What are the mysterious Seven Thunders
of Revelation 10?

"Bro. Gan, there are some believers here (in Zambia) who believe that the Seven Thunders are now uttering their voices to the Bride. They said that the Seven Thunders are the Seven Angels who came to Bro. Branham in 1963 and had uttered their voices already. Please enlighten us."

There have been much speculation about the Seven Thunders of Revelation 10. These are the seven common views:

  1. The Seven Thunders are the Seven Seals when they are revealed.
  2. The Seven Thunders are the Seven Virtues of Christ which a believer must manifest or "thunder" forth.
  3. The Seven Thunders are the second set of Seven Seals which seal the back of the book (scroll). They are not the Seven Seals which are on the inside of the book.
  4. The Seven Thunders are Seven specific Messages of William Branham. The following three are presumed to be parts of the seven: "The Token", "Marriage and Divorce" and "The Serpent Seed".
  5. The Seven Thunders are the Seven Spirits (Angels) who came and uttered their voices through William Branham in 1963 when they opened up the revelation of the Seven Seals to him.
  6. The Seven Thunders are the Seven Spirits who are now uttering their voices through the 5-Fold Ministry to give her Rapturing Faith.
  7. The Seven Thunders are Seven Men who have yet to appear to utter their voices of things which the Apostle John heard but were not allowed to be written. What they utter will give the Bride her Rapturing Faith.

To begin to understand the Seven Thunders, we need to first know that there are SEVEN SPIRITS which "are before the throne" of Yahweh. Throughout the Gospel Age these SEVEN SPIRITS are the EYES of the Lord, His very fountain of Life, through which God works to bring about a redeemed, perfect people for Himself. These SEVEN SPIRITS took the form of Angelic Beings. And they have SEVEN SPECIFIC WORKS to perform, namely:

    1. Seven Stars.
    2. Seven Candlesticks.
    3. Seven Seals.
    4. Seven Horns and Seven Eyes on the Lamb.
    5. Seven Thunders.
    6. Seven Trumpets.
    7. Seven Vials (Bowls)

Now, all these are seven different works assigned to the SEVEN SPIRITS. Each one is different from the others. And only in two of the seven works do they UTTER THEIR VOICES (that is, open their mouths to speak) when they are a) STARS and b) THUNDERS. Notice that that there were three greetings the Apostle John penned at the beginning of his writing the revelation of Jesus Christ to the Seven Churches ― i) "from him which is, and which was, and which is to come", ii) "and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne", iii) "and from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth" (Rev.1:4-5). Then as the Church Age closes, when the Lord Jesus Christ comes in the parousia to get His Bride ready, there appear also the three groups of beings (Rev.10).

The first 4 of the 7 views listed above are purely foolish speculations. There is not one Scripture foundation for such teachings; they are just opinions of foolish men. Views 5 and 6 are misconstrued from a misunderstanding of certain words in the Scriptures. We shall look at them.

It is clear from the Scriptures that when those "SEVEN THUNDERS utter their voices" the "mystery of God" (dispensation of the grafting in of the Gentiles to the Church [read Rom. 11; 16:25; Eph. 3]) would be finished and the Gospel goes back to Israel. Since this is true, how could those SEVEN THUNDERS have "uttered their voices" since the "mystery of God" is still unfinished for the fullness of the Gentile has yet to be (Rom.11:25)?

To justify the view that the SEVEN THUNDERS had uttered their voices, the teaching twisted the words "mystery of God should be finished" to be not as a mystery showing a dispensation in which the Gentile being grafted to the Church would end (finished, accomplished) but as a mystery concerning the said dispensation itself being revealed to the Bride. Hence, the revelation of the "mystery of God" is considered revealed and finished, and the Bride can now be perfected by the 5-fold ministry. This is one foolish misinterpretation of Scriptures. The verse of Scripture does not say the "mystery of God should be revealed". It clearly says the "mystery of God should be finished", meaning that the "mystery of God should be accomplished (or concluded, run its course)".

Further foolish notion is read into the Scriptures such that in 1963 when the SEVEN SPIRITS (ANGELS) came to the 7th Church Age Messenger, William Branham, they became known as the SEVEN THUNDERS because they "uttered their voices" concerning the revelation of the SEVEN SEALS. It is then interpreted that what things Bro. Branham brought forth during that period were the SEVEN THUNDERS uttering "their voices", and that "their voices" are here with us today ― the voices of Paul, Irenaeus, St. Martin, Columba, Luther and Wesley, and including Branham. Through Bro. Branham are those seven voices of the SEVEN ANGELS (MESSENGERS) of the SEVEN CHURCH AGES uttered and heard in our days. And what utterances that John heard, but was told not to write, were those mysteries hidden under the SEVEN SEALS. So, we see view 5 is almost similar to view 1.

View 6 is just a continuation of view 5. It is interpreted that through the 5-fold ministry the voices of those SEVEN THUNDERS are being heard today.

So, what is wrong with views 5 and 6?

There are several misinterpretations. Firstly, it is already wrong to equate the utterances of the SEVEN THUNDERS that John heard to be the various mysteries brought forth in the revealing of the SEVEN SEALS. What Bro. Branham brought forth in 1963 were the revelations of those SEVEN SEALS that were opened to John in his visions on the Isle of Patmos. Bro. Branham was given the revelations of those SEVEN SEALS by interpreting what were seen and written by John in his days. Yes, Bro. Branham said that each of those SEVEN ANGELS came every night and revealed to him what each seal was about. He taught that to the Church but those teachings are not the utterances of the SEVEN ANGELS. He taught the history of the Church and gave the interpretations of those symbols under each SEAL that John saw in his vision.

Secondly, the vision of Revelation 10 clearly shows an OPEN BOOK (SCROLL) in the hand of the Mighty Angel as He comes down from Heaven. This OPEN BOOK is the same book in Revelation 5 that is sealed with SEVEN SEALS. Therefore, how could the utterances of the SEVEN THUNDERS be the mysteries hid in the SEVEN SEALS since all the seals are already opened even before the SEVEN THUNDERS UTTERED THEIR VOICES? The SEVEN SEALS are revealed BEFORE the SEVEN THUNDERS uttered their voices. That much is clear.

Thirdly, to teach that the "mystery of God" refers to something other than God grafting in the wild olive branches (Gentiles) to the natural olive tree (Jewish Church) is a serious error. It completely distorts the Word of God. Did not Paul receive the revelation about the "mystery of God"?  Read Rom. 11; 16:25 and Eph. 3 again. Paul had that revelation of what God had declared through His O.T. prophets concerning the light of the Gospel going to the Gentiles (cf. Isa.62:6; 49:6; 60:3; Amos 9:12). This "mystery of God" would be completed when the last Gentile elect is grafted in and the Rapture has taken place. Then God will take the Gospel back to Israel.

Fourthly, not understanding the phrase "uttered their voices" only adds to the erroneous teaching. In trying to prove that the SEVEN THUNDERS had "utter their voices" back in 1963 and that the Bride is hearing "their voices" today, the Scripture verse of Acts 13:27 is used to force-feed that interpretation.

Acts 13:27: "For they that dwell at Jerusalem, and their rulers, because they knew him not, nor yet the voices of the prophets which are read every sabbath day, they have fulfilled them in condemning him."

Anyone with common sense will know the vast difference between the phrase "the voices of the prophets which are read" and the "seven thunders uttered their voices". It is true that the various voices of the O.T. prophets, though they are dead, were heard every sabbath day by the Jews but the Jews heard what was read out of the Sacred Scrolls (Scriptures) ― the written words of the prophets, they did not hear what was uttered ― spoken words of the prophets.

Yes, in a way we are "hearing" what those Church Age Messengers had uttered by reading their sermons and writing. However, the words used in Rev.10:3 "seven thunders uttered their voices" do not give that meaning. The phrase means the "seven thunders articulate their words" or "seven thunders spoke with their voices". The word "uttered" is from the Greek word "laleo" - to talk.

Let us look at examples in the Holy Bible and compare them with the statement of Acts 13:27. It would not be difficult to notice the difference. Some Old Testament examples are:

** Jdg.11:11: "Then Jephthah went with the elders of Gilead, and the people made him head and captain over them: and Jephthah uttered all his words before the LORD in Mizpeh."  Here the word "uttered " is "dabar" - "arrange, speak", and the word "words" is "dabar" - "words spoken".  Simply, "Jephthah worded his words."

2 Sam.22:13-15: "Through the brightness before him were coals of fire kindled. The LORD thundered from heaven, and the most High uttered his voice. And he sent out arrows, and scattered them; lightning, and discomfited them."  The word "uttered" is "nathan" - to give, put, make; "voice" is "qowl" - a voice, sound, (compare to a trumpet sound).

Notice the difference between "dabar" and "qowl"? The former is "spoken words", the latter is a sound, a voice, drawing attention. Here's a few more to help you understand.

** Psa.66:14: "Which my lips have uttered [memshalah - rule, realm, ruler], and my mouth [peh - puff, blow] hath spoken [dabar - arrange, speak], when I was in trouble."

** Neh.6:19: "Also they reported his good deeds before me, and uttered [yatsa - to go/bring out] my words [dabar - arrange, speak] to him. And Tobiah sent letters to put me in fear."

** Jer.38:20: "But Jeremiah said, They shall not deliver thee. Obey, I beseech thee, the voice [qowl- a voice, sound] of the LORD, which I speak [dabar - arrange, speak] unto thee: so it shall be well unto thee, and thy soul shall live." (cf. Ex.23:21-22)

Psa.46:6: "The heathen raged, the kingdoms were moved: he uttered [nathan - give, put, make] his voice [qowl- a voice, sound], the earth melted."

Jer.48:32-34: "O vine of Sibmah, I will weep for thee with the weeping of Jazer: thy plants are gone over the sea, they reach even to the sea of Jazer: the spoiler is fallen upon thy summer fruits and upon thy vintage. And joy and gladness is taken from the plentiful field, and from the land of Moab, and I have caused wine to fail from the winepresses: none shall tread with shouting; their shouting shall be no shouting. From the cry of Heshbon even unto Elealeh, and even unto Jahaz, have they uttered [nathan - give, put, make] their voice [qowl- a voice, sound], from Zoar even unto Horonaim, as an heifer of three years old: for the waters also of Nimrim shall be desolate."

Hab.3:10: "The mountains saw thee, and they trembled: the overflowing of the water passed by: the deep uttered [nathan - give, put, make] his voice [qowl- a voice, sound], and lifted up his hands on high."

1 Sam.7:10: "And as Samuel was offering up the burnt offering, the Philistines drew near to battle against Israel: but the LORD thundered [raam - tumble, agitate] with a great thunder [qowl- a voice, sound] on that day upon the Philistines, and discomfited them; and they were smitten before Israel."

Here are some New Testament examples:

Rom.8:26: "Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered." The word "uttered" is "alaletos". It means unspeakable, as opposed to "laleo" to "talk, speak, i.e. utter words".

** 1 Cor.14:19: "Yet in the church I had rather speak [laleo - utter] five words with my understanding, by my voice I might teach others also, than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue."

** Heb.5:11: "Of whom we have many things to say, [logos - expression, something said] and hard to be uttered [lego - to lay forth, to relate in words, to mean], seeing ye are dull of hearing."

Now, look closely at the wordings of Rev. 10:3-4 and Acts 13:27.

** Rev.10:3-4: "And cried with a loud voice [phone - a tone, an address, saying, language], as when a lion roareth: and when he had cried, seven thunders uttered [laleo - to talk, speak, i.e. utter words] their voices [phone - a tone, an address, saying, language]. And when the seven thunders had uttered [laleo - to talk, speak, i.e. utter words] their voices, I was about to write: and I heard a voice [phone - a tone, an address, saying, language] from heaven saying unto me, Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered [laleo - to talk, speak, i.e. utter words], and write them not."

Acts 13:27: "For they that dwell at Jerusalem, and their rulers, because they knew him not, nor yet the voices [phone - a tone, an address, saying, language] of the prophets which are read [anaginosko - to read, to know again (from ginosko - to know)] every sabbath day, they have fulfilled them in condemning him."

Hence, there is no doubt that to hear the voices of the prophets read to us every Sabbath day is not the same as to hear the voices of the prophets spoken directly to us. The former is the hearing of the written words of anointed men who are dead and whose revelations could only be made known to us by the Spirit of God through anointed preaching, but the latter is the hearing of the spoken words of anointed men sent to give us rapturing faith. "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" (Rom.10:17). And how shall they hear without a preacher?

The prophet Isaiah foretold of the coming of a forerunner to prepare the way of the Lord (Isa. 40:3-5). What if the voice (words) of Isaiah (the prophet) was just read every Sabbath day in Jerusalem and John the Baptist did not turn up to utter his voice (speak) to the ears of Israel, would there be a people prepared to receive the Lord? Remember faith comes by hearing the words spoken by God's anointed, not what is written.

Is not it the same with today's organized churches? They read the voices (words) of the prophets and the apostles of God every Sunday. They expound them. Yet, they have fulfilled them in rejecting Him by not receiving the Word that came through the Seventh Angel, William Branham. They have once again crucified the Word.

If they cannot receive the prophet they cannot receive the Word. If they cannot receive the Word they cannot be prepared and perfected by the Present 'Ascension Gifts' Ministry. And if they cannot be and are not prepared and perfected then they cannot receive the faith for the translation to receive the Promised Son of God.

God gave Abraham the words of a promised son. Abraham believed the promise but the promised son did not come UNTIL the MESSENGERS came to him 24 years later and SPOKE THE WORD! Abraham heard it. Sarah heard it. Oh, what rapturing faith! Their bodies were transformed! And Abraham received the promised son.

Isaiah prophesied of a Jewish virgin conceiving a child who was to be the Saviour of the world. Those words of Isaiah were read every Sabbath day in Jerusalem. But no matter how long they were read and expounded, the reality of it could never be until a MESSENGER came to the virgin and SPOKE THE WORD unto her. Mary was that virgin. She heard the SPOKEN WORD uttered to her, she received IT and faith changed her body. She received the Promised Son of God.

The Bride of Christ has been hearing the voices of the prophets and the apostles every Sunday. She heard them expounded. She received the revelations of Malachi 4:5-6. She received the MESSENGER and the Word that was sent to restore her back to the Apostolic Word.  She returned to the WORD and is now being perfected by the Present Truth Ministry of the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers so that she will be fully established in the complete WORD of the Lord Jesus Christ and be ready for her home-going. When she "hath made herself ready" then she will receive the PROMISED SON of God when those SEVEN THUNDERS come to utter their voices to her, just as the Beloved John had heard them in his visions on the Isle of Patmos. She will receive her rapturing faith and her body will be transformed revived, healed, made whole and then capped by the Christ to be translated to meet Him in the air.

Consider carefully these verses of Scriptures:

Zech.3:8-10: "Hear now, O Joshua the high priest, thou, and thy fellows that sit before thee: for they are men wondered at: for, behold, I will bring forth my servant the BRANCH. For behold the stone that I have laid before Joshua; upon one stone shall be seven eyes: behold, I will engrave the graving thereof, saith the LORD of hosts, and I will remove the iniquity of that land in one day. The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house; his hands shall also finish it; and thou shalt know that the LORD of hosts hath sent me unto you. For who hath despised the day of small things? for they shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel with those seven; they are the eyes of the LORD, which run to and fro through the whole earth."

Sitting face to face with Joshua were several men "thy fellows that sit before thee: for they are men wondered at" "These men were marvelous men" (Lamsa Translation), "men that are a sign" (Bethel Edition), "men of good omen" (RSV), "men symbolic of things to come" (NIV) and "men who are a sign or omen [types of what is to come]" (Amp.).

Translator William F. Beck translated the whole verse as "Please listen, Joshua, O high priest, you and your friends who sit before you. You men stand for something wonderful I will do because I will bring My Servant, the Branch" (An American Translation). But before Joshua and the men who sat before him was placed a stone with seven eyes and having an inscription on it. (Now all these have compound meaning. And there is a play on the phrase "engrave the graving thereof". Truly, God hides His Truth whilst revealing It.)

Now, what do all these mean prophetically concerning the Church? Simply to show that there is a REVELATION (the "stone engraved with an engraving" − "engrave (Heb: pathach) the engraving") placed before our JOSHUA (Jesus Christ the High Priest) and certain men before him shall be the eyes [i.e. watchmen] of that REVELATION. God shall open up or loosen (from the same Hebrew word: pathach) the inscription on that stone in the hand of Christ Jesus, not as 'Joshua the High Priest', but as 'Zerubbabel the Adminstrator' or 'Zerubbabel the Prince'. In the day of small things (that is, this period of the last generation, not the period of the 2000 years of the Church Age), our ZERUBBABEL shall hold the plummet (of that stone) and together with those seven marvelous men (the seven eyes), who shall rejoice to see it in His hand, "engrave (Heb: pathach open wide) the engraving" and administer that revelation around the world just before God takes the Gospel back to Israel. When the Gospel goes back to Israel those SEVEN SPIRITS (seven eyes) will then blow their TRUMPETS and pour out their VIALS as God deals with her. The Lord will remove her iniquity in one day as the Messiah comes in that day to set up His Kingdom.

"Bro. Gan, what if there are no seven men?"

If there are no seven men, then there are no seven men. But what if there are seven men?

If according to all those other views, the SEVEN THUNDERS has already uttered their voices (one way or another), and that the Bride is now receiving rapturing faith, then the Bride has nothing to worry about. Isn't it? But consider this: why is the Bride still here on earth if she had already received the voices of the SEVEN THUNDERS since 1963? How long does rapturing faith take to work? It's been more than 40 years and the rapturing faith has not produce any effect to translate the Bride.

How soon will a person inherit salvation (eternal life) after he has heard the SPOKEN WORD of life preached to him and he is convicted and he has repented upon receiving the saving faith? Days? Weeks? Months? Years?

So, how long will it take for rapturing faith to work after it is received? Answer the question. (Just remember Abraham and Sarah, and the virgin Mary.)