[Why do men have nipples?]


Many times I have come under fire from some extremists in the Message of Bro. Branham. Because they could not face SCRIPTURAL TRUTH in what I teach as it contradicts their interpretations of what they THINK Bro. Branham was saying, they have to throw some punches at me to try and silence me.

The question in this article was asked because someone (and he is not the only one) could not accept the fact that the sexual reproductive organs of the man and the woman are created by God for the purpose of reproduction. They could not accept that it was God's intention for Adam and Eve to have physical wedlock, be as one in sexual union, so as to have conception. The reason this person and the many others in Branhamism could not accept this fact is because they SAY AND BELIEVE WORD FOR WORD THE ORAL WORDS OF BRANHAM. They would quote him as saying that Adam was to bring forth children by literally speaking to the dust of the ground and sons and daughters will literally shoot up.  (I guess a certain amount of dust will sort of move together and shape a man or a woman and then out of it will come the flesh of a man or a woman.)  Then Adam and Eve will have sons and daughters (fully grown, of course) standing before them calling them, "Papa. Mama".

Is this not a silly and foolish presumption? The brother (and all like him) could not produce one scripture for that so-called revelation.  All they have are statements of Branham.

Because they could not understand the words of Bro. Branham, they simply take his words as he uttered them.  Is that not like those foolish presumptuous Jews in Jesus' day who took His words literally as spoken, "Destroy this temple and in three days I'll raise it up" It's the same presumptuous spirit that deceived these people today.  They are so ignorant.  Where is the spiritual wisdom?  Some of them even turned around and put words to try and make me an unbeliever by saying, "So you disagree with the prophet? You make yourself smarter and above God's prophet?"  Etc, etc. And some will go around spreading words that, "Richard Gan does not believe in the prophet. He called Bro. Branham a false prophet for teaching false doctrines."

Religious people follow a set of rules, of words, of the "dos" and the "don'ts". But they are quick to point out to others about their "this" and their "that" when they are contradicted. They are not spiritual. They have no spiritual discernment, no spiritual revelation of God's Word.  How much like the Pharisees are such people!  Until they have the revelation of God, they will continue in their pharisaical pride and deception and accusation of those who hold the Truth.

Now, because the person could not answer my question as to why God created sex organs, if they were not to be used for the purpose of procreation, he shot forth this question to challenge me: "Why did Adam (or man) have nipples? Did he give suck to a baby like a woman?"  [Another Branhamite had tried to justify Branham's statement by saying that God made sexual organs for Adam and Eve so that they could have a choice of either speaking the word to the dust of the ground to create children for themselves or making use of the sexual organs to procreate children. Hence, because the couple used the sexual organs they brought sin to the world. How foolish!]

I have given him a brief explanation. Of course, he could not see it to accept it.  Why should he and others like him?

With the Lord's help, I will attempt to give a better picture as to why Adam had nipples.  You may or may not agree with me. This is not a doctrinal issue to debate over. This is to provide an understanding of the mystery, the mysterious way our God had so designed MANKIND. O mystery! 

Why did Adam have nipples?  Why do men have nipples?

In the creation of MAN, Adam, God created him BOTH MALE AND FEMALE. Male and female do not mean that Adam was both man and woman.  He was created first in the IMAGE of God as a spirit.  God has both male and female attributes.  God is not man and woman.  Hence, as a spirit Adam had both these attributes male and female.

When Adam was later given a physical body of dust, what and how did he look like?  Did he look half man and half woman?  No, not at all.  He looked like a man, totally.  He walked like a man, not like a woman.  His voice was deep like a man, certainly not high pitched like a woman.  He had male reproductive organs, not female reproductive organs.  He had nipples and certainly he had no breasts and nipples like that of a woman.

Then what is the significance of the nipples?  God did not put the nipples there just for decoration.  Every design in God's creation has a purpose and/or a reason for it. Take for an example: Adam and Eve had no navel. There was no reason for it to be there as they were not conceived in a woman's womb. They had no connection to a physical mother. We all have a navel but what purpose does a navel now serve?  Nothing but just a vestigial left over from the once useful umbilical cord when we were in our mother's womb.  The navel shows that we had a connection to our physical mother.  Similarly, the nipples was God's design to show a connection between the MALE and the FEMALE. God put them on Adam to show a connection. See? If something is there, there is a reason for it. If something is not there, there is also a reason for it.

For the nipples of Adam, God is showing a tie or a link between the male and the female being ONE. Science has shown that Man and Woman are intrinsically linked by the "male" and the "female" in them. The male and the female hormones are tied together and proven for a fact. Some may think that the testosterone is for the man and the oestrogen for the woman.  Not so. These hormones are not man's or woman's exclusively. They are intrinsically link to the male and female as ONE.  They were there in Adam, before Eve was even brought forth. The hormonal factor is what draws a man and a woman together.  Of course, excessive amount of oestrogen in man will cause him to develop gynaecomastia (large breasts). Notice the "breasts and nipples" issue? [Science shows that the foetus begins life as "female" in the first few weeks. After eight weeks onwards the gender will begin to be determined.]

Now, it also proves the fact that it does not really take TWO to propagate.  It takes only ONE.  The mind will think of a man and a woman.  In actual fact it is about a male and a female.  It is not about the man's sexual organ and the woman's sexual organ, rather it is about the attributes of male and female as ONE that God separated and then brought back together in the creation of MAN (cf. Gen.2:23-24).

God is Spirit with the attributes of male and female. The male holds the seed of life. The female holds the milk of life. Until the seed is passed to the female the milk will not flow because there is no life. [Hence we see a type here: Christ, the Seed Word of God (masculine) has to come to the Church, the Bride (feminine), or she will not have life, and without the life she will have no milk (of life) flowing in her.]  The nipples on Adam shows life is in the Man for he is the male, who holds the seed, not the Woman for she is the female, who holds the milk (as evidenced in her breasts). God drew out the female in Adam and made him a woman, a being with enlarged breasts that hold the milk of life.

Adam was a type of Jesus Christ and Eve was a type of the True Church, the male and the female or the masculine and the feminine.  You cannot separate one from the other.  And the nipples on Adam (man) testify of that mystery a link between the male and female, and that the SEED of LIFE was to be passed to the nurturing vessel. It shows that the "male" was not the nurturer, but life giver, and the "female" the nurturer.

Now, the Holy City New Jerusalem is the wife of Christ (Rev.21).  Here is what Isaiah said of the city Jerusalem:

"Rejoice ye with Jerusalem, and be glad with her, all ye that love her: rejoice for joy with her, all ye that mourn for her: That ye may suck, and be satisfied with the breasts of her consolations; that ye may milk out, and be delighted with the abundance of her glory. (Isa.66:10-11)

The Woman reflects the Man, as the Church reflects Christ.  God chose to have the woman carry the MILK OF LIFE but she has to be ONE with the Man in order to manifest that LIFE. The Church (Bride) carries the MILK OF THE LIFE OF GOD because SHE came from CHRIST. Hence, we see a ministry in the Church that feeds the LIFE that is in Christ and from Christ.

Furthermore, the attributes of male and female in God correspond with Fatherhood and Motherhood.  When God stepped forth to create and bring life, He was both.  He could not bring forth life without nurturing it.  Fatherhood provides life. Motherhood provides nurturing. As God is Spirit, it would be foolish for anyone to ask if He has nipples.  Again remember that we are not talking about man and woman but male and female.

But did Jesus have nipples?  Certainly, like all men have.  Jesus was that spirit of Son-ship that was manifested in the Logos.  As Bro. Branham said, we bypassed the "theophany" but Jesus came through the "theophany".  Hence, in Christ Jesus was seen the mystery of a "one" that was to be separated from His side to form a Bride for Him. That the male and the female must be ONE to be a complete unit, is in the mystery of God's plan of creation and redemption.

Adam looked like any man today with nipples. God did not intend Adam to have two enlarged breasts full of milk as He had already counseled with Himself and pre-planned to show a hidden mystery (concerning Christ and His Church). Adam had no breasts like a woman nor enlarged nipples. He is the male, the seed carrier. But the feminine attribute of God's image still lay inside Adam. Taking out the "female" spirit in Adam, God formed the woman with "milk" breasts and bigger nipples. Adam had to have the nipples to show that he holds the seed of life and his OTHER PART holds the MILK OF LIFE.  And that the MALE and the FEMALE are not TWO but ONE.

Unlike the creation of animals, MANKIND was created in God's IMAGE.  Hence, there could only be ONE direct and original creation, not TWO (a pair) as in animal creation.  First, the image, then came the likeness (cf. Gen.1:26-27).  It testifies of the invisible side of God (God is SPIRIT) and the visible side of God (the LOGOS). The image is the spiritual side of God. Adam was first created a spirit (invisible). The likeness is the visible side of God. Adam was then given a physical body (visible) like unto that of the Logos. [Read: The Image and Likeness of God.]

Remember, we are dealing with MANKIND created in the image of God.  We are not dealing with ANIMAL-KINDS. There are oddities in the animal kingdom to buffet the mind of those who are intellectual. Animals were not created in the image of God. They were created in pairs and were direct creation from the dust. Yet, most male species have nipples. Some, like the male horse, "appear" not to have any. Each male is a life giver too.

If MANKIND was created as a PAIR, Adam may or may not have nipples. But where would we see the picture of the relationship between Christ and His Church that we know was portrayed in Adam from whose side Eve came forth? Where is that ONENESS? Would Eve have fallen in transgression of the Word of God if she was a direct and original creation? If not, then redemption story could not be told for certainly there will not be one at all. And all the happenings in history would not and could not have taken place.  And so on and so forth.

God has so beautifully designed and created MANKIND that only His children can see His handiwork as to Who He really is and our link to Him as our Heavenly Father and Saviour.