Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our Faith.

I was blessed to be among the saints of God in India, Cambodia, Singapore and the Philippines from March 11th to May 19th 2011. The Lord Jesus Christ, who is the lover and owner of the bride showed himself mighty among his people. Below is a brief rundown of the trip and the meetings held.


MUMBAI, INDIA (March 12-23, 2011).

I arrived Mumbai on the 12th of March 2011 in the evening because I had missed my connecting flight from Dubai. The Lord showed me great favour, that instead of having to pay for missing the flight, I was compensated with a one-year round trip ticket to Mumbai.



The meetings started as planned but on the evening of the second day, the Lord visited us with a mighty outpouring of his spirit as a Hindu girl received a notable healing, and her mother gave her life to the Lord Jesus Christ. The fellowship in Mumbai was experiencing some trials, and the saints were discouraged, so the Pastor told me that there should be just 3 days of meetings, after which I would go over to fellowship with other saints in another city. This was what we both agreed to do, but the Lord had better plans for his people.                                   



   Baptising a Hindu Girl.                                                 2 Pentecostal ministers after their baptism 


The Lord changed our earlier 3 days planned meeting to a 10-day revival. There were souls baptised in the Name of Jesus Christ, amongst them were a Pentecostal Pastor, and a Hindu lady. We had counselling sessions for families, and the Lord, by that, restored marriages and many were delivered from satanic bondages. The Lord laid it on the heart of the pastor, Bro. Hubert and other believers to extend this blessing to the rest of the saints in India, so they started making plans to hold a convention towards the end of the year as the Lord will permits.


Glory be to God in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!


SINGAPORE CITY (April 07- 12, 2011)


I was again in Singapore for 5 days to prepare for the Convention in Butuan City, Philippines. Again 2 services were held on Sunday 10th April 2011, and we had some other believers who came to partake in the fellowship. It was a time of sweet refreshment in the presence of the Lord.


PHILIPPINES (April 12- May 03, 2011)



I arrived Manila on the 12th of April 2011, and was received by Pastors Felimon 'Nonoy' Togonon and Michael Ortiz to rest for one night and then the next day proceeded to Candelaria which is 3hrs drive from Manila. While in  Candelaria, house to house meetings were held for 2 days before the Church meetings on Friday and Saturday, and the Lord healed many, one notable case was a man who was dying of cancer of the liver. Before he took ill, he used to beat his wife for becoming a Christian without asking him, and was well known in the town for burning Bibles and other Christian materials. While we gathered with the saints in his house, there was a vision of his attitude towards the Word of  God and as he wept in prayers, the Lord in his mercies healed him and set him free from the bondage of sin.


We travelled Saturday evening to prepare for the services in Manila.


  Praying for the sick in a home in Candelaria                  Manila as the power of God healed the sick


Two services were held on Sunday in Manila, and in the first service, I was led to preach on the subject 'THE MYSTERY OF HIS WILL' showing that there must be a straight line from eternity to eternity, and that those whose attention is turned away from the Word by any means are already out of course. There was a prayer line after the sermon, and we went for lunch to return after 2 hours.

In the 2nd service, the message preached was on 'THE PRESENT FAITH'. In the message it was shown that just as it was difficult for those who inherited the message of Luther to accept that of Wesley, so it is today for end-time message believers to see what the prophet had pointed them to 'The Word'.


There was yet another prayer line after the message and God started with a notable healing of a sister whose right knee was bad due to bone marrow problem, as she rejoiced in the presence of the Lord, it built the faith of others as they came to be prayed for. The healing service lasted for another 3 hours and the Lord poured his blessing upon us all. Pastor Michael Ortiz and I left for Butuan on Tuesday morning.


Butuan and Cabadbaran


The meetings in Butuan and Cabadbaran was of great blessing to the saints of God in the Philippines. Prior to the convention in Butuan, there was a meetings arranged in the neighbouring town of Cabadbaran, and was used to prepare the saints for the Convention which was 2 days away from the day of our arrival.



The convention was well attended as the news of the meetings in Manila had reached some other ministers who were not aware of our coming. The most vital subject treated at the convention was the present ministry of the
5-Fold which many are still denying even in the face of the Scripture. Questions were raised on the 70th week of Daniel and the identification of a geniune God given Apostolic ministry. God is good. The Lord confirmed His Word by the healing and deliverance of many who were oppressed.


Bro. Micheal Otiz was also ministering, and he was emphasizing on the revelation of the Logos. He mentioned that the original revelation of the one true God and Jesus Christ whom He had sent had been lost to the teaching of Oneness which Bro. Branham was opposed to. The Lord added to the body of believers 23 souls who were baptised in the name of Jesus Christ, and a Muslim family that visited from the mountain region showed interest in the faith of Jesus Christ.


   Water Baptism                                                            Bro. Nice with Ministers


One evening meeting was held at the end of the discussion and the 2 Oneness pastors attended to listen to the WORD  and my testimony of how I left the Oneness organization. There was a prayer line as the Lord visited the little group. The Spirit of God descended amongst his people as there was discernment of spirits and the problems of people including the Oneness pastors.


One of them believed. He had already resigned from the Oneness organisation but did not know where the Lord was leading him. When he saw what was happening, he humbled himself and came to the prayer line. The Lord was also gracious to him, his trouble was exposed and God healed him instantly. The Lord brought 2 souls who were added to the church by water baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ among them was a Methodist woman who came to hear the word of God and was touched by the Spirit of God.


  Bro. Nice & Bro. Lito ministering         The saints in Camiguin Island            2 sisters water baptised


We left the Island back to Cabadbaran and finally to Butuan to connect our flight back to Manila, and there was an urgent call to go north about 400km from Manila city. There was a convention going on there and we got there about 10am having travelled from 2am in the night.


The warness of the believers was so sweet as the ministration started. I ministered on the positioning of the bride and how God had been drawing the line form eternity.  Bro. Nonoy Togonon also preached on The Evening Light showing the four watches of the night as it relates to the coming of the Lord.


The Lord visited us by his Word and there were signs following as there were notable healings and deliverance. There was a long prayer line made, and the Lord kept his word by blessing the souls of the believers and healing their bodies.


An appreciative host after the meeting.      A cross-section of believer                   Jewels in the hands of God.



I returned to Singapore and held a few meetings with Prophetic Revelation and other fellowships one of which is pastored by Bro. Peter Wan. The focus off these meetings was to help the saints see the time that the bride was living in, and get them to believe that the LIGHT of God's Word must always be ahead of flesh (man) and not behind him. There are many who had put God in the past, and have wickedly squeezed their God into the tomb of the Prophet, William Branham. They ought to know that the soul of the prophet himself is not in the grave either.

Combine meetings were held where I preached on 'THAT SAME OLD SERPENT,  and THAT SAME SPRITUAL ROCK. Please do visit the AUDIO/VIDEO section of the for these messages and others that will be a blessing to your soul.



The tour was brought to an end as I returned back to Lagos on the 20th of March 2011. My greatest joy was the successes we had in establishing the Churches and faith of the believers in Cambodia, and Camiguin Island. May all the glory be to Him who alone is the Owner and Keeper of the Bride, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.



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