Bishop Cohen Reckart


An Arrogant and Presumptuous Self-Styled Man of God,
yet childish in his character.


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The followings are email correspondences which were brought on as a result of Bishop Cohen Reckart @ Bishop Gary Reckart accusing me of manipulating a Malawean preacher whom he believed deceived him. Because of that, he posted an evil article on his website ó
Richard Gan-William Branham
Singapore False Teacher/Deceiver

with name calling and all possible descriptions he could possibly think of in running me down not just in the article but also in his emails.  How is he a "Man of God", I wonder, since he behaves so childishly, full of arrogance without fear of committing presumptuous sin.  Will he ever humble himself to repent of his presumptuous sins and apologize?

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From: gusto gadama

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Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 3:54 PM



Dear ones

           Christian greetings in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ.I hope all of you are okey.Back to me I am fine.It has come upon my heart to write to both you as you are persons I have known for past years.Recently misunderstandings  have come up and cross letters are on internet.It has affected me.I have seen the need to speak out

          What has affected me much is the fact that I am called a Tricker who works for money and not the Gospel and for this reason the web has been made to be read by the world.I have seen the need that Right Bishop Reckart should gather facts from you Pastor Gan how much I sold myself to you the first time I knew you?How much You pastor Richard Gan pays me monthly? How much you pastor Gan has spent for my ministry?.This will reveal my dirty works on money and how tricky Gadama is to get his living in the poorest country of Malawi.Also I would love to know How Gadama asked Pastor Gan to be his representative in Malawi and how I asked my Ministry called Gospel Outreach to be REPLACED with Prophetic Revelation of Gan from Singapore? Also I would like to know when Pastor Richard Gan officially ordained me as his National Pastor in Malawi? May Pastor Gan explain this to Right Bishop Reckart and send a copy to me?

          I would like to know also when I asked Bishop Reckart so much dollars for my living? Let me know when I cheated Right Bishop for money? I knew Bishop Reckart in the year 2001.It was through Pastor Mike Palevo and Evangelist Bennincas that I came to Know Bishop Reckart.They told me about Bishop Reckart.It was through AMERICAN CHRISTIAN NEWS PAPER that I came to know you all.My Bishop,did I speak anything about MONEY the time I knew you?It took about 1Ĺ years and I asked nothing about money.You later sent 200USD out of your will.Then 500USD for funeral of my wife and others were spent while you were waiting for me in RSA where I did not go.From the information above,Can you conclude that GUSTO GADAMA was after money and has EATEN all your money? Even a child cant conclude that.Its your offering to me.I did not beg you or panic you.Right Bishop Reckart,cant you see that you are wrong by putting me on web that I love money? Does a money lover act in this manner? I donít think so.

          I have passed through hardships in this ministry since my calling in the year 1984.If I were after money I would not be in this condition.I would be a millioneer already.There are Preachers here who receive more than 5000USD per month from USA.Others are in executive houses.One friend of mine has bought an AIRPLANE.Just imagine AN AIRPLANE.If I were after money ,could I remain with rugs like this? What makes me to live in this poor condition of life?I could have pumped money from Richard Gan,you Bishop Reckart and others I know but that I have not done .Why? Donít I know the tricks played by denominational preachers to get money? I know them all but I know where I am coming from and where I am going? Pastor Richard Gan since I knew you through reading your books,have I troubled you with money issue? Does that means I donít have problems? You know well that I have NEVER done that.What I always do is ASKING QUESTIONS EITHER FROM YOUR BOOKS AND OTHERS AND NOT MONEY and that much you know well.I feel  pain to hear people saying that GADAMA IS A CROOK AND WORKS FOR MONEY while I am living the hardest life on earth for the sake of the Gospel

          Concering my  STAND IN THE MINISTRY(perhaps being the source of this problem),I am not a Pentecostal,Charismatic,Evangelical,Trinitarian,Zionist )and I have nothing to do with BRANHANISM born around1960s.I was a catholic and called to Gospel by God Himself..I know MANY SPIRITUAL LEADERS in the world becoz I AM A BOOKWORM.I know almost 90% of teachings in the churches of Today.I am AN AFRICAN but not IDLE MAN.I research much.That does not make me to be a FOLLOWER OF ANY AUTHOR just becoz I read his books.I know how FILTHY DENOMINATIONS are and have no APPETITE to work with dirty leaders.I am not HAPPY when called by others to be a TRINITY PREACHER.I blast all TRINITY Preachers here.How Can I be ONE OF THEM?

          Right Bishop Reckart called me to RSA that was FEW DAYS after I BURRIED MY WIFE and in TEARS with 4 children on my bosom she left for me.Tears were flesh.Nobody could expect me to move.Yes,immigrations officials hindered also as I had no PASSPORT.My RIGHT BISHOP RECKART,cant you discern that I was in harships.Why  BLASTING ME that I was a CROOK and only wanted MONEY from you.This can cause one to cry.I know at that time your daughter lost her son .You were in tears.Why cant you compare her tears with my tears at that time?

         Yes Pastor Richard Gan visited Malawi in April.He was going to Kenya.When he reached here,he conducted MEETINGS along the LAKE MALAWI here.Pastor Tonny Nkhwandwe from EndTime Tabernancle Church(my closest friend) did all the preparations for the meetings.I was there as you can see in the picture.After that Pastor Gan flew the country for Kenya.Pastor Richard Gan who is also reading this letter knows that all I am saying is the TRUTH..From December 2003 till April 2004,I was without strength to move or hold meetings.It was funeral hour for me tillsomewhere around JUNE 2004 when I started Meetings.Where is MY CROOKEDNESS HERE and let me see it may be I AM BLIND to it?

          As I have said already,if I were after money,I would not be here.For example,few months ago,my LandLord seized all my goods for failing to pay rents of which I am looking for about 150USD to redeem it back.Did I write you Pastor Richard Gan or Right Bishop Reckart for this? No No but Why? I would have played trick game to people to get money for this but that I have not done.

         May I say this that I am not what is said.I am not preaching for money.I am also NOT A DENOMINATIONAL PREACHER who follows all dirty teachings just becoz a preacher is from EAUROPE orASIA AND  HAS A LOT OF MONEY or  HIS ORGANIZATION is very big or that he will be  paying me money monthly.There is NOBODY on this SOIL who should cheat himself that he ca buy GADAMA WITH MONEY.I am bought by TRUE FAITH OF GOD and out side that LET HIS BAG OF MONEY GO AWAY WITH HIM.I will work only with TRUE MINISTER OF GOSPEL who preachers WHOLE BIBLE TRUTHS AND NOTHING ELSE.I will not be ashamed to call him my coworker in the Ministry.African preachers want MONEY from WHITE PREACHERS but GUSTO GADAMA wants TRUTH ONLY.I accept FINANCIAL HELPS from any body who is GODLY and has BIBLE TRUTHS.Many preachers have sold out their Ministrys to RICH PREACHERS for money sake.May God protect me from all that.

        With all my heart ,I sk Right Bishop Reckart to take out my Name on WEB having  explined all in details in this email.My Right Bishop,would you please heartly and with fatherly heart do so.I am not a tricker and crook.This will be character assassination of which I donít deserve now may be in future.With all my heart I am wishing the best to you Pastor Richard Gan and Bishop Reckart.You may differ in many things but please RESPECT one another in all your writings.I know you may not SEE ALIKE NOW but may be in future God will open both your eyes and SEE ALIKE.Why cant you leave all differences in  the Hands of God? I am saying this becoz I have read all WORDS YOU ARE EXACHANGING TO ONE ANOTHER in emails.This is  just my plea

         May God bless you all
         Pastor Gusto Gadama


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From: prCom

To: gusto gadama ;

Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 3:57 AM



Bro. Gusto,


If you have read what I wrote in reply to Bishop Reckart, you would have read that I have nothing against you.  Reckart have the arrogance to write that I was buying you and have taken you away from him.  Because he wrote: "When I discovered he is was secret agent for Singapore Branhamite false teacher Richard Gan I pulled the plug.  I could no longer ignore Gan. I could no longer ignore who Gadama has turned out to be.  I wonder just how much money he has gotten from Gan and others to translate Branhamite heresies and other false doctrines?"  he assumed that you deceived me (and that I had been deceived by you). If he thought that to be true, then I said that he was the one that was deceived, not me.

If I know that you are a follower of Reckart or any other preacher, I won't be foolish to write an article about you and post it on the Internet. For Reckart it is a different story altogether. Reckart is building his kingdom but he thinks he is building it for God.  He is a proud man.  He probably wouldn't have wriiten that webpage against you and me and Branham if I am not a believer of the message of William Branham.  But his "detestation" of Branham and his message took the better of him that he couldn't even think straight and that he even twisted my statements and teachings.

However, at least you now know the spirits that are working in this world.

I know you have gone through much but you are still a friend.

Best regards and may the Lord bless you.



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From: acts0412

To: prCom ; gusto gadama

Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 9:23 PM



Dear Pastor Gadama, Mr. Gann:

The commission of Jesus is to preach the Gospel to all nations.  The purpose of this preaching is to produce believing hearts to repentance and water baptism according to Acts 2:38.  Subsequent to salvation the believer is taught in the doctrine and faith of Christ, which we call the Apostle's Doctrine.  Within this body of doctrine, faith, practice, conduct, and order, there is set forth qualifications for ministers of this faith.  The requirements are very strict and rightly so.  Those who bear the vessel's of the Lord should be holy.  Their doctrine should be without error and their lives above condemnation.  The spiritual welfare of the Church depends upon the leadership being a Man of God and not just a preacher, not just a pastor, and not just an evangelist.  It is this image, Men of God should bear to the world so that our Gospel is not blasphemed.  We are not to go off into vain jangling.  Nor are we to follow winds of doctrine or doctrines of devils.  We have one Lord God and his name is Jesus.  To him and for him we do all things.  We put Truth on the level as God's name.  For by his name he seals and protects Truth. Any man who opposes and exalts himself above God's name or God's Truth, is the same as a devil.  For this reason, all Men of God have a duty and a responsibility to God: and between Brethren of this same doctrine, there is unity.  False doctrine and men out of order with the doctrine of the New Covenant, have no place in this unity.  We are not ecumenical, joining in unity where there is no doctrinal agreement.  As such, I demand of all Men of God a high degree of accountability.  Some can call this pride, some can call it kingdom making, some can call it legalistic bondage, and some can me proud and mock me because of my public stand for Truth.  When any man or group of men join themselves together to promote a false prophet (William Branham), or to promote false teachings, I am called of God to reprove such and when necessary openly before the world.  Other men have the same right toward me if they feel any of my doctrine is contrary to the Apostle's Doctrine.  I am attacked by all sorts of people daily on the internet.  Do I cry because I have made a choice to stand up for truth and am persecuted?  No! I know that spiritual war comes with the Sword of the Word.  I know I must be a soldier and experience hardness.  At the same time, I must recognize those soldiers who fight the good fight of faith there to my right and my left.  I know a soldier when I see one.  Neither of you men are any where around me. Instead you are behind my back making war against me.

Pastor Gadama, you are angry because I posted about you on the internet.  I gave you some elementary things you could do to prove your sincerity in the Lord and Truth.  But what did you do?  Instead of humbling yourself you chose to make war against me and call Mr. Gann into our discussions on your side.  Your mocking of me, calling me Right Bishop Reckart, when "Right" is a Catholic title, did not gain you any points with me.  It instead showed me that you do not do what you preach.  You say respect for all men?  Well, just try respect for one man and not throw this Catholic title in my face. I noticed you did not refer to Richard Gann as Right Richard Gann!Was this because you did not want to offend him, you respect him more then me, and you wanted to make your point with me with this mockery?

Mr. Gann:  My opposition with William Branham has to do with false doctrine, period!  This man promoted his own self and even named his church after himself "Branham Tabernacle."  There is no need for me to go into his many false doctrines.  He was not a prophet of God and if he ever was, he departed from this and became a prophet of himself.   That is why many Branhamites worship him and call him Christ-Branham. Many think his miracles made him greater then any other man living or who will live after him.  Some claim he was a remanifestation of Jesus.  Branham was Jesus again they claim. This is false, and we are never told any where in the Word of God to follow any man because of his miracles.  We are told to beware of false Christs and Branham is a false Christ. We are told to hold to the doctrine, to cleave to that which is good, to not let any man deceive us, and to contend for the faith once and for all delivered to the saints.  What William Branham delivered was not what was first delivered to the saints.  He did not believe or teach Acts 2:38 baptism was where sins were washed away by the blood of Jesus.  He did not believe or teach correctly about the Lord's Passover (Communion).  He did claim his deceased first wife was saved and she had never been baptized in Jesus Name all because he was rejecting it before and at the time of her death.  He came to his baptism after she died, how neat and tidy he would avail himself of what he denied his wife!  William Branham was not the seventh church age messenger.  He was not the last messenger to the Church.  There are so many things he stole from others and lied about.  It is true, I am not his judge and I do not pretend to be.  But I am called of God to witness and stand for the Apostle's Doctrine and in this calling I have no choice but to withstand any and all men who are opposing the Truth.  When William Branham was partying with trinitarians more then he was with Oneness Apostolics, we knew who he was.  When he would attend meetings of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship (Trinitarians), and opposed our Apostolic doctrines, we knew who he was.  And his serpent seed doctrine:  well, we knew who he was with this also.  Over all, William Branham chose not to align himself with the Apostolic Brethren and when he would not live and preach this Truth as we know it, he was disfellowshipped.  We let him go his way and did not try to correct his errors.  We let him alone to do miracles calling on Jesus name while he deceived many thousands with his false doctrines afterward.  We saw in William Branham the very fulfillment of those who will cry "Lord, Lord, did not we do many mighty miracles in your name."  So, any where in the world where the Christ-Branham false doctrines appear we are opposed to them.  Yes, Pastor Gadama, if you were led by the same Holy Spirit we Apostolics here were, your spirit would have been checked and you also would have rejected him.  You would not be sitting at a table eating with Mr. Gann who came before you with no deception. He intended to convert as many as he could to his version of William Branham's doctrines.  He did not hide his purpose.  He put it all on the table.  But what did you do Pastor Gadama?  You did nothing!  In fact, you did not raise up a word against the teachings of William Branham or Mr. Gann.  Not even to this day! And you are angry that I have pressured you with my web page.  You are more concerned about being called a Tricker then you are about being a Branhamite.

Pastor Gadama you knew, from reading my web pages my stand on Branhamism.  You knew all along I was opposed to the false message of this false prophet.  You did not disclose to Mr. Gann your connection with me nor did you disclose to me your connection with Branhamism and Mr. Gann.  It was Mr. Gann who placed you on the internet as his operative there in Malawi.  I discovered your link with Branhamism on Mr. Gann's web site. I was willing to let you go in that direction if that was your choice.  But I was not going to allow you to do this without warning the world that you are not a faithful true Apostolic man.  Now Pastor Gadama do not lie!  You have written many emails asking for money from me.  I am not sure how much I have sent from those who donated to your cause.  You did get $500 from me and also $500 from my friends the Perry family, at the death of your wife.  I have sent you money several times as God provided it to me.  I sent you $150 US on 11/24/2005 and was willing to send more to fix the car.  Then on 11/27/2005 I discovered your connection to Branhamites on Richard Gann's web pages and wrote to you about this and I would send you no more money or emails.

You can now mock what little you got, or not mention all you got, that is up to you.  When you agreed to come to South Africa to meet the Brethren in January 2004 you never said you were hurting in your heart and could not come.  You never said once that the death of your wife and care of your children were heavy upon you.  You led us to believe you wanted to come and meet with us.  We spent over $500 US for your airfare, a ticket we could not get refunded.  I spent an additional $200 US to travel to the airport to pick you up.  You did not even call or send an email you were not on the air plane.  We hunted for you.  We spent all night in Johannesburg airport looking for you.  You could have sent an email.  Instead, you claim immigration would not let you on the plane unless you paid a bribe.  Pastor, what you did, was wrong.  You showed no concern that we lost over $700 US for your coming to South Africa.  We could have spent this on other things for the poor saints in South Africa.  We had a PA system that cost over $1000 US for you.  We even thought of coming there to deliver it.  But we were checked by the Holy Spirit and did not do so, and gave the PA system to another worker in the Apostolic Gospel there in SA. So, do not blame us when we are now on guard about money when it comes to you and Malawi.

Mr. Gann, I call you to come out of the Christ-Branham doctrine and preach the true Apostolic doctrine.  I call you to repent of all the false doctrines you are teaching.  It is time you line up with the true New Covenant Messianic doctrine of Christ and his Apostles.  I will remove the web page about you when you repent.

Pastor Gadama, I am going to remove the web page reference to you.  Not because you have convinced me of anything.  It is because I do not want to be associated with a man who is unfaithful and not loyal to the Truth.  I will find another representative in Malawi if it is the Lord's will that I should be the one to bring this Messianic Message to that nation.  If you ever truly repent, may the Lord use you to raise up an Apostolic Church and not a Christ-Branham one.

Upon the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand,

Bishop G. Reckart


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Mr. Reckart,

Have you read my response to your lies on my website?  I don't think you have judging from what you have written below (3rd paragraph from the bottom) before you signed off. No, you do not have to remove the webpage you have posted on your website about me. The world has a right to know your foolishness and lies. 

And from the way you spelled my name in this email shows me the kind of spirit you possessed. 



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From: acts0412

To: prNET

Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2006 3:14 AM



Mr. RGan:

Sorry I added one n to many!

Yes, I read your tripe.  I was amused.  Hurt at the revelation of Pastor Gadama's conduct and translating Branhamite literature?  No, I was SHOCKED!   The real feeling was betrayal.  You know, as Judas pretended to be one in heart with Jesus but behind the back of Jesus he was cohorting with his enemies for payment in silver (money).  Get the picture?  I would not have given you the time of day, but you had to post on your website about me opposing William Branham so I felt I would post what I believe and not let people believe what you wrote.  I will let them decide who is standing for the Truth.

If we are ever in the same country I will challenge you to debate the issues in public and will test just what you believe concerning Branham's false doctrines.

As to your not appearing with your wife, my whole point was that if a sissy will wear a skirt, a dress, modern ones: then "is" he also a closet transvestite or possible homosexual.  You can answer this if you desire.  Right now I have you pegged as a transvestite, one who cross-dresses.  I have not accused you of being a homosexual.

The balance of your tripe does not merit my time.  You need to repent of all those false doctrines and get with the Truth.

I will allow Pastor Gadama to do his thing what ever he chooses.  And yes, if men receive financial support from us we will expect them to preach the doctrine we preach.  What else would we be supporting?

Bishop, Man of God, Pastor Reckart


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Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2006 10:58 AM



Wow!  What an arrogant man! A man who has no shame for lying and presuming evil of others and still calls himself a Man of God.

Yes, let others judge what truth is.

As to Gadama's motive, I leave it to his own conscience.



A proverb:

A man who is full of himself you cannot teach.
You be a fool if you could.