busy businessmen, and so they should not be on the pulpit as saith the Prophet. I am praying for you that you will come to the light of the present truth. 
Please note that any wrong use of language was not intentional, as my English can only accommodate few African-like words.
May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and help you to see beyond the veil. Shalom!

Your brother in the blood of Jesus Christ.
Blessing Akpan NICE.
+234 8058 321 533.


Wm. Branham's View and God's Law

22 Aug 2018

Zaire Ngirazi wrote:

Shalom bro Gan , l just heard from some Branham followers that we don't have to understand the WORD OF GOD , We have just to believe it whether u understand or u dont , is that true ?

prNET wrote:

What do you believe?

Zaire Ngirazi wrote:

I believe a person should believe what he understand

prNET wrote:

Of course, that's what revelation is.

One of Bro Branham's sons once said, that if your eyes sees the sky is blue and science also said it is blue, BUT if Branham said that the sky is red, DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOUR EYES SEE or WHAT SCIENCE TELLS YOU, JUST BELIEVE THE PROPHET if he said it's RED, it's RED.  Really?

You are an African, you are black; if Branham says to you, "You are not black; you are white."  Because you know him to be a prophet, would you therefore believe that you are white? (Only believe; just believe.) And you go around telling your family and friends that you are white and not black, would they not call you MAD?

So, FOOLISH BRANHAMITES are teaching LIES to people.  Such people will never make the Rapture.  If you want to make the Rapture, GET BACK TO THE WORD, and be PERFECT in the WORD.  Branham even said, "Find the best teacher you can find, and stay with him"; so are those Foolish Branhamites your best teachers?  In fact, they are no teachers at all, they are worse than the denominational teachers, who, at least are using the Bible.

Such foolish believers are worshipping Branham because they believe he was THE ABSOLUTE.  May God have mercy.

Zaire Ngirazi wrote:

HALLELUYAH Bro Gan .. l would never sit under such teachers who don't use the WORD OF GOD as the ABSOLUTE. .Thank you so much for power words you said above in reply .
God bless you


26 Aug, 2018

Peter Wan wrote:

You should not major on negative issues and give false examples just to make it like you are telling the truth. Even the American Courts gave Brother Branham a citation for presenting the bible facts about taking another persons' life. That was when he preached the message "The Absolute" in Houston, Texas, on March 4, 1963. He was asked by the same photographer 13 years ago, who took the Pillar of Fire picture in black and white, Mr Ayre's, Mr Ayre's step son and his girl friend, both kids were charged for murder and sentenced to death. Brother Branham presented his case against the death penalty and the courts re-ordered a re-trial for Life Sentence rather than Death Sentence. So you see, even the Supreme Court of the US listen to him.


prNET wrote:

Don't mumble.
Just tell me straight forward what is wrong with my answer.  What has your example to do with what I wrote?

Peter Wan wrote:

Well, dear Brother Richard, I hope you do not think to want to enter into such foolish discussions with me. Perhaps you should simply take me off your mailing list, otherwise I have to write to tell you how foolish of you to do what you are doing ...See, you immediately give me a laber..."do not mumble". So what I was writing to you is "mumbling" connoting that I am a mumbler? And the words of a mumbler is supposedly to be negative....no substance and not worth listening to....and you ask me to submit a better response.

But how ? What response are you looking for? Why draw me into such a silly contractual prolong dialogue? Hcw can I write to make you understand? Maybe an illustration:-

Let me label your philosophy as Ganism....and those who follow you are Ganites. So how many types of Ganites are there? Those who followed you without question and continue to follow you? What about those who follow you for a while and left... What about those who followed you and now are against you? Are all of them Ganites? So the Ganites who left you of course do not follow your teachings anymore. So when I speak to another about these ex-ganites....And certainly there are a few of them in Singapore, and I can name them...for you if you like. Does it then show to the world you are now corresponding with that Ganism  is in error by the behaviour of these Ganites?

Ganism seems to have certain characteristics...Ganism major on borrowing the prophet's name....to demonstrate Ganism is a better alternative to anything they labeled as "ism". Ganism also major on showing the negatives of the behaviour of any "ites"...even if they are also Ganites....who are now turning back to biblical teachings.

Ganism are also quick to label those who dare to question their behavior...as "mumblers". Ganism will throw anything at that person to show hos that person is one of the "ites" other than Ganites. Maybe not everything because you can't throw the kitchen sink...unless you are a plumberites.

Do you see what I am trying to tell you?

29 Aug, 2018

prNET wrote:

Now, you are talking, Bro Peter.

You are now coming against me about Ganism and Ganites.  Very childish. 
Have I ever called your members who follow you Wanites?

In the first place, what is a Ganite? Did these people who left my fellowship made me their ABSOLUTE?  Did they quote me for doctrines like you would do with Branham's quotes?  If these people who left me are truly claiming that they were Ganites, then they lied.  And you are a foolish man to believe them.  I've fought against ALL ISMs since the mid-1970s.  And yet out there, there are those who spread lies that I claimed to be the 8th Messenger, or the Elisha, or whatever.  Then again, those who left me, did they leave because of doctrines?  Really? Or, are you just making them up? Maybe, one or two disagreed with minor issues. (Sure, I will love you to name them. There are about the number of fingers I can count on one hand. And these are those who have even told the others in the fellowship, different things.)

There are many who have problems with themselves, their conflicts with others in the congregation. And those that left, when others ask why they left Richard Gan's fellowship, they would murmur lies. They said one thing to me and the believers here, but a different thing to other believers outside of our fellowship.  If you really want to know the truth, ask them to be sincere, and then let them know you would be finding out the Truth from me.  Or, you can believe all you want about what you have heard of me from the others who left my fellowship. About two years ago, a local pastor came to see me to apologize, for believing the lies (and whatever else) that were told to him by one of those who left to go to his fellowship.  That person did to him as what was done to me.  I told the pastor that he did not have to apologize to me.  When he believed the lies of that insincere person, he got bitten.  So, be careful.

I have seen the insincerity and the lies in many believers' life.  Many are playing with words, in what they say and what they write.  Remember what you once wrote and posted on your website about Bro Blessing Nice and me?  Remember also, how you called me on the phone years ago, and complained to me about James Nair, how great a ministry you had in teaching the believers while he was away in India, and how he was upset with you when he returned to find what you did?  Why did you complained to me?  And, not long after that, Bro James called me and also complained to me about you.

A very strange thing, indeed.  I am considered an outcast, as far as the ETM circle of churches and believers are concerned.  Yet, not only do I get calls from different ones in Singapore but also from those overseas, complaining about their pastors, their churches. Such ones have problems with themselves.

You are quite a comedian with your illustration.  But that's okay.

This is what you wrote, the first time (26 Aug. 2018):

>>You should not major on negative issues and give false examples just to make it like you are telling the truth. Even the American Courts gave Brother Branham a citation for presenting the bible facts about taking another persons' life. That was when he preached the message "The Absolute" in Houston, Texas, on March 4, 1963. He was asked by the same photographer 13 years ago, who took the Pillar of Fire picture in black and white, Mr Ayre's, Mr Ayre's step son and his girl friend, both kids were charged for murder and sentenced to death. Brother Branham presented his case against the death penalty and the courts re-ordered a re-trial for Life Sentence rather than Death Sentence. So you see, even the Supreme Court of the US listen to him.<<

I asked, "What has your example to do with what I wrote?"

Anyone reading what you wrote will understand that you are saying we have to listen to Branham, because "even the Supreme Court of the US listen to him".  Am I not right in that?  Or, maybe you are saying more than that.  (Let me say this:  We ALL need to listen to Branham. But what is "to listen"?)  Maybe you are saying that we should not only listen to Bro Branham, but also do exactly what he said, believe EXACTLY what he said.

William Branham was well known in America, in his days.  The judge respected him. And the court decided to change the sentence to life imprisonment.  I understand that.  But does that mean that we have to believe Branham if he had told us that the sky is red; or the Earth is square, or that the field of green grasses is not green but blue?  Is that it?  If so, then those who choose to believe are worse than a fool who says there is no God (because he needs proof of God's existence), for the believers can see but choose rather to deny the fact, the Truth, to follow a man, be he a prophet or an angel.  (Should we believe a prophet or an angel if he speaks contrary to Truth?)  Of course, Bro Branham was not stupid to say that the sky is red, or the Earth is square, or the grasses are blue.  It is the Branhamites who are propagating that nonsense and lie. They made him the Absolute, a prophet who NEVER MADE A MISTAKE.  And you are telling me that such an issue is to be left alone?  Perhaps, you have not heard from the many who propagate such teaching.  I have a ministry and I need to tell the Truth; and expose the deception which confuses the Truth Seekers, such as the African brother who asked, whether to just believe in something, if one does not even understand.  (Some have taken the title of the song "Only Believe" (Bro Branham's favorite) to tell believers to believe whatever Branham said. How twisted are the mind of some preachers and believers.

A number of ETM preachers have argued against the Bible when it comes to the death sentence. They said to me, "Bro Branham did not believe in the death sentence".  Just because Branham did not believe in it, does it mean that the Scripture is wrong?  One favourite statement often uttered is: "Who are we human to take another man's life?" (referring to a judge, or anyone, who passed the death sentence upon a murderer).  Foolish Branhamites just want to make Bro Branham, Absolute, in every word he uttered, not believing that Branham had his opinions, his views of things. Paul had his. One time he said to the Corinthian men who were not married - don't seek a wife; and to those married - be as though you are not, for the time is short.  Another time, to the Thessalonians: "...be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition"  So, which is which: the "time is short", or "the day of Christ is at hand" only after "there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition"? Interesting, isn't it, that Paul told the people not to get married because the time is short.  I wonder, how many believers, if any, went about, telling other men, who have not read or heard of Paul's writing, "Paul said the time is short. Don't go looking for a wife."

Back in the late 1970s, two Branhamites from NZ came to visit me, and they told me that Bro Branham drank only distilled water, and that I shouldn't be drinking coffee or tea; and that I should also grow a beard.  Well, just because Branham drank distilled water, I should too? But hey, what about the beard?  Needless to say, they gave their reason, which was good for a laugh.

The law of God states that when a man kills another man, his life is forfeited. He will die likewise.  We read, "Life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth...", etc.  And practically every nation (they are not Israel, not under the law) today have taken the first part of the law seriously.  If anyone dislike the law of "life for life", and would rather that all murderers (killers of human kind) be given life sentences, he has his right to believe in that.  If a judge refuses death sentence and commutes it to life, he has his right as a judge. Maybe he believes in grace, and forgiveness, etc.  A man kills another man's children in cold blood; and the judge gives him life imprisonment; how does it affect the man, the father, who lost his children?  If the father is a Christian, he may/will forgive the murderer, and let it go.  If he is not, how will it affect him?  Think about it.

When Cain killed Abel, there was no law that Cain should be put to death.  God showed him mercy and grace, yet God still punished him.  He cursed the ground.  And Cain knew he was in trouble with man when man multiplied on the Earth.  They would seek to kill him (because of what God had done to the ground) because he killed his own brother, Abel.  Now, the question asked, "Who are we human to take another man's life?" finds its answer in Genesis 9:5-6:
Gen 9:5 
And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man's brother will I require the life of man.
Gen 9:6 
Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

This law was given even before there was a nation of Israel.  A beast that kills a man is even put to death.  How would a beast which kills a man, and a man who kills another man, be put to death? The answer: "by man shall his blood be shed".  The Lord has given this law, right after the Flood.  Does God believe in the death sentence? Did He not give it?  So, can anyone do away with it, just because Branham did not believe in the death sentence? Or "even the Supreme Court of the US listen to him", therefore we need to listen to Branham, and believe whatever he said MUST BE TRUE...like the sky is red?  Just believe, even if you do not understand, even if common sense or Science tells you otherwise?

God have mercy.

Do you see what I am trying to tell you?
(Will take you off the mailing list, as requested.)


From: Howard B Judah (hbjjudah6@icloud.com)
To: #prNET Cc: Santha Kumaran, peter.cce@gmail.com
2/11/2019 7:17 PM

Dear Bro. Gan,

It was indeed very foolish of me to have taken the “Contenders” magazines and thrown them away under the pretext of wanting to read them after I had told the Malacca flock that they should be reading the prophet’s message instead of R. Jackson’s.

I had done it under the exuberance of a new believer. In my immaturity, I wanted to be like Peter (a defender of the faith) who cut off the ears of one who came to arrest Jesus.

I’m sorry that I did it. I apologize unreservedly and hope you do forgive me.

I should have perhaps used Gamaliel’s wisdom:

“Then stood there up one in the council, a Pharisee, named Gamaliel... commanded to put the apostles forth a little space; And said unto them, Ye men of Israel, take heed to yourselves what ye intend to do as touching these men... And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God.
‭‭Acts‬ ‭5:34-39‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Just in case people think otherwise, I wasn’t a pastor then.

You may, if you wish, use this, my email to you, not to exonerate me but to tell everyone what a bad guy I was. This is because you’ll be telling the truth. Only please use my email in its fullness.

Howard B Judah
New Jerusalem Tabernacle

From: #prNET
To: Howard B Judah
5/11/2019 10:45 PM

Shalom, Bro Judah.

Let me first speak my mind to you. You were fustian and arrogant in your words that particular evening you walked up to me to say what you said then. To tell you the truth: I was taken aback; I was dumbfounded by your words. Bro George Pike saw your body language and asked me what you said, after you had left. You know, I spent years, from time to time, traveling by train or bus to Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Johore Bahru to witness to people, from door to door, of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My Gospel work started while I was in the A.o.G. in the 1960s through to 1970s when I received the message of Malachi 4. It took me years to finally start a fellowship in Malacca. I baptized the converts and spent time to build them up. But in one night, you destroyed the flock. The flock was young in the faith. They were young as young lambs, feeding on the milk of the Word, and you were as a wolf, in sheep's clothing, that came to them in the night, to ravage them. Maybe you were trying to feed them, but with what? With Bro Branham's books only; because he's absolute and they were not to read any other books? It pained me to see this destruction, an assembly that I labored hard to raise, just to see you destroy it, in just one night.

When I found out what happened, I wrote a letter to your pastor, Samuel, and pastor Pearry Green in Tucson, Arizona (as he was then your church's spiritual father), as to how such an evil work could be carried out in destroying the work of a man who was called to the ministry of the Lord.  I received no reply, no apology. Oh my! I could not believed how people who called themselves Endtime Message believers, who believed that they have the Holy Spirit, that they were the Elect chosen before the foundation of the world, who talked about Agape Love, about drawing a larger circle to draw in those who do not agree or love them, who quoted and quoted the prophet, etc, could behave so very unlike Christ, and their prophet that they talked so much about. That is one reason why I moved away from Branhamism because its spirit is destructive; it sows discord wherever it goes. I have seen its manifestation throughout the nations I was sent to minister since the year 1981. It's a spirit that takes believers away from the Spirit of Christ; it's a spirit that lifts up William Branham and his words above the Lord Jesus Christ, so much so that the revelation of Jesus Christ is lost to them. They may claim to have it, but their fruits do not show. They are religious people, not spiritual children of God. I thank the Lord God for being so gracious to me, to show me the person of the prophet and his place. Branham was not, and is not, in the place of Christ.

You said that you were not a pastor then, when you did what you did to the Malacca flock. Granted, that you were immature. But I expected better of your pastor and the church's spiritual father in Tucson to correct you and give me a reply. Nothing was done. Their non response to me tells me that, to them, I was a nobody; not a true minister of God; and they swept it under the carpet. Did they think they could laugh at me and get away with it as if God had closed His eyes to the issue?

Then again, were you not already a preacher or a pastor in the 1990s?  When G.Pike came in 1997, he called for an informal ministers’ meeting, and you came late that night. Were you not then a pastor?  If so, why wasn’t there an apology from you; instead you brushed it off, the moment you shook my hand?  And why is it now that you decided to give an apology?  Was it because of my LETTER TO PASTOR PETER WAN, that P.Wan emailed you, shook you?  Honestly, had you not received it, would you have written to apologize?

That it took so long for you to apologize is disappointing. I live in Singapore and so do you. You could easily find my phone number and call. Or, get my email address on my website and send an email. Nevertheless, I am glad that you come clean with it after all this many years. I do accept your apology. My advice to you, if you are truly called of God: Be sincere, not with God, not with man, but yourself. Stay with the Words of the Scared Scripture, and not the words of William Branham. “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.” – 2Tim.3:16-17

Remember: Bro Branham called us to GET BACK TO THE WORD OF GOD, not to his own words. He spoke the Truth for that’s what Paul said in the Scriptures just quoted above.


From: Howard B Judah
To: #prNET
4/11/2019 1:11 PM

Thnx for accepting my apology. An apology is better late than never, Brother Gan.

From: #prNET
To: Howard B Judah
4/11/2019 7:42 PM

I know it's hard for you to tell why you did what you did.
It's okay. I have accepted your apology, and I will try to forget my pain.