The Doctrine of the  Original Sin
The Doctrine of the Serpent Seed...


The Serpent Seed



This book evolved from a reply which I wrote, twenty-four years ago (in 1974), to a friend who was against my view on the Doctrine of the Original Sin. This friend strongly contended that the cause of the Fall of Mankind was the eating of the fruit of a literal tree, a view which is generally held by the traditional churches. As it had been my desire to have this mystery expounded in print, since I was led to the light of the revelation of God's Word in 1971, a booklet was subsequently printed in September 1981. The favorable comments on the earlier two editions of this book have encouraged me to publish this revised and expanded edition (in 1993) with the hope that it may be of help to those who desire to know the truth about this fundamental doctrine.

I pray that a sense of serious searching and praying may prevail upon the Truth-Seekers, who read this book, that they will diligently search the Sacred Scriptures themselves to understand and see the Truth of the Original Sin as it is and not some fundamental truth, so-called. The average denominational Christians generally lack spiritual interest in looking into GOD'S WORD. They are contented with just being "a Christian" attached to some denominational churches or Christian organizations and, therefore, lack the spiritual insight of the Word of God.

So, what about you, my friend?  Are you also contented with just being "a Christian" attached to a denominational church, whether fundamental or non-fundamental?  Whatever it is, I would like you to seriously ponder over the questions dealt with in this book, and to study them very carefully, checking out each question with the Word of God the Holy Bible "whether those things were so".

Remember, errors stem from ignorance and superficial knowledge. They are the roots of traditional churches, propagated by denominational preachers. So, "study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth" (2 Timothy 2:15).

When you have understood this doctrine of the Original Sin, you will then truly appreciate why Jesus Christ had to be VIRGIN BORN and why He had to shed His Own Precious BLOOD to save us from eternal damnation.


Richard l. s. Gan,
The Author
[Year 1998]


SECTION I - THE ORIGINAL SIN: Question & Answer Presentation Part 1-2

SECTION I - THE ORIGINAL SIN: Question & Answer Presentation Part 3-7

SECTION II - THE ORIGINAL SIN: Doctrinal Presentation

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