I am very aware that speaking the truth is not a very popular thing.  Our Lord Jesus Christ was hated and killed because He spoke the Truth.

Recently I was informed of my being quoted in a book regarding what I wrote in my reply to this email:

dear bro Gan,

greetings to you in jesus mighty name.
Have you heard about any of the recent on goings in my country NIgeria.(am in lesotho now so i am not a witness)
the stories making rounds of Amos omoboriowo being the new "JOHN" /Lead apostle of this day( really and extention of his  extremist CHIEF apostle teaching on late bro jackson).
he is seen as the new standard bearer for truth in the endtime message and a lot of euphoria seems to sorround the move and i saw on his website video recordings of the angel of the lord manifest in his meetings.
like i said earlier am far away in lesotho and only heard of looks like another tangent off the message.he publishes are paper called the scribe and declared himself a minor messenger of this age.and some lovely brothers and ministers of the truth i used to know way back at home are joining the bandwagon!!!
what are your comments.
i'd like to know your thoughts

[Email: 30 July 2008]

Bro. Kolade,

There's nothing new under the sun -- whatever you have heard. 

This world can only get worse not better.  The church, in general, is heading into darker darkness than into brighter light.  Satan has cleverly deceived more and more preachers and believers each passing day.  So there's nothing new to know that men like Amos has deceived himself and even his people.

I saw the pictures and the video on his website (, and let me tell you this, if you ask a professional photographer or simply one who works with photography, he will laugh at the foolish claim that the light was supernatural.  I took up photography when I was young and I know how light can reflect and refract off surfaces (esp. glossy surface) of walls, ceiling, pictures, etc. I have such photos, too.  I can even now create such pictures, if I want to. To photographers, it's considered a damaged shot.

In colour photography, ordinary reflected light will show as white and glaring.  Compare those pictures with the coloured photos of Branham.  What do you notice?  The light is amber in Branham's.

Hope that helps you.

God bless.

It is sad that many Christians are as carnal as they are religious.  Believing in the supernatural and desiring to see the supernatural is one thing but it is another to foolishly hold to something that is not supernatural as if it is.  Real or otherwise, the supernatural produces an euphoria.  Certainly.  However, if it is not real, what would people think of such Bible believing Christians who foolishly claim things that are not real?

When it comes to photography, there have been countless Christians and even non-Christians the world over who have claimed that their camera have captured the "supernatural".  The Christians, especially those who follow the Message of William Branham, would claim the "supernatural light", calling it the Pillar of Fire, and claiming that God is in their midst, thus making them a very special group of people.  It is perfectly alright if they stop at that, but many times, the pastor of the church would claim exclusively that he is a very special man of God for the hour, that he is the one and only minister chosen to lead the church and all ministers must take heed to his leadership and his revelations.

On this page are several pictures taken with three different digital cameras (belonging to three different persons) during my visits to different countries in the last twelve months (May 2008 - May 2009).  Digital camera behaves very different from conventional camera that uses photographic film. It somehow tends to pick up reflected light very easily when the flash is used. Reflected light from the flash commonly appears in the shape of an orb or as a glare of light.

~ ~ ~



1&2: These first two pictures (taken in the Philippines) show a clear orb on the upper left quadrant. The first picture has also a clear orb on the left lower corner.  In the second one there are two less clear overlapping orbs near the speaker box and one in center front of the covered pulpit stand.

3: If you look carefully you will see at least ten orbs in this picture. Notice the two small bright overlapping orbs in front of the pulpit stand.  4: Orbs are scattered among the congregation in this fourth picture. There's a small one on the head of the brother on the left and one big one on his left shoulder.  There are several on the brother next to him, on his shirt and black trousers. There is a brighter one between the heads of these two brothers and one in the center of the picture.

5&6: These shots were taken in the open parking space (Philippines) and in an activity hall (India). To spiritists, these orbs are said to be the spirits of the dead and that they are having some sort of activities going on in the two areas. To some Christians, these orbs are said to be angelic beings, and that the Christians in the picture(s) are being visited by the angels.

7&8:  Both these pictures were taken in Sri Lanka.  Notice the amount of orbs floating around in the left picture and only one clear one in the other. Now how do these orbs come about?  Some people might assume that the camera lens was dirty. Not so. Just experiment with your digital camera in a dusty area and where there is dampness or high humidity and you will see the result. The picture of the garden was taken on a hilly resort on a cool damp night. There was not much activities around that area. However, the other picture was taken outside a building besides a road. Water molecules cling to dust particles, and with the right amount and angle of the flash, light from the flash is reflected back to the camera.  

9&10: Clean rooms where there is not much dust being stirred up into the air (like in these two pictures) are less likely to see many orbs. More so, if the room or area is dry.  In an air-conditioned room (cool and dry) and which is well lit, it is near impossible to see orbs appearing on flash-aided shots.

11: This picture was taken without flash. Behind the brother and his wife was a glass panel.  The sunlight streamed in from an angle and refracted through the glass striking the camera lens and creating several spots of light that are hexagonal.  12: On a small Fijian island was this picture taken. It was a cool night. We were sitting beside a bonfire (off to the right of the picture). There are two orbs, one that looks like the moon is in a far off distance (but is actually just above us), and the other near the head of the brother playing a black guitar.

13&14:  These pictures were taken in the same church as those of photos 1 to 4. Notice the many ceiling fans and wall fans. Picture 13 was taken without flash.  A few second later, the other picture was snapped but this time with the flash on. How many orbs can you see in the one taken without flash, if there is any?  And how many orbs can you see in the one taken with flash?  Now, were the orbs supernatural lights, a manifestation of God?  And, was this church really visited by angelic beings?

~ ~ ~



This next group of pictures deals with so-called "supernatural light".  The pictures were taken in an air-conditioned room of a hotel. Undiscerning digital camera users might jump up and down for joy, believing that they have captured the Pillar of Fire. Little do many of such amateur photographers realize that what they have captured were nothing less than their own flash reflecting off a glossy surface in the background, such as a whiteboard, glossy painted wall, glass panel or mirror.

1: This picture was taken without flash as a "control" so that we could see how the flash affects a picture when taken with a whiteboard in the background. Notice that the area in front of the whiteboard is lit up by the light from the ceiling above. (See the ceiling light in other pictures.) The extreme right end of the whiteboard is slightly dim.  2: I moved slightly to the right where I stood in the first picture in order to get that "supernatural light" on the top left corner of the whiteboard.

3: Moving one step to the right moved the "supernatural light" away from the left end of the whiteboard.  4: This shot was taken back where I original sat in the first picture but this time standing and lifting the camera above heads.

5: In this shot the camera was aimed away from the left edge of the whiteboard so as not to captured the "supernatural light" reflected off from it. Notice the faint "supernatural light" in the corner where the two whiteboards meet.  6: A brother took this shot from the opposite corner of the room where the whiteboards meet. You not only can see the faint "supernatural light" in the corner but also a glaring ball of "supernatural light" on the left side of the whiteboard.

7: This is a good picture taken from the right side of the room. You not only see the "supernatural light" but there appears to be a veil of lace curtain stretched out across it. Of course, it is created by the reflection of the whiteboard on the right side of the wall where in the far end you see also a mirrored image.  On the left side of the picture, you can see a few small orbs.  8: A closer shot from the right side of the room.  The "supernatural light" is, of course, on the right side of the picture.  However, if a flash from another camera goes off on the left side of the room simultaneously, it would create a "supernatural light" on the left side of the whiteboard.

All these "supernatural lights" are not supernatural at all. They are merely reflected lights. True supernatural light captured on camera would be amber in colour as in these two photos.  The "halo" light above Bro. Branham's head was taken with a white and black photographic film, and therefore the colour of the "halo" is white.  Had a colour film been used, the "halo" would have an amber glow.      


Light affects differently on both motion picture taken with digital video camera and those taken with an 8mm or 16mm film movie camera. In the latter, when the movie camera pans from side to side as the film rolls and a flashlight pops a little distance in front of the camera, a streaking light is "burnt" on the film for a mere few seconds.

Here is a video taken with a digital camera.

The white light is certainly not supernatural.
The glossier the background, the bigger the reflected light.

A question was asked as to why a believer was healed of her affliction when she touched the place where the so-called "supernatural light" appeared. My answer to the question is, "Was it really the so-called "supernatural light" that was once there, healed the believer or was it the faith of the believer, that God honored, which healed her? Have you not heard of "seed faith" that moves mountains?  When pagans or sinners received healings and miracles in their lives, was it their gods or some religious relics that healed them?  Do healings and miracles come from Satan?"

Brethren, Satan will deceive anyone he could by casting a veil of religious darkness over him. With many who think/want to be super spiritual, he could very easily come to them as an angel of light and blind them with so-called supernatural things. The distance between light and darkness, truth and falsehood, is just a hair-breath. And because of their pride and carnality many are caught in such a net of deception and dwell in darkness of traditions of religious men. No truth can come out of darkness for "God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all" (cf.1 John 1:5).

Yahweh, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, lies in simplicity even though the design of His creation is filled with complexity. Though science cannot explain the supernatural, it can tell the difference between what is supernatural (of which it could not explain) and what is not.

Therefore, fellow-believers, be not foolish.  Separate yourselves from religiousness and abide in the light and the simplicity of Truth.

June 24, 2009