Cambodia Challenge

Since 2003 I have been to Cambodia a good number of times to spread the Gospel and the Endtime message. I have worked with Bro. Nan Khorn for some years but he has since left and joined a religious sect based in Southern Philippines. The various groups that we have visited are still perhaps in their own religious affiliations.

In the year 2008, Bro. Israel Dume came to Singapore from Cameroon and shared his testimony. He was without a direction except that he came over to Asia following a vision the Lord had given him. He travelled to Thailand and then found himself in Cambodia ministering and praying for the sick. Click here for his testimony.

As the Lord leads, the saints here began to assist him in his missionary work. His beloved fiancee soon came over and they were married, and for the next three years they laboured rigorously for the Lord, ministering in churches and orphanages.  They faced many obstacles which the enemy put in their path. Many times, demonic spirits  stood before them trying to trample them down but they persevered each time.

Cambodia is a country whose people depend quite heavily on foreign aid. Getting the gospel to the people is a real challenge. The people are willing to come and listen to the Word, joining the church if they are promised some physical needs - food, clothing and money. This reminded me of the time when a crowd of people followed Christ not because of the Word He preached but for the miracle fish and bread they ate.

Bro. Israel and his wife, Debora, have finally set up a place they called TENT HOUSE TABERNACLE, where they could operate from and prayerfully establish some souls for the Kingdom of God. The VOGR Library is also located on the same premises. This place was dedicated to the Lord on the 27 January 2013.

Please do pray for the missionary work of this dedicated Cameroonian couple as the Lord seeks out the elect that are in Cambodia.  May the Lord bless them richly for His glory.

30 January 2013