by Püblius Lentulus


Püblius Lentulus, reporting to the Roman Senate,

gave the world the only description of our Saviour

that has been preserved verbatim and handed down to us

through the succeeding generation.

He described the Messiah as follows:


“There appeared in these days a man of great virtue,

named Jesus Christ, who is yet among us;

of the Gentiles accepted as for a prophet of truth:

but his disciples call him the Son of God.

He raises the dead, and cureth all manner of disease.

A man of stature, somewhat tall and comely,

with a very reverend countenance, such −

as the beholder must love and fear.

His hair the color of the chestnut full ripe,

plain to the ears, whence downward it is more orient,

curling and waving about his shoulders.

In the midst of his forehead is a seam or partition of his hair,

after the manner of the Nazarites; forehead plain and very delicate;

his face without spot or wrinkle, beautiful with a lovely red.

His beard thick, in color like his hair, not overlong.

His look innocent and mature.

In reproving, he is terrible;

in admonishing, courteous and fair spoken;

pleasant in conversation, mixed with gravity.

In proportion of body, most excellent,

his hand and arm delectable to behold.

In speaking, very temperate, modest and wise,

a man of singular beauty, surpassing the children of man.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~