The Logo...

This is the Age of the Eagle.

Like a great Eagle soaring overhead wherever the elect may be, whether in the denominational chicken yards or down in the valleys of sin and defeat, Yahweh is screaming out His message "Spread your wings, little eagle, spread your wings and fly! You don't belong in the chicken yard! You are not made for the valley! You are made for the sky! Come out! Come forth! Come up and fly high! Fly, little eagle, fly!"

As the elect soars skyward in the direction of the Great Eagle's screams, Yahweh sends His Token on the wings of a snow-white Dove to lead the way. 

The Life of the Spirit of Christ, which is the Life of the Word upon the elect, paves the way to the Spiritual Wedlock with the Word-Groom. Only in the 'chuppah' (nuptial chamber) of God's Tent (His Word) could the elect be made ready and be bodily changed for the forthcoming Great Supper of the Lamb in the Heavenly Father's Home!

The believers of the message of Brother William M. Branham are many but few of them are willing to let the Dove lead. Claiming to be eagles, many choose to fly wherever they wish and eat whatever they like, but there is a heavy price to pay for such foolishness. There are also others who choose to follow some enchanting but filthy birds to their own destructions.

Only a genuine elect has "an ear to hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches". No other voice will the elect follow.

Yes, this is the age of the Eagle but the gentle snow-white Dove has been sent to lead the way.

So, as
the Eagle screams, the elect must follow where the Dove leads.

I hear the Eagle scream,
I hear the Midnight Cry:
"Behold, the Bridegroom cometh!"
He's coming in the sky.
Lift up your voice and shout,
Lift up your wings and fly.
The sunset gleams,
The Eagle screams.
He's coming for His Bride!

I hear the Eagle scream,
I spread my wings and fly
To where Jehovah Eagle
Is calling in the sky.
Here comes the snow-white Dove
He leads me as I fly.
I stay in line,
The Token's mine.
He's coming for His Bride!


I have specially designed the above logo to identify my ministry of Prophetic*Revelation, Singapore.

Since the adoption of the unique logo for my ministry in the early 1980s, some preachers and churches have taken the liberty of using the Prophetic*Revelation logo, in its original or modified form, to identify their own ministries without my knowledge or permission. Such imitations have caused some problems and misunderstandings for me. Many Christians were led to believe that such churches were associated with me and my ministry and that I was also the cause of those pastors' erroneous or false teachings.

I categorically state that I am not responsible for the false doctrines of those preachers who chose to imitate and use the Prophetic*Revelation logo to identify their respective ministries.