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Part 1 3.44MB

Part 2 3.44MB

Part 3 3.56MB


The Ten Virgins - Who Are They? ~ Pt 1a , Pt 1b ~ Pt 2 ~ Pt 3 ~ Pt 4

The Mystery of His Will ~ Pt 1 ~ Pt 2

In Unity of the Faith ~ Pt 1 , Pt 2

It Is Finished ~ Pt 1 ~ Pt 2 ~ Pt 3

The Mystery of The Deep Sleep of Adam ~ Pt 1 , Pt 2 , Pt 3

I Am Your Exceeding Great Reward ~ Pt 1 , Pt 2

[Jan. 04] The Oil, The Zeal, The Way ~ Pt 1 , Pt 2  

All audio files below play @ 16 kBits/sec 16000/11025 Hz rate.

[Feb. 04] Message From The Footprints of Time
 Pt 1 (7.3MB),  Pt 2 (10MB)
[Feb. 04] The Sufficiency of the Scripture
                                Pt 1 (8.8MB), Pt 2 (10.7MB), Pt 3 (9.6MB)
[Mar. 04] Sincerity (5.1MB)  [Sept.19] The Rains Are Behind The Open Door  (11.3MB)
[July 04] Where Is The House of God's Bread? (9MB) [July 23] Predestinated Space of Time (9.1MB)
[July 25] The Mystery of His Purpose                           
             Pt 1 (8.7MB),  Pt 2 (10.6MB),  Pt 3 (9.7MB)
[Aug.1] Born Again (10.3MB)
[Sept.02] The Works of the Law (7.6MB) [Oct.03] The One Household of God Pt 1 (10.7MB) Pt 2 (10.7MB)


 SERMONS by Bro. James M.Veremu (Zimbabwe)

[Aug. 07] Be ye Fruitful (9.0MB)

[Aug.08 am] We Have Come to Worship Him (10.3MB)

[Aug.08 pm] Goal of Our Faith (9.1MB)

[Sept.04] The God of Abraham (9.3MB)

[Sept.05] The God of Isaac (11.3MB)

[Sept.12 am] The God of Jacob (9.3MB)

[Sept.11] Vengeance is Mine (10.7MB)

[Sept.12 pm] Watchman, How long? (13.5MB)

The Trail of the Serpent series 2004-2005  Removed See Year 2017 (beginning 12 March) for new series

Who Am I?  [Apr.17] Part 01 (9.2MB)  [May 1] Part 02 (7.8MB)  [May 22] Part 03 (10.5MB)

Messages preached during the USA trip, 2005

[Jun.26am Oakland, Ca.] The Inspired Word (10.0MB)  [Jun.26pm Sacramento, Ca.] The Absolute (9.7MB)

[Jul.13 Roanoke, Va.] The Days of Small Things (7.7MB)  [Jul.14 Roanoke, Va.] The Rains (11.6MB)

[Jul.20 Oakland, Ca.] The Rains (11.6MB)


Jan.16  ~  Heterodox Doctrines (12.3MB): The Dictionary of Cults, Sects,
Religions & The Occult lists the following three doctrines taught by William Branham
to be the most offensive to historical Christian orthodoxy:
1) The Godhead,  2) The Serpent's Seed and 3) The Malachi Prophet.

[Oct.09] The Jealousy of God (10.3MB)

[Oct.16] I.M.MATURE Part 1 (9.0MB)  [Oct.23] I.M.MATURE Part 2 (11.0MB)

[Oct.30] The Revelation of The Flaming Sword (11.2MB)

[Nov.13] Stones of Fire 1 (10.3MB)  [Nov.20] Stones of Fire 2 (10.8MB)

[Nov.27] God's Four Indictments (10.4MB)

[Dec.18] Joy 1 (10.1MB)  [Dec.25] Joy 2 (9.9MB)