YEAR 2018
[Jan.07]  Jerusalem - 2018... A cup of trembling and a burdensome stone...

167.5MB   12.4MB

[Jan.14]  Christ Jesus: Birth & Death... The exact time of His birth, death and resurrection.

161.1MB   12.0MB

[Jan.21]  Rainbow: Seeing It... The key to unlocking God's Promises...

181.3MB   12.9MB

[Jan.28]  A Fresh Word For A New Day... Enquire, the Word of the Lord, today...

179.3MB   12.7MB

[Feb.04]  The Triumph of Truth... Blind religious men seeking to destroy the Word...

171.0MB   12.1MB

[Feb.11]  My Father's House [1]... His Desire, His Glory, His Name...

157.1MB   11.1MB

[Feb.18]  My Father's House [2]... The Spirit of God dwells in His saints...

175.0MB   12.4MB

[Feb.25]  My Father's House [3]... The daughters of Zion are haughty, the sin of Jerusalem is as Sodom...the Lord judges, and he that is left in Jerusalem, shall be called holy, everyone that is a living stone...

193.5MB   13.7MB

[Mar.04]  My Father's House [4]... God deals with indiividuals...when He calls, the individuals must respond and follow as disciples should without foolish questioning.

190.2MB   13.5MB

[Mar.11]  My Father's House [5]... How do you build? And are you built according to the Heavenly pattern that Moses saw on Mount Sinai?

180.9MB   12.8MB

  * Video Insert: Summer Fellowship - April 2017 - Antipolo, Philippines.
Seeing The Word of God

139.2MB     9.8MB

[Mar.18]  Questions & Answers on The Godhead... Confusing ideas about the Godhead examined.

170.0MB   12.0MB

[Mar.25]  War: Within and Without... Spiritual warfare: yesteryears and today.

185.0MB   13.1MB

[Apr.08]  The Trail of The Serpent [30]... The seed of the woman...

146.3MB    10.4MB

[Apr.15]  The Trail of The Serpent [31]... Until the Word comes in, there will be no conception of Life...

178.4MB    12.6MB

[Apr.22]  The Trail of The Serpent [32]... Who put to death the Seed of the woman?

178.3MB    12.6MB

[Apr.29]  The Trail of The Serpent [33]... The Son of God and the son of perdition...

172.7MB    12.2MB

[May 06]  The Trail of The Serpent [34]... Wheat and Tares; True Believers and Make Believers; Wise Virgins and Foolish the move of the ministry of Christ.

172.3MB    12.2MB

[May 13]  The Trail of The Serpent [35]... The deceiving spirit that seek to conquer and destroy...

168.6MB    12.6MB

[May 20]  The Trail of The Serpent [36]... Followers of the Faith and the Workers of Iniquity...

194.8MB    13.8MB

[May 27]  The Trail of The Serpent [37]... Catholic Faith or Catholic Lie: Trinity in unity, unity in trinity...except a man believe truly and firmly, he cannot be saved. True or false?

188.9MB    13.4MB

[June 03]  The Trail of The Serpent [38]... Lies and more one can have God as Father who does not have the Church as Mother.

169.6MB    12.0MB

[June 10]  The Trail of The Serpent [39]... Mother Harlot's Two Swords that gave her the right to kill, and Luther's 'Here I Stand'.

159.5MB    11.3MB

[June 17]  The Trail of The Serpent [40]... The last horse goes forth...a "Chloros" Horse; though a verdant horse, its Rider is Death and Hell follows after...

160.9MB    11.4MB

[June 24]  The Trail of The Serpent [41]... The last day Elect are not just Wheat, they are Virgins. They walk with the Light, in the Light.

160.3MB    11.4MB

[July 01]  The Trail of The Serpent [42]... The end of all evils...

178.5MB    12.7MB

[July 08]  Questions & Answers: The Flesh of Jesus Christ [1]... Was Jesus Christ genetically and biologically of Adam?    

181.5MB   12.9MB

[July 15]  Questions & Answers: The Flesh of Jesus Christ [2]... A virgin shall conceive...and the Word became flesh...

168.1MB   11.9MB

[July 22]  Questions & Answers: The Flesh of Jesus Christ [3]... From the dust of the Earth came a man; from the womb of a virgin came a child...and a son was given...  

158.2MB   11.2MB

[July 29]  Questions & Answers: The Flesh of Jesus Christ [4]... According to the flesh...the transgression of the First and Last Adams...  

154.7MB   11.0MB

[Aug.05]  Questions & Answers: The Flesh of Jesus Christ [5]... Mystery of the Spiritual Kinsman/Redeemer portrayed in the First Adam and fulfilled in the Last Adam...

163.4MB   11.6MB

[Aug.12]  My Meditation of Him... that I may have the sum of His thoughts...

169.3MB   12.0MB

[Aug.19]  Acts [1]... The beginning of the Church...

183.6MB   13.0MB

[Aug.26]  Acts [2]... A martyr or a betrayer...?

177.7MB   12.6MB

[Sep.02]  Acts [3]... Abiding in our habitation...

170.7MB   12.1MB

[Sep.09]  Acts [4]... The Pentecost experience...dunamis or glossa...?

175.5MB   12.4MB

[Sep.16]  Acts [5]... The Pentecost message..."This is that..."

184.2MB   13.1MB

[Sep.23]  Acts [6]... Wonders and signs...and fear...

161.0MB   11.4MB

[Sep.30]  Acts [7]... We are witnesses...the First generation apostolic ministry...

165.7MB   11.7MB

[Oct.07]  Acts [8]... They had been with Jesus,...they were filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spake the Word of God with boldness...

173.3MB   12.3MB

[Oct.14]  Acts [9]... Will the stern Judgment of the Holy Spirit upon sinning Believers in the beginning of the Church returns upon the sinning Believers before the Final Trump?

162.6MB   11.5MB

[Oct.21]  Acts [10]... Heresy...sect...ideologies and traditions of man, not conforming to the Original Truth of God. Heretics are resentful of Truth; they are abusive and violent.

172.6MB   12.2MB

[Oct.28]  Acts [11]... The Wisdom of God in His Apostles...separating the ministry of the Word from that of serving tables; and in Stephen against the disputers of the Truth. 

153.0MB   10.8MB

[Nov.04]  Acts [12]... The Wisdom of God in an answer of his Faith as he stood and faced his accusers. 

151.6MB   10.7MB

[Nov.11]  Acts [13]... The Persecution of the Church scattered the saints into Judea and Samaria, only to spread the Gospel far and wide.

174.0MB   11.0MB

[Nov.18]  Acts [14]... The ways of the Lord in the conversion of an ignorance Ethiopian Eunuch, and a prejudice religious Pharisaical Jew.

165.0MB   11.7MB

[Nov.25]  Acts [15]... The Gracious Move of God towards the Gentiles, and His dealing with the Jewish believers concerning the Gospel for all Mankind.

171.7MB   12.2MB

[Dec.02]  Acts [16]... The unclean creatures are no longer unclean; they are become a part of the sheepfold of sheep of the True Shepherd of Israel.

166.4MB   11.8MB

[Dec.09]  Why Feet-washing and Communion?... Knowing who we are in the Faith and discerning our place in that one Body of Christ our Lord. [Feetwashing & Communion Service]

119.0MB     8.4MB

[Dec.16]  Acts [17]... The people of the Way are first called Christians in Antioch...

167.2MB   11.8MB

[Dec.23am]  Bro. Akpan Blessing Nice:  Understanding Spiritual Gifts in the Church.

 188.0MB   13.3MB

[Dec.23pm]  Bro. Akpan Blessing Nice:  Exercising Our Faith.

 170.2MB   12.1MB

[Dec.25am]  Bro. Akpan Blessing Nice:  Redemption: Coming Out and Going In. [Pt 1]

 210.1MB   15.0MB

[Dec.25pm]  Bro. Akpan Blessing Nice:  Redemption: Coming Out and Going In. [Pt 2]

 187.0MB   13.2MB

[Dec.30]  Acts [18]... Many are the children of the devil, and enemies of all righteousness, who cease not to pervert the right ways of the Lord...

177.5MB   12.6MB

YEAR 2019
[Jan.06]  Acts [19]... Certain ones went forth troubling the believers with words, subverting their souls, saying "You must..."

187.0MB   13.2MB

[Jan.13]  Acts [20]... "These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation."   Search the Scriptures...

179.0MB   13.0MB

[Jan.20]  Acts [21]... "We have not so much as heard whether there be..."
How true, when you know only what was told you...

171.0MB   12.1MB

[Jan.27]  Reality... Facing persecution...understanding God's grace and mercy... discerning subtle deception...Truth and error...

196.4MB    14.0MB

[Feb.03]  Acts [22]... "...I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God...take heed therefore unto yourselves..."

195.6MB   13.9MB

[Feb.10]  Acts [23]... False accusers of God's servant and of the Truth.

178.8MB   12.7MB

[Feb.17]  Acts [24]... The Pharisees say...the Sadducees say...but this I confess...

184.8MB   13.1MB

[Feb.24]  Acts [25]... "Much learning is driving you mad."  "On the contrary, I am speaking the sober truth. I am not disobedient to the heavenly vision."

184.9MB   13.1MB

[Mar.03]  Acts [26]... Paul's journey to Rome. "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: ..."

172.1MB   12.2MB

[Mar.10]  Beastly [1]... Power that destroys...greed, corruption...

172.2MB   12.2MB

[Mar.17]  Beastly [2]... The Beast and the Whore, and the Beast with its Image...the powers that be for the rise of the Antichrist. Taking a look at the Noahide Laws.

163.7MB   11.6MB

[Mar.24]  THE CALL... "I have set thee for a ministry to raise up a standard in this part of the world for a blessing to my people."

195.5MB   12.9MB

[Mar.31]  The Sacred Heart... Agape that flows from the Father to the Son to the Ekklesia. Agape cares...get perfect love.

199.3MB   13.2MB

[Apr.07]  Wiser Than The Wise... A lesson from four little ones of the Earth...

158.4MB   10.4MB

[Apr.14]  Bro. Aminiasi Tuidraki:   Keeping the Faith

 222.3MB   14.7MB

[Apr.28am]  Bro. Andrew Phiri:   The Speaking of God  [Pt 1]

 176.6MB   11.6MB

[Apr.28pm]  Bro. Andrew Phiri:   The Speaking of God  [Pt 2]

 183.6MB   12.1MB

[May 05]  God's Ultimate Intention... Would Jesus come to earth if the Fall did not take place?  Why do you believe in Jesus Christ?

192.2MB   12.7MB

[May.12]  Bro. Aminiasi Tuidraki:   The Gathering

 148.8MB    9.8MB

  * Videos Insert: Fellowship in Paris, France - April 2014.    
   The Gates of Hell...                          158.6MBPt.1    200.8MBPt.2    197.0MBPt.3    176.6MBPt.4
[May 19]  The Last Generation or The Last Age? [1]... 70 years have passed for the Nation of Israel. How many more years before "this generation" passes away? What about the Last Church Age? Will the Gospel and Final Message strive with Man beyond 120 years?

172.1MB   11.3MB

[May 26]  The Last Generation or The Last Age? [2]... In this last closing days of time what manner of conversation ought a Bible Believer to have -- carnal, foolish, opiniated, cultic, or wise and faithful, watchful and supplicating in God's Truth?

193.8MB   12.8MB

[June 02]  Prophecy Concerning Elam... Is the prophecy of Jeremiah 49:34-39 to be fulfilled soon, or ...

165.5MB   10.9MB

[June 09]  Bro. James Willie:   Israel In Time

 196.4MB   13.0MB

[June 16]  No Greater Love... How lovest thou Me?

199.8MB   11.7MB

[June 23]  Bro. James Willie:   Walking With Jesus

 169.1MB    9.9MB

[June 30]  Bro. Henry Gan & Bro Rolly Santos:   Sharing our life experiences.

 172.5MB   11.4MB

[July 07]  Bro. Tay Ying Fan & Bro Clement Setho:   Sharing our life experiences.

 152.1MB   10.0MB

[July 14]  Bro. Zoel Gan & Bro Lawrence Khoo:   Sharing our life experiences.

 194.8MB   12.9MB

[July 21]  Bro. Jonan Gan & Bro Prasanna I. V.:   Sharing our life experiences.

 214.6MB   12.6MB

[July 28]  Understanding [1]... God in simplicity in complexity... [Restoration of all things..."in Adam all died, Christ shall all be made alive"; knowing Good and Evil, yet Christ "transgressed"...]

182.1MB   10.7MB

[Aug.04]  Understanding [2]... Beyond mere words... so have an ear to hear... [Plant life, animal life, human life, hybrid life; "If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me."]

206.2MB   12.1MB

[Aug.11]  Understanding [3]... "Thorn in the flesh"... pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your sides; "the perfect is come"... spiritual gifts, and apostolic and prophetic gifts ceased...

189.2MB   11.1MB

[Aug.18]  Understanding [4]... "Speaking the truth in love..."  Offended by the Word... Parenting, disciplining... Emotionality or rationality...

176.6MB   10.3MB

[Aug.25]  Understanding [5]... The Lord chastens all who belong to Him...and all who do His will will know of the doctrine that proceeds from Him...and not from darkness

205.9MB   12.1MB

[Sep.01]  Understanding [6]... Be aware of those who are called brothers, who withstood God's Truth, and are shipwrecked for putting away concerning the Faith and a good conscience; carnal minded for lack of the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth...

199.4MB   11.3MB

[Sep.08]  Understanding [7]... "Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity." Where Faith, Hope and Charity abide, fear, insincerity and falsehood have no place. Faith is a Life; Faith is alive. It's a love feast of Yahweh with His own...

192.5MB   11.3MB

[Sep.15]  Bro. Chandula Abeywrickrema:   The Focus Is On You

 185.7MB   10.9MB

[Sep.22]  The Cross: Gethsemane To Calvary [1]... Jesus said: The Son of man must be lifted up?  Then they said unto Him: Who is this Son of man? Who art thou?

205.6MB   12.1MB

[Sep.29]  The Cross: Gethsemane To Calvary [2]... Buy yourself a sword..."And he was reckoned among the transgressors:..."

176.4MB   11.0MB

[Oct.06]  The Cross: Gethsemane To Calvary [3]... Agony in Gethesamane: "My soul is exceeding sorrowful unto death." Christ betrayed by a friend who called Him "Master"; and disciples who not only could not pray an hour with Him but they even fled from the garden.

164.4MB   10.2MB

[Oct.13]  The Cross: Gethsemane To Calvary [4]... The Lord rejoices as the Scripture comes alive being fulfilled in Him...

172.2MB   10.7MB

[Oct.20]  The Cross: Gethsemane To Calvary [5]... As darkness descends, the burning cry: "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" should now be keenly felt in all who truly loves the Saviour; and a Faith that's worth the living.

190.8MB   11.7MB

[Oct.27]  Divine Healing... The Faith Healer... [Feetwashing & Communion Service]

101.6MB     6.3MB

[Nov.03]  Collision: Offended With Yahweh [1]... "...Doest thou well to be angry?"

171.6MB   10.7MB

[Nov.10]  Collision: Offended With Yahweh [2]... "Blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me."

169.5MB   10.5MB

[Nov.17]  Take Heed To The Signs... "And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."

180.6MB   11.2MB

[Nov.24]  The Revival of The Bride of Christ [1]... What kind of revival is the Bride expecting as she looks forward to her redemption?    [Charts shown in video are available on the website.]

198.2MB   12.3MB

[Dec.01]  The Revival of The Bride of Christ [2]... From where cometh rapturing faith? Looking at types and shadows for the Promised Son. [Charts shown in video are available on the website.]

205.1MB   12.8MB

[Dec.08am]  Bro. Akpan Blessing Nice:  Let us go to the House of the Lord.

 187.7MB   11.7MB

[Dec.08pm]  Bro. Akpan Blessing Nice:  A Loan to the World.

 182.3MB   11.3MB

[Dec.15]  Q&A 2019... 1. Why did God create mosquitoes and flies?  2. Why was there a wound on Adam's side?  3. Was the Serpent a clean or an unclean beast of the field?

180.5MB   11.2MB

[Dec.22am]  Bro. Akpan Blessing Nice:  Thy Will be done, O Lord.

 175.3MB   10.9MB

[Dec.22pm]  Bro. Akpan Blessing Nice:  The Mystery of the Seventh Trumpeting Angel.

 198.3MB   12.3MB

[Dec.29am]  Bro. Akpan Blessing Nice:  They Gathered Up The Fragments  [Pt 1]

 147.6MB     9.2MB

[Dec.29pm]  Bro. Akpan Blessing Nice:  They Gathered Up The Fragments  [Pt 2]

 242.2MB   15.1MB