YEAR 2016
[Jan.03]  A Great Earthquake is Coming... Will the soon coming great shaking of the Earth be the last one that will raise the dead in Christ?
                                                                   [Feetwashing and Communion Service]

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[Jan.10]  The Talk and The Walk [1]... Faith and humility...

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[Jan.17]  The Talk and The Walk [2]... Trail and temptation...

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[Jan.24]  The Talk and The Walk [3]... Hearing and doing the Word...

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[Jan.31]  The Talk and The Walk [4]... Impartiality toward all...

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[Feb.07]  The Talk and The Walk [5]... Faith that works...

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[Feb.14]  The Talk and The Walk [6]... Bridling the tongue...

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[Feb.21]  The Talk and The Walk [7]... Wisdom, Worldliness, Pride...

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[Feb.28]  The Talk and The Walk [8]... Doing What Is Right...

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[Mar.06]  The Talk and The Walk [9]... Patience, Prayer, Promises...

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[Mar.13]  God's Hourglass... The sands of time are running out. Is your heart turned...?

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[Mar.20]  The Feasts of Yahweh [1]... Yahweh's Joy with His Redeemed...
7 Feasts chart   Hebrew Calendar

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[Mar.27]  The Feasts of Yahweh [2]... Yahweh's Rest and Appointed Meetings...

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[Apr.03]  The Feasts of Yahweh [3]... Yahweh's Burden for His Chosen...

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[Apr.10]  The Feasts of Yahweh [4]... Yahweh's Sabbath...

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[Apr.17]  The Feasts of Yahweh [5]... Yahweh's Passover...

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[Apr.24]  The Feasts of Yahweh [6]... Yahweh's Passover...Christ at Calvary...

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[May.01]  The Feasts of Yahweh [7]... Yahweh's Unleavened Bread in the Passover...

143.0MB   10.1MB

[May.08]  The Feasts of Yahweh [8]... Yahweh's Unleavened Bread of Sincerity and Truth...a feast to be kept because Christ our Passover has been sacrificed...

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[May.15]  The Feasts of Yahweh [9]... Yahweh's Firstfruits...

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[May.22]  The Feasts of Yahweh [10]... Yahweh's Pentecost...

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[May.29]  The Feasts of Yahweh [11]... Yahweh's Pentecost...His dwelling in His saints whose leaven in the fine flour is loosened and purged in the baking to be a new lump...

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[June 05]  The Feasts of Yahweh [12]... The Present Interval...the field of harvest...

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[June 12]  The Feasts of Yahweh [13]... Yahweh's Trumpets...soon comes the reveille.

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[June 19]  The Feasts of Yahweh [14]... Yahweh's Day of Atonement...His cleansing the atonement made by the Priest.

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[June 26]  The Feasts of Yahweh [15]... Yahweh's Day of Atonement...a great day that will soon come with a jubilee...for a chosen nation.

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[July 03]  The Feasts of Yahweh [16]... Yahweh's Tabernacles...a time of joy and rejoicing after the ingathering of corn and wine.

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[July 10]  The Feasts of Yahweh [17]... Yahweh's Tabernacles...looking beyond the seventh and great feast to the eight day of the New Heaven and New Earth.

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[July 17]  Today: The End Is In Sight... Sir, what time is it? It's later than you think.

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[July 24]  Purging... The Creator doing a work: separating the good from the bad, a nation of peculiar people...unto Himself.

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[July 31]  The Word Became... to fulfill His Predestinated Salvation Plan... "I don't know any reality until the Lord touches me to see the real thing."

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[Aug.07]  A Word Balanced Life... Living sincerely, not over righteous, not over wise...

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[Aug.14]  Like An Eagle... Like an eagle I fly,...leaving this world behind. Soaring up to the savor what is mine.

172.0MB   12.3MB

[Aug.21]  Learning To Rule To Reign... The words we speak define our spirit.

188.7MB   13.4MB

[Aug.28]  Heartfelt Religion... Truth, Faith and Feeling...Peace, Joy and Love...

148.5MB   10.5MB

[Sept.04]  Our Conduct, Order and Doctrines [1]... to the 'what is the Christ'?

197.7MB   14.0MB

[Sept.11]  Our Conduct, Order and Doctrines [2]... to the reality of Agape.

188.3MB   13.3MB

[Sept.18]  Bro. Batsi Muzah: My great a cloud of witnesses

137.0MB     9.7MB

[Sept.25]  Selling Out Too Cheap... are you, in your convictions, testimonies,...?

191.2MB   13.6MB

[Oct. 02]  The Jealousy of God... He will not give His glory to others...

180.1MB   12.8MB

[Oct. 09]  Bro. James Veremu: Add to Your Faith: Brotherly Kindness...

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[Oct. 16]  The Spirit of Yahweh... of fear and of wisdom...that are oriented to the Lord and His viewpoints in our daily lives.

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[Oct. 23]  Mustērion-Silence [1]... some understanding of God's hidden secrets...

145.0MB   10.3MB

[Oct. 30]  Bro. James Veremu: Hope, Faith and Charity.

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[Nov.06]  Mustērion-Silence [2]... voices, thunderings, lightnings, earthquake, hail...

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[Nov.13]  Mustērion-Silence [3]... Rev.8:1 is Rev.10, the Parousia of Christ and other hidden secrets of God...

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[Nov.20]  Mustērion-Silence [4]... Blasphemers, false accursers, ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth....

182.8MB   12.9MB

[Nov.27]  Mustērion-Silence [5]... Looking at "Universalism" - the reconciliation of all sinners to God by the Blood of Christ...but what's in the Monogenes...?

179.0MB   12.7MB

[Dec.04]  Mustērion-Silence [6]... "Universalism" vs Election - "...that the purpose of God according to election might stand..."

171.6MB   12.2MB

[Dec.11]  Bro. Chandula Abeywrickrema: The Root.

141.5MB   10.0MB

[Dec.18]  Now... is... Today, not Yesterday, not Tomorrow.

158.3MB   11.2MB

[Dec.25]  Know Thyself... who and what you really not be over confident

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YEAR 2017
[Jan.01]  Spiritual Thought Block... evil at play: rebellious against God's order... presumptuous about God's Will... failure to keep one's oath...

187.3MB   13.3MB

[Jan.08]  The Spirit and The Bride Say, Come... The Word has come to the Bride...
                                                                    [Feetwashing and Communion Service]

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[Jan.15]  The Naked Thighs... How vile is the body? How shameful is nakedness in the sight of the Lord? What is modest apparel?

172.3MB   12.2MB

[Jan.22]  Words: Are You Seeing or Are You Looking? [1]... concerning Truth...

172.3MB   12.2MB

[Jan.29]  Words: Are You Seeing or Are You Looking? [2]... concerning Truth...

185.6MB   13.1MB

[Feb.05]  O, Will You Consider?... evil is wrought by want of thought.

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[Feb.12]  A Great Cloud of Witnesses... they speak to us.
[Sis Grete Salomonsen's Testimony]

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[Feb.19]  The BIG Quake... that is coming...      [Feetwashing and Communion Service]

191.3MB   13.6MB

[Feb.25-26]  Finding Answers About Life... looking at Job's frustration and anger.     
                                                                    [Funeral Service of Bro.Tan Shiuh Ren]

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[Mar.05]  Bro. Shadrach Joseph:  The Missing Colour of The Vatican.

166.2MB   11.7MB

[Mar.12]  The Trail of The Serpent [1]... Introduction to the understanding of the mystery in the elements which brought about the seed of discrepancy.

165.2MB   11.7MB

[Mar.19]  The Trail of The Serpent [2]... The Serpent and the Fruit that made wise the Eater.

160.6MB   11.4MB

[Mar.26]  Bro. Shadrach Joseph:  The Power of The Right Hand of God.

196.4MB   13.9MB

[Apr.02]  The Trail of The Serpent [3]... Who and what is the Serpent's seed?

157.1MB   11.1MB

[Apr.09]  Bro. Andrew Phiri:  Being Made Ready

 154.2MB    11.0MB

[Apr.23]  The Trail of The Serpent [4]... The rebellious nature of the Serpent seed

148.4MB   10.5MB

[Apr.30]  The Trail of The Serpent [5]... The Flood destroyed the Serpent lineage. The age of the Serpent is over. Both Sethic and the Cainic seeds have become one.

154.5MB   10.9MB

[May.07]  Bro. Andrew Phiri:  Time: Writing My Story

 176.4MB   12.5MB

[May.14]  Q & A: Why?... water baptism; the blood atonement; constellations and stars; and signs.

220.3MB   15.6MB

[May.21]  The Trail of The Serpent [6]... The Serpentine nature in all; one people by flesh, two by spirit.

160.1MB   11.3MB

[May.28]  The Trail of The Serpent [7]... The Serpentine spirit shows itself in bigness.

174.7MB   12.4MB

[June 04]  The Trail of The Serpent [8]... The Serpentine spirit pushes for a conglomeration of people to keep them in bondage.

178.2MB   12.6MB

[June 11]  The Trail of The Serpent [9]... Yahweh gathers a people by separation.

182.5MB   12.9MB

[June 18]  The Trail of The Serpent [10]... A man with a revelation and a man without a revelation...the difference is clear to see.

173.7MB   12.3MB

[June 25]  The Trail of The Serpent [11]... Satan moves to bring in a substitute...

164.2MB   11.6MB

[July 02]  The Trail of The Serpent [12]... An impatient wife... a 'wild ass' son...

176.6MB   12.5MB

[July 09]  The Trail of The Serpent [13]... The genuine love of a righteous man... the lingering mind of a foolish man...

154.6MB   11.0MB

[July 16]  Being Called Home at a young age... why early death?
                                                           [The passing away of Bro. Joseph Ramasamy]

114.0MB    8.1MB

[July 23]  The Trail of The Serpent [14]... Don't look back...if you have the revelation.

171.6MB   12.2MB

[July 30]  The Trail of The Serpent [15]... A revelation needs a follow through...

154.4MB   10.9MB

[Aug.06]  The Trail of The Serpent [16]... Truth produces Love, and waits for its response...

136.8MB     9.7MB

[Aug.13]  The Trail of The Serpent [17]... From Adam to Abram... [A recap.]

176.1MB    12.5MB

[Aug.20]  The Trail of The Serpent [18]... A carnal man sells short his most priced possession to a wise man who supplants for it.

156.6MB    11.1MB

[Aug.27]  The Trail of The Serpent [19]... Serpentine nature...its carnality and aggression.

191.7MB    13.6MB

[Sept.03]  The Trail of The Serpent [20]... The Patriarchs' weakness and strength.

170.0MB    12.0MB

[Sept.10]  The Trail of The Serpent [21]... A supplanter finds his match and the God of Grace the God of Abraham and Isaac.

192.6MB    13.7MB

[Sept.17]  The Trail of The Serpent [22]... Jacob wrestles with a Man and gets a new name...his new self.

153.7MB    10.9MB

[Sept.24]  The Trail of The Serpent [23]... Satan moves in to mix the seeds...God moves in to separate and cleanse His seeds...

159.2MB    11.3MB

[Oct.01]  The Samson That is in You... What kind of a Samson are you?

177.2MB   12.4MB

[Oct.08]  The Treasure... As Christian, how much love do you have for God's Word?
                                         [Sis. Bree Spann's Testimony, dream, vision - click here]

170.3MB   12.1MB

[Oct.15]  God's Dealing With Mankind Through The Ages... looking at the ignorance of God's people in this present day.                      [Feetwashing and Communion Service]

176.2MB   12.4MB

[Oct.22]  Authority - Maturity... [1] Maturity comes by understanding and following authority.

177.8MB   12.6MB

[Oct.29]  Authority - Maturity... [2] Deception, self or otherwise, is due to immaturity.

160.7MB   11.4MB

[Nov.05]  Authority - Maturity... [3] The willful and rebellious may face the killing knife of the shepherd.

166.4MB   11.9MB

[Nov.12]  Questions and Answers - 2017... Brief answers to questions...

174.3MB   12.3MB

[Nov.19]  The Woman, The Dragon, The Beast, The Whore... Scriptural examination as to their identities. Of the Seven Heads: are they Kingdoms or Roman Emperors?

184.0MB   13.0MB

[Nov.26]  The Trail of The Serpent [24]... The Serpent nature deeply embedded in the children of Israel.

184.1MB    13.0MB

[Dec.03]  The Trail of The Serpent [25]... Serpentine nature versus the Godly nature.

163.4MB    11.6MB

[Dec.10]  The Trail of The Serpent [26]... Serpentine nature seeks for fame, recognition and wealth.

173.6MB    12.3MB

[Dec.17]  The Trail of The Serpent [27]... A Canaanite woman's faith in the God of Israel and an Israelite man's covetousness for the things of the Serpent Seed. 

183.9MB    13.0MB

[Dec.24]  The Trail of The Serpent [28]... Disobedient Israel loses spiritual sight and gains the displeasure of Yahweh...a Moabitess gains insight of the God of Israel, and found spiritual favor with Him.

153.9MB    10.9MB

[Dec.31]  The Trail of The Serpent [29]... Rejecting God's Word, Israel seeks to be like the world.

165.4MB    11.7MB