given in times of my needs
Bro. Akpan Blessing Nice

In 2003, I was to visit Cameroon for one month to see and encourage hundreds of souls that I had baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ in August 2002.  Although I was still hanging around the denomination, I knew full well that my time was about up with that system.  I was asked by the senior bishops not to travel for they had a better task for me to undertake, which was the construction of a church building in Lagos, Nigeria.  The program in Cameroon was messed up and many were disappointed and the new church shrunk drastically in size as the wolves in sheepskin invaded it.  My peace was taken from within me and everything around troubled me.

Later that year, 2 brothers from Cameroon came to Lagos and asked me to go with them.  They complained that I had left them with a few messages of the prophet and that the message pastors they went to only helped in scattering them by trying to initiate traditional spirits in them.  I thought within myself, Oh! Lord, help me, how can I give that which I do not have.


I left my guests in the house and proposed to seek the face of the Lord concerning my continuous lingering in the denomination.  These young faithful brothers came to join me where I was, and we were about 7, fasting and praying in one place.  On the evening of the fourth day, after I read a message on “Melchizedek that Great Prince and King”, I fell into a trance and a vision was opened to me clearly.


I saw the prophet come and stand by me, and he said: “Arise now, it’s time to leave this cage. Go now, fly eastward”.


When I got up, after the vision had left me, one of the Cameroonian brother, Simon by name, said that he was also in a trance and that God wanted me to go about his business than running around vain persons.  This event took place on the 3 January, 2004, being that the New Year met us in that prayer meeting.


In 2005, I found myself in the Eastern part of the world without any preparation or invitation from any known person or group because I was running for my life.  While in Singapore, I met the brother I have heard so much of while in Nigeria as being an anti-message preacher and one who does not believe the prophet-messenger of our age, William Marrion Branham.  This brother is Bro. Richard Gan.  I personally shared some moments with him as well as with other ministers, but he was not as I had thought, trying to convince me to anything he held as a revelation. I rounded up my stay and went back to Nigeria. To every message brother who heard that I met and talked with Bro. Gan, I am to them an outcast and a pollution to many other believers.




30 April, 2006 - between the hour of 5 and 6 pm.


Brethren, I wish to state here that the Lord Jesus Christ is not a respecter of persons.  We know that the Faith handed down to the Apostolic Fathers had a SOURCE, which is the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and He also had a SOURCE, which is GOD, the ETERNAL SPIRIT.  Now, we who are believers of this message can boldly trace the ministry of Bro. Branham to the Apostle Paul, and Paul to Christ.


I saw a clean flowing river, so clean and transparent it was.  I was thirsty and willing to drink from it, but was looking for something with which I could draw the water.  As I approached this river, with thoughts flooding my mind, I heard a voice calling and when I turned to look, it was the figure of Bro. Richard Gan; he had a cup that he has been drawing the water with.  He bent down and drew from the flowing river and offered the cup to me, but I delayed in taking it from him as I was troubled within me concerning what other believers would think and say.  He immediately said to me, ”Look behind you” and again I saw the prophet in the very figure I saw him in 2004, and he also draw from the same river; and Bro. Gan said, That is my SOURCE”.  I woke up trembling.


Let us be aware of wrong accusations especially when we accuse a brother because some other brothers have done the same.  I know it is very difficult to point out one sincere Western minister both in word and in deed today.  Sincerity is lacking.  Many denominational pastors watch this from afar and point to the message movement as being a cult.


Our beloved ministers in the developed countries have used the power of money to tune the songs in the mouth of poorer ministers worldwide.  If they despise a ministering brother, the poorer ministers must despise the same or else they are not in the message.


I write these visions especially to my beloved eastern believing saints that the problem this message is facing is due to the insecurity of the many western giants in the message who are already in their make-up stage ( ICHABOD! ) because there is no true fire burning, they make-up in place of what they don't have.  Many of my beloved ministers are doing everything possible to stay in relationship with these western men at the very expense of God’s revealed truth from the prophet and the detailed exposition by the Five-fold Ministry.  If we are truly of Christ then He alone should be our expectation.  Let us desire nothing but Christ.  Be blessed.


Brother Akpan B. Nice

Ikotun, Lagos-Nigeria.
[June 2006]


"And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations." - Rev.22:1-2