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The Spirit led me to read his messages.



Israel Ngome Dume 




They all believed I was going to die; I was just about 5 years old. Dad was forcing a spoon in to my mouth so that I wouldn’t accidentally bite my tongue. Everyone was restless and confused. I had just returned from a health centre where I was given an injection. The doctor had examined me, scribbled something on my hospital record book and told me to see the nurse next door. With my cousin, I went to see the nurse. The nurse opened the record book and read. She then brought out a syringe, filled it up with a mixture of white powder and a yellow liquid and told me to show my buttocks. She pushed the needle into my flesh until all the contents in the syringe were empty. Then she gave me some tablets to take home. When I got home, I was so weak that I collapsed. I wavered between life and death as they carried me back to the Health Centre. We were fortunate the medical staffs were still in the building as the team only visited my village where I lived on specific days for a certain number of hours. Were they not there, it would have been a very difficult 12km trip to the nearest hospital on bad road. I was not in a good state of health to travel. Also, we did not own a car and passenger vehicles were scarce. Thank God that He kept the team there past their departure time. It was discovered that the untrained nurse had given me an overdose of the drug. It was a miracle that I survived. As I grew up, my life journey was full of many death-traps.

Time will not permit me to explain: how I survived a terrible night storm when I was about 9 years, being alone when the house collapsed; how I almost drowned in a deep, fast moving river that had claimed many lives; how my head would have been cut off and sold to occultists who needed heads to perform magic; how I almost fell off a tall tree, an accident that would have proved fatal; how I would have become deaf and lost my right eye; how I suffered from a serious lung disease that impaired breathing and death was inevitable; how I took a risky trip in a wooden boat in the night to carry me across the high seas to Nigeria because of the depression in Cameroon, and these boats, often overloaded with goods, moved very slow, for some had even disintegrated in the high seas.

Despite my age, I was still in the early phase of Christianity because I didn’t know Christ personally.  I was in my 30s. Christianity was just a tradition to me. My parents were staunched Catholics but I was not growing spiritually. I went through several misfortunes.  The devil was directing my course.  I fasted several times, recited the rosary and prayed the “Hail Mary”. Mother Mary was certainly full of grace but it was clear she couldn’t give me a portion. Lord, help me! Lord, help me! Lord, help me! I cried out the words as I saw myself in great fire in a night vision. As the day dawn and being a Sunday, I could hear the church bell chiming, beckoning people to come to worship. The fire must have washed me instead of destroying me for I felt the desire to go closer to God. I had stopped going to Church. The Catholic Church I attended didn't do me any good. I said ''Lord lead me to a place to worship you, I don't want to go to the Catholic Church again''. In answer to my prayer, the Lord sent a pastor to our home a few days later that led me to Christ and baptized me in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Gospel word was beginning to calm the storms of my troubled life.

The little Church I went to believe the message of William Branham. After a few months I had a night vision: An angel of the Lord appeared to me and I asked him, “Are you for Jesus”? He said “Yes”. He told me he has a message for me from Brother Branham. He then opened a little book and showed me something, stressing that I should understand it. I then asked him if I could keep the book, He said “Yes”. Then we entered a hall like that of a restaurant. I saw many people holding plates of food. He said “Is there no body here to baptize this people?”

I started to read all the books of Brother Branham available in the church. I read the Church Ages, the Seals, the Seventy Weeks of Daniel, C.O.D vol 1&2, Golden Nugget and every sermon book I could find. I visited the website: WWW.BRANHAM.ORG. I thanked the Lord for counting me worthy to know these mysteries. Eager to understand the message more, I also read other books, available in the church, that were written by other preachers who believe the message. But I soon realized that their teachings did not harmonize with the Bible and the message itself. One said the Seventh Seal had been revealed mysteriously; another gave a series of quotes of the prophet to explain the subject without making much use of the Bible. All these got me confused as I had many questions that were unanswered. Formally, my name was Jacob. It was by a revelation that I changed it to Israel (because of Jacob of old).

Yes, the little Church I went to believe the message of William Branham. I am reminded of the story of the little maid in Naaman’s house who said to her mistress that if only my master were with the prophet who is in Samaria, he would heal him of his leprosy.(2 Kings. 5:3)

I was excited about the Prophet this little church spoke to me about. He had done many miracles, healed the sick and revealed mysteries. Leprosy is a type of sin and I desperately needed my seventh bath like Naaman. The Message of Brother Branham has been very controversial to many but to others a love letter. I read many of the Spoken Word books and the Bible became a new Book to me. However, I found that many of the ministers were always arguing. One will tell another to sit down and ask him how many message books he has read. There was no unity. There were those projecting Christ and there were those projecting Brother Branham saying he is their absolute.  There were many pastors who behaved like lords but have torn their clothes for trying to interpret Branham’s words. I was in chaos again and saw the storms roaring. I never thought this could be happening in the Church. It is unfortunate that many preachers are seeking for lordship by conquering the laity and making their own kingdoms. I had also thought love will flourish among ministers who believed the Message but I perceived hate. One night a vision came:

I saw a message believing pastor standing at the apex of a pyramid and he was fighting a brother in the same church who was at the bottom of the pyramid. All of a sudden the minister fell from the pyramid and met the brother on the ground and they continued fighting.  Then, I heard a voice said, “Philemon”.

When I woke up, I tried to remember where I saw that name in a book. Of course it is in the Bible. I took the Bible and read the whole book. I realized then that it was all about love and reconciliation. God has committed unto us the word of reconciliation.  It is important to listen to men who can speak the Word not to be tossed by every wind of doctrine. If we are united in the Spirit of the Word, there can be real reconciliation.

One day a preacher came to the church and preached that Prophet Branham is the absolute. But the pastor corrected him that Jesus Christ is the absolute. A brother from a different church told me I should only be reading the prophet's books and that all the mysteries have been revealed. Of course I believed differently. I always knew that the Lord has given gifts to men to make the thirsty soul understand clearly those things that are obscure or hidden. One day I was browsing through the websites of some churches, I saw ''Prophetic Revelation'' and I clicked on it. The front page appeared and I saw the picture of the author whose name is Richard Gan. A voice spoke in my heart “You will meet him one day”. I just took note of the address, closed the page, opened others and then went home. This happened around 2005.


In April 5, 2008 I travelled to Asia and arrived in Singapore the next day. I was without a direction except I went over to Asia following a vision the Lord had given me. Few days later, I sent Brother Richard Gan an email. I told him to send me the visiting address of his fellowship. It was on his website but I just couldn't locate it then. I had also sent him an email asking this question: “Of the Seventy Weeks, how many years are left for the Jews?” And he gave me a scriptural answer. This question troubled me for many years in Africa as the ministers often used the sermon books and C.O.D books of the prophet to answer most questions. The Bible was seldom consulted. I was in Singapore for one month. In the last week I went to visit Prophetic Revelation, and I met Brother Gan. I shared my testimony in his fellowship. On the 6 of May I left Singapore for Thailand. I stayed in Thailand for three months waiting on the Lord's direction.

The Spirit was now urging me to visit this website again and again: I had opened the front page a few times and just browsing through the messages. The Spirit was now urging me to read them. When I started to read I came to realize what I have been missing. Truly speaking I came to know perfectly the God I am worshipping only after reading the article on "LOGOS: The Beginning of The Creation of God'' by brother Richard Gan. How can people claim to be in the light and reject truth? Not only did I see a humble and generous man but also a man who is not caught up in the fight for ''who is the greatest'', but always allowed the Word to speak. I constantly saw myself inside a white car in my dreams when the Spirit led me to be reading his messages. The Holy Spirit will lead the believer in to all truth; certainly.

The time came for me to travel to Cambodia. I had a night vision. “I saw a    brother in a foreign country pleading with me to come over and help him with the ministry.” I thought of the dream the Apostle Paul had about the Macedonian begging him to come over to Macedonia (Acts 16:9). When I arrived in Cambodia, and after a few days I met a pastor in a conference. He came to my guest house and pleaded with me to come to the province and help him with the work in the ministry. One morning he sent a vehicle to pick me from my guest house to his place.  That is how I ended up staying in Cambodia. We started working together in the ministry. The grace of God was sufficient and many people were healed. The pastor has testified that since I started living with them the Lord has blessed his ministry and family. He now has a big fellowship.


At critical points of my journey I am grateful the Lord sent somebody to show me kindness. I want to thank you all for your fervent prayers and support. I don’t need to put your names on front page. They are in the mind of God. Brother Gan came several times to visit us in Cambodia and to support the work. He was sometimes accompanied by other brethren. He also supported several ministers from many different countries to visit me. There are about 95% Buddhists, 3.2% Muslim, 1% Christians in Cambodia.  Every nation on earth has its own set of obstacles, and the country of Cambodia is no exception. Buddhism is the dominant religion in the region, and although the people are generally peaceful, it is a difficult task to break down those long-standing walls of tradition.

Through the pastor I worked with I came to know the manager of a Korean Centre in the same village just about 3km away.  It had an empty church building. I started to evangelize in the area and eventually the church had some members. My wife was at this time with me. Bro Gan supported for her travel. The little church travailed for years through all kinds of evil forces and even came to a standstill. There were pressures on me everywhere.  However, I knew if it was God’s will things will work out for good no matter the challenges. My wife and I went on a ten day fast. When we were almost getting to the end of the fast, I had a call from India. A brother called and said four VGR representatives will be coming to Cambodia to visit me and the intention is to open an office.

I was happy and at the same time surprised. The first time I wrote to VGR was in 2009 requesting for the Seven Church Ages which I received. I had asked Bro Gan if he has a copy and he told me he has but the Seven Seals. He suggested I could write to VGR to send me the book. The other email I sent was in 2011 requesting for all the sermon books of Brother Branham because I wanted to have access to all the messages. We did not have all the sermons in microchips or accessible on mobile phones as we have today. Instead of getting the books, I was getting a team of visitors.  The visit was a boost to my spirit. The visit of the VGR team on the 8th December, 2011 was an awakening for Cambodia. Translators were hired and sermon books translated to Khmer and audio messages too recorded. Distributions were done to all the 24 Provinces.

However, there came many challengers as different ministers started visiting. One said to me that they are the end time message preachers. He told me one man cannot have two confessions. I told him I have but one confession:  The Lord Jesus Christ.  He was trying to make me choose between ministers. The mistake some people make is they think their enemy should be my enemy. I am of the free woman and not of the bondwoman. The only enemy I have is the devil. The minister said, “Am I not supposed to be representing VGR in Cambodia?”  I don’t need to tell him about my invisible scars. I have openly declared what I believe and have been and still being persecuted for it.  The Lord has kept me way from false humility and hypocrisy. I remember these words of Brother Branham: “I’ve learned this, friends, that God knows what your heart is. See? And if you don’t speak from your heart, then you’re a hypocrite. Is that right? And I really mean it.”(Exhortation of Divine Healing Par 45) I heard a message believer said “God’s prophets make no mistakes”.

Just open to the second Book of the Bible: Exodus. We read that Moses made a mistake to strike the rock twice. Does this person know that God knows his heart? If he really means what he is saying, it means he doesn’t truly read his Bible. But if he doesn’t really mean what he is saying, it means his desire is to please men, and not God. I pray God deliver His church from false humility and hypocrisy.  He who hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches!


When it came to the time I wanted to register the church with the Ministry of Religion, I was thinking of the name to use. I then remembered the dream I had on the 14th of Dec, 2008:

I saw Brother Gan in a house with some people and after I couldn’t see him, I started moving around looking for him. Then the Spirit ministered to me that he has gone upstairs. I saw flights of stairs leading to the next floor; and I started to climb. I noticed the walls were made of stones and covered with strange writings. I then entered a room and sat on a seat. Then I woke up. I was wondering what the dream could mean. Just before I could drift into another deep sleep, I heard a voice said “The tent house” and I woke up again. I looked at the time it was a few minutes to 5 A.M.

I believe I am climbing spiritually in the Word and seated to learn. I have been blessed by the apostolic ministry of Bro Gan. I believe in the fivefold ministry because it is in the Bible. Read Ephesians chapter 4. The Tabernacle of Moses was a tent house.  When Jesus died on the cross the veil that separated the holy place from the most holy place was rent in twain. We can all be worshipping in one hall but in different dwellings spiritually. You don’t have to be in the outer court or remain in the holy place.  We have the opportunity to come up hither and sup with Christ in the chuppah. The dream I had that pointed me to Philemon didn’t puzzle me. The Church needs reconciliation. God’s true ministers will bring His people together in the unity of the faith that was once delivered to the saints. He has committed unto us the word of reconciliation

Dume Israel Ngome
#C32, St.18 S/k Toul Sangke,
Khan Ruessey Keo, Phnom Penh,

On the 20 August 2009, I took a flight to Cambodia to pay Bro. Israel a visit. I wanted to see how the church is doing out in the country. I was happy to see progress and growth.  It is certainly not an easy task to root the believers in the Word, not only because of the many cultural and religious traditions of the Cambodians but also because of organized Christianity.

I was also blessed to see the two sisters, who were once AIDS victims and left to die in a hospital. It has been slightly past a year after Bro. Israel had prayed for them.  They have fully recovered and are in the pink of health and full of energy when compared to the last time I saw them in March 2009.

There were also testimonies of visions and dreams among the believers.

Do remember this work in Cambodia in your prayer.

Bro. Richard Gan
26 August, 2009