[Jan.01] Joy 3 (8.3MB)  [Jan.08] Joy 4 (10.8MB)  [Jan.15] Joy 5 (10.0MB)  [Jan.29] Joy 6 (9.7MB)

[Feb.26] Joy 7 (10.8MB)

[Mar.05] The Old Man Must Die 1 (10.0MB)  [Mar.12] The Old Man Must Die 2 (11.0MB)

[Mar.19] Questions and Answers (10.7MB) 

[Apr.02] Liberty (9.8MB)  [Apr.09] Nuggets (10.0MB)  [Apr.30] Feetwashing (5.7MB)

The following messages are recorded and produced by a Filipino brother during a convention in San Pedro - Laguna, Philippines.     Files play at 100kbps.   All videos are in .WMV format.  If you need a Window media player, click here.

[19/Apr/06] Golden Nuggets  Part 1 (46MB)  Part 2 (49MB)
[20/Apr/06] The Stones of Fire  Part 1 (44MB)  Part 2 (47MB)
[20/Apr/06] The Eagle Screams, The Dove Leads  Part 1 (44MB)  Part 2 (47MB)

Full  Pt.1  Pt.2   All video files are in 256kbps .wmv (video 8/video 9) format.
All audio files play @ 18 kBits/sec 18000/11025 Hz rate. (Bitrate: 45kbps)

[May 14] Contending  10.4MB  [May 21] The Two Cities  9.7MB  [May 28] Spiritual Gifts 1 10.8MB

[June 04] Spiritual Gifts 2  10.6MB

[June 11] True Evidence of the Holy Spirit Baptism 1

Is speaking in tongues the evidence of the Holy Spirit Baptism?  Or is it believing and receiving the Word for the hour?  Are there more
to these than is taught?
[Pt.4 is a Q&A]

 143.0MB  10.9MB

[June 18] True Evidence of the Holy Spirit Baptism 2

  140.6MB  10.6MB

[June 25] True Evidence of the Holy Spirit Baptism 3

99.1MB  101.1MB  14.6MB

[Dec. 24] True Evidence of the Holy Spirit Baptism 4 **

 56.7MB  4.3MB

[July 02] Predestination by God's Foreknowledge

Did God plan for some to go to heaven and some to hell?

92.0MB  83.6MB  13.1MB

[July 09] The Truth About The Rapture

Is the rapture a sudden event and for all Christians?

 80.5MB  84.1MB  10.7MB

ETERNITY & TIME series ~ Looking at events from Eternity Past to Eternity Future.
[Year 2006]




For a full view of the chart, click on each to download the .pdf file.




Chart 1

[July 16] The Beginning ... Before time began, eternity has always been. The Great "I AM" the Self-existing One is from eternity.

95.1MB   9.2MB

[July 23] The Beginning of Creation ... "In the beginning was the Word..." The Word was not in eternity but the "I AM" was. The Word came forth out of the "I AM".

74.6MB  66.8MB  11.2MB

[July 30] The Creation ... When were the angels created? Is our earth young or old? Were the dinosaurs pre-Adamic or Adamic?

67.3MB  73.7MB  10.3MB








Chart 2

[Aug.06] The Fall of Lucifer ... Who was Lucifer? What caused the earth to become desolate and ruined, plunging it into total darkness?

73.5MB  68.3MB  10.6MB

[Aug.13] The Re-Creation ... Is the record of Genesis 1 an account of a re-creation of the heaven and the earth?  Is "the evening and the morning" a literal 24-hour day?

70.7MB  74.1MB  10.3MB

[Aug.20] The Earth, Eden and Its Garden ... The account of the 6 creation days - what was the earth like then? Where was Eden? Where was the Garden of Eden? 

65.7MB  56.4MB   9.2MB

[Aug.20] The Adamic Man ... Who was Adam?  What distinguished him from other living creatures?

114.2MB   9.1MB

[Sept.03] The Trees of The Garden ... All the trees in the garden were edible but were they all literal?  What were the two trees in the middle (bisection) of the garden?

73.4MB  61.1MB   9.2MB

[Sept.10] The Two Gardens of Genesis ... Whether literal, symbolic or spiritual, a garden is an enclosure i) where a seed can be planted to reproduce itself; ii) cultivated for public enjoyment. In Genesis 2:8-9 are two different gardens.

 113.2MB   8.7MB

[Sept.17] The Two Seeds ... Out of the feminine garden came forth two seeds Cain and Abel.  Cain was the seed of the Serpent.

80.0MB  65.7MB  10.6MB


The Pre-Flood Patriarchs
-- date and age


Chart 3

[Sept.24] The Cainic Traits ... Cain had no true revelation. He was proud, rebellious, insolently violent, and a murderer. His descendants possessed the same traits.

69.2MB  63.5MB   9.9MB

[Oct.01] The Pre-Flood Era ... Beginning of paganism and hybriding. Enoch, the 7th from Adam, was taught of God, had the revelation of what was coming upon the earth and acted accordingly.  God proclaimed to reduce the lifespan of man to 120 years.

67.5MB  71.3MB  10.5MB

[Oct.08] The Flood ... Why the Flood?

76.0MB  53.9MB   9.5MB

[Oct.15] The Sin of Ham ... In seeing the nakedness of his father what actually did Ham "uncover"?  Who was Canaan that his grandfather, Noah, should curse him?

85.6MB  72.7MB  12.0MB









Chart 4

[Nov.19] A Towering Rebellion ... Beginning of politics, states, kingdoms ― religio-politico system.  Nimrod "I am God."

68.3MB  71.9MB  10.7MB

[Nov.26] The Call of Abraham ... The man who was the founder of the true Faith.

78.7MB  67.8MB  10.9MB

[Dec.03] The Covenant ... YHWH is the One who sees, who hears, and Ishmael was blessed but the Covenant was made with Abraham and his seed, Isaac.

72.5MB  89.0MB  12.3MB

[Dec.10] Grace before Judgment ...YHWH visited Abraham, spoke the Word of Life to effect the promised seed and revealed His purpose. Then the judgment came ...

130.1MB   9.9MB


[Dec.17] Questions & Answers 1 ... i) What is The Word of God? Is the Message of Branham and The Word of God the same thing?  ii) Is the Mighty Angel of Rev.10 the Angel of the Covenant? - Is He related to Israel only? What is the Covenant?

    139.4MB  10.5MB

[Dec.24] Questions & Answers 2 ... iii) The Truth about the "Parousia" teaching. Is "parousia" "soma parousia"?  iv) Who is the servant of Matt.24:45-47? Is he a certain preacher of Germany?  v) Is it true that a Born Again person is not Holy Spirit baptized?

143.5MB  11.0MB

Year 2007

Eternity & Time Series  continues

[Jan.07] The Promised Son ... Before the SON appeared, the covenant was reaffirmed with faithful Abraham. The Word came and a new name was given, the "rapturing" Word of faith timely spoken and the body revived.  (See what's coming?)

136.6MB  9.9MB

[Jan.14] God Will Provide ... The SON believed the FATHER. He was a willing SACRIFICE. God blessed the SON and also provided the SON a Chosen Bride.

87.9MB  68.1MB 11.8MB

[Jan.21] Isaac ... A man and his wells of living waters.

128.8MB  9.8MB

[Jan.28] The Twins ... Carnality and self-indulgence blinded Isaac to the plan and purpose of God.

133.4MB  9.8MB

[Feb.04] Jacob ... A deceiver found the grace of God.

140.4MB  9.9MB

[Feb.11] Trickery ... More grace to the chosen one of God in times of need. Trick or treat, God is always mindful of His own  "I am with thee..." 

80.0MB  75.5MB 11.9MB


[Feb.18] Questions & Answers 3 ... Is the angel of Revelation 22:9 the theophany of William Branham?  What is a "theophany"?  What is a "soul"?

    146.4MB   10.4MB

[Feb.25] Questions & Answers 4 ... i) What does the Tent Vision of Bro. Branham speak of ― a Return Ministry for him around the world before the Rapture or is it...? ii) When does the soul of a sinner cease to exist in death or in annihilation?

  141.1MB    9.9MB
For those listening to the Audio, do view this clip: RaptureMED.wmv

Eternity & Time Series  continues    [Year 2007 Mar-Jul]

[Mar.04] What Is Thy Name? ... Until a child of God knows who he is, he knows nothing about what it is to be an overcomer and a prince of God.

144.3MB  11.1MB

[Apr.01] Back to Bethel ... When a child of God makes a mistake, it will affect his family and those about him. Until he returns to the House of God, all his will be a waste.

137.0MB   9.8MB

[May.06] Jacob's Trouble ... The sunset years of Jacob was a day that's neither day nor night, but by the grace of God did faith in the Almighty finally brought the light.

83.2MB  80.0MB 12.4MB

[May.13] Judah, Joseph and Dan ... Flee from fornication, more so the spiritual fornication that could rob a person of his inheritance and have his seal removed.

137.5MB 10.6MB

[May.20] Zaphnath-Paaneah ... He to whom secrets are revealed, in whom is the abundance of life and who is the saviour of the world.

142.9MB 10.9MB

[May.27] Bondage ... "Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph" − the "church" under oppression in a "home" that's not hers.

69.6MB  84.5MB 11.7MB

[June.03] Let My People Go! ... Thus saith the Lord to Pharaoh. But proud Pharaoh was offended by the wonders of God and his heart was hardened.

80.5MB  75.6MB 11.9MB

[June.10] The Passover ... Midnight, a dreadful time, but "when I see the blood, I will pass over you."  Death of the firstborn comes before deliverance Life anew!

84.7MB  70.2MB 11.9MB

[June.17] At The Red Sea ... Though led by the Angel of the Lord in the pillar of fire and the pillar of cloud, Israel lacked the faith, she could not see the Presence of YHWH.

96.1MB  59.0MB 12.0MB

[June.24] Is The Lord Among Us or Not? ... Israel's provocation against YHWH.
[Note: Videocam failed to zoom in on Powerpoint presentation. Click here for the file.]

88.8MB  75.3MB 12.6MB

[July.01] At Mount Sinai ... Face to face with God and His Laws.

73.8MB  74.8MB 11.4MB


[July.08] EKKLESIA 1 ... WHAT IS THE CHURCH.  It is the living body of Christ.

94.6MB  95.6MB 13.2MB

[July.15] EKKLESIA 2 ... WHAT IS THE CHURCH.  It is the living body of Christ.

 140.5MB 9.8MB

Eternity & Time Series  continues    [Year 2007 Jul]

[July.22] Forty Days On The Mount ... Moses received the commandments and laws and instructions of YHWH.

74.1MB  75.7MB 11.4MB

[July.29] The Golden Calf... A stiff-necked mischievous people, and a meek prophet who stood in the gap between them and their God of judgment.

137.9MB 10.7MB


[Aug.05] BREECHES ... Of Man's and Woman's Garments.

135.3MB 10.2MB

Eternity & Time Series  continues      [Year 2007 Aug]

[Aug.12] Leviticus: Priests and Offerings ... Instructions for the priesthood and ministry and responsibilities.

137.9MB 10.5MB

[Aug.19] Leviticus: Law and Order ... More instructions conduct, order and obedience.

92.7MB  63.1MB 11.9MB

Miscellaneous [Feet-washing & Communion Service]

[Sept.02] DIVINE LOVE ... What is God's purpose of Agapao Love?  Is it to make us love one another, to make us feel good emotionally?  What actually is Agape?

79.1MB  90.7MB 10.9MB

Eternity & Time Series  continues      [Year 2007 Sep]
[Sept.09] The Camp ... The camp of Israel at Sinai...census, arrangement, regulations...the seventy and two elders.

130.3MB   9.9MB

[Sept.16] Rebellion At Kadesh ... Tempting God "these ten times" watch the trail of the Serpent make-believers at large within the camp of God's chosen.

97.1MB 76.7MB 13.8MB

[Sept.23] The Fire Within ... The carnal rebellious spirit that only seeks to frustrate, to deceive and to destroy what is perfectly God's.

149.1MB 12.6MB

[Oct.14] SOWING DISCORD ... and fear among the believers.

    70.8MB  5.8MB

Eternity & Time Series continues      [Year 2007 Oct-Nov]

[Oct.21] Instruction and Admonition ... Yahweh's firm instruction and admonition are not to be taken lightly. Disobedience has its consequence.

143.1MB 11.9MB

[Oct.28] The Fortieth Year ... The last few days of Moses' ministry in the fortieth year of the exodus; his ministration of the Word in the Plain of Moab.

143.9MB 12.1MB

[Nov.04] Possess the Land! ... The least of all peoples to possess what God promised; the unbelievers have no right to it, and the related factions to be left alone.

155.1MB 13.1MB

[Nov.11] God's Chosen Place of Worship ... The place where God put His Name is the only place where true worshippers can worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

95.2MB 73.0MB 14.2MB

[Nov.18] More Laws and Admonitions ... of chastity, of human relations, of promises, of the entering into the congregation of the Lord...

138.5MB 11.7MB

[Nov.25] Final Preparation and Farewell ... Moses exhorted Israel to obedience, his commissioning of Joshua and his farewell.

145.7MB 12.4MB