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“Oh,...there is a man in my kitchen!”

B. Gan, 

Hello there ! I have ‘sat’ on this since Nov. 6th, [2018] I believe was the date. I wanted you to know, but was having a hard time in the telling because it’s beyond anything I have experienced prior to this. 

That night, evening time and dark outside, I was talking to B. David on Skype. While we were talking, I was coloring in a book of Bible verses to pass the time with busy work for my hands. I had the book in my lap, and my focus was there in the book. I was talking to him about the 7 Thunders and how I believed the Lord had opened my heart to the fact that prior to the Thunders appearing to us, we would have to be in a training of sorts to become accustomed to the supernatural presence of one standing there in front of us, telling us things we needed to know. I was saying that I believed God would begin showing us things leading up to that time, that would acclimate us to what would transpire. As I was saying this, I raised my head to re-focus my eyes away from the close work in my book on my lap. 

I looked into my kitchen, maybe 20 feet away, and there was a man in a blue suit standing there. I was so startled, I said out loud, “Oh, B. David, there is a man in my kitchen!” Naturally, he thought it was an intruder. But as I looked at him, I was surprised because it did not seem to me to be a vision, as this man had substance, as though he were real. I felt the presence of the Lord, and assured B. David that “No, this was something spiritual”. The man stayed there and did not leave quickly as I spoke to B. David and which I found strange also, so I told him I was going to end the call as something from the Lord was happening, and I wanted to pray and see what this was. 

After I hung up the call on Skype, I remained seated and the room grew warm and it was as though waves of energy radiated out from where this man stood. As I looked closer, he had on a blue suit with his hands folded in front of him, but his face was not seen. He had a cloud where his face should have been. I continued to watch, and a tall cloudy pillar came into the room, stood in front of the man, blocking his visage. Then, the cloud left through the ceiling, and the man with him. 

I sat there for a minute trying to process what I had seen, as this lasted nearly 20 to 30 minutes, I would say. I just asked the Lord to show me what this meant, and the man re-appeared in the same place, a corner of my kitchen. Again, his face was obscured by a cloud. But this time, the waves of heat radiating from this man were very noticeable and I felt the heat. The entire rooms in my view turned to fire, radiating along all the wood work and doorways, brilliant fire. Brighter than the picture of BB with the lilies by the pulpit. I was just gone to some other place, yet here at the same time. When I looked at the man again, instead of the cloud where his face should have been, there was a pillar of fire from his shoulders upward, and again, no facial features. 

I can’t say how long this transpired, I was speechless and couldn’t talk actually. Gradually, the fire and the man left, and I found myself sitting in my same chair. I think 2 hours had passed by, but I am not certain. 

B. Gan, I have never had an experience like that where I actually thought there was a man standing before me, and not a vision of a man. I don’t know how to explain it. But I know now, the Thunders will appear just like it has been said. I believe the Lord gave me a pre-cursor of what lies ahead. It was so unexpected and out of the ordinary, I was totally taken back by the experience. 

Love in Christ,
S. Bree

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