Is Branhamism of God?

To many followers of the messenger to the Laodicean Age, it is.  They believe that the messenger, William Marrion Branham, had the THUS SAITH THE LORD in all his words uttered because they believe that he did not make a single mistake even when speaking.  Out of this heretical teaching came forth several contentions by different preachers as to who William Branham really was.  To a certain group, Branham was (and still is) THE ABSOLUTE and not just an absolute with a message to the age (the last of the Seven Church Ages).  Some who do declare that the SACRED SCRIPTURE is THE ABSOLUTE would even at times, under a compromising spirit, point to Branham as THE ABSOLUTE and fall back on his words (taken from his sermons).  Can there be TWO ABSOLUTES?  Such preachers are unstable in all their ways for they are double-minded men (cf. Jam.1:8).

Now, at the very extreme end of Branhamism, is that group of preachers who speak of Bro. Branham as if he is their Lord.  The seducing spirit of Branhamism has finally achieved its aim in deception.  For years it has been working even in the days when Bro. Branham was alive and ministering the Word of the Lord to bring about a heresy that would stop the ears from hearing the simple Truth of the message by creating a "charismatic sensation" around, and about, the servant of the Lord.  The devil  has shifted the attention of the message followers to the messenger instead of Christ, the Word of God, who gave the message.  And what is the simple Truth of that message?  It is a cry to the elect of God to come out of all denominational churches, religious organizations, all isms, all man-made traditions, creeds and dogmas; and to get right back to THE ABSOLUTE SACRED WORD of the Lord, to the Apostolic Faith.

1TI 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.

Over the many years of my ministry, I have come to know, by letters and emails, of several preachers who wrote me claiming that they were some great ones (like Theudas and Simon the Sorcerer, Acts 5:36; 8:9). 
Taking some statements out of Branham's sermons, three of these preachers have claimed to be the fulfillment of the last day prophet that was to come after Branham. 

In India, a man by the name of S. THOMAS, believes that he himself, not Bro. Branham, is the last prophet to the Gentiles and that he holds the last day revelation.  He teaches that Branham was the second of TWO CHRISTS (our Lord Jesus Christ was the first).  This self-proclaimed prophet declared that William Marrion Branham was both Lord and Christ Lord Branham Christ and that, just like our Lord Jesus, William Branham had risen from the dead after the third day of his burial!

Other sacred titles that were accorded to Jesus Christ are also accorded to William Branham by this false prophet.  S. Thomas has no fear of God for his propagation of all those lies.  Why?  It is simply because he is deceived and is blinded to the Truth.  Being deceived, he is now deceiving others.  Friends, how dangerous, then, is the spirit of Branhamism?

O Branhamites, whither your ears in the hearing of the Word of God?  Are you not just as blind as those in the denominations? 

Consider: on a scale of 1 to 10 in Branhamism, S. Thomas is a 10.  Then where are you?  If you are a 1, you are still under the spell of that deceiving spirit.  As long as you are found anywhere on this Branhamism scale you are wanting in the Apostolic Faith.  You may stand with the prophet and say that he had the Word.  But let me remind you that Jesus Christ is THE WORD.

Unlike S. Thomas, there are a number of preachers in the U.S.A. who are running around proclaiming that William Branham (whose body is still in the grave) will one of these days resurrect to preach the Word of God one more time.  They teach that he will have his big-tent meetings and that he will travel around the world.  Some Branhamites have already purchased a big tent and a jet plane solely for that purpose.  These preachers are even known to boldly proclaim that those who do not acknowledge this "Return Ministry of William Branham", as they call it, are blaspheming God.  How blind and foolish they are!  They are the ones who have blasphemed the Word and they don't even know it.

All sermons of Bro. Branham were preached correct.  But for anyone to justify a certain revelation by piecing together some various statements from his different sermons is plain foolishness.  Such a person must have been bewitched.  He has failed to heed this simple Truth:

2TI 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration (in-breathed) of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

Whatever 'certain revelation' that is being propagated, supposedly taught by the prophet or otherwise, if it's contrary to the Word, it never came from God!  That's the Truth!  The mystery of God unfolds itself within the Word of God, not certain revelation(s) outside the Word.  Far too many people are using their various experiences, visions, dreams, et cetera, to deceive others into believing that their 'revelation' is 'Thus Saith The Lord'. Check what the Word says, brethren, check the Word always. Every True Revelation of God's Word must interlock one with the other.

Friend, check your faith, check your understanding, check your revelation.  Our Lord Jesus is coming very soon.  You need to know whether you are IN or OUT of His WORD.

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