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Israel Ngome Dume 



They all believed I was going to die; I was just about 5 years old. Dad was forcing a spoon in to my mouth so that I wouldn’t accidentally bite my tongue. Every one was restless and confused. I had just returned from a health centre where I was given an injection. The doctor had examined me, scribbled something on my hospital record book and told me to see the nurse next door. With my cousin, I went to see the nurse.  The nurse opened the record book and read. She then brought out a syringe, filled it up with a mixture of white powder and a yellow liquid and told me to show my buttocks. She pushed the needle into my flesh until all the contents in the syringe were empty. Then she gave me some tablets to take home. When I got home I was so weak that I collapsed. I wavered between life and death as they carried me back to the hospital. It was discovered that the untrained nurse had given me an overdose of the drug and it was a miracle that I survived. As I grew up, my life journey was full of many death-traps.

Time will not permit me to explain: how I survived a terrible night storm when I was about 9 years and was in the house alone when it collapsed; how I almost drowned in a deep, fast moving river that had claimed many lives; how my head would have been cut off and sold to occultists who needed heads to perform magic; how time and again some people wanted to kill me through witchcraft; how I almost fell off a tall tree, an accident that would have proved fatal; how I would have become deaf and lost my right eye; how I suffered from a serious lung disease that impaired breathing and death was inevitable; how I entered a wooden boat in the night that carried me across the high seas to Nigeria because of depression and these boats were often overloaded with goods, moved very slow, and were very risky, which some had even disintegrated in the high seas. Let me explain briefly how I almost got frozen to death in Thunder Bay, Canada.

I had missed the last bus that was to take me back to Sibley Hall Residence; where I lived. I had no option but to take another bus. The driver told me he was going to stop at Thunder Bay Transit; the place where all the buses were parked at the end of the day. I entered the bus anyway, hoping I could walk from there. I only realized I had signed my own death warrant after walking for about 45 minutes. It was the month of January and this particular night in Thunder bay was icy cold. It was getting to about 11pm. All around me were just trees and in front of me a snow white empty road. I thought of going back but the distance I had covered was much. I was now freezing; I knew if help doesn't come within 30 minutes I would die. I was not even dressed warm for I had been in the country for just 5 months. I saw a car coming and begged for the driver to stop but he didn't. The driver must have thought I was crazy. I thought of a man whose body was found one morning in a street in Winnipeg, frozen to death and I shuddered with fear. I walked and stopped, wishing for a miracle. I was at my breaking point, my fingers, ears and other parts of my body were stiffening. The cold had made me to believe I must have lost my way. I stood confused; then I noticed beside me a sign, it read ''Confederation College''. I could have missed it. I then followed the long road that led to the College main campus, guessing along the way as the road had many forks. Finally, I found the path leading to Sibley Hall Residence where I lived. I thought that some parts of my body would have to be amputated. It was when I entered the room that my room mate (Marc Pelland) said to me that the radio had announced that the temperature outside in the open was -20 degrees Celsius.

I lived in Canada for 5 years. Misfortune after misfortune hit me. I dropped out from the university because I couldn't afford the foreign student fees. I became homeless and stayed for three days without food. Then I started to do odd jobs. As my visa expired, I found myself on a Swissair flight going back to Cameroon under deportation. I remembered the angry looking woman I had seen in a dream in 1992. She had said I will live in Canada for five years. I left Cameroon for Canada on the 23rd of August, 1990 and went back on the 23rd of August, 1995; exactly 5 years. It was then that I knew the devil was directing my course.

At the age of 36 years (in 2000), my life was still the same. No job, no wife, and I still lived with my parents. Anything I tried to do I just couldn't succeed. One evening as I was walking in a careless manner along the highway, fed up with life, I said ''If I am the only one who had sinned let me die and go to hell''. In the night I had a dream seeing myself inside a great fire but not burning; and I was crying to the Lord to help me. Then I woke up. As the day dawn and being a Sunday, I could hear the church bell chiming, beckoning people to come to worship. The fire must have washed me instead of destroying me for I felt the desire to go closer to God. I had stopped going to Church. The Catholic Church I attended didn't do me any good. I said ''Lord lead me to a place to worship you, I don't want to go to the Catholic Church again''. In answer to my prayer, the Lord sent a pastor to our home a few days latter that led me to Christ and baptized me in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The church I went to believe in the message of William Branham. After a few months I had a night vision. An angel of the Lord appeared to me and I said, “Are you for Jesus?” He said ''Yes.'' He told me he has a message for me of Brother Branham. He then opened a little book, showed me something and stressed if I understand it. I then asked him if I could keep the book and he said ''yes''. Then we entered a hall, like that of a restaurant. I saw many people holding plates with food on them. He said ''Is there nobody here to baptize this people?”

I started to read all the books of Brother Branham available in the church. I read the Church Ages, the Seals, the Seventy Weeks of Daniel, C.O.D vol 1&2, Golden Nugget and every sermon book I could find. I visited the website: WWW.BRANHAM.ORG. I thanked the Lord for counting me worthy to know these mysteries. Eager to understand the message more, I also read other books, available in the church, that were written by other preachers who believe the message. But I soon came to realize that their teachings did not harmonize with the Bible and the message itself. One said the seventh seal has been revealed mysteriously; another gave a series of quotes of the prophet to explain the subject without making much use of the Bible. All these got me confused as I had many questions that were unanswered. The pastor did his best to explain some but not perfectly. However the Spirit testified to me that I was in the right place. The Lord started to reveal His plans for my life. The Lord said He will change my name and will bless me. Formally, my name was Jacob. It was by a revelation that I changed it to Israel (because of Jacob of old). He revealed to me who my wife will be; that I will travel to a foreign land. He spoke in an audible voice in a trance ''I will make a covenant with you'' and, some months later a sister saw a vision in church during closing prayer. She saw a rainbow round my head. A brother also had a vision in church. He saw rain falling on me, my clothes were changed to white and I was holding a Bible in my right hand. He also saw me in another vision driving a car with the picture of Jesus Christ on the window. Let me outline a few night visions I received during this period. Once I found myself inside a plane and heard a voice said “I am sending you to Egypt to deliver my people”. I saw myself preaching in a foreign land. I saw myself crushing the head of a very large serpent. I saw the double doors of a big building burst open and people started to come out like souls in prison after I killed a goliath. I have received from the Lord more than 35 dreams, visions, and prophecies directly and from other Christians between 2000 and 2007.

One day a preacher came to the church and preached that Prophet Branham is the absolute. But the pastor corrected him that Jesus Christ is the absolute. A brother from a different church told me I should only be reading the prophet's books and that all the mysteries have been revealed. Of course I believed differently. I always knew that the Lord has given gifts to men to make the thirsty soul understand clearly those things that are obscure or hidden. One day I was browsing through the websites of some churches, I saw ''Prophetic Revelation'' and I clicked on it. The front page appeared and I saw the picture of the author whose name is Richard Gan. A voice spoke in my heart “You will meet him one day”. I just took note of the address, closed the page, opened others and then went home. This happened in 2005.


April 5, 2008 saw me on Ethiopian Airlines heading for Singapore. It was a miracle how I had the money to travel. The Lord had kept the promise that I will travel to a foreign land. I arrived Singapore 6th of April, 2008. Few days later, I sent Brother Richard Gan an email. I told him to send me the visiting address of his fellowship. It was on his website but I just couldn't locate it then. I had also sent him an email asking this question: “Of the Seventy Weeks, how many years are left for the Jews?” And he gave me a scriptural answer. This question troubled me for many years in Africa as the ministers often used the sermon books and C.O.D books of the prophet to answer most questions. The Bible was seldom consulted. I was in Singapore for one month. In the last week I went to visit Prophetic Revelation, and I met Brother Gan. I shared my testimony in his church.

On the May 6, I left Singapore for Thailand. I stayed in Thailand for three months waiting for the Lord to fulfill the promises. Life became unbearable as I struggled to survive. I was left with no money and no job. As some people used fake degrees to obtain a job in teaching English and they were earning good money. I decided also to use a fake degree. So I did and applied close to 100 applications but not one school responded. Instead I kept seeing myself in dreams with no shirt on. I believe the Lord was telling me I was not wearing my breastplate of righteousness (Eph.6:14-17). The Lord kept reminding me of the wrong and even made it very clear in a night vision in which I saw my father looking sad. He told me to throw the banana pilings I was holding and come to him. I hesitated a bit then threw the pilings, went to him and said I love him. When I got up, I knew the Lord was not happy with me. I had sinned. The banana pilings were those fake documents I was keeping. I thought for a moment on how I was to survive. Finally, I tore the documents, threw them in the dust bin, and deleted all other copies in the computer. I went to the Lord with nothing and, He started to make something out of me.

On July 25, 2008 I walked to Big C Ladprao, a big shop in Bangkok, Thailand. This was where I usually send and received emails. I had been having a press in the Spirit that the Lord will call me soon even as the prophets knew Elijah would be going home. Though I had received the visions, dreams and revelations many years ago, I had to wait on the Lord to begin the work. I received this message: Hello Folks, the Jews are turning to Christ! The Gentile age must be almost over. Get ready for the Big Day. It was sent by Brother Richard Gan. It reminded me of this dream I had in 2003: I found myself in a big shop. I was looking at things; wanting to buy. Then a small boy, a Jew came to me and said he loves me. He then took me out of the shop. And I found myself on a platform with him standing beside me. Standing on the floor were Christians; I could recognize some sisters. Then I said “Now I have to start to Evangelize.: Obviously, I was not expecting a Jew to come and take me from the shop to the pulpit physically. These things are spiritual discerned. The Lord confirmed it was time to begin the work by the following night visions: I saw the pillar of fire and some writings in the sky. I was following the pillar of fire that took me up a certain hill and disappeared. I saw myself praying for the sick and they were healed; even those who were almost dead. I saw a brother in a foreign country pleading with me to come over and stay in his apartment, like the Macedonians that the Apostle Paul saw in a dream begging him to go over.

The Spirit was now urging me to visit this website again and again: www.propheticrevelation.com. I had just opened the front page a few times and just browsing through the messages. The Spirit was now urging me to read them. When I started to read I came to realize what I have been missing. Truly speaking I came to know perfectly the God I am worshipping only after reading the article on "LOGOS: The Beginning of The Creation of God'' by brother Richard Gan. How can people claim to be in the light and reject truth? Not only did I see a humble and generous man but also a man who is not caught up in the fight for ''who is the greatest'', but always allowed the Word to speak. I constantly saw myself inside a white car in my dreams when the Spirit led me to be reading his messages. The Holy Spirit will lead the believer in to all truth; certainly.

The Spirit then led me to Cambodia. I met one pastor in Phnom Penh. He told me his name is Chuch Mon. He took me to his church. I preached and prayed for the sick. Two sisters got healed of Aids after they saw the Lord in a vision. The pastor asked me to stay in his house for one year and to help him with the work. I have baptized over 60 people in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Brother Gan visited us from Singapore to see how the work was progressing in Cambodia. Before he came the Lord gave me a night vision: I saw Brother Gan in a house with some people and after I couldn’t see him, I started moving around looking for him. Then the Spirit ministered to me that he have gone upstairs. I saw flights of stairs leading to the next floor; and I started to climb. I noticed the walls were made of stones and covered with strange writings. I then entered a room and sat on a seat. I believe I am climbing spiritually in the Word and seated to learn. The Bible has become a new book to me.

Back to the Word, folks. The Absolute is coming. Amen. This is my recent night vision:

I saw the Lord Jesus in the sky. I was preaching to the people telling them that the Lord Jesus is coming soon and pointing to the sky. But many couldn't see Him and did not believe me.

Dume Israel Ngome
Borey New World
Street 09, House No: 90,
Sangkat Dangkor,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

26 August 2009: On the 20 August 2009, I took a flight to Cambodia to pay Bro. Israel a visit. I wanted to see how the church is doing out in the country. I was happy to see progress and growth.  It is certainly not an easy task to root the believers in the Word, not only because of the many cultural and religious traditions of the Cambodians but also because of organized Christianity.

I was also blessed to see the two sisters, who were once AIDS victims and left to die in a hospital. It has been slightly past a year after Bro. Israel had prayed for them.  They have fully recovered and are in the pink of health and full of energy when compared to the last time I saw them in March 2009.

There were also testimonies of visions and dreams among the believers.

Do remember this work in Cambodia in your prayer.

Bro. Richard Gan
26 August, 2009