Updated: 28 February, 2004


An Exposition of the Lies
of Ronald Watson
by Shadrach Arjun
(Coimbatore, S. India,



    The Word of God is full of light and will expose all man made lies. After reading the tract – “Exposition of Damnable Heresies debate – Ganism versus the Word of truth”, I felt that it was high time that these people who think and claim to have an exposition ministry, should themselves be exposed for the liars that they are. Considering themselves wise they present themselves as fools “For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent” (I Cor. 1:19).  

     1. The tone of the tract, initially presented as Dalton Bruce’s thoughts, suddenly and abruptly changes. It becomes Ronald Watson’s observations. As can be observed, para. 5 starts off with “Ronald Watson preached……” and comes to “Thirdly, I preached……”  This clearly cannot be passed over as a typing or printing error. Gathering from this, the tract seems to be written by one man with ‘two heads’.

     2. The writer (or writers?) of this tract gives to himself great importance and praise, claiming to be a man of God and justifying everything he has done and said, when in fact he is nothing but a bare faced liar. The so-called ‘heroes of faith’ mentioned in para. 1, were even kicked by a demon-possessed man at one of Mr. Watson’s meetings. These men have made Mr. Dalton Bruces, labours, yoke and burden very easy in spreading just LIES. Rightly has Christ said of them: “Ye   are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father, ye will do;: he was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it” (John 8:44).

     3. In spite of all the opposition and troubles we encountered as a result of these people’s interference, the meetings went on as planned according to the will and grace of our Lord, and were neither rescheduled nor aborted.



The 1st lie: In para 3, Mr. Ronald Watson calls me an agent of Lawrence. Before this, he calls me an agent of Gan. He himself is not sure of the blame he wishes to dump on me. I have known Mr. Lawrence in the past but currently have no contact with him whatsoever.

The 2nd lie: In para. 3, Ronald says that my fellow labourer in the faith, Bro. James, is an agent of Lawrence, when James has neither seen, met, spoken nor known Lawrence – only heard about him.

The 3rd lie:  In para 3, Ronald claims that Bro. Gan looks after the house rents and expenses of Lawrence, myself and James, which is completely untrue. Bro. Gan has no contact with Lawrence. James undertakes painting jobs. His parents work too, and they all live together in their own house; hence have no need to pay rent. I too am now engaged in a job. Anyone who knows us or Bro. Gan well, will know his financial condition as well as ours.

The 4th lie: In para. 3, Ronald states that Bro. Jairaman was converted from Hinduism, when he was actually from a staunch Roman Catholic family in Conoor.

The 5th lie: In para. 5, Ronald says that he stayed on for one more day only because of us, and then ascribes it to the ‘will of the Lord’. This is false as when we visited him on Saturday, he asked us to come again on Monday saying that he already had preplanned arrangements for seeing Ooty, and hence would be staying on.

The 6th lie: In para. 4, Ronald states that ‘Bro. Gan is much worried of his defeat in these areas…' He has neither direct nor indirect communication with Bro. Gan and has only assumed that Bro. Gan is worried. As the Word says, “The elect cannot be deceived.”  There isn’t a need to worry – only to be grieved that these folks have twisted others' words, and used them to their own advantage.

The 7th lie: In para. 8, 9 and 10, Ronald has presented me as an immature believer, ignorant of the Word. He claims that we discussed Bro. Gan’s apostleship, but that never took place. The apostleship was not the question. It was about “Where had Bro. Gan claimed to be the 8th messenger?"  Ronald replied that it was not a direct quote. And when I asked him in the presence of witnesses if this accusation was an assumption on his part, he said that it was! He has no qualms about thrusting allegations onto a minister without checking up on what has actually been said, or not said as in this case.

The 8th lie: We never had any discussion on the topic of the Five-fold ministry whatsoever, as has been falsely mentioned in para. 11,12.  I only asked Ronald if he believed that there was a five fold ministry, and he said that he did. There was nothing else said on the subject.

The 9th lie: In para. 14, and 30, Ronald again projects me as someone not sure of his own stand, someone who compromises the Word of God for the sake of superficial so-called ‘spiritual unity’.  This is something that I am completely against and would never say or do. Why would I praise Mr. Watson for his ‘accuracy in preaching’, (as he puts it,) if I find fault with the doctrines he teaches?

The 10th lie: In para. 37, Ronald says that Bro. Jairaman had confessed to him that there were many things wrong in Ganism, when all Jairaman had said was that he wanted to clarify some things with Bro. Gan when he came to India. This conversation took place in the presence of witnesses.

The 11th lie: From the names mentioned at the end of the brochure, I personally know two ministers who stand for the truth in Mumbai – Bro. Hubert D’Souza, and Bro. Richard D’Souza. They are brothers dedicated to spreading the Word of Truth and in no wise are ‘agents of Gan’, as Mr. Watson so ridiculously puts it.


     Ronald Watson has turned this whole issue of ‘being agents of Gan’ into an obscene comedy of multi-level marketing of some sort. Today, Ronald distributes the books of Dalton Bruce. Would it be hard to discredit him by saying that he is an agent of Bruce? Would it be hard for us to suggest that he might be receiving financial favours from the West? Yet we do no such things, for our ministry is carrying forward the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ in spreading the gospel and edifying the Bride of Christ in these last days – it is not a ‘ministry of mud-slinging’ or character assassination as Mr. Watson and his boss, Mr. Bruce carry out. We only have a grievance against the spirit of lies and deception that operates through them.


   This tract that has been published by Mr. Watson gives an account of a ‘fierce battle’ and a ‘debate’ between us and him, when in truth the brothers, James, Jairaman, Zion, and myself only approached him to have an amiable discussion and to extend to him an invitation to our convention.


    All through the discussion, Mr. Watson remained limited and agreeable in his conversation. He has not read Bro. Gan’s books diligently and for that reason picks up lines out of context to suit his fancy in defaming us. He hasn’t even read Mr. Dalton Bruce’s books properly. He also said in the presence of the above-mentioned witnesses, “If tomorrow I find out that Bro. Dalton Bruce is wrong, I will be the first one to stand against him.”  This is laughable coming from a man who claims to have had a debate with us. Mr. Watson himself is not sure of what he is currently standing for. Moreover, we never had a debate of any sort at all! We only spoke of misunderstandings regarding the Serpent Seed, Original Sin, etc. – i.e. only doctrinal points. But Mr. Watson has printed and published an imaginary conversation between me and him something that never took place, in order to cast us down and uplift himself.


    However, since Mr. Watson has published his fictitious replies to my fictitious questions, I shall reply some of them with the Word of God as my only authority:

    1.  As per what is mentioned in para. 22, science has revealed findings of prehistoric man. Science itself proves the Bible is true. There have been findings of huge dwellings signifying the existence of giants in the earth as mentioned in Genesis. There have been reports of a great flood estimated during the time of Noah. Thus, if the findings of fossils of dinosaurs and prehistoric men have been uncovered today, it only throws more light on the first creation that underwent a test, before Adam was created. The difference is that prehistoric man was not made in the image and likeness of God, but rather was a member of the animal kingdom.

     2. As stated in para. 24 to 26: The Serpent was an upright creature; (This is how it was possible for him to tempt Eve), and was later cursed by God, and lost his limbs. Moreover man had dominion over the entire animal kingdom, and had no need to till the ground. Man’s toil began only after the fall, when the ground was cursed for his sake. (Ref. Gen. 3:1,13-19). Also, the serpent is said to be more subtle than any ‘beast of the field’ (or beast of burden).

    3. As stated in para. 27 to 29: Cain indeed inherited a dual nature, from his father the serpent, and his mother Eve. This can even be observed in nature today. As a result of hybridization of seed, when a horse and donkey mate, they bring forth a mule that has both parents’ characteristics.

    4. In para. 30 to 32, Mr. Watson has stated that we believe the Garden of Eden is in the middle part of the human body. This is false. Any diligent reader, can clearly see that Bro. Gan is not speaking of the garden of Eden, but only - “the garden”; as in Song of Solomon (4:12, 5:1); having two laws governing it. (Ref. Gen: 3:1-3).

     5. According to para. 35 to 37, I have a question to ask Ronald: “Why did the Almighty, all – knowing God who could foresee the future, ever create sexual organs for man and woman, if there was no purpose for them? And why was Eve given mammary glands to nurse her young, when we all know that a mother’s milk is formed only when she carries an infant in her womb? God never creates anything in vain."


    Can’t Mr. Watson understand that no one can teach the Word of Truth without the anointing? (John 14:26). The teaching rain which is the former rain has been poured out on the true believers through the Elijah ministry. Malachi 4:5-6 says, “to turn the hearts” meaning ‘to look back to the original way’ (the Hebrew word = shuwb) or movement back to the point of departure. The prophet’s message was always – ‘Come back to the word’. That was his ministry. After the children were brought back to the apostolic foundation, the prophet left, and the work of the Holy spirit continues through the 5-fold ministry

1. for the perfecting of the saints

2. for the work of the ministry

3. for the edification of the body of Christ,

4. till we all come in the unity of the faith,

5. and of the knowledge of the Son of God,

6. unto a perfect man,

7. unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ;  (Eph. 4:12,13)

     The number 5 signifies grace, and 7, spiritual perfection. Thus ‘grace through the 5-fold bringing spiritual perfection’. Elijah brought the children back to the apostolic fathers’ faith, and now the believers due to lack of maturity, need guidance in the midst of confusion spread by the false seeds and the enemies of God. Ephesians 4: 8 says He gave gifts unto men’. So the members of the 5 fold ministry are gifted men without whom the Church cannot move forward in the knowledge of the perfect will of God. (Ref. Eph. 4:14).


      Ronald Watson quotes in para. 13, that the apostles present are powerless. Perhaps he measures  the apostleship or ministry of a man only through miracles. Can’t he understand that without power the above mentioned 7 works cannot be accomplished? And what does he mean by ‘after the true baptism of the Holy Spirit’ as quoted in para. 11.  Is the present baptism that believers have received false? “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?” (I Cor.3:16). The universal body of Christ is the temple of the living God.  I am a part of it, many others are too, including Bro. Gan. I believe the true baptism of the Holy Ghost is already within us teaching and leading all those who trust God through his Word, to Christ.  In Eph.3:7-9, Paul speaks of his preaching ‘through the effectual working of his power’ ‘the unsearchable riches of Christ’ ‘to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery’. When apostles and other ministers preach, the power of God works to make people see the beauty of the Word of God.


    For people who are looking for a future revival, Jesus said, “Say not ye, there are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? Behold I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.” (John 4:35).  ‘Already’ is in present tense. Thus, through the 5-fold ministry the Lord’s present powerful work is going on, opening the eyes of the people to see what really is truth. This teaching rain will lead us to the latter rain for the transformation of our bodies and then we fly home to meet our sweet beloved Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


    Mr. Ronald himself confessed to me that the prophet did not clear up everything and that the 5-fold ministry clarifies many things which the prophet had not said. But in his tract he has done an about face and quotes Bro. Branham time and again. He holds the authority of the prophet’s message on par with the Word of God and even says that it is the ultimate. He refutes the doctrines preached by us, with the quotes of Dalton Bruce. (Ref: para. 17,19,37,38.)  He has lied shamelessly throughout the tract forgetting that his entire discussion with me was in the presence of witnesses. He has relied on misinformation and presented his views very immaturely. Moreover he has undermined the authority of the Word of God. My first opinion of Mr. Watson was that he was a man whose eyes were not open to the light – disoriented, yet seeking. But now I can see he is nothing less than a damnable heretic himself!


To Mr. Ronald Watson:

    Through these little thoughts, I have described enough of the work of the 5-fold ministry. When I first met you, I gave you respect only because you were older to me in age. But taking advantage of that, you have written all rubbish about me. I lost all the respect that I had towards you because you are a cheap liar. You said you appreciated my open discussion, gave me a pat, a hug, & nearly kissed my neck (like Judas Iscariot), said that I was really challenging and that you delighted to encourage youngsters like me and my co-worker Bro. James, then finally agreed to come to the Pastors’ conference. But after you reached your hometown, like Saul, your ego was kindled, as the devil entered you, and you stabbed me in the back. But why do you hide behind your tracts? Why could you not come face to face and have an open discussion with me, Bro. Gan, and other ministers? Are you scared? Fight like a warrior, face to face. Open your Bible and speak. Don’t try to tell me what Bro. Branham spoke about Christ, for I can read his books and hear his tapes to know that. But do you have something to share about Christ Mr. Watson? Or do you, like a parrot, keep repeating the prophet’s quotes again and again? Why do you make a fool of yourself? Stop all these lies, this nonsense, or else the God of Daniel, who stopped the mouth of lions is going to stop yours too, and that would be too late for you. Unless you understand the move of God and His message for the present hour, you will be moving in darkness, and much more to your own destruction, you will be leading many other souls away from the Word of God. Humble yourself, don’t be a proud man. “For pride cometh before destruction.”  Repent. And what we tell others with much fervent cry, we tell you and Mr. Dalton Bruce:  READ THE BIBLE!  READ THE BIBLE!  READ THE BIBLE!  - the Source of Life!


----- Original Message -----
From: B S
To: richardgan@propheticrevelation.net
Sent: Saturday, February 28, 2004 8:31 PM
Subject: Lies of D.B. part 2

Dear Bro. Gan,
After reading the artciles on the Lies of D.B. 1 and 2, on the internet, many people here in the diff. fellowships in India have received a clearer picture of the debate.
We received a call from Bro. Shadrach. He has noticed that on the net you have mentioned Ronald Watson is a follower of D.B. from Tamil Nadu, South India. Actually he is from Karnataka, South India, but just goes to T. Nadu for his ministry purposes. So if you think it needful, you can make the correction.
Also, recently in Tamil Nadu, another meeting was conducted by Ronald Watson in which he publicly defamed you. Bro. Devdas went to the meeting to check it out. He refuted Ronald Watson to his face. Plus they have printed the tract - 'Ganism versus the Word of truth' in Tamil now. And have also edited most of the things which they had printed in the English translation, because the word spread that they were printing misinformation and lies. So as the Tamil tract will be more widely spread and understood by a larger mass of people, they have withdrawn a lot of their earlier allegations on Bro. Shadrach, Bro. James, etc. and edited other things as well. So that when anyone speaks about the lies of Ronald Watson, the Tamil speaking masses will say, "He never printed such things in at all!"
However the awareness that Bro. Gan is not what Ronald Watson says he is is spreading fast in South India.
Bro. Anthony Das, Bro. Joesph, Bro. Shadrach and Bro. James are all working together to spread the Word in Coimbatore, Tinnelvedi, Singanallur and Conoor. Bro. Kripakaran and Bro. Johnson are holding down the fort in Madras. The Valparai Jungle tribe are also learning more and flourishing.
Praise the Lord,
Sis Benita Serrao