ADDENDUM to Branhamism & William Branham:
How Some Christians View and Distort William Branham's Teachings

15 Dec. 2005:  As I tested and updated the URLs on this webpage, I was surprised to find that Cohen Reckart, a man who calls himself a "MAN OF GOD" (see the title written across his photo on the index page of his website:, had posted an ugly article against me ( [The webpage is saved to my PC as proof if ever he removes it and denies ever writing the ugly article.] There are many lies and presumptions in what he wrote.  Like John Kennah (an anti-Branham cult hunter) he calls me a Branhamite when I am not one.  Simply lumping all who believe Branham's message as Branhamites shows that Reckart is childish.  I am not one who believes in the verbatim words of Branham as "all sacred" nor do I strike fear like the Branhamites do.  Reckart himself actually strikes fear in others by writing presumptuously about other preachers and their teachings.  He's so judgmental and in being judgmental, especially when he calls himself "man of God", he creates fear in others to listen to him.

The followings are just a few of what he assumed and accused me of teaching (something that cannot be proven from my books, tapes or website):

"Gan claims some people are born saved (Adamic seed) and some born damned (fallen angelic seed), depending upon the lineage of a person's seed."
"According to Gan and other serpent seed preachers, this seed of the serpent are fallen angels who inhabited the world before God made Adam."
"According to Gan and Branhamites, after the fall of satan these angels became beast creatures with a man-like body and this is when the devil became the serpent. According to Gan and other Branhamites these angelic creatures could have sex and reproduce."
No plan of salvation needed here in Christ, it's all in Branham! According to Gan and Branhamites, salvation was guaranteed and predestinated  to Adam's seed before the foundation of the world.  All a person of Adam's seed needs to do is accept William Branham and confess him as the prophet Elijah, or Branham Christ, or Lord Branham Christ, as their Saviour and they are saved"

[Take notice of the alteration (the red "Y" line pointing to the angels and the prehistoric men with the words "Serpent Seed") he made to my picture for his article to insinuate what I do not teach. He is either a very foolish man or he is out to deceive people with his so-called anointing power as a MAN OF GOD.]

For Reckart to call himself a MAN OF GOD he ought to be, at least, humble and sincere enough to seriously study and look into the teachings of those preachers whom he intends to defame. This, however, was not the case. He simply presumed everything and thereby made lies of facts he did not know.  What a foolish man of God!  He accused me of being angry with him just because I quoted him for my particular webpage on "Branhamism".  I guess that webpage must have kindled, not just a flame, but a fire of anger in him that caused him to post an ugly article against me:

"Richard Gan is a unique man. He buys his way among the unlearned and uneducated with cold drinks, sandwiches, and a little party for the ministers and Pastors he can gather."

How childish can this man get.  He presumed without fear that I was buying the souls of the uneducated.  The photo he took out of my website and posted on his shows 3 Malaweans and me having lunch in a home.  I was invited to it.  What made him think otherwise?  I believe he was upset and angry because the man (Gusto Gadama), dressed in blue in the picture, had deceived him.  And Mr. Reckart thought that I had something to do with it.  (The speech bubble above the head of Gadama was inserted by Reckart. How sarcastic!)  For the record, I had no idea that Gadama was associated with Reckart until now.  I knew Gadama back in the 1990s (before Reckart knew him, I guess).  Gadama translated some of my messages into one of the Malawean languages.   I did not ask him to.  He willingly did it on his own, and he wanted me to print them.  It took a few years before I had the money to print a small quantity of each of the messages that Gadama had translated.  Gadama was not paid for the translation work as he did the work willingly. The only thing that I remember giving him was a hair-clipper he requested and a small offering. (I have never requested anyone in any country to translate my books.  So far the translations for all my messages printed in other languages were carried out voluntarily by the different preachers of their respective countries.  However, I did contribute a small offering to help in the printing of some of the translated messages.  Most of the costs of the printing in India are paid for by the Indian believers themselves.)  In April 2004, I went to Malawi for a convention organized by a pastor.  Gadama was there.  A preacher told me that Gadama had been associating himself with preachers of different Christian groups in other parts of Africa.  (Nothing was mentioned about Cohen Reckart.) To me this was not a surprise.  Of course, there are African preachers (and also those of poor nations) who would deceive different foreign preachers at the same time just for their money.  I had already discerned Gadama's spirit.  Fortunately for me, I have never used money to buy souls in my preaching of the Gospel.  Christ taught me never to do that.  Unfortunately for Reckart he was deceived by Gadama and lost a few hundred dollars, and got real upset over it.  (I wonder who is the guilty one that tried to buy souls in his ministry.)  Now look at his judgmental spirit:

"Did he [Reckart is referring to Gadama] get a lot of money out of you or did he sell himself to you cheap?  Now sir, I call you to repent of all your false doctrines.  If you do not undo the heresies you have spread in India, Africa nations, and other places, your soul will be cursed into everlasting punishment. You have been warned!"

Reckart must have been really angry when he wrote those lines. I feel sorry for him. When a person gets angry, he'll presume.  Now, Reckart is a man who presumes too much on things he thinks he knows when in fact he does not know.  Presumption leads to lies and presumptuous sinning against others be they Christians or non-Christians.  Many of such presumptuous people are haughty in spirit and judgmental. They have no guilt, perhaps not even the fear of the Lord.

"Now where is his wife?  Why is she never seen with him?  Why does he never mention her?  Is this man normal?"

Now, why is this so-called MAN OF GOD bringing my wife into the issue?  "Where is his wife?" Right here with me, Mr. Reckart.  "Why is she never seen with him?"  Do I need my wife to travel with me and be seen, Mr. Reckart?  (I would if my wife wants to and is able to put up with the hardship of traveling.)  "Why does he never mention her?"  Mention her for what purpose, Mr. Reckart?  Need I to mention and preach about my wife?  (By the way, have you ever sat in any of my meetings to hear me mentioned just a little about my wife?  So why do you presume that I never mentioned her?)  Is my wife a "show piece" and a "talk piece" that I have to draw attention to her?  What about my children, Mr. Reckart?  And what about putting my wife's and children's pictures in all my books and website so that they can be seen?  Mr. Reckart: Did the MEN OF GOD, like Peter, John, Philip, Moses, Isaiah, etc., go out on missionary trips with their wives and/or children?  Have you ever read in the Bible that they did just that and where they harped about their wives and children?  Are servants of God called to preach, "talk about Jesus", or to "talk about their wives"?

To Reckart, a preacher man is normal only if he takes his wife with him on missionary trips.  Why do preachers like Reckart want to "show off" their wives like politicians and movie stars do with their spouses?  That certainly is not normal.  It's sick.

But what is Reckart really getting at when he asked: "Is this man normal?" when he doesn't see my wife with me on trips?  Is Reckart insinuating that something is physically and sexually wrong with my make-up because of that?  Is he thinking evil thoughts?  What wicked thoughts lurk in his mind!  Otherwise, why did he ask those foolish and unbecoming questions?  Has he no qualms about his questioning?

As to the putting on of GARMENTS, Reckart has not failed also to presume and to twist my words. He may argue about men in the Old Testament time wore "breeches" from waist to thighs (just because the priests were commanded to wear "breeches" as an undergarment) and then later to ankles, about the sarong being heathen, that I was saying "that Branham would approve all his men in skirts", and whatever he wants his readers to believe.  The fact remains that he presumed too much.  (If by his understanding that the "breeches" of the priests are "trousers", instead of underwear (worn for religious reason), then all women wearing "breeches" (long, short, very short or skimpy) under their skirts have committed abomination.)  That all men wore breeches/pants/trousers as underwear in Moses time is a lie. He claims himself to be a great and powerful anointed MAN OF GOD who believes he knows what he is saying.  He doesn't.

Mr. Reckart: you presume too much on too many things and would even speak against a real Man of God, William Branham.  As you called yourself a MAN OF GOD, you need to search your own heart, soul and spirit, and judge your very self less you be judged.

May God have mercy.

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