YEAR 2020
[Jan.05]  Walk In The Light... put on the whole armour of God for the day is evil; and cast down vain imaginations or else a strong delusion comes upon you to believe a lie.

185.3MB   11.5MB

[Jan.12]  Hebrews [1]... The Superiority of God's New Revelation... "Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee. I will be to thee a Father, and thou shall be to me a Son."

161.3MB   10.0MB

[Jan.19]  Hebrews [2]... "How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation..." ?

165.5MB   10.3MB

[Jan.26]  Hebrews [3]... "Consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus;...as a Son over His own house; whose house are we..."

168.2MB   10.5MB

[Feb.02]  Hebrews [4]...  My Rest.  "...a rest to the people of God."  "To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts..."

178.2MB   11.1MB

[Feb.09]  Hebrews [5]...  Be diligent to enter into that rest...for the Word of God is living and active...judging every man's thoughts and intentions. We must answer to Him.

177.5MB   11.0MB

[Feb.16]  Hebrews [6]... The Sympathetic Christ: a High Priest who is "touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin."

165.5MB   10.3MB

[Feb.23]  Hebrews [7]... Melchizedek: The Priest of the Most High God...Who is He? 

169.0MB   10.5MB

[Mar.01]  Hebrews [8]... Jesus Christ: a High Priest of a Better Covenant; after the order of Melchizedek.

170.9MB    9.9MB

[Mar.08]  Hebrews [9]... An High Priest-King who sits on God's Great Throne; a Minister of the Holiest and of the True Tabernacle of God; and a Mediator of a better Covenant.

148.8MB    9.2MB

[Mar.15]  Hebrews [10]... A New Covenant, A New Sanctuary...even the Heaven was cleansed by the Blood.

149.1MB    9.3MB

[Mar.22]  Hebrews [11]... "...a body hast thou prepared me...Lo, I come...to do thy will, O God."

133.0MB    8.3MB

[Mar.29]  Hebrews [12]... "...boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus... with a true heart in full assurance of faith..."

151.7MB    9.4MB

[Apr. 05]  Hebrews [13]... "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

189.3MB  11.8MB

[Apr. 12]  Hebrews [14]... Faith the Sacrifice, the Walk, the Work, the Obedience, and its Pilgrim Spirit; "God having provided some better thing for us..."

175.0MB  11.0MB

[Apr. 19]  Hebrews [15]... "Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith..."

183.9MB  11.0MB

[Apr. 26]  Hebrews [16]... We are come unto Mount Zion...

201.7MB  12.6MB

[May.03]  The Winds Are Blowing... shaking the earth once more and also the heaven. [The Second Beast laying the ground work for the Man of Sin. But watch the Russian Bear behind the American Eagle...my vision.]

229.2MB  14.3MB

[May.10]  Total Commitment... The cost of following the Lord Jesus Christ

203.3MB  12.7MB

[May.17]  Sir, What Is The Time?... The unclean spirits are speaking and deceiving; the fig tree has done put on its leaves, waiting for its fruits, and the Laodicean Age is ending..

198.5MB  12.3MB

[May.24]  Q&A: Here A Little, There A Little [1]... "For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line..."  What is fruitfulness?  What is unfermented wine?  Did John the Baptist receive the Holy Spirit before Christ was glorified?

180.0MB  11.2MB

[May.31]  Q&A: Here A Little, There A Little [2]... ""For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak..."       Filling...anointing...receiving...drinking...of the Spirit.

177.2MB  11.0MB

[June 07]  Q&A: Here A Little, There A Little [3]... "...to this people...He said, This is the rest,...and this is the refreshing..."     What are you born you?  What is election?  Do God's prophets make mistakes, do they lie?  Consider 1 Kings 13.

200.2MB  12.5MB

[June 14]  Q&A: Here A Little, There A Little [4]... Let us hear less we fall backward and be broken, snared and taken.    Rapturing Faith -- What is the Message given for?.

211.9MB  13.2MB

[June 21]  Hearing, Reading, Understanding [1]... the Word of God that Its revelation might abide in you and that you stumble not in His Faith.

189.8MB  11.8MB

[June 28]  Hearing, Reading, Understanding [2]... the Word of God that you hold fast to His Name and deny not His Faith.

187.2MB  11.2MB

[July 05]  Deep In The Mind [1]... "Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts; and in the hidden parts You teach me wisdom."

161.4MB  10.0MB

[July 12]  Deep In The Mind [2]... "Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:"

178.9MB  11.1MB

[July 19]  Deep In The Mind [3]... "Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD,..."

175.5MB  10.9MB

[July 26]  Deep In The Mind [4]... "When I remember thee upon my bed, and meditate on thee in the night watches."

155.0MB     9.6MB

[Aug.02]  Deep In The Mind [5]... "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."     [My mind, my meditation, my motive on God's Word, Work and Will.]

193.3MB  12.0MB

[Aug.09]  Liberty In Christ [1]... What is liberty? What is choice?

170.6MB   10.6MB

[Aug.16]  Liberty In Christ [2]... Law cannot imprison Freedom. Understanding the origin of decision by the council in Jerusalem and their failure to realize the liberty in Christ.

171.2MB   10.6MB

[Aug.23]  Liberty In Christ [3]... Paul's Gospel by the revelation of Jesus Christ.

199.6MB   12.4MB

[Aug.30]  A Strong Body-Bride... Understanding the General Assembly and the Church of the Firstborn on Mount Zion...our place in the local ekklesia.

190.5MB  11.9MB

[Sep.06]  Remember... When in frustration, remember...remember who you are.

198.7MB  12.4MB

[Sep.13]  Golden Nuggets: The Oil, The Zeal, The Way...  The true anointing oil God that produces the zeal that leads to the Way of His Word of Life.

152.4MB     9.6MB

[Sep.20]  Golden Nuggets: I Am Thy Shield and Thy Exceeding Great Reward...  

191.0MB  11.9MB

[Sep.27]  The Bible Life... keeping basic principles in mind for a successful Christian life.

176.5MB  11.0MB

[Oct.04]  The Life of The Faith [1]...  Living according to the Faith you received.

139.6MB    8.7MB

[Oct.11]  The Life of The Faith [2]...  With Faith comes trials.

159.3MB    9.9MB

[Oct.18]  The Life of The Faith [3]...  Trials work patience, doing God's Will for the reward of His Promise.

160.1MB  10.0MB

[Oct.25]  The Life of The Faith  [4]...  Waiting for the hope of righteousness by faith...

165.1MB  10.3MB

[Nov.01]  The Life of The Faith  [5]...  Seed begets seeds...molding...

165.0MB  10.2MB

[Nov.08]  The Life of The Faith  [6]...  Cultivation of Knowledge...

188.0MB  11.7MB

[Nov.15]  The Life of The Faith  [7]...  Conforming to the Original Seed...

183.0MB  11.4MB

[Nov.22]  The Two Principal Men...  Pure Creation...the genetic materials of both men.

142.8MB    8.9MB

[Nov.29]  The Man From Heaven...  A look at some events surrounding His life...

166.1MB  10.3MB

[Dec.06]  The Joy of The Lord  [1]...  A radiant Paul amid the storm and stress of life...

165.6MB  10.3MB

[Dec.13]  The Joy of The Lord  [2]...  "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."

162.2MB  10.1MB

[Dec.13]  The Joy of The Lord  [3]...  "God has graciously given us the privilege not only to believe in Christ, but also to suffer for Him."

174.3MB  10.8MB

[Dec.27]  The Joy of The Lord  [4]...  "Let us rejoice in the joy of Him who endured the cross for His Life is poured out as a sacrifice for us that He might share His joy with us."

156.3MB    9.7MB

YEAR 2021
[Jan.03]  The Joy of The Lord  [5]... Rejoicing in likemindedness...

178.7MB  11.1MB

[Jan.10]  The Joy of The Lord  [6]... "It grieves me not to repeat what I have written to you before... Rejoice in the Lord..."

172.2MB  10.7MB

[Jan.17]  The Joy of The Lord  [7]... "That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His suffering..."

192.0MB  12.0MB

[Jan.23]  The Joy of The Lord  [8]... "...let us walk by the same rule, let us mind the same thing...as ye have us for an ensample."

143.5MB    8.9MB

[Jan.31]  The Joy of The Lord  [9]... "My dearly beloved, whom I love and long for, you are my joy and crown, so stand fast in the Lord..."

154.8MB    9.6MB

[Feb.07]  The Joy of The Lord  [10]... "...my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

179.3MB  11.2MB

[Feb.14]  The Weakness of Elijah... ...of John the Baptist, of the Apostle Peter, of William Branham.

183.4MB  11.4MB

[Feb.21]  Truth, Our ROCK... Seek It, speak It, walk in It..

180.1MB  11.2MB

[Feb.28]  Washing My Lady... Wash, My Lady, wash and be ready.

177.1MB  11.0MB

[Mar.07]  The Flaming Eyes of Fire... Burn burn Holy Spirit, burn in me...

177.6MB  11.0MB

[Mar.14]  Just A Change... requires Rapturing Faith. The mystery of the transformation... faith cometh by hearing... the seven thunders utter their voices...

191.7MB  12.0MB

[Mar.21]  Demonic Influences [1]... The world belongs to the Devil...

165.4MB  10.1MB

[Mar.28]  Demonic Influences [2]... The principalities that influence the people...

187.1MB  11.6MB

[Apr. 04]  The Scripture, The Gospel, The Gifts... The revelation of Yahweh in the Written Word, in the Living Word, and in the Revealed Word...

181.2MB  11.3MB

[Apr. 11]  Religiosity... Satan's distortion of Yahweh's Provided Way of worship right from the beginning after the Fall to this age of the Present Truth...religiosity all the way.

175.9MB  10.9MB

[Apr. 18]  Abiding In The Vine [1]... The Life is in the Sap. Can the branches do without It?

150.0MB     9.3MB

[Apr. 25]  Abiding In The Vine [2]... Without a continual abiding in the True Vine the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him cannot grow.

186.3MB  11.6MB

[May.02]  The Veil [1]... of the hidden glory.

141.5MB     8.8MB

[May.09]  The Veil [2]... of traditions.

142.4MB     8.8MB

[May.16]  The Veil [3]... What is nakedness, what is obscenity in God's eyes.

128.8MB     8.0MB

[May.23]  The Veil [4]... Finally, my brethren, is the veil upon your heart and your face?

134.8MB     8.4MB

[May.30]  The Christian and The Bible... Divine life is nurtured and maintained by the Word...

145.9MB     9.1MB

[June 06]  A Sound Mind [1]... In a world so messed up, is your mind drifting?

150.8MB     9.4MB

[June 13]  A Sound Mind [2]... When trials come, is your mind in tune with your faith?

152.6MB     9.5MB

[June 20]  A Sound Mind [3]... Is your Faith anchored in the Word such that you know who you are?

179.2MB   11.1MB

[June 27]  A Sound Mind [4]... Of lying mind and negative confession...

142.5MB     8.8MB

[July 04]  A Sound Mind [5]... Discipline your mind to accept the Word. Do not esteem your words above God's.

161.4MB   10.0MB

[July 11]  A Sound Mind [6]... With the Faith of God in your heart, is your mind confessing to Life and Happiness?

182.2MB   11.3MB

[July 18]  Zealous Devotion [1]... What are you devoted to?

160.9MB   10.0MB

[July 25]  Zealous Devotion [2]... Are you a zealous devout believer with two faces?

148.0MB     9.2MB

[Aug.01]  My Treasure... How much of God's Glorious Word do you hold in your bosom?

153.0MB     9.5MB

[Aug.08]  Zealous Devotion [3]... Have the Faith of Abraham that accounted to him for Righteousness, that we might be the children of Abraham in the Seed that is Christ.

154.0MB     9.6MB

[Aug.15]  Zealous Devotion [4]... Why are you bowing to your schoolmaster, your tutor, when you are already brought to the Faith of the Master?

149.0MB     9.5MB

[Aug.22]  Zealous Devotion [5]... Our zealous devotion should be with intimacy and obedience towards our Abba, Father in Heaven.

151.4MB     9.4MB

[Aug.29]  Zealous Devotion [6]... Law or Faith; Hagar or Sarah; Bondwoman or Freewoman; Earthly Jerusalem or Heavenly Jerusalem...?

170.0MB   10.6MB

[Sep.05]  Zealous Devotion [7]... In Faith we walk...in the righteousness of Christ.

175.9MB   10.9MB

[Sep.12]  The Prophetic Beasts [1]... What or who are the beasts of Revelation 13? Is the second beast Islam?

151.8MB     9.4MB

[Sep.19]  The Prophetic Beasts [2]... Identifying the Second Beast...

179.0MB   11.1MB

[Sep.26]  The Prophetic Beasts [3]... The Beast, the Image, the Mark.

170.2MB   10.1MB

[Oct.03]  Am I Who I Am?... A look at myself. Do I have the Faith in the Wisdom, the Knowledge and the Understanding of God?  How much of the Bible is in me?

188.9MB   11.8MB

[Oct.10]  Crucified With Christ... "Know ye not...?"  Good question. Are you truly crucified with Him when you were buried with Him through baptism into death?

137.3MB     8.5MB

[Oct.17]  The Old Man Must Die [1]... "O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?" 

159.9MB     9.9MB

[Oct.24]  The Old Man Must Die [2]... One life, two natures; one is of the flesh that leads to death, and the other is of the Spirit that leads to life and peace.

168.7MB   10.5MB

[Oct.31]  Time Is Ending [1]... The end of all things is at hand...for the earth is filled with violence...

136.9MB     8.3MB

[Nov.07]  Time Is Ending [2]... The end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.

167.1MB   10.4MB

[Nov.14]  The All Sufficiency of The Sacred Scripture [1]... Are Christians truly holding to what they claimed to believe concerning the in-breathed Scripture?

153.1MB     9.1MB

[Nov.21]  The All Sufficiency of The Sacred Scripture [2]... Why the mess in the churches if the Sacred Scripture is the Absolute Foundation of our Faith?

175.6MB   10.9MB

[Nov.28]  The All Sufficiency of The Sacred Scripture [3]... Subtle adding and removing of Biblical doctrines.

138.7MB     8.6MB

[Dec.05]  The All Sufficiency of The Sacred Scripture [4]... The need to understand the expression of words and not just the individual words.

150.9MB     9.4MB

[Dec.12]  The All Sufficiency of The Sacred Scripture [5]... It tells us of our position in Yahweh, in Yahshua, and in the sovereignty of God's dealing with our individual life.

175.0MB   10.9MB

[Dec.19]  The All Sufficiency of The Sacred Scripture [6]... The need to avoid foolish questioning...

144.6MB     9.0MB

[Dec.26]  Perfect Imperfection... I am who I am, imperfect, yet God chose me to walk before Him and to be perfect as He is perfect.  [Online Believers' Convention Intl.]

131.7MB     8.2MB