KHANDALA  05th - 09th Nov. 2011


The Lord blessed us again in the month of November as believers were invited to gather in Khandala, Pune District in India from the 5th - 9th of November, 2011. The saints of God in Mumbai and other parts of India had been praying earnestly for the meetings, and everything seemed well until the last one month to the convention.


I was turned down by the Indian High Commissioner in Lagos, and I had to go to Abuja to obtain a visa before rushing back to Lagos to get a flight. It was quite a difficult experience, but the Lord did hear the cry of the saints, who prayed and fasted even when there seemed to be no way as the meeting had already started while I was yet in Nigeria, they never gave up. The Lord saw us through as I was only able to arrive on the 3rd day of the convention.


The convention was well attended by believers from every part of India and by every known group to a good extent. After my opening message which was a preparation to the teachings to come, the air which was tensed was relaxed. I had to share my testimony and my dream of the voice that told me to fly east in relation to my mission experiences.


Then the 2nd message followed just 15min after a short tea break. The Word of God prospered in the lives of the people, and there was a notable deliverance of a Hindu woman who had sworn in March to me that she cannot become a Christian. Another woman from a strong Hindu background had been introduced to Christ and the fellowship of believers, but she had refused baptism fearing the wrath of the family. She came to the prayer line and knowing that we were strangers to each other, wanted to tell me what the problem was but the Lord intervened. The Lord did mention to her the things about her Family background and by the word of knowledge, she was also told that she would not be the only believer in her home.


This sister was later water baptised alongside her Father, and brother in a one-day meeting in Vashi city, Mumbai.

            Khandala Convention 2011                     Believers at the meetings 


The convention came to an end on the 9th November. The saints returned to their respective destinations. The saints from Delhi had a problem with their train-seat confirmation, as well over 45 persons were going to stand in the train for the most part of the journey. This was not going to be a smooth experience as they had older ones with them. The Lord also gave a message by the word of knowledge that the seats would be miraculously confirmed, and it was so.  There was a one-day meeting at the Faith Assembly Mumbai on Thursday, and we travelled the next day the city of Ahmednegar for another 3 days convention.



AHMEDNAGAR  11th Nov. 2011

We (Bro. Hubert D'souza, Sister Reena Alva and I) arrived Ahmednegar in the evening about 9:40pm on the 11th of November 2011, and the saints were having their dinner after the last meeting of the opening day. The next day we had 3 sessions and the meetings were attended by both Hindus and Muslims who came to seek healing and deliverance from Satan's bondage.


The Lord blessed the saints in the ministration of the Word and the healing of their bodies. The convention came to an end on the Sunday in the evening with the baptism of 9 souls in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We travelled the following day at 4am to ALIBAAG, another small town 430km from AHMEDNEGAR.


The journey to Alibaag was a smooth one as the host pastor of the Ahmednegar convention drove us in his car accompanied by another pastor and a brother. We were altogether 5 persons as the sister with us had returned the previous day to Mumbai.


            Arriving in Ahmednegar             A section of believers at the convention 



We arrived Alibaag in the afternoon just some few minutes after 3pm and the enemy was ahead of us to cause some form of confusion which later turned out for our good. The most senior son of the Brother we came to visit had come to attack the family on the ground that the Father changed his religion. He even went ahead to accuse his father before the elders of the community of trying to stir trouble in the town by bringing in strange people.


The situation turned sore when after he had left, we saw some strange fellows coming right inside the house to engage our host in a talk that lasted close to 2 hours. While the discussion lasted, others were outside as if they were keeping the gate so that we would not leave. We later came to understand that they were actually negotiating our lives. It almost got out of hand but the Lord who had never forsaken those he called stood mightily by and they soon left. We knew they were still around, but the news of our presence had gone round, and some of their wives were bringing their sick ones to be prayed for.


As we started singing with all the doors and windows perfectly shut, the sound of our over controlled voice could still reach the areas we never intended it to. God did wonders in the 2 hours meeting we held. In Alibaag God performed a notable healing on a boy that had never spoken not sat before in his life.


Many who were demon possessed were delivered as the demons cried out and left them. We left the next day undisturbed, but the Family had to travel with us to Mumbai which is about 400km. They stayed with me until my mission ended before returning to their place. They were still receiving threats from some youths even while in Mumbai, but the Lord gave an assurance of the safety of these saints during our meetings in Mumbai.



Back at Faith Assembly, ministers from other fellowship who were at the convention had decided to stay behind to share in fellowship for a few days. It was a great opportunity to set things in order as the Lord gave the leading. The meetings lasted 4 days and at the end some deacons and Elders were ordained for the service of God and the ministry in Faith Assembly Mumbai and for the new fellowship in Alibaag.



The next Saturday, we moved immediately to Vashi, and we had two services and a baptismal service in the evening. The most touching moment of the meetings was the baptism of the Sister that attended the Khandala convention and was told that she would not be the only believer from her Family. Her Father came later on with one of his sons, and was convicted and he gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ, and was baptised in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ alongside herself.


I met some ministering brothers who had come to fellowship with us as they heard we were in town, and I appreciated such love shown, even though they were not in agreement to what I stood for. During the tea time which was about 10 minutes break, one of these ministers approached me, and told me that there was so much confusion and so they have chosen rightly to stay with the message. I responded with joy, “Yes! That’s the best to do; stay with the message.” Little did I know that we were a million miles apart from one another. It was only after the 2nd message ended, I came to understand that these men were with those who believe in 'stay alone at home with the message'.




'Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.' I Thess 5: 24

The Name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run in and is safe. We thank the Lord who protected us from the desire of the wicked in Alibaag, and caused the Word of God to prosper on that idolatrous ground. The blessing of God is still been testified in many cities of India of the great workings of God, and we are encouraged to press on in the present truth.


We also thank all who stood by us in prayers, and all other forms of support we did receive directly or indirectly. May the Lord bless you all and those who love the appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen


Bro. Blessing Akpan Nice

Life Assurance Tabernacle

No. 5 Alhaji Rasaki Shodiya Street,

Idowu- Egba Bus Stop.

Isheri-Igando Rd, Lagos, Nigeria.