Year 2008
[Jan.06] Where Do They Worship Who Come Out of Babylon?

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[Jan.13] But We See Jesus... plainly in the light of God's Word.

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[Jan.20] 3M (Part 1)  Mind, Meditation and Motive...
What you think, you are.
 Chew on
your thoughts and reap your motive.

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[Jan.27] 3M (Part 2)

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[Feb.03] Sobriety... be sober in a world of false prophets and their carnal indulgences.

    A visual presentation. 164.0MB

Eternity & Time Series continues
[Feb.10] Joshua Rising... "Moses My servant is dead; now arise and go over Jordan."

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[Feb.17] Crossing Jordan... the river of Death and Life. Stones lifted up...

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[Feb.24] The Conquest of Canaan... taking what God promised...

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[Mar.02] Division and Rest... Dividing the land but not the Faith. Be at peace; rest. Remember the Joshuaic covenant lest the Great Stone cries out.

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[Mar.09] God's Election... Monergism or synergism  ̶  understanding the making of choice and the exercising of freewill from the Bible perspective.

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[Mar.16] God's Ultimate Intention... Would Jesus come to earth if the Fall did not take place?  Why do you believe in Jesus Christ?

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[Mar.23] Establish Your Heart... Christendom is a tower of Babel caused by carnal men. But with the Light of God comes Truth. The heart will tell it simple; tell it straight.

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[Mar.30] The Crown... to reign with Christ the saints must have character, one that is formed by perseverance by the virtues given by the Christ Himself.

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Eternity & Time Series continues  
[Apr.06] Complacency... Israel's failure to follow through with God's instructions regarding the inhabitants of the land resulted in the growing of thorn into their sides.

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[Apr.13] Corruption... Complacency leads to disobedience. Disobedience leads to corruption ̵ physically and spiritually.

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[Apr.20] I Arose A Mother in Israel... so said the prophetess Deborah and so mothered she the children of Israel.

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[Apr.27] Gideon... a mighty man of valour called to tear down the enemies' strongholds as the Lord clothed him with His Word.

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[May.04] The Sword of the Lord and of Gideon... a warrior of God will never leave his weapon alone even as he quenches his thirst. Hold to the sword at all time.

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[June.01] Interpreting Sacred
                    Scriptures (Pt 1)

Are Christians to accept the interpretation
of the Bible as a science and an art that are established by the rules and systems of men? Or, does the Word come only to the Church through certain ordained vessels of God?

112.5MB  8.6MB

[June.08] Interpreting Sacred
                    Scriptures (Pt 2)

167.5MB 12.7MB

[July.06] Interpreting Sacred
                    Scriptures (Pt 3)

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[July.13] Man: Spirit, Soul and Body . 1

What is Man?
Is Man a tripartite being?
Is the soul immortal?
Where is the soul of man upon death?

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[July.20] Man: Spirit, Soul and Body . 2

144.2MB 11.0MB

[July.27] Man: Spirit, Soul and Body . 3

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[Aug.03] The Ecclesiastical Family . 1

Examining the structured organism of
the family of God - rules, discipline
and services.

163.2MB 12.5MB

[Aug.10] The Ecclesiastical Family . 2

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Eternity & Time Series continues
[Aug.31] One Petty King and Six Judges... covetousness, manipulativeness and pettiness in many men but there would always be a few good men.

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[Sept.07] Samson... a strong weak Nazarite judge, carnal and careless, calling out to Yahweh only in his last moment of life.

166.7MB 12.8MB

[Sept.14] The Spread of Idolatry... covetousness - a sin that eats into a thief, a fallen Levite, and an indifferent apathetic tribe carrying them into idolatry.

100.8MB  7.7MB

[Sept.21] O Benjamites!... thou truly were the children of Rachel's sorrow.

148.5MB 11.4MB

[Sept.28] Knowledge  ̶  Absolute or Corrupt... Religious spirit contending for a faith that's corrupt...ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth.

154.6MB 11.8MB

[Oct.26] The Tithe... food in the storehouse but are the Levites to pocket all the tithes?

147.4MB 10.7MB

[Nov.02] The Shewbread... an arranged sacred food for the life of a holy priesthood in the 7th day...taken in His Presence, a memorial of His great offering by fire.

136.3MB 10.2MB

[Nov.30] The Gates of Hell... that try to prevail against the Revelation of The Christ.

164.3MB 12.7MB

[Dec.07] The Gate of Heaven... What is it?...The Person?  Where is it?...The Word?

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Year 2009
Eternity & Time Series continues
[Jan.04] Ruth... a gentile purchased by a kinsman redeemer - a great mystery of God - filling the breach between the Law Age and the Kingdom Age.

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[Jan.11] Samuel... God heard a mother's cry. The Lord did what seems good to Him and raised a prophet, priest and judge in those days when the Word of God was rare...

157.4MB 12.1MB

[Jan.18] Theocracy to Monarchy... Without perspective a rebellious and carnal nation rejecting their God for a king. Is bigger and taller better? Samuel anoints Saul to be king.

131.8MB 10.0MB

[Jan.25] What was The Sin of Adam?... What had he done?  He was a type of Jesus. What did Jesus do as an anti-type of Adam? ...about transgression, iniquity and sin.

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Eternity & Time Series continues
[Feb.01] King Saul... a man of great physique made head and king over Israel. He was the kind of man carnal people would look to for a leader.

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[Feb.08] Young David... a shepherd boy anointed to be king, a young warrior faced and killed a giant but most importantly he found favor with men and God.

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[Mar.08] Pure Religion... no matter what your religion be, no matter how pure, it can not save. Christianity, also a pure religion, cannot save. Salvation is in Christ. Jesus saves.

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[Mar.21] Bro. Israel N. Dume (Cameroonian): Fulfilling All Righteousness. 
Click picture to enlarge.
Bro. Israel N. Dume:
Naaman's Seventh Bath.


[Apr.04pm] Bro. James M. Veremu (Zimbabwean): The Way of The Word
[Apr.05am] Bro. James M. Veremu: Hope
[Apr.05pm] Bro. James M. Veremu: True Fellowship

116.1MB  8.9MB
124.1MB  9.4MB
118.4MB  9.1MB

[Apr.19] What Had Adam Done?... He transgressed the law of God even though he was not deceived. How was he a type of Jesus? ...a closer look on deception and iniquity.

128.0MB  8.8MB

[Apr.26] Truth... not just what is written and revealed to us but the very Being Himself.

124.5MB  9.5MB

[May.02pm] Bro. James M. Veremu: Christian Fight 1 - The Spear
[May.03am] Bro. James M. Veremu: Christian Fight 2 - The Shield
[May.03pm] Bro. James M. Veremu:
Christian Fight 3 - The Sword 

143.0MB 11.0MB
152.0MB 11.4MB
123.0MB 09.4MB

[May.10] Seven Steps To Canaan... one must give up something to get there.

143.4MB 11.0MB

[May.17am] Bro. James M. Veremu: We Want To See
[May.17pm] Bro. James M. Veremu: Abundant Life

151.0MB 11.6MB
122.3MB  9.3MB

[May.24] Contending... in defence of the Faith, not oneself, nor one's tradition. Carnal men ordained to condemnation seek to undermine the Apostolic Ministry and Truth.

 158.3MB 12.1MB

Eternity & Time Series continues
[May.31] Friendship, Fear, Jealousy... What spirit a man feeds on drives the man.

143.0MB 11.0MB

[June.07] Love Thy Enemy... The love and the grace of Christ in King David.

141.3MB 10.8MB

[June.14] Death of Saul... How the mighty have fallen in battle!

151.3MB 11.5MB

[June.21] David Rising... God's providence stirs up unsettling winds among hubristic men to settle His anointed to his throne.

135.5MB 10.3MB

[June.28] The King and The Ark... Recognizing his worth, David recognized his place in his kingdom and his position in God's Kingdom - a king and yet a servant.

137.2MB 10.4MB

[July.05] Strength and Weakness... As true soldiers in the kingdom strengthen the people to fight a good fight, a king comes to term with his weakness.

159.2MB 12.1MB

[July.12] The Sword in David's House... A king faces grievous consequences for his dreadful sins committed by sword.

152.8MB 11.8MB

[July.19] Rebellion... Opportunity taken by carnal wicked men against a king in his moment of vulnerability.

150.0MB 11.4MB

[July.26] The King Returns... to the Holy City Jerusalem howbeit to a people still in conflict disputing and struggling children of Israel.

164.0MB 12.5MB

[Aug.02] A Threshing Floor Purchased... to stay the wrath of God. God's chosen place of worship made possible by a sacrifice. The King did it.

151.6MB 11.6MB

[Aug.09] Threshing and Separating...
The Sacred Scripture is our threshing floor where Christ fans to purify us in our revelation
of His Word and personal behaviour.  
                [Feetwashing and Communion Service]

180.0MB 11.3MB

[Aug.16] Read and Understand 1... Daughter of Jerusalem and the Daughter of Babylon; Resurrection of the Old Testament Saints.

131.7MB 10.1MB

[Aug.30] Read and Understand 2... Koine Greek: how to read and understand the structure of the written words.

93.5MB  7.0MB

Eternity & Time Series continues
[Sept.06] David's Sunset... As the days of his life shadow out, the king rejoices still to finish up all his works even as he enthroned his son Solomon.  

138.1MB 10.5MB

[Sept.13] Wise Solomon... A king is good and wise only when his wisdom comes from his Maker who enthroned him.

109.1MB  7.7MB

[Sept.20am] Bro. Orsel Dumanon (Filipino): Who Is Joseph?
[Sept.20pm] Bro. Orsel Dumanon: According To Thy Word


[Oct.04am] Bro. Orsel Dumanon: Sermon On The Mount
[Oct.04pm] Bro. Orsel Dumanon: Woman's Leaven


Eternity & Time Series continues
[Oct.11] Solomon's Greatness and Weakness... A king made great by wisdom but in weakness is his foolishness.

116.1MB  7.4MB

[Oct.18] The Kingdom Divided... as the Lord rent the kingdom of Solomon after his passing.

159.0MB 11.1MB









Chart 5

[Oct.25] The Divided Kingdom... The beginning of many conflicts within.

134.8MB   9.6MB

[Nov.01] Elijah the Tishbite..."Hear me, O LORD, hear me, that this people may know that You are the LORD God, and that You have turned their hearts back to You again."

157.3MB 11.0MB

[Nov.08] Ahab and Jezebel... A spineless king who sold himself to work evil in the eyes of God, seduced by his wife to do so.

166.6MB 11.8MB

[Nov.22] Christ's Last Supper... When was it? Was His last supper a Passover meal? What is the Lord's Supper? Does the term 'breaking bread' points to the Communion?

139.4MB    9.8MB

[Nov.29] Cain and the Giants and Canaan 1... Whence came the giants? Did Cain father the giants? Who was Canaan and why did his grandfather curse him?

159.1MB  11.2MB

[Dec.06] Cain and the Giants and Canaan 2...

161.0MB  11.3MB

[Dec.13] Cain and the Giants and Canaan 3... [with powerpoint presentation]

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