The Lies of Dalton Bruce...Part 2

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Defending Bro. Branham to the extent

of lifting him up on to a pedestal

to be worshipped.


Since the time that Dalton Bruce has spoken against me in his sermon, he has become bolder in his foolishness.  He has spoken like the high priest Caiaphas, a great self-righteous judge, against others, and has also once more spoken against me in another of his sermon books.  He is a man who has no fear in lying against another (because he is a foolish man).  He would use cunning words to deceive his hearers and make them believe that he is a great servant of God.  He has a follower in Karnataka, South India, who also behaves just like him.  His name is Ronald Watson.  He too lies blatantly and glorifies himself in a tract he put out.  Believe it or not, like Dalton Bruce, he is also an Indian.  (In my last visit to South India, in the month of November, 2003, instead of meeting me face to face as he promised the believers there that he would, he chose to run away at the last moment.  Like Dalton Bruce, he is a coward.  They both hide behind a wave of accusing words.)  Both men love to do mischief.  "It is as sport to a fool to do mischief: but a man of understanding hath wisdom" (Pro.10:23).

An email came in to me lately.  The writer stated that he had read Dalton Bruce's sermons and his challenge against my teachings.  He stated that he found Dalton Bruce to be very capable in handling the Word of God and that I am no match to stand against him.


Is it so?  What does it really mean when it is said that Dalton Bruce is very capable in handling the Word of God?  From what I know, Dalton Bruce is capable in handling the STATEMENTS/QUOTES of Bro. Branham and not the Scriptural Word of God.  In that I am truly no match for him because I am not in that religious foolishness.  But can he really handle the Written WORD as being SUFFICIENT FOR THE FAITH?  I doubt he could.  Let him prove himself.  Like the Pharisees, he is full of hot air.  I do not believe in the words of Branham as the ABSOLUTE like Dalton Bruce does.  I am not called to preach the words of William Branham or any great men of God in Church history.  I am called to preach the WORD of God, the Sacred Scripture.  For me, that is the ONE AND ONLY ABSOLUTE   the IN-BREATHED WORD of God.  Let Dalton Bruce try and come against me with his so-called revelation and see if it will stand ALONE in the TEST of GOD'S SCRIPTURE.


"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." – 2 Tim.3:16-17

Unlike Dalton Bruce, I believe in the SUFFICIENCY OF SCRIPTURE.  I cannot add to IT nor can I subtract from IT.  Like all Branhamites, in trying to teach the Truth, Dalton Bruce has added words to, and subtracted words from, the SCRIPTURE.  In so doing, he has either unknowingly, or willfully, misrepresented the Truth of God.


Accordingly to the words of the Apostle Paul, the first Church Age messenger:








in righteousness that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.


But Dalton Bruce believes otherwise.  He believes himself to be some great teacher of the messages of Bro. Branham, which I have no doubt that he is, but sadly, he is only very intellectual in the understanding of the letters of the words insomuch that he has killed the message.  And, Dalton Bruce is certainly not a teacher of God's Word.  He has placed the oral words of Branham on par with the Scripture, equal to the Scripture.  In so teaching, according to the words of Dalton Bruce, a heretic, the words of Branham are profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.


Between the two men, Paul and Dalton, one is a liar.  And we know who, don't we.


Like the Pharisees, Dalton Bruce has misrepresented TRUTH.  Both have the words and the "laws" of their prophets but none of the SPIRIT and LIFE of the WORD their prophets taught.  He is also standing on thin ice: "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death" (Pro.14:12), but he does not know it.  Like the Pharisees, he too speaks to create fear, misusing and misrepresenting the words of William Branham because he believes that the oral words of Branham are on par with the IN-BREATHED SCRIPTURE.


Many times I have put this question to the Branhamites: "If you were stranded on a remote place and were given a choice between having the Holy Bible or a volume of  The Spoken Word books, what would be your choice?"  They would either not answer it or would give their answer for the choice of The Spoken Word  books.  This tells me much about the spirituality of such people.  It tells me WHO IS PRE-EMINENT in their hearts   God's prophet instead of the Lord God Himself.  Several foolish believers have said, "Bro. Branham had the Word"  but they have forgotten that Jesus Christ IS THE WORD.


Now, let's just look at the words of this man, Dalton Bruce, and see if he is of sound mind.  It really scares me when I read or hear the words of those who speak like a Pharisee.  There is no pretension in their speech for they do claim smartness but one can see their idiosyncratic foolishness.  They speak to create fear, but not the Godly fear of Yahweh according to the WORD of God.  "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever" (Psa.111:10).  Yes, a good understanding of the WORD of God is given to those who come to the WORD. On the other hand, "The wise men are ashamed, they are dismayed and taken: lo, they have rejected the word of the LORD; and what wisdom is in them?" (Jer.8:9).  Without the understanding of the WORD, there can be no wisdom.


Below is an extract from a book of Dalton Bruce that he put out against me.  He chose to entitle his series of books as "Exposition of Damnable Heresies".  The man believes that he stands for Truth against heresies.  But he does not really know that he has deceived himself and is actually propagating lies and heresies.  Like the Pharisees, he is spiritually blind though religiously active.


I will choose to answer the man in two ways, as according to the leading of the Spirit.  Firstly, I will take heed to these words of Scripture: "Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him" (Pro.26:4).  Secondly, I will "answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit" (Pro.26:5).  I have decided to give answers after some deliberation and also persuasion from some believers who felt that Dalton Bruce and his cahoots have caused much troubles among the believers.

Dalton Bruce's words are in black.  I have highlighted his foolish words in
yellow and may provide an answer or none at all to them, according to the two verses just quoted above.  My answers are bracketed in blue.


"Exposition of Damnable Heresies" Book 8

Heretical Article No. 63

Ganism versus the Word of truth


There are some who do not openly claim that they are eighth messengers or Christ etc., but they indicate that they are someone special, specially gifted to interpret the Bible and even show where certain teachings of the prophet Brother Branham, were not inspired, which is borne out in their books and by their teachings. It is either they are too afraid, or pretendingly humble to state their claims as prophets, Christ, or son of man revealed

We will now examine the claims of a self proclaimed apostle from Singapore R. Gan, true believers, refer to his religious cult as Ganism. He has a book ministry, and has followings in Malaysia, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Kenya. His books are entitled-“prophetic revelation”. His claims and doctrines were carefully examined, and we found them similar to that of many eighth messengers, along with their methods of propagating their doctrines by aggression and fear. {You can see how he tries to insinuate about the claims of preachers to the extreme.  He's so childish that he even subtitled his attack on me as "Ganism versus the Word of Truth".  Does he know of any group of believers that uses my books and quote my words as THE ABSOLUTE?  Dalton might as well call his teaching "Brucism". He tries to put fear on his readers/hearers by saying (directly or indirectly) that I claim to be an 8th messenger and that he and his followers are "true believers".  In his previous railing against me. he accused me of being JOSHUA. That's why some of his followers are spreading this lie wherever they go. He and some of his followers have even called me a devil.}

                This man, proclaims himself, a watchman and an apostle, to restore the apostolic foundation of the sure Word of God in the church. He said that this was revealed to him in a spiritual dream, also that his ministry and calling would be “the first prize”, which he interpreted as being a top position in the ministry. He said that the followers of Malachi 4 do not have a proper foundation, because they have substituted the Word for the quotations of Brother Branham. Quote: God has reaffirmed my prophetic teaching ministry, and has called me, as an apostle, to do the work of ‘restoring’ the apostolic foundation…Right in these last days, many Endtime Message churches, too, do not have a proper foundation or have a shattered one at best. The condition is caused by adding to, or taking away from, the sacred Word and substituting the statements / quotes of Brother Branham for the Word”. (The Foundation and the Wall pages 37,49).

Comparing his calling with the Word of God, neither Paul, Brother Branham or any of the Apostles were ever called by a dream, but were supernaturally called by a burning bush experience, by meeting the pillar of fire, commissioned and sent by God. {Dalton simply grabs words to force fit his point.  If I have not met the Pillar of Fire and called by "a burning bush experience", as he calls it, how could I make a statement about the reconfirmation given to me in a dream?  Had Dalton met the Pillar of Fire?  I doubt so.  If he has, he would have known that the Pillar of Fire could only take him to THE SCRIPTURE, GOD'S OWN WORD THAT GOD HIMSELF HAS WRITTEN, and not to Bro. Branham's oral words.}  The foundation of the early church was laid by the Apostle Paul, the first prophet messenger, who said: “As a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation” (1Cor.3:10), and that said Word foundation has already been restored by Brother Branham, the last church age messenger, God’s restoration Elijah, Malachi 4:5-6, Matthew 17:11, Revelation 10:7, and all the saints that have gone on are resting on that. Quote: “Maybe this ministry that I have tried to take people back to the Word has laid a foundation.” (Seventh Seal page 567). "I said, "Then if Paul makes it, I will too, because I preached the same thing he did, without compromising on one word. And all them people screamed out, we are resting assure on that." (Jehovah Jireh pt.3 03/08/60).  {See how Dalton Bruce could only hide behind some quotes of Bro. Branham? He reads and hears the sermons of Branham, but in hearing, he hears not at all. He calls himself a servant of God, yet he has no spiritual understanding of the WORD of his God. He knows not that there is CHRIST, THE FOUNDATION: "For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ" (1 Cor.3:11).  And then there are the "foundation of the apostles" (Eph.2:20; Rev.21:14) that the Church is built upon — twelve foundations and not just the one Dalton teaches that it was only Paul.  See, he is a liar and he will keep on lying.  I will not say much on this topic; I'll just let him be wise in his own conceit.) 

                His claim is that he was told by discernment, by an evangelist from California U.S.A., name Ernest Hawtin, that he has an apostolic ministry, and the time had come for him to move and began his first missionary trip, at the age of 33. Quote: “He began to discern the people in the church…and pointed at me and said, “Brother…you have an apostolic ministry. The time is come for you to move…when the word of knowledge was given by the Spirit of the Lord, I knew that was my answer from God.”…“To whom am I sent: I may not be an apostle to some people, but I am surely one to those true believers, who would receive me, for they are the seal of my apostleship in the Lord (cf.1 Cor.9:2).” (The foundation and the wall- pages 50, 51).  

The scriptures speak of the signs of an apostle: “Truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in all patience, in signs, and wonders, and mighty deeds” (1Cor.12:12).  An apostle means a sent one. All and every true apostle that is sent of God must have the signs and vindication of an apostle, or he is found to be a false apostle that was sent of Satan. This self proclaimed apostle has not these vindications and signs working in him, and clearly states, Quote: “The vindication that William Branham had were vindications to his calling as a church age messenger fulfilling the scriptures of Mal.4:5-6, Rev. 3:14, Lk. 17:30. If another minister has the same vindications as William Branham then both would have fulfilled the same calling of the same scriptures. Then we would have two messengers to the same age.” (Hearing they hear not page 31).

                Such dumb projections are contrary to John 14:12  “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater [works] than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father”, Mark 16:17-18 “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover”, Hebrews 13:8  “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever”.

{In the above 3 paragraphs, one could see the immaturity of the man. He's really a baby, and he will remain a baby as long as he refuses to eat the Word of the Scripture (Rev.10:8-11).  He is like the Pentecostal babies whom Bro. Branham said could not be taught spiritual things.  How does one compare a prophet to another prophet (eg. John the Baptist to Elijah)?  How does one compare a Church Age messenger to another Church Age messenger (eg. Luther to Paul)?  How does one compare a pastor to another pastor (eg. Dalton Bruce to ***)?  Also, how many signs and wonders must a prophet or an apostle perform before he is considered to be one in Dalton Bruce's eyes?  Compared with other prophets, did John the Baptist perform any miracle or sign? How many signs and miracles did each of those twelve apostles (including the axed disciple, Judas Iscariot) performed in order to be recognized as an apostle?  God has allowed certain signs and miracles that happened in my life and ministry that Mr. Dalton Bruce does not know. Do I have to brag about it? He is just like the denominational theologians who knows next to nothing about how the Spirit of God moves in His Own Ministry. God lies in simplicity and His "present truth" ministry is a simple humble ministry. God does not have to brag about His ministry. And how many signs and wonders have Dalton Bruce performed, as a believer and a pastor, in fulfillment of the verses he quoted, Mark 16:17-18?  Is not an Evangelist a "sent one" if he is sent to an area to preach the Gospel?  Is not a prophet a "sent one" if he is sent to a church?  However, unlike other ministers who are "sent", an apostle is a setter of order.  Is Dalton Bruce so foolish as not to know that?  Or, maybe he considers himself to be a great apostle and are setting things in order?  If he is, then he should know his BIBLE, the very BIBLE that Bro. Branham called "MY ABSOLUTE".  But surely he is not.  In fact, like all Branhamites, he just messes up the faith of others by mis-quoting and mis-interpreting the words of Bro. Branham.  Bro. Branham's sermons are easily understood when one reads or listens to them in the light of the Scripture.  But men, like Dalton, have to come along and give their silly interpretations and mess up many a believers' faith.  If Dalton is called of God, let him take the BIBLE only and preach IT, after all the message of Branham has called us back to IT. Can he do that?} 




(1)  He believes in prehistoric man. Quote: “Perhaps the serpent was like prehistoric man, maybe better looking, who existed long before modern man- the present Adamic race – was created some 6,000 years ago.” (The original sin page 14).

 God created man (Adam) in his image. There was no other man before him. (Gen; 1:26-27)

{Dalton Bruce does not know simple descriptive English.  In trying to make me look stupid, he make a fool of himself!  No where in my book did I ever write that there were man created in God's image before Adam existed.  Does Dalton Bruce deny the existence of a PRE-HISTORICAL WORLD where DINOSAURS and man-like BEASTS (beasts that look like MAN) roamed the earth?  Science merely termed such man-like beasts "prehistoric man" just as much as we termed the Serpent, "serpent man", who was but a beast that stood upright and look very much like man?  If Dalton does not believe in a prehistorical age, an era before Adam, let him just say so.} 

                (2) Adam was not created to be a tiller of the ground. A son of God is not created to toil; he is a child of God. The Serpent-kind was created to be subjected to him to do the tilling.” (The original sin-page 47).

             God intended that Adam be a tiller of the ground, for the scripture said that there was not a “man” (not serpent) to till the ground”(Gen. 2:5).

{Dalton Bruce apparently believes that Adam, a son of God, was created to till the ground with his hands.  He reads the Bible like he reads his newspapers.  He simply applies the words of Gen.2:5 as is without an understanding.  He has no revelation.  Denominations applies the "trees" of Gen.2:9 — "the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil"as is to literal trees.  So, is there a difference between the minds of the denominational preachers and the mind of Dalton Bruce?  Apparently, there is no difference. Now, the Serpent could talk, he could communicate and he stood upright like a man. Interesting, isn't it? So, with those abilities what does Dalton think the Serpent was created for? Maybe, he knows, maybe he does not. But does not the Bible say that Adam was to have dominion over all the creatures that God created?  As a son of God, with power and dominion over the creatures of the earth, did Adam really have to LITERALLY PUT HIS HANDS TO THE TILLING OF THE GROUND, perhaps even fingers to the bone (as Dalton believes)? If a man is the son of a rich plantation tycoon and he is ordered by his father to plant certain fruit trees in his large plantation, would anyone be so foolish as to think that the son himself is LITERALLY going to plant the fruit trees throughout the large plantation? Or that he, being a rich man's son, would have servants to do the planting and to work the plantation for him?}

(3) “Mendel’s Law states that “every individual is the sum total of the Characteristics in its two immediate progenitors”…Cain, the son of the Serpent, inherited a part of Eve’s nature, the nature of the Spirit of God which was in Adam.” (The original sin-page 27).

           The Bible said in 1John 3:12 that Cain was of that wicked one. The Bible is not interpreted by Mendel’s law, but by Amos 3:7, Mal. 4, Rev. 10:7, the prophet messenger that God sends for each age. Brother Branham said: “If Cain was the son of Adam, which was a son of God, where did that evil come from?…He hated; he was a murderer; he was jealous…Cain was the nature of his fatherThat nature could not come out of that pure seed. It had to come out of this perverted stream.”(Hebrews part 1 29/11/53).

{"Every prudent man dealeth with knowledge: but a fool layeth open his folly" (Pro.13:16).  The Bible cannot be interpreted by fools, yet a fool knows that every man and woman that came into this world came from a sperm of his/her father and an egg of his/her mother.  Hence, the words of Adam, "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh" (Gen.2:24).  The seed lies in the male, the egg in the female.  Dalton Bruce can quote the prophet, yet he does not even understand what he read of the prophet. Sure, Cain was of his father the Serpent.  He was also of the wicked one, the devil, from whom he got that nature to hate and kill.  But tell me, do animals worship God?  Did the Serpent worship God?  If not, where did Cain, the seed of the Serpent and a child of Eve, get that nature (or "instinct", as some prefer to call it) to worship God?  Did he get it from the Serpent?  Did he get it from the Devil?}
                (4) The two trees are two laws which govern the sexual reproductive organ which is found in the middle part of the human body (the garden).” (The original sin-page 61).

            God made every natural tree in Eden to grow out of the ground. These two trees, however, were spiritual. The tree of life was Christ, and the tree of death was the devil. Quote: W.M.B “There were TWO trees in the midst of the garden. The Tree of Life was Jesus. The other tree is definitely Satan” (Church Ages page 102).

{See, Dalton Bruce is a real Branhamite.  He will always answer with some quotes of the prophet.  He believes that all the QUOTES of Branham are the MESSAGE and the MESSAGE is all the QUOTES of Branham. Like those in Jesus' days who merely quoted what Jesus said concerning the eating of His flesh and the drinking of His blood, and also the destruction of the temple after which Christ would raise it up again in three days, Dalton does not even understand what the prophet meant and why the words were said the way they were said even though Dalton can say that the two trees are spiritual.  But how are the two trees spiritual?  He does not even understand.  He has no answer, he has no revelation.  Or does Dalton Bruce actually believe that Jesus was literally standing together with Satan "in the midst" (in the middle) of the Garden of Eden?}

                (5)it was the intention of God that they would bring forth “seeds after their kind” by physical union. Sexual union was intended that the two shall be one flesh (Genesis 2:24)…procreation was His primary objective, not sexual pleasure. Adam and Eve were supposed to come together in sexual union only in the due season of life to partake of that Tree of Life, which would bring forth sons and daughters of God which God had desired…According to the divine plan of God, Adam and his wife were expected to come together at the appointed time and season of life to eat of the Tree of life in the midst of the garden. The effect of such partaking would bring forth sons and daughters of God with eternal life.” (The original sin-page 62,29).

            If sex was the right way, then why did Christ come by the virgin birth? Brother Branham said: “Just like in the beginning, it was not God's perfect will for children to be born on the earth through sex. No, sir. God created man out of the dust of the earth. That was God's first and original will. But when sin come in, then He permitted man to marry a wife legally and have children by her…But, you see, it never was His perfect will. (Does God change his mind 18/4/65).

{Now that is surely a very foolish question.  Dalton Bruce does not really understand the Original Sin.  If he does, he won't have asked such a question.  He is such a proud and smart-alecky man that he thinks he knows everything.  I have given the answer in my book and all he has to do is to humble himself and read carefully and he will have the answer.  He thinks that by supplying a few statements of Branham would suffice the Truth of the doctrine.  In fact, like many Branhamites, those statements (and certain other similar statements) are very often quoted but so misunderstood.  If it is true that Adam was to speak to the dust to create his own children instead of coming into sexual union with Eve, under the divine Tree of Life, tell me how are the last five words uttered by Adam, in Gen.2:24, to be fulfilled by him and his wife: "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh" ?  If Abel was to literally come forth out of the dust of the ground by the spoken words of Adam, how could Adam and Eve be one flesh?  For your information, the virgin birth of Christ has nothing to do with physical propagation by sex or whatever Dalton maybe insinuating.  It has to do with the FALL of man and his REDEMPTION. It has to do with what happened in the garden of Eden. It has to do with the blood issue. Now, God created sex, didn't He?  He created male and female, didn't He?  He created a man and a woman, didn't He?  So, what's wrong with SEX in the beginning, right there in the garden of Eden? The answer: nothing. BUT something did go wrong. What was it? The answer: SEX was mis-appropriated under the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil through the deception of the Serpent.  It was through that deception that carnal sex between the Serpent and Eve took place and produced Cain.  In order to save Eve, Adam had to identify with Eve in her sin for she was in transgression.  And that brought forth Abel. However, Adam was not in transgression for he was not deceived. Hence, it is true that "it was not God's perfect will for children to be born on the earth through sex" — carnal sex, but they were to be born according to the Tree of Life, the Word, that was spoken by God to Adam.  For more detail, go to my article on "THE ORIGINAL SIN".}

                (6) We don’t even need the Branhamites to help us build for they are also our adversaries.” (The Foundation and the Wall page 16)

{That's absolutely true. Because the Branhamites are trying to build the Church on Branham's words and not on the Apostolic Word of God.}

                (7) Brother Branham is not a prophet, he was only addressed as one. Quote:

Bro. William Branham was not a prophet in the 5-fold ministry…He was a messenger but he was addressed as a “prophet because the word “prophet” was commonly associated with an outstanding and gifted servant of the Almighty God like the Old Testament prophets.” (Speak the Word page 27).

Malachi 4:5-said: “Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet”. Brother Branham said: “The seventh angel has to be a prophet for the Word of God to come to” (The Breach 1963).
{Dalton Bruce wants his followers to believe that Bro. Branham was a prophet in the 5-Fold Ministry. If Branham was a New Testament prophet, then he was not a Star-Messenger in the right hand of Christ (Rev.1:16) and he would also be second to the apostolic ministry.  Dalton does not know the Ministry of Bro. Branham. He does not understand each of the works of the Ascension Gifts (5-Fold) Ministry of Ephesians 4:11-16. Yes, believers can call Bro. Branham by any ministerial name because of the many ministerial works he performed. But even though Branham did the works of the 5-Fold ministry, he was a star-messenger.  You cannot bring down the status of a president of a country to that of a secretary just because he performs some secretarial works. The word "prophet" is most commonly used in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  However, in Christianity, there is the O.T. type prophets and the N.T. type prophets. Dalton does not appear to know the difference between them.  Branham was a O.T. type prophet (Elijah) come to a N.T. Church. And he was a "star" to a Church Age — Laodicea.}

(8) “A new order had been established because a new covenant was made. In the Old Testament time the Prophets were God’s spokesmen. They revealed and interpreted God’s Word. However, in the New Testament, the apostles were the ones who revealed and interpreted God’s Word…hence we see that the revelation and the interpretation of God’s Word came through the apostles to the church.”(Speak the Word pgs. 11,12).

In the Old Testament time, God used a ‘one man’ ministry – the prophets – to proclaim his Word, a choice made after the event at Mount Sinai…That was why the Word came only to the prophets.. But in the age of grace, a new administrative order has been introduced and the apostolic ministry is placed above that of the prophetic ministry. The Word now comes to the apostles.” (The Foundation and the Wall page 33).

There were many prophets in the New Testament, and also those who were prophesied to come: (Acts 13:1,Acts 11:27,Acts 15:10,32,1Cor. 12:28, Eph. 4:11, Lk.11:49, Rev.11:3,10, ). God does not change his mind about His Word. According to Amos 3:7, the Word of God comes only to the prophet. The reason why the Word came to the apostle Paul is because he was both apostle and prophet. Quote: W.M.B He (Paul) was not only an apostle, he was a prophet”. (Testimony of William Branham 10/5/53).

          “In the Bible the prophets, the Word came to the prophets in the days of old. Now, the prophets were seers, Divine seers. And at the change of the dispensations from law unto grace, did not change God sending still, prophets. For in the New Testament we find prophecy went on just the same. And also prophets went on just the same.” (Why so hard to live a Christian life 3/3/57).W.M.B.

         “God has no other way of bringing out His Scriptural revelations except by a prophet. The Word always came by a prophet and always will. That this is the law of God is evident by even a casual search of Scripture. The unchanging God with unchanging ways invariably sent His prophet in every age where the people had strayed from Divine order.” (C/Ages pg. 324).

{I marvel at the foolishness of such a man who chooses to ignore the Scripture over some statements of Branham, that he completely has no understanding of, to try and prove his revelation.  Paul NEVER CALLED himself a prophet because he was an apostle.  When Bro. Branham called Paul a "prophet" what was he getting at?  Was not Paul also a "star" in the right hand of Christ like he was? (Of course, Paul did not have that knowledge.) The word "prophet" is a common word used among Pentecostal people during the Pentecostal era of the 20th Century.  It is therefore important to look at Scripture for the right placing of a person's ministry and calling.  Bro. Branham called his son, Joseph Branham, a prophet. Is Joseph Branham really a prophet? If so, is he really a prophet like his father?  Agabus (Acts 11:28; 21:10) was called a prophet.  Was he a prophet like Branham, like Isaiah, like John the Baptist? And if Paul was a prophet, was he like Agabus?  Agabus was a N.T. prophet.  Paul was not. HE WAS AN APOSTLE, who was also a "star-messenger". You may call Paul whatever you like, but don't be a smart aleck foolish enough to rob him of what he was — an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.}

(9) The revelation for the apostolic age came to the church collectively and progressively over a period of time by several apostles. This is evident by the twenty-seven epistles written in the New Testament by the apostles. As a result of this new order, in essence, gifted apostles can add to the message of the hour. They can also add to the written Word of God, because the written Word of God is the letter. Quote: “The revelation of God is being progressively revealed to God’s people even though we have the Bible – the written Word…They would claim that they hold to the Bible (containing the 66 canonical books) as the authority and revelation of God to mankind and that they believe nothing is to be added to or subtracted from it. Such people would usually brush off and consider to be false any “revelation” which they never heard of…An anointed man of God will speak the Word – a message from God – to God’s people. He will not deliver a string of quotes from some religious books or even the Scriptures; for such are only written laws of a religious order. (Speak the Word, pages7,12,13,20).

           Brother Branham said:  “You can't go under a group of men. I defy anytime that it ever went--God ever did use a group of men. He uses one man (It's exactly.), one man at a time, 'cause two men's got' two opinions. One man. It's exactly right. Notice now every dispensation it's been that way; all the way down through, it's been that way every time.” (Endtime evangelism 3/6/62).

{Watch the cunning craftiness of Dalton Bruce who lies in wait to deceive.  He often uses words to force fit a certain point to fulfill his own intention and ambition.  When he accuses someone of adding to the Bible he is actually doing that very thing.  He is adding Branham's words to the Scripture.  He believes the message tapes of Branham are at par with the Scripture.  He believes they are the Absolute.  When he quotes the words of Branham about a one man ministry, he actually denies the Truth of the Scripture, of what Paul said, that the Church (Bride of Christ) COULD ONLY BE PERFECTED BY THE ASCENSION GIFTS of the 5-FOLD MINISTRY.  When Bro. Branham spoke of God using "one man", was he speaking about the perfecting of the saints, or was he speaking of God using one man like the O.T. type prophet specially called to a certain ministry to damn the system that traps the souls of God's people and to point the elect back to the old path, back to the Original Word?  Among the three, Paul, Branham and Bruce, someone is a liar. And again, we know who.}

(10) When he left a denominational church to follow this message, six other men left with him. Quote: “The Thunders are here today, waiting for the anointing from the Lord to begin their ministry. May we be found ready when the Seven Men (Thunders) utter their voices for the change of our bodies and then the going home of the Bride to glory.”…”The Seven Thunders (7anointed men of God) will utter forth the very words that the apostle John heard in the vision on the isle of Patmos but was not allowed to record down. It’s a spoken Word ministry.” (Speak the Word pages 51,36).

He identifies these seven men with the seven eyes of Zechariah 4:8-10, which Brother Branham said represented the Seven Church age messengers.

{Dalton is not only a cunning man but he is very presumptuous man.  He is never afraid of committing presumptuous sin. He dares to willfully speak and write falsehood about others to deceive his followers.  I doubt his followers know anything about it. Just look at how he takes a statement out of my testimony (in my message on "The Foundation and The Wall") in which I said: "Very soon after that, I left the A.o.G church. Leaving with me were six young men. We gathered together in my home regularly on Sundays and, as often as we could, on certain weekdays" and insinuates that together with those six young men we declared ourselves the Seven Thunders. What an evil man, if I ever seen one!}

11. After the fall, Polygamy was introduced by Lamech (a serpent seed) and not  by God or his children,  but God allowed it.

12. A covenant of polygamy was not introduced after the fall. The covenant that was made was that the man would rule the woman (Genesis 3:16).

{Dalton is also a man who contradicts his own words. He claims to believe that God does not change His Mind about His Word. But in disagreeing with what I have written, he is telling everyone that God had already changed His Mind concerning the marriage relationship of ONE MAN, ONE WIFE to ONE MAN, MANY WIVES. He says that God introduced Polygamy. What foolishness.}

13. The prophets of the Old Testament each had one wife.

{He is blind not to be able to see what a true ordained O.T. prophet is. The O.T. prophets lived their lives according to the Word of God. If he is thinking of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then he ought to think again.}

14. A woman could remarry if her husband divorces her for sexual uncleanness (Deut.24:1-2), but  if she was illegally put away  and remarries, she would be guilty  of adultery.

15. In Christ Jesus, there is no preference of the man over the woman, therefore, not only the man could remarry,

16. If a woman’s unbelieving husband departs, she can remarry according to 1 Corinthians 7:15.

{Dalton disagrees with the Truth of Scripture. Like many Branhamites he is blind to the IN-BREATHED WORD of the Scripture. When faced with problems and questions over Marriage and Divorce, like the Branhamites he only blindly quotes Branham without understanding the Truth of his words even though he boastfully claims, "I stand firmly with all, who regard the word and revelation of the message as the absolute." }

17. Mixed marriage is not a sin, nor is it unscriptural, it can be practiced amongst believers

{When he simply takes this statement of mine out of context and shows only this line to his followers, what is he trying to tell them? Is he trying to tell them that I believe in mix marriage between a believer and an unbeliever? I don't.  He has an evil intention to confuse and to scare his followers away from the Truth. But I do believe that a believing Chinese man can marry a believing Filipino sister; and a believing American man can marry a believing Mexican sister, etc., etc. Doesn't Dalton know that all the people of this present earth came from the three sons of Noah?  Bro. Branham was not pure white.  He had Red Indian blood.  But did he marry wives who possessed the same blood mixture as himself? Silly question, isn't it? Therefore, can a man whose father is Indian and mother is white marries a white woman? Does anyone know why Dalton Bruce, an Indian man, including his associate, Ronald Watson, of South India, have a white name? :o)}

18. God never ordained polygamy; Jesus did not sanction polygamy, neither did he condemn it, but discouraged it. Paul never encouraged it.

{Does Dalton disagree with all that?}

19.  The Serpent was a household servant to Adam.  Adam was not created to till the ground. The serpent was his servant, and he was to do the tilling. Adam was to do his tilling through his servant serpent because it was not  God’s intention that a Son of God should work hard.

20. The serpent and the seed of the serpent were tillers of the ground. Adam’s linage were mainly shepherds.

21. Noah’s wife was either a Cainite or a hybrid, therefore Noah had to go through the tribulation of the flood because he was unequally yoked in marriage

{So, what does Dalton believe, that Mrs. Noah was a pure seed? Or, that Noah was a mixed seed? Enoch was a type of the wise virgins who made the rapture.  Noah was a type of the foolish virgins who has to go through the Great Tribulation.}

22. Seth and Japheth possessed serpentine traits which they inherited genetically from their mother.

23. The Tree of life, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, were two laws that governed sexual relationship, either for pleasure or reproduction.

24. Genesis 4:26 means that men began to profanely call upon the Name of the Lord.

{Dalton does not have the revelation of this verse.  I won't waste my time to teach him as he already considers himself a GIANT in the ABSOLUTE words of Branham.}

25. All men today are traced back to Noah’s three sons for the inheritance of their satanic traits.

26. No literal and physical serpent seed exist today, for all died in the flood.

{So, what does Dalton believe, that we do not come from the three sons of Noah?  And that there are still literal physical serpent seeds on the earth?}

27. The early church did not judge the teachings of the other apostles by what Paul taught.

{That's an obvious truth.  But Dalton wants his followers to believe that the saints in the early church did judge, for example, Peter's and John's teachings according to Paul's.}

28. All the mysteries are not revealed by Brother Branham

{Like all Branhamites, Dalton lifts Bro Branham so high up that he could not see Christ anymore. Where in the Scripture can one find such an absurd claim that Branham had revealed ALL MYSTERIES?  The common Scripture verses used to support the claim are Rev.10:7 and Mat.17:11. A preacher said, "By the God-ordained ministry in the days of the voice of the seventh church age messenger, the mysteries of the Word were made known, from Genesis to Revelation." Any honest person will know that Rev.10:7 does not say "ALL MYSTERIES OF GOD". It says, "the mystery of God". And what is "the mystery of God"? It is the mystery in which God would graft the Gentiles on to the Olive Tree (Israel). This is the mystery of God which was revealed to the O.T. prophets but was kept hidden until the Gospel was given to the Gentiles. Paul was the first to see the revelation of this mystery of God.  Read Rom.11:25; 16:25; Eph.3; Col.1:25-29.  The dispensation of the Gospel to the Gentiles is the period of the mystery of God.  With the sounding of the Seventh Angel's message, the Gentile Church Age will quickly come to a close.}

29. Zechariah 14: 6-7 does not refer to the condition of the Laodicean age, but William Branham used it as a Type. It applies to Christ’s third coming in his corporal body as the evening light.

{Dalton knows only the words of Branham but not the revelation of the Word of God.  If he denies these verses were used by Branham in typology, then he knows nothing of Scripture.}

30. Culture, customs, and traditions of people are not necessarily against the Word of God.

{If Dalton disagrees with this statement, it means he believes that all cultures, customs, and traditions of people are against the Word of God.  Then he should stop shaking hands with people, and stop eating with fork and spoons and start eating with his fingers. And why does he, an Indian have a white name? Should he claim that his father gave it to him, then he should change it to an Indian name. What cultures, customs and traditions are against the Word of God?  The answer: those that are religious and those that contradict the Christian way of life.}

31. We don’t need an outward revival in this hour, what we need is to turn to the absolute Word.

{Pity the man who looks for an outward revival. We need to return to the Absolute Word for an inward revival of the spiritual man under the 5-Fold Ministry. This is the time for the mellowing down of the seeds in the Son of God. When the saints are perfected in the Word, then shall come a Bride body revival which shall be hid from the world before she is capped by her "theophany" and caught up to meet the Lord in the air.}

32. Believers are adding to the Word by putting the books and tapes of Brother Branham side by side with the Word.

{When the Mormons put their "Book of Mormon" side by side with the Bible, the Branhamites say that that is adding to the Word of God (the IN-BREATHED SCRIPTURE).  But when the Branhamites take the Spoken Word books or taped sermons of Branham and do the same, they say they are not adding to the Bible.  Think about it.}

33. There were no prophets, evangelist, pastor and teachers in the upper room.

34. There were no pastors up to A.D. 46, only the other four office gifts.

35. Paul was in the office of an Old Testament prophet before he was elevated to the office of an apostle and a messenger.

{Does Dalton Bruce know history?  Does he know his Bible?}


              Using God’s standard of identifying false prophets, we can understand the words of Jesus, ‘MANY false prophets,..deceives MANY.’ (Matt. 24:11) The seven church ages started out with the antichrist spirit as well as the Holy Spirit (1 John 4:1).

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world." Did you notice it? The antichrist spirit is identified with false prophets. The ages came in with false prophets and they will go out with false prophets. Now of course there is going to be a REAL FALSE PROPHET in the grand sense of that man mentioned in the Revelation. But as of now before his revelation there are to appear many false prophets… Now in every case you will notice that a false prophet is one who is outside the Word. Just as we showed you that 'antichrist' means 'anti-Word' so these false prophets come perverting the Word, giving it a meaning that fits their own devilish ends. Have you ever noticed how the people who lead others astray bind them closely to themselves by fear? They say that if the people don't do what they say, or if they leave, then destruction will follow. They are false prophets, for a true prophet will always lead one to the Word and bind the people to Jesus Christ and he won't tell the people to fear him or what he says, but to fear what the Word says. Notice how these people like Judas are out for money. They get you to sell all you have and give it to them and their schemes. They spend more time on offerings than the Word. Those who attempt to operate gifts will make use of a gift which has a margin of error in it and then ask for money, and neglect the Word and call it of God. And people will go to them, and bear with them, and support them, and believe them, not knowing it is the way of death. Yes, the land is full of carnal impersonators. In that last day they will try to imitate that prophet-messenger. The seven sons of Sceva tried to imitate Paul. Simon the sorcerer tried to imitate Peter. Their impersonations will be carnal. They won't be able to produce what the true prophet produces. (Seven Church Ages page 329-331).

             Efforts proved futile to reconcile this impersonator from the error of his ways. Such efforts, through letters, are documented on Exposition of Damnable Heresies – Book 4, and further refutations of his isms are documented on Exposition Book 2.

            This slick, subtle, cunning and silver tongued perverter and impersonator  fully conscious that the New Ministry of W.M.B./seven thunders/seventh seal and third pull must be confirmed by manifestations of the third pull in creative acts of power (Mark 11:23), has evaded, dodged and explained away the promised a-vindication of this super ministry by assuming that he is manifesting the third pull temporarily. Also, that he don’t have to follow in line with the identification of the five acts of the third pull manifestations. The true identifications of this ministry promised to the Church of Jesus Christ, will further expose this cunning impersonator to be nothing less than a heretic.




Identification No.1: His revelation of the thunders cannot hold up in God’s Word. His dogma is that seven men reveal the seven thunders, and these men are the very thunders. Is he brighter than the messenger to invent such a heresy? Seven men are not the seven thunders. The seven thunders holds the secret of the second coming of Christ, which the prophet of God said that it will take a prophet, not seven men, to get the revelation (Ages page 324). Therefore his doctrine is erroneous, heretical, satanic and totally contrary to the Word of God, the opening of the seals and the messenger’s message.

Identification No.2: His claim is contrary to the teachings of the message which says that the next time the third pull manifestations are used is at the boycott of the Church. He falsely claims that he is manifesting the third pull temporarily. This was already done by Brother Branham. So he is out of time, out of place, and he is imitating the Prophet’s ministry.

Identification No.3: We are living in the age of the Capstone, and he claims that he is now laying the foundation. He is living in the glare of another age, since the foundation was already laid again by the wise master builder, William Branham.

Identification No.4: His so-called false claims of third pull temporal manifestation does not fit the identification.

Identification No.5: He is based on intellectualism and the letter is destroying him and all who believes him. He is subtle as the serpent and is no less than these dead organizations which believe that the days of miracles are past, for he by his intellectualism is explaining away the power of God. He is in direct contradiction of St. John 14:12.

Identification No.6: He never started the rapturing faith, but did all in his power to cause people to depart from the faith that was restored by Malachi 4:5-6, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, and if given a chance, he will completely destroy the message and all that the prophet labored for.

Identification No.7: He claims to be manifesting the third pull, yet he lacks the revelation of the new Name. Such powers are invested in the new Name.

Identification No.8: He is a million miles away from this identification, and is awaiting for his folly to be made manifest by the fullness of the power of the third pull.


{Just reading how he twisted words and put words into someone else's mouth is enough to make one sick. He talks funny; he even claim to have the revelation of the new Name. For the above, I will hearken to the words of Proverbs 26:4. But I would like Dalton Bruce, or any Branhamite, to scripturally answer the questions that I have put forth to him. I would accept any clear exposition that makes sense, even if Scripture is not forthcoming. But do not try to answer my questions with quotes of Bro. Branham.  Because even among the Branhamites, one man's quotes of Branham is another man's dilemma.  I have respect for Bro. Branham as a messenger sent of God to call us back to the Word.  I know his ministry and his purpose in God's plan.  But I cannot put him on a pedestal and preach the man as I preach Christ. I cannot put his oral words at par with God's IN-BREATHED SCRIPTURE, and tell people that Branham's words are THE ABSOLUTE, for that would be heresy.  Dalton Bruce and many like him have committed heresy in the first degree and they do not even know it.


Let me list the questions here:


1. After Bro. Branham, is there another messenger to come, or has he already come? Is there an 8th messenger?


2. If Bro. Branham's message could perfect the Bride, what are the Ascension Gifts of the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers given for? See Eph.4:11-16. Are the 5-Fold ministry to take the sermon books and tapes of Branham and interpret them?


3. Is it true that Bro. Branham was so perfect a prophet that he made not even a mistake in his speech and in his life, as many claim?


4. Is the Holy Scripture ALL SUFFICIENT for our faith? See 2 Tim.3:16-17.  If not, you may add the books and tapes of Branham, and any other books in the world, to your faith. In that way, you will be declaring that Paul is a liar, and you are a heretic.


5. Who is THE ABSOLUTE? Is Bro. Branham THE ABSOLUTE?


6. Who and what is the FOUNDATION OF THE CHURCH?  And upon what is the household of God built upon?  See Eph.2:19-22.  What are these 12 foundations of the apostles (Rev.21:14)?


7. What is the purpose of God's creation of the male and female reproductive organs if the propagation of mankind is not to come by the sexual union between Adam and Eve in the beginning?  If, indeed the original intention of God is for Adam to propagate his children by "speaking the word to the dust of the ground", then...

a) Why did God create the male and female reproductive organs?

b) What are the purposes of the male and female reproductive organs?

c) How are Adam and Eve to fulfill these words of Gen.2:24: "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh"?

8. Cain was the seed of the Serpent. The Serpent was a beast of the field. He was not created in the image of God and therefore was not a son of God as Adam was.  Like all animals, the Serpent did not worship God. But his seed, Cain, did.  How come?  Where did Cain get that nature to worship God?


9. Did God introduce polygamy as many Branhamites believe? Did God change His Mind about His Word? Or, was polygamy the idea of Lamech of the Serpent race? See Gen.4:19.


10. What is the "mystery of God" in Rev.10:7? Some believe that it is the mystery of God in Christ. Others believe that it is NOT a mystery but mysteries of God and they have taken Mat.17:11 and tied it to Rev.10:7 to try and prove that Branham did reveal all mysteries, did "restore all things". Some have even gone a further step by taking Acts 3:19-21 and teach that since all things have been restored, Jesus has already come down, that is, and the Rapture has taken place and the Millennial Age of Christ is come. (Scary and silly.) Now, what actually is the "restoration of all things" in Mat.17:11 and Acts 3:19-21? And if it is true that ALL MYSTERIES of the Bible were revealed by Bro. Branham, please tell me what he had revealed concerning just these four subjects:

a) Where was the Garden of Eden located?

b) What was the MARK OF CAIN that God put on him and its significance?

c) What was the SIN that HAM committed such that his son, Canaan, was cursed by Noah?

d) Is the Holy City New Jerusalem a literal city? If it is, where is it located? If not, what is it and where is it located?

In these sharp, cutting Messages, if I have intentionally tried to hurt somebody, God forgive me. I wouldn't do that, for nothing. But yet I'm a prisoner to this Word, see, I--I must stay right with It. I don't speak hard things to make people feel bad. I speak things sharp, sometimes, to make people look, see, an exclamatory, "Oh, look!" See, to make them look at it, to see. Then if you get them, maybe sometimes it provokes them. And about nine times out of ten, if they get a little bit provoked, they'll go to searching the Scriptures, and God does the rest of it then. You see? [WILLIAM BRANHAM. CALLING JESUS ON THE SCENE. CHICAGO. IL V-21 N-8 63-0804E]


Are you provoked? Then take heed to the words of Bro. Branham and go search the Scriptures.}

09 January, 2004

Here are two emails from a supporter of Dalton Bruce. Notice that same spirit shown by Dalton Bruce in his letters and emails.

Sent: Friday, January 30, 2004 12:06 PM
Subject: Truths

I have read your updated claims concerning Dalton Bruces' lies. Knowing the Bible and the words of Brother Branham I'm sure you are completely deceived! Your own questions you are looking to have answered shows your ignorance. Every one of your questions has been answered many times by numerous ministers including Dalton Bruce. Those questions are very basic and it's clear you yourself need to be taught. I'm sorry I don't have the time to help you by answering these questions maybe if you pray God will reveal it to you or possibly you will have a dream.

Thanks for your comment.


You claimed to have the answers.  Then you must be a spiritual man and I am an ignorant man, as you called me, and that I need to be taught, as you said.  So, provide me just the BASIC ANSWERS FROM SCRIPTURES to my few questions as listed on the website.  You said that my questions have been answered numerous times by different ministers, that's a lie.  All I have ever read or heard have been but a bunch of QUOTES OF BRO. BRANHAM. You called that answers?  If I am a Branhamite, I will be in your camp of believers and will do as "monkeys see, monkeys do", without asking intellectual spiritual questions.  If you could provide me the answers SCRIPTURALLY, I'll be glad to post them on my same webpage on Dalton Bruce and let my readers know that you have SCRIPTURAL ANSWERS. Otherwise you are just full of hot air. 




Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2004 11:11 AM

Subject: Re: Truths

Mr. Gan,

               I do not have all the answers. I am telling you that I have heard these things preached by ministers. My calling is not to teach the word of God. If I would try to explain all these things I would certainly be over stepping my calling. ( or in a more plan term ) "Doing God A Service Without His Will."

This is why I have not tried to go into the details of these things. However I am simply telling you that these things have been completely explained by men of God and put back into the Bible so perfectly that a fool should not error there in. I am not here to teach the Word to anyone but I stand in defense of these men that have exposed you. Maybe these ministers have not sent you the answers to you questions because of your unwillingness to believe the Bible and the Prophets' message. Besides, the Bible says cast not your pearls before swine. Pray that the Lord will show you these things because that would be the only way for you to have the answers. Maybe the Lord would even give you a dream.


It's plan for anyone to see you are a predigest man. You often make it a point to mention a mans' race or country of origin. What does that have to do with anything? You put only some of my comments on your website. Why did you not put the fact that you thought Dalton Bruce was a white man from the USA? Now you know the true facts. I'm sure Dalton just winked at your ignorance.


I read on your website that Dalton Bruce was not going to respond to your emails any longer so I too will be sending you the last admonishing. You stated that you would not respond to emails without a full name so I am saving you the time of writing me back therefore I will not be putting my name on this email. Just to be sure I don't have to read your rubbish any more, I will also block my account from receiving your proud and foolish comments.


Repent for your false teachings and the Lord will help you. Or you will perish with your twisted ideas!

Well, you keep saying that THEY HAVE BEEN TAUGHT BY THE MANY PREACHERS.  Yes, I agree with you those doctrines have been preached many many times.  But they were NOT PREACHED FROM THE SCRIPTURES BUT FROM QUOTES OF BRO. BRANHAM.  And you called that PREACHING THE TRUTH?  Even among the Branhamite preachers, using the QUOTES of Branham, there are so many DIFFERENT VERSIONS of the same doctrines.  So which one is true?  Dalton Bruce?  Paul Jones?  Joseph Coleman?  S. Thomas?


If you put them all together in one room and let each one preach the same doctrinal subject, you would have all the different versions and THEY WOULD ALL BE FIGHTING ONE ANOTHER WITH THE QUOTES OF BRANHAM.  And each one would claim that he is right and the others are wrong; that he has the revelation and the others do not.  Then each will say to the others, "Elect cannot be deceived, and you people are deceived."


That's exactly what I have seen several times in ministerial meetings where different Branhamite preachers came together to discuss over the teachings of Bro. Branham.  Instead of looking into the SCRIPTURES FOR THE ANSWERS, they looked only to the words of the prophet.


May God have mercy upon you.  You are the one who is not willing to learn.


What is TRUTH?  "Thy WORD, O Lord is TRUTH." 



Updated: 06 June 2006

I have no interest to read what Dalton Bruce writes on his website nor his books.  Because all he ever does is to run down preachers as heretics whose teachings go against the grain of his "revelations" of the Message.  Just reading the few that came into my hands in the last two years tells me that Dalton Bruce writes to his own advantage for his followers as he manipulates and twists words and damns the preachers as if he is a great judge.  Just about any little thing he does not agree with, he calls it a "damnable heresy".  Even his followers embrace his Pharisaical spirit that damns his "enemies" with malevolent name-calling.  Most, if not all, of his answers are quotes/statements of Bro. Branham.  Of course, being a Branhamite, his ABSOLUTE is not the Inspired Sacred Scriptures but the message books/tapes of Branham.  He uses the quotes/statements of Bro. Branham like a machete to hack against anyone who contradicts his "revelations" of the Message.  He thinks he is defending the Truth, but he isn't.  He is defending his own "revelations" for his own interest just like the evil dictators of some nations are doing.  As a preacher, he preaches nothing concerning the Sacred Scriptures but he surely criticizes a lot concerning other preachers.

However, just recently a Bible believing brother and his wife called my attention to a particular lie that they had read in Dalton Bruce's "Exposition of Damnable Heresies Book Twelve".  The book was given them by a follower of Dalton Bruce.  They were shocked to read the many lies that Dalton Bruce has written about me especially this one that stunned them in unbelief:

This man is so corrupt, that he has even changed the normal marriage practices. His daughter was wedded recently and he has a picture on his website where he is unveiling the bride instead of the husband. We need to ask this Heretic what is the meaning of unveiling his daughter? Is he sending a message to the world of another damnable heresy or indicating a corrupt practice?

As I have stated before, Dalton Bruce has no fear of committing presumptuous sins.  He has no integrity and he has no fear of God when it comes to falsely accusing others.  Instead of preaching the Word, he tells "stories", "tales" actually, of any person whom he has judged to be evil.  His stand in the pulpit is to feed and to entertain his people and those that would believe him to be a great "man of God" with lies.  I have no intention to waste resources and time to defend myself against his "new" false accusations about me in his other books.  Just to show that the man has wild imagination, a mind that runs to mischief, here is the picture that he presumably concluded that I was unveiling my daughter on her wedding day.  The man must have a strong hatred for me that he could, just by looking at the picture, draw a conclusion and then make an accusation not believing that what he said would be a lie.  He is a very presumptuous man, indeed.  There's so much presumptuous sins in the man.  He never stops to think, to discern, but he is certainly quick to judge.  Certainly not the sign of a spiritual man.

Does this picture really show me unveiling my daughter?


Here is a picture that is taken from another angle, just a few seconds later.  Any sane person will know that I was praying and pronouncing a blessing upon the couple.

[Note: The webpage of the wedding event is not available on the website. It was posted only temporarily for friends of the couples to view.]

Jesus cautioned in Matt.13:13: "they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand."  Dalton Bruce is one such person, even the equal of Cohen Reckart (who called himself a "man of God").  Such men consider themselves great hearers but they hear not, great seers but they see not, and even great readers but they read not.  In all that, they understand nothing, they see nothing, they comprehend nothing, they perceive nothing.  They know nothing.  They actually have a distorted mind.  They only hear and see and read what they only want to hear and see and read.  Then they would call upon their victims to repent according to their terms and conditions and "revelations" or else they would call heaven to anathema them.  Have they not read Matthew 7:1?

I'll let the people judge for themselves as to whether Dalton Bruce is, or is not, a servant of God, a man who fears God.  Or that he is actually something else....  He said, "We need to ask this Heretic..."  Let the man who judges others as corrupt and heretics judge himself.  And may the Lord Jesus have mercy.

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Dear Bro Gan,

There was a serious drama the whole of this morning in my house. Normally some ministers who come to me for some assistance within my reach and to me I make them very welcome in my house.

The main contact for Dalton Bruce was among the ministers this morning who came to see me concerning the news of my fellowship and my believe in the Apostolic ministry of Bro Richard Gan. They spoke openly to the hearing of my wife and felt so sorry for me becoming an anti-ETM believers.

As the discussion progressed, I beg to speak if they would be ready to hear and they did. I ask a simple question "Brethren tell me one thing Bro Gan said that is not scriptural", and the main man began saying "Dalton Bruice said that Gan said ..." AND IMMEDIATELY I ASKED HIM, HAVE YOU READ GAN'S BOOK TO SEE THEM YOURSELF?

Before he could answer it was ministered to me that he was seriously manipulated. I told him he was paid to do what he was doing, and he could not deny it before his friends. No man could talk among them again, then I brought out my laptop to show them Rev 10 chart. After we finished going through it, the brother was very sorrowful and he wanted to apologize, but I told him he has to do that to you whom he had slandered.

It took almost the whole day to straighten these men, and let them know that one who claims to be an Apostle should be tested by the WORD, and not by QUOTES.

Brother, I pray that the Lord that has seen you through over the years will keep you until that day. We are praying for you. I really want to follow up that brother until he confesses that openly. Bye

Bro Nice


Brother, you are, as I have told you, going to face all them that are against me coming against you just because you associate with me and not because you really stand for the Truth. Dalton Bruce has many followers who are blindly following him, doing what he wants them to do. They are all blind men, not knowing the Scripture. The followers' ABSOLUTE is Dalton Bruce and Dalton Bruce's ABSOLUTE is Branham.

Rest assured, brother, that when men come against us like that, with unscriptural means, we know we are standing on solid rock.

And that ROCK is Christ.

God bless.