GERMANY (19th-25th August, 2014)

In 2013 I was hosted by Chosen Generation Ministries in Dusseldorf, Germany for 2 weeks. The host minister, Pastor Ferdinand Maija Sako was the firstfruit of a 2002 revival in Cameroon that has remained a reference point to majority of Christians who caught the revelation of the Godhead and water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ. Bro. Ferdinand himself was assigned by Pastor Andrew Mbongo of blessed memory to attend to me and facilitate my movement. It was clear that he received the anointing by impartation, when first he was healed on an operation defect, and received a clear prophecy “Thus Saith The Lord” concerning his future ministry in Europe.

The 2002 outreach in Cameroon witnessed 116 souls water baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and uncountable healings. Bro. Ferdinand came over to Nigeria where he was commissioned and sent forth, and from then on the Lord took him first to South Africa, and finally to Germany where he presently oversees the ministry in Dusseldorf, Germany. I was invited to encourage the 2-year old ministry which had touch the lives of many Africans in Europe. Pastor Maija and Sister Aka his wife are both university lecturers, and have given themselves to helping young men and women with the revelation of Jesus Christ, making them realize the importance of a spirit filled life in Christ. The 2013 visit was the beginning of the placement of the church to understand their calling and purpose, and after I left, Pastor Ferdinand baptized 7 souls. In 2014 I was back in Germany and to the glory of God, the pastor had set in order those things that were lacking.

NIJMEGEN, NETHERLANDS (26th-August, 2014)

We were invited to a house fellowship meeting in Nijmegen a border town in Netherlands through Sister Lydia Heulsman of Chosen Generation Ministries in Dusseldorf, Germany. This fellowship is organized by a group of elderly women led by Sister Ine Knoop who is in her late eighties. Sister Ine is so passionate about missions and even at this time of her life she visits Pawpaw New Guinea more than twice yearly. In Nijmegen, the fellowship rehabilitates youths with mental cases and drug related problems. We had dinner with them on that Tuesday, 28th August, 2014, after which I exhorted them on the subject ‘The Sower Sowed The Word’.

Ine Knoop and Revelation 10:7

While ministering to these lovely saints, I tried in my little way to convey the revelation of the Mystery of God to them without knowing that God was already at work with this little group. Sister Ine stood, after I had prayed, and was testifying especially of the miraculous healing of one of the elderly sisters who had problems with her legs as she stood up and walked properly after the power of God touched her. Sister Ine said the Lord was laying in her heart the burden to find clear understanding about Revelation 10:1-7. As soon as she said that, Pastor Ferdinand and I jumped with gladness. It was a great opening to bring the deeper revelation of God’s to them. We drove back to Kleve in Germany very late that night to get ready for the early morning flight to Madrid, Spain.

MADRID, SPAIN (29th August - 1st September 2014)

Pastor Ferdinand and I left Dusseldorf, Germany, by air to Madrid, Spain, and we were warmly received at the airport by Apostle Ernest Amin a warm and humble servant of God accompanied by Bro. Morris, an elder of his church. He drove us to a hotel in Mostoles where we cleaned up, had launch and rested for an hour before driving to Parla which is about 30mins from Mostoles another town outside Madrid. Mostoles and Parla had one church each that was planted by the outreach ministry of Apostle Amin. He wanted me to preach one sermon each in both centers but I insisted on preaching in one assembly to help the understanding of the believers. Pastor Ferdinand started discussing on the true apostolic doctrines, touching water baptism and the Godhead, and pointed to the scriptures that none of the Apostles believed what majority of the preachers were presently holding.

 We arrived at the church in Parla pastored by Sister Anita, and after the introduction, I went up to preach on the original pattern of God which I subtitled ‘The Prepared Place’. I pointed out that God always send his angel (messenger) before his people to lead them in the way, and bring them into the place where he had prepared (Exodus 23:20-24). It is a must for us to hear the voice of the angel whom God had sent for us to enter into God’s prepared place. The angel must be identified by the ‘Thus Saith The Lord’ and be vindicated as Moses and other God called men were. The next day being Saturday, we were in the house of Apostle Amin to review the work of the ministry, and because he was receptive to the truth, we had a lengthy discussion and prayed for the Lord to help straighten our paths in the ministry. I concluded by letting the ministers know that if God called us, then we do not need the commendation of others but Him that called us to serve for he is the true and just Judge. Pastor Ferdinand went with Apostle Amin to the church in Mostoles where Apostle Amin taught on the correct Water Baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ during the Sunday School before the ministration of Pastor Ferdinand. In Parla, I continued with the Friday’s message, pointing the believers to focus on the Word of God because God cannot send any other substance to us than his Word. Psalm 107:20-22. There were some marital issues that were settled and reconciliation made before our departure on Monday, 1st September 2014, back to Dusseldorf, Germany.

PARIS, FRANCE (2nd - 7th September, 2014)

I left for Paris by train from Nijmegen to Rotterdam and from there I connected a direct train to Paris, in all it amounted to a 4-hour journey. I was already very tired owing to the heat in Madrid, Spain, but meetings were already slated from that same day, Tuesday 2nd - 7th Sept. 2014. I was received by Pastor Jean Marie Ndimba, who was coordinating the meetings, he had to send another brother to receive Pastor Thomas Shole-Pratt, a Baptist pastor who was coming in from the United Kingdom upon the invitation of Bro. Richard Gan. The meeting started 2 hours after our arrival and I was ushered in to minister, and I spoke on the subject “LET THERE BE LIGHT”, a series that touched on the story of creation, the true position of Adam before his fall, and the history of the LITTLE BOOK IN HAND OF THE MIGHTY ANGEL. Please follow these messages on this YOU TUBE channel: Sermons ACJN. We were expecting Pastor Boucharie from Conakry, Guinea to help with the interpretation but due to the Ebola issues, he could not get the visa to travel. Pastor Jean Marie contacted another interpreter but he refused to show up most likely for doctrinal reasons. The mantle of interpretation had to fall on Pastor Jean Marie Ndimba, and from the first day till the close of the meetings it was full of wonderful experiences.

Pastor Willy was invited to fellowship with me in 2013 when I visited Paris and preached in a single meeting, so this time he honored yet another invitation to fellowship. During the Easter Conference in April there was a clash between Pastor Willy and Bro. Richard Gan over some statements of William Branham, and the meeting was cut abruptly because the interpreter refused to continue. It was at this point that Bro. Boucharie from Conakry, Guinea stood up to help interpret for Bro. Richard Gan.

Pastor Willy attended the meeting from the 2nd day and continued until he requested to host the Sunday meetings. The power of God moved mightily in these meetings both in words and deeds, the most notable was Thursday 4th, Sept. 2014, as prayers was going on for the sick there was a powerful presence of the spirit of God filling the entire hall. Immediately after the service, Pastor Willy requested that the Sunday meeting be moved to his assembly which was large enough to take the worshippers of the 2 assemblies.


The atmosphere in and around the tabernacle was a solemn one, and the believer arrived quite early and they waited upon the Lord with prayers and hymns, and as Pastor Jean Marie and I drove in, the meeting was opened. I was ushered to the pulpit 40 minutes later, and I titled my message “THE PATTERN” in french it was called the ‘MODEL’. It was a little difficult for me to conclude the message I was preaching from Tuesday to Friday, because there were those hearing me for the first time and did not know the direction I was coming from. I decided to use the first service to draw the PATTERN with which God the eternal Spirit had run his program from Genesis to Revelation. So it was as I drew the straight line from Adam to Enoch, and from Adam to Jesus Christ and the seven stars in his right hand, that a young man jumped from the pew in challenge. I paused and when he stopped, I continued without rebuking or correcting him in any way. The first service came to a close, and as I prayed, I asked God sincerely to speak to his own even if it was just one soul.

As I waited in the pastor’s office for the second meeting, the young man came in and with sincere repentance, he apologized for having acted that way, asking me to forgive him. I told him it was nothing, and this was truly from my heart, because I felt nothing. Our relationship from that moment had been so wonderful as Satan was defeated. The second service began and I continued on the PATTERN, and I pointed by scripture that if the mystery of the Seven Thunders were revealed already then we would have gotten back all that Adam lost, even in the flesh. The utterances of those Seven Thunders hold the resurrection and catching away of all the believers, for in it would come the ‘Rapturing Faith, Bride’s Revival, New Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, etc. The power of God was mightily present to confirm the Word with discernment, healing and deliverance; the most outstanding case being the notable healing of a 19-year old boy of a chronic case of autism.

The Paris conference ended with a send off dinner for me, organized by Pastor Willy and his family, and he specially expressed his gratitude for my visit and noted it was a great blessing to saints in Paris. I thank God for the prayers and support of the saints that made the Europe campaign a success, and I pray the Lord Jesus Christ who is the lover and the owner of the Bride, to bless and establish you all in Christ. Amen.

I returned to Germany the next day, 8th Sept. 2014, by train, and had a one day counseling and prayer meeting in Pastor Ferdinand’s Church on Thursday, 11th September, before flying back home on Saturday, 13th Sept. 2014, from Frankfurt after having a nice time with Bro. James Willie, a Liberian brother who lives in the south of Germany. He took the pain to come up to Frankfurt just to spend time with me at the airport before my departure, I pray the blessings of God be upon him.

To him who sits on the throne and unto the Lamb be Glory. Amen.