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The Lies of Dalton Bruce

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There are 10 articles which the publisher called "heretical articles". The first two articles - taking potshots at my teachings - are expounded by a minister named Dalton Bruce. He believes he is a very able minister of the New Testament. On the contrary he is only good at twisting my words and putting them into my mouth, thus projecting lies to the hearers. By doing so he is making me to be a false teacher of the Word. For examples, he accuses me of "cunningly attacking William Branham and his claims to prophethood" and that I teach that we could add to the Bible.

Dalton Bruce claims his Absolute to be the Bible but it is not so. His Absolute is William Branham. He thinks himself to be as great a man like Apostle Paul when he calls me names ó Mr. Lying Heretic, Anointed of the Devil, etc.

I have rebutted his lies and issued him a challenge, and even to all believers (especially the ministers), who believe the prophet's words - that "the elect cannot be deceived" - to honestly tell their congregation to check out my teachings on my website or to request for my books which are free of charge. However, if they fail this challenge then they are not believers of the prophet's words. If they believe that the elect cannot be deceived because they are God's chosen, then why are these ministers lying to their congregation and falsifying Truth? Why are they, like the Roman Catholic priests, putting fear upon the people by twisting other ministers' words and telling lies?

I am not afraid to mention his book and to list the addresses where the book is obtainable. Believers can read it for themselves and then judge what the TRUTH is and who is speaking the Truth.

For many years my words have been twisted by many Caucasian Endtime Message ministers and lies were told to their hearers that I was teaching "such and such" false doctrines. No, I am not a racist. I have always loved America and the American people. However, the many white Message preachers (including those in Canada and Europe) that I have encountered, since I came into the Message of the prophet, just shows that they were as renegades, rascals, as their forefathers. Just look at the history of America. Who was the renegade ó the Red Indian, the Black or the White? (You know what the prophet said.) It is one thing to find renegades in the political or the military circle, but it is another to find such existing in the Church ó proud and high-minded deceivers! Oh shame! 

Wake up America! Wake up Preachers! America is finished, Bro. Branham said so. The Sun (Gospel of Christ) has moved westward from Israel to Europe, from Europe across the Atlantic to America, from America across the Pacific to Asia. The last leg is the third and final move before the SUN rises upon Israel once again.

September 11 attack on U.S.A. was not an incident. It was in the plan of God. Remember the visions of George Washington and William Branham. America will soon be destroyed. So, wake up, white preachers, and get your act together. Get your spirit lined up with the Spirit of Christ and His Word. And don't esteem yourself better than the Asians or the Africans just because William Branham was an American. Don't think that you can hide behind his words and get away with your haughtiness and still make it into the Rapture. The proud and arrogant Pharisees and Sadducees had tried that and they didn't make it to Pentecost (for the Spirit of Life). Why? Because they did not have the Truth to begin with. They only had Abraham and the prophets. Hence, you might have Branham, a prophet, but without the TRUE LIGHT, you have nothing; you are nothing.

The prophet's message was an EVENING LIGHT which pointed to the DAYLIGHT, CHRIST THE WORD OF GOD. An evening star points to the Daystar. Noah's message pointed to the ARK. You can hold to the message and every literal word of the prophet, you'll still be lost. But if you follow the instructions of the message and get into the ARK and have communion with the DAYSTAR, you'll be saved. Wake up!

Like many Branhamites, Dalton Bruce has no fear of God when he put the oral words of  Bro. Branham on par with the Inspired Written Word of God known to us as the Holy Scriptures. Are not all Branhamites like him on par with the Mormons, who believe that their book, called "The Book of Mormon", is just as inspired as the Holy Bible? Many Branhamites believe that there is no difference between the Message and the Sacred Scriptures. (This statement originated from some smart white preachers.) Let me say that THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE MESSAGE AND THE BIBLE. The Message points to the Bible. The Message points us back to the Original Apostolic Fathers' Faith. The Bible does not point to the Message. It only verifies that the Message is true.

For example, you drive down a highway and come to a junction where you see a sign-post with a message pointing in a certain direction "To New York City, 70 miles". You obey the sign and follow the direction the message provides. An hour later you reach New York City. Now, in New York City will there be a sign that actually point you back to that road sign at that junction on that highway? Of course not. Why? Simply because a sign, a message, always points to an important thing, place, etc. Not vice versa! Also a sign does not point to itself. You can park your car at that road junction, stare at the sign, point to it and say to yourself, "All right, that's 'New York City'". And if you do not follow the instruction on that sign but "admire" that sign the whole day, even into weeks, months or until you die, you will still not be in New York City. Because the sign (message) is NOT New York City, it only POINTS to it ó New York City. Then again, when you follow the instruction of the sign and finally reach New York City, do you still need that sign? Do you have to drive back to that road junction ever so often just to make sure that you are in New York City?

We are living in a most deceptive time. And there are many foolish believers who simply do not know his left hand from his right. They do not know how to rightly divide the Word of Truth. They are deceived into having a "just believe even if you don't understand" mentality. They are so very unlike the wise believers in Berea of Thessalonica in the days of Paul. Those Berean saints judged and checked out every thing that Paul preached with the Scriptures. And Paul commended them. Unlike Paul, the Branhamite preachers will chide you if you ever check out what Bro. Branham said with the Word. I know because I have been chided several times.

May God have mercy on the many Endtime Message preachers.

An email from Dalton Bruce

Ref: Lies of Dalton Bruce

Dear Pastor and Apostle Richard Gan.

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My humble apologies to you, Brother, I did not mean to upset your spirit. Especially by the description you, documented of me by Prophetic discernment that I am from the U.S.A. CT. and the white preachers are renegades and rascals as their forefathers. Please overlook, the color of my skin, I am not a racist. My sincere intentions are to only expose heresies for the edification and deliverance of God's children in bondage. I try to identify the origin of a heresy by quoting the place or books of its origination, not desiring to identify preachers names until it become necessary.

Seeing that you have identified yourself in defense of Articles 15,16, Book 2 Exposition of Damnable Heresies (Mamba Snake at the Jordan), I am left without an option other than to reply to your article on your website entitled "Lies of Dalton Bruce". I purpose to do so with all respect to you as a misguided brother who stands in need of deliverance with all that follow your teachings. I bear in mind that even heretics are God's children but prove their election by being admonished against their heresies once or twice (Titus 3:10-11). 

I noticed, Brother, that you have evaded expositions of your doctrines by labeling articles No. 15,16 as "Lies" and by requesting believers to read and compare both our writings as a challenge to my exposition. You psychologically pinpointed two articles of which you pleaded not guilty, but have evaded the greater points of Expositions.

Your challenge lacks sincerity by denial of your published doctrines and also by failure to disprove my exposition by the Word of God and the Message of the hour. My refutations were in no uncertain terms, stating your claims and exposing them one by one in a Scriptural order. I expected from you as an Apostle to take up my challenge in a more constructive manner, prove that your claims are justified in Scriptures and the Message of Mal 4:5-6 but here you hid your claims by saying "Lies of Dalton Bruce".  I feel, Brother, that is very premature of an Apostle or that you are not certain of your office claims and doctrines.

May I admonish you, please tell your followers the truth, that God never revealed those things to you but that you fabricated them by your superior intellectual knowledge and a national superiority complex of your country Singapore. Repent! Humble yourself! Save your soul and all who believe you and such heresies! Neither of us are anything special as Apostles, Prophets, Logos in flesh, Christ, Son of man Revealed, 8th messengers, and Joshua etc. The placing of the sons (adoption,) is yet to take place. If there were not doubts in your heart about your doctrines, you would not have tried to cover them by saying "Lies of Dalton Bruce", Be honest, Brother! If you are backing up upon your claim, why not humble yourself and back down from such heresies all the way and save yourself and others? None can read your message "Speak the Word" and possibly conclude that you are not guilty, cunningly attacking the Prophet-hood of Brother Branham and likewise the Prophet- hood of Jesus, by saying they were Prophets for the Old Testament but only Apostles for the New Testament. Also that you stated more revelation is progressively coming by Apostles to be added to the message. You proved yourself guilty of adding to the written word and in principle teach others to do so which is evident by heretical teachings . It's abundantly clear from your literature that you preach and establish doctrines thatís contrary to the word and message as follows.

1. Amos 3:7 is limited to the Old Testament.
2. There's no real Prophet for the New Testament; Brother Branham was an Apostle but only called a 
3. New Testament order is that God uses a group of Apostles to collectively and progressively, bring
     the full Revelation.
4. That you are an Apostle in direct contact with the Logos,
5. That you are manifesting the 3rd pull temporarily
6. 7 men are to reveal the Seven Thunders and each man is a Thunder.
7. Indicated that the " Tent" is spiritual and not literal.

Exposition Book 2, Articles 15,16 simply state that there is no foundation for such blatant heresies. The only way that you could try to force-fit yourself into the word is to discredit Amos 3:7 limiting it to the Old Testament and formulate a new heretical order of a group of Apostles which automatically brings you and your Apostles into the picture of uttering Prophetic Revelations. The articles further state that you have denied the very system and foundation of the Old Testament and the New Testament, of God using one Prophet at a time and not groups of men. This undeniable fact is evident by Mal 4:5 "Behold I send unto you Elijah the Prophet". To establish your Prophetic Revelations and the Magnificent Seven, you have indicated that not all of the Prophetic Revelations of Brother Branham are inspired of God and must not be taken as the absolute. Seemingly you are gifted to correct those errors and uninspired teachings. The proof of such deeds of the Nicolaitans is your attempted destruction of Amos 3:7 upon which the Prophet built his entire Ministry and message. Also in direct perversion of his teachings on Church Ages, page 324 and his interpretation of Zechariah Chaps: 3; 4; you fitted your doctrine of 7 men for 7 Thunders. Those who recognize the Prophetic Revelations of Brother Branham as the infallible message of Christ, you have branded as "Branhamites". Are you not embarrassed, Brother? Ashamed to help the harlot churches to persecute the message believers? The spirit of antichrist formulated that title of reproach, "Branhamites", to discredit Brother Branham, his message and believers. I am sure that an Apostle like you are not ignorant of this fact. Shame on you, Brother! Repent! I am sure that you understand that such religious tactics are employed by the Jesuits in their infiltration and destruction of any true message and church, why would a brother want to explain away Amos:3:7 the foundation of the message? And speak blasphemies against message believers and even published a subject entitled "Branhamism" in which you repeated the reproach "Branhamites" in reference to faithful message believers? I stand firmly with all, who regard the word and revelation of the message as the absolute. Your purpose of joining the organizations to persecute believers by this idolatrous title, "Branhamites" is simply because they donít recognize your Joshua ministry based upon perverted teachings, some of which I mentioned earlier. Upon this same basis, you branded articles No. 15,16 Book 2 Exposition as "Lies". It is not, but itís the love of God to you and sincere people that are bewitched by your satanic delusion and misconceptions of the Scriptures and infallible message of William Branham to the intent that you all may repent.

If you have not changed the Word and message of Mal. 4 to accommodate your heresies, I hereby challenge you to disprove my Exposition of your heresies No 15,16 line up the Words and the teaching of Mal. 4 side by side in an orderly manner. You cannot take up that challenge as it will further expose you as an unbeliever in the whole inspired message of William Branham, which you only believe in part. Thus you evaded Exposition by saying "Lies of Dalton Bruce", "Branhamites". I am sorry, Brother Gan, but I refuse to acknowledge you as Joshua, your heresies as the truth and the faceless Magnificent Seven as Godís group of Apostles to lead the Bride into the Rapture. I would rather be called a "Branhamite" than lose out on eternal Life.

I know that according to your Prophetic Revelations, I will be written off as a blasphemer, fulfilling Hebrew 6:4-6, Hebrews 10:26, since I have rejected the only truth to take me in the Rapture. Brother, if you donít repent of your heresies and if you have not yet attained to the crowning heights of delusion of the False anointed ones (Matt 24:24), I predict that you would soon proclaim yourself to be the Logos, Christ, veiled in flesh, revealed as Son of Man, White Eagle, White Horse rider and the second Coming of Christ, veiled in human flesh, your dove led eagle reminds me very much about the impersonator, so marvelously exposed on the book, "New Ministry of William Branham Impersonated" who has the same emblem in his books. I donít expect to see this letter on your website in contrast to your letter "lies of Dalton Bruce" Because of your evasive attitude of what you really try to establish in your preaching, and evidently manifested in your letter. May the lord grant you repentance to the acknowledgement of the truth is my prayer. Peace

Your Servant
Dalton Bruce


Your email received.

Apparently you do not see your fault.
You wrote "you have evaded expositions of your doctrines". You must be emotionally upset that you don't even know what you are writing. What is the content of my book "Speak the Word!" if I am not expounding the doctrines? And what have you been fighting against if you have not been fighting against the doctrines?
I do not have to defend myself neither do I need to refute your so-called exposition of what you term my errors. All I need to do is simply to let the readers judge for themselves what I have written and what you have said in your articles. Hence, I have provided the addresses to where they may write in to get a copy of your publication in question. Anyway I have actually refuted your accusations to my assembly and have them recorded on tapes. And, a set of these tapes have already been mailed to you (c/o Grace Covenant Church).
The arguments in your articles already show the many errors you have by twisting my words. Even your letter contains a few statements so emotionally convoluted which you have put into my mouth. Take this one example; you wrote: "I refuse to acknowledge you as Joshua". Since when and where have I made this claim that I am Joshua? How many lies have you to tell your followers before you realize that you are a liar?
I do not have to go through every statement you made in your articles to refute them. Because I know you will not change your mind even if Truth is revealed for the mere reason that many other preachers, just like you, will not look at the Scriptures but will always look at the words of Bro. Branham as the Absolute just as you have confessed in your email ó "I stand firmly with all, who regard the word and revelation of the message as the absolute."  Some of them say that the Bible is their Absolute but then they turn around and claim that only Bro. Branham had the Word; he was vindicated and no one else has the true understanding of the Scriptures. The Pharisees who came against Christ did not change their mind. Like the Pharisees who fought Christ for He brought the Truth, and like the religious denominational preachers who fought Branham for the Truth he had, you fight me for the Truth I stand for. Christ never fought the Pharisees but only when they came against Him. Bro. Branham never fought the religious preachers but only against the false doctrines. I did not fight your teachings neither any Branhamite preacher's teachings but only when you or anyone came against me and twisting the Truth. I don't mind other preacher's business. I mind the Lord's business and my own. I just preach the Truth and expose heresies, like the disciples, but not the way you or the Pharisees do.
I believe in a Scriptural 5-Fold Ministry that will perfect the Bride. Bro. Branham's message was a "wake up call" for the virgins. It calls  us back to the WORD. It points to the WORD. It cannot perfect the Bride. It is only in the WORD that the Bride will find true REST from all the chaos and confusion (the many voices) in Christendom. Then the Holy Spirit will take the Word and perfect the Bride through an ordained ministry of Christ ó the Ascenson Gifts Ministry of Ephesians 4.
You may hold to the prophet's coat. I know nothing will change your mind from that. Your letter testifies to it. You may believe in all the words of the prophet Branham just like the Pharisees did, believing their prophets, Moses, Daniel, Isaiah, etc. But they did not see the PRESENT TRUTH IN THEIR DAYS. They looked so closely at their prophets' message but they were blinded to the Truth, the Way and the Life. They did not understand the message. They thought they have it, but they didn't. They stayed with the words of the prophets but they did not see the Christ.
Lastly, anyone who has eyes to see can see that you are quite a presumptous and haughty person, with a thinking that stands upon a slippery slope: "Brother, if you donít repent of your heresies and if you have not yet attained to the crowning heights of delusion of the False anointed ones (Matt 24:24), I predict that you would soon proclaim yourself to be the Logos, Christ, veiled in flesh, revealed as Son of Man, White Eagle, White Horse rider and the second Coming of Christ, veiled in human flesh, your dove led eagle reminds me very much about the impersonator, so marvelously exposed on the book, "New Ministry of William Branham Impersonated" who has the same emblem in his books."
You may called me names. It doesn't matter. I have been called names since I came into the Message in 1971 ó from the denominationals and from the Branhamites. And you are not the first one to predict or prophesy against me.
May the Lord have mercy on you.
Richard Gan
Email: 11/11/01

Hi Br. Gan,
Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I visited the site this afternoon and read about the "row" with Dalton Bruce. I just want to say take heart. I was involved in a long drawn "battle" with one such minister in the USA and he will only quote fron the message to support what he has to say. When you refer him to the scripture his only response is that B. Branham is the voice of the day. Believe me people will quote and quote right into hell. Just as you said they're like the pharisees who'll say Moses we know but who are you?

I will be grateful if you will send me copies of your cassette tape recording in which you refuted the alegations of Dalton Bruce.

I will also be grateful if you'll send me Dalton Bruce's e-mail address to enable get in touch with him. Shalom and hope to hear from you soon.


Brother, I replied his email (as above) but it could not reach him. (His email address is below.) Several attempts were made but each time it was returned with this message:

From: <MAILER-DAEMON@ns33.tstt.net.tt>
To: <>
Subject: failure notice
Date: Friday, November 09, 2001 5:01 PM

Hi. This is the mail program at ns33.tstt.net.tt.
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

mail.local: unknown name: vineyard


Dalton Bruce sent me another letter, a long one this time, on the 12 Dec., 2001.

I am not putting his letter on this page as I have no intention to argue or debate on his line of reasoning. But I did write him this:

I have your letter.

Your anger at being exposed for your foolishness has eaten into your soul. You have become very sarcastic and you wrote even more foolishly than your last letter. And again, you were way off the mark in what you wrote.

I am not here to argue with you. You may say that you are trying to help me. How can a man who is confused provides help to a person? I do not need help because I am not confused.  Thanks and no thanks.

Just look at your sarcasms and presumptuous sins:

"I perceived by such declarations that you are called as the chief apostle after W.M.B to lead the bride and correct all errors on his message, to oppose you and your revelation is to oppose Christ, the word, and the logos resulting in not going in the rapture but to hell and the lake of fire."

I am just an apostle. Other apostles I have met -- in Africa, America, etc. I am NOT the Chief Apostle. If you are an anointed man, tell me where in the Bible is the term/title Chief Apostle ever applied to a servant of God other than the Christ? I wouldn't be surprised that you have gone around telling people that "Richard Gan called himself the Chief Apostle. He is called to correct the prophet's message". To call me the Chief Apostle, you are insinuating that I am Jesus Christ. Are you? Remember, you have to answer for every word you utter on this earth.

"Concerning your questions, what is the message? If W.M.B revealed all the mysteries, what is the mark of Cain? Where is Eden? What is the sin of hell?"

Give me the quotes where Bro. Branham revealed the mark of Cain, what it was. I would also like to have the quotes showing the location of the garden of Eden, and lastly quotes for the sin of Ham.

Thank you.

Here are two extracts of Dalton Bruce's third letter to me, which he stated would be his last. He is not happy for being exposed for lying and twisting my teachings. From his books and tapes I have read and heard he is against anyone who is not in line with his understanding of the Message and the Bible, and would not hesitate to call such a person heretic.

His words show a lot of sarcasm. And he has an axe to grind.

[His words are in pink. My reply in cream.]


15th December 2001

Dear Brother, Pastor, Apostle and Prophet Richard Gan, [Note his sarcastic address.]

Thank you for your E-mail letter dated 13th December 2001. I perceive that you are outraged by a list of your own doctrines, which made up most of my letter dated 10th December 2001. It is with great joy that I have received your remarks against your own doctrines, calling it foolishness. I did not see my letter on your internet website. Are you trying to hide your doctrines? Ė hide my doctrines? You are certainly confused. I have thousands of tapes and tens of thousands of books going around the world and you are saying that I am hiding my doctrines? Come next to yourself. I have no intention to put unsound letters on my website.

I donít argue with a preacher who is so high and lofty and bent on preaching heresies. Thus, this will be my final letter, and you will hear from me in another form, -- this is expected. There is nothing new under the sun. The Pharisees ganged up with the Sadducees and the Herodians against Jesus. That spirit is still on this earth. I suggest you let your disturbed spirit rest. If I am a false apostle and my ministry is false, then nothing good will come out of it; otherwiseÖ   I have never attacked anyone, any Branhamite, even if they have attacked my doctrine. BUT if they go about misquoting me, twisting and mis-interpreting my words, my teachings, then I will stand up and expose the man for his LIES. And that was what you did! You can tell the world that Richard Gan is a false prophet, etc. and that Gan preaches false doctrines, and if you give them exactly what I say or wrote in my books, I will never fight you. BUT, the moment you twist my words and make me say things I never did, then you have to be exposed for being a LIAR. The denominational preachers have misrepresent Branham to their people by twisting his words and made him said things he did not say. I, too, have to expose their LIES. And since you have already lied to your people and others about me, and that I have already exposed you, I will never answer your letter anymore. Any more email coming in will automatically be deleted without being read. This I promise you. You can continue in your lies and I will not bother you. May God have mercy on you. And may you examine your own heart and attitude. together with the public and followers of this message, because you have refused the word of deliverance from your satanic bondage. Amen.

Mr. Dalton Bruce
Your Servant.


Sir: I do not agree with you when you teach that "Mixed marriage is not a sin, nor is it unscriptural, it can be practiced amongst believers". This what I read in Dalton Bruce's book. How can a believer marry an unbeliever?  How can he mix and yoke himself to an unbelieving woman? How can you teach that the believers can practice such mixed marriages? You contradict the Word.

My friend, be very careful what you read. What Dalton Bruce put in his book concerning what I teach IS NOT NECESSARILY 100% true. He mis-read and mis-interpreted my words. That's why I have no intention to waste my time over his list of immature arguments. Please go to my message on Polygamy and carefully read what I wrote. Search out whether I said that a believer can marry an unbeliever, or that a believer of one race can marry a believer of another race, eg. a Kenyan marries an Ugandan; a Chinese marries a Vietnamese; an Indian marries a Cambodian; a Caucasian marries a Latin-American; an Eskimo marries a Red Indian; etc.

29 April, 2002

Here is a letter sent through email (produced below in pink). Read and judge for yourself the Pharisaical spirit that exists in those who follow Dalton Bruce's teachings. They make themselves supreme judges and act as if they have all power to pass judgments or curses upon those whom they disagree with. This particular writer claims to associate with me just because he read my books. If by reading a minister's books a person is associated with the minister, then those denominational Christians who read Bro. Branham's books must be considered associating with Branham.

As I have written before, I have no intention to be drawn into a foolish debate when such people cannot, or refuse to, use their common sense that God have given them to even understand the simple things. Yet, they talked so much about having "revelation". Like the questions, text-boxed just above, these people need to be careful ó not in what they read, but rather I would that they know how they read.

Here is an example of how they read ó by adding and twisting words: "The two trees are two laws that govern the sexual reproductive organs; one of these laws constitutes eating of the tree of life, which would produce children with eternal life through sexual indulgence." You can see how the writer had put words into my mouth.

Like John Kennah, an anti-Branham man, the followers of Dalton Bruce are out on a witch hunt to kill and curse those who disagree with their teachings. They are out to pass judgments as if they are great prophets of God. May the Lord have mercy upon them.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hello Brother and apostle Gan,

Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I received your letter and read it in its entirety. Seemingly you have tried to correct your unmannerly ways. If you continue the other 99% in that direction it will do you well. However, with much disappointment, we see that you have not changed your position on your unscriptural and damnable doctrines, and are bent on calling message believers "Branhamites"; therefore we decided, as true believers, to give you your second and final admonition (for even a make believer like you could humble yourself and repent), which if you donít, we will reject you as a proud, self-willed, racial and unmannerly heretic, who is trying to exalt himself above the messenger of the age, and the written Word of God.

It is amazing and alarming that you would ask such a question as to when did we ever have an association with you. Are you not aware brother, that your dogmas have been scattered like wild fire, damning many souls. I have personally seen several believers (both ministers and sheep) with your books in their possession, which many have since dropped and are fleeing for their lives; thanks to the letters I got from Dalton Bruce, and the Exposition of Damnable Heresies books which Dalton Bruce gave to us; especially Book 4, which brought a long list of your doctrines into full view, as they were quoted in direct quotations from your books, word for word, and then exposed by the scriptures and the message of the hour, one after the next.

We taught it fit to list out some of these doctrines as they were listed out in Dalton Bruceís letters and Exposition of Heresies Book 4, which several of the ministers and elders went to your books from which Dalton Bruce had quoted and confirmed that you had actually said these things. We are witnesses.


(1) There were prehistoric man before Adam. (page 14-The original sin).

(2) The serpent was to till the ground as a household servant to Adam. ( page 47-The original sin).

(3) Cain inherited part of Eveís nature, the nature of the Spirit of God. (page 27-The original sin-page 27).

(4) It was Godís intention in the beginning that man multiply by sex. (pages 29,62-The original sin).

(5) The two trees are two laws that govern the sexual reproductive organs; one of these laws constitutes eating of the tree of life, which would produce children with eternal life through sexual indulgence. (page 61-The original sin).

Where do you find scriptures for such things Brother Gan?

(6) God now uses groups of apostles to bring the Word instead of one prophet at a time. He has changed His order and the Word now comes to the apostles. (pages 11í12-Speak the Word).

The messenger of this age never believed nor upheld such doctrines, neither does the scriptures.

(7) The 7 Thunders are 7 anointed men of God, who are the seven eyes of Zechariah 4:8-10. (pages 36,38.39,51-Speak the Word).

Do you uphold and stand in defence of these unscriptural doctrines brother? We have never read where the messenger to this age taught such in his message, neither is there one scripture to support such dogmas. We therefore conclude that you have your own message that is totally contrary to the scriptures and the message of William Branham.

We give you two choices: (1) defend and prove your doctrines in the scriptures, and also show us where the messenger taught and upheld such; or (2) Humble yourself and repent Brother Gan. You are damning the souls of sincere people.

We will accept only either of these three responses from you:

(1) Scripturally defend these doctrines.

(2) Declare that you do not uphold these doctrines (without slippery words).

(3) Or repent my brother.

If you do not respond, it will prove to us, ministers and congregations, that you are a coward, make believer, and heretic, who have crept in unawares.

We give you 30 days, which if you donít respond, we (ministers, deacons and elders) will cause this letter to be read before the churches, after which we will reject you as a heretic.

Your final admonition
Brother Anthony Ronald

09.NOV.2003 Addendum

Some time ago, an American believer sent me an email followed by several more which contained many silly and foolish questions, questions much like the ones you see above, posted to me by the Branhamites.

There is a spirit that has sedated many believers of the Endtime Message against the study of Scripture. They were taught by preachers to "study the Message" (as opposed to "study the Word"). They do not really care about the Scripture as they do about the many statements they collected from the sermons of Bro. Branham. Because they do not know much about the Scripture, they do not know how to find the answers to their questions in the Bible. So, the simplest and easiest way to source an answer is to get it from the sermons of the prophet. If they could find a few quotes from some sermons that look right to them, they would be satisfied. They think that because they know the quotes, and where Branham said them, they are doing well in the "studying of the Message".

Whenever I explain certain things that go against the grain of their beliefs, they would retort saying, "Show me a Scripture verse."  For example, they would ask, "Where did God ever say that Adam and Eve were to bring forth children through sexual union?"

But these same people would simply take some quotes of the prophet and say, "Adam was a son of God, he had the power and the authority to create life by speaking the word, etc. The prophet said so."  They never asked, "Where can I find the Scripture verses for that?"

Why?  Simply because they are taught never to question God's prophet, never to judge the prophet's words.  I wonder where they got that teaching from.  Sure, there are Scripture verses in the Bible concerning the fear of God's prophet, but this is certainly not the way these verses should be applied.

I remember a time, many years ago, how some believers got all excited when they read, or heard, in the prophet's sermon, that Adam had no navel. (By the way, Branham was not the first to know that.)  But "where is the Scripture for that?"  Oh, it's simple, Adam was created, not born. So since he had no umbilical cord, he had no navel.

That's good reasoning!  And it's true, a fact. Now, Bro. Branham said that the Serpent was an upright creature, much like a man.  But "where is the Scripture for that?" Oh, it's simple, he could talk.

Mm..mmph!  Not that simple after all.  A talking creature does not mean it's an upright man-like creature.  So, why do believers believe in an upright Serpent creature whose blood could mix with mankind?  How did they arrive at that?  Interesting, isn't it?

Now, "where did God ever say that Adam and Eve were to bring forth children through sexual union?" Well, just take a closer look at Genesis 2:23-24:

"And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh."

My question is: If sexual union was not God's original plan to bring forth children, how are these words "they shall be one flesh" to be fulfilled? Think about it.

I was asked, "Instead of asking why does a woman have breasts, why don't you just ask why does a man have nipples!?  You surely don't expect a man to suckle a newborn baby just because God gave him nipples, do you!?"

Interesting questions!  Did Adam have nipples?  We all do believe he had.  But "where is the Scripture for that?"  And did Eve have breasts?  We all know she had.  But "where is the Scripture for that?"

Paul said in 2 Timothy 3:16-17:

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works."

The Word is given for us to have fellowship with God. If we are truly Bible believers, we should know our Bible. If we know our Bible, we would not be asking silly and foolish questions.

But why did Adam (man) have nipples? To have the answer, search the Scripture. It's there, you can count on IT. [Why did Adam have nipples?]

Believe the MESSAGE.  Study the SCRIPTURE.

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