A once ETM Preacher practicing deceit on me


On this date: Tuesday, 9 February, 2016,
I received an email marked PERSONAL from someone who was once an Endtime Message preacher.  He requested that the correspondence between him and me be kept "private and not be published or shared with any other person".  At first, I thought that he had REAL PERSONAL ISSUES, something that touched his personal being, perhaps a personal failure, or a material need.  However, the correspondence was not about such personal issues; it was about William Branham and his teachings.  I realized that he must have learned from those Anti-Branham people, preachers and believers who were once very fervent followers of Branham and who believed in "saying exactly what the tapes say".

I tried to help him understand whatever he wanted to know about this and that concerning the "spoken words" of Branham. But it soon got to a point in the discussion that he became ugly in his manner with his words. He became sarcastic and even twisted the words of Branham and mine.

I ended my discussion with him on 15 July, 2016.

However, in the beginning of 2018 (22 Jan.) his deceptive work came to light when he wrote me an email. He had an agenda, of course; that's why he told me to keep the correspondence all wrapped up in secrecy. In the discussion, and from it, he had taken what he needed, what appealed to him.  Then he used them to manipulate certain other believers.

Mon, 22 Jan 2018

Solomon Jacob wrote:

Dear Bro. Gan,

Shalom. How are you and your health? We trust and believe that you are doing fine and enjoying the blessings of the Lord. It’s been long that haven’t heard from you, so thought let me write to you.

We thank the Lord for his continuous blessings that he has blessed us throughout the last 365 days. We have past 365 days and are closer to the coming of the Lord. We also thank the Lord for the freedom of the spirit that we are experiencing during the worship and in our day to day Christian life.

I know you are aware of the happenings in the Message Church around the World but still thought to send you some videos that might give you more insight to know what is going on in the Message Church.

Sorry to disturb your privacy, I am sure you will pardon me in brotherly love.
God Bless You.
Bro. Solomon

Third Pull In Action
“And God dwells in mankind, and man himself is Deity. Hallelujah!”
“Spirit of Deity working in the Message Church, God in my Flesh, In the Flesh of the Prophet. Elijah of this day is Jesus Christ.”

Edgar Roscoe is the Pastor of the largest Message Church in Durban, South Africa.
In this video you can watch and hear that during the worship service the congregation and the Song leader is singing and shouting “In the name of Edgar Roscoe Break Every Chain Break Every Chain, In the name of Our God”.

In this video you can watch and hear that during the worship service the congregation is singing and shouting Elohim Roscoe, Elohim Roscoe.

In this video you can watch and hear that during the worship service the congregation is singing and praising Roscoe, Roscoe

Congregation of the largest Message Church in Enfield London singing and praising William Branham with the song titled “Who Was This Man”.

Spirit of Deity working in the Message Church in India,


My reply:

Greetings, Bro Solomon

Please do not think that I am not aware of the goings-on in THE MESSAGE PEOPLE as you called it.

How many preachers do you know (who believe Branham to be the endtime messenger) that are fighting against the fanaticism that exists in the movement? I am not talking about people like the Bergens and John Collins and even you, who are LOOKING FOR FAULTS IN BRANHAM'S WORDS to condemn him as a false prophet. People such as the Bergens and Collins, and you, were once staunch believers, but having been told of some discrepancies, began shooting Branham down. And like you, you were even sarcastic in the email you once wrote me.

You don't really know me, and my calling, because I don't put out details of my calling (how the Lord called me to His ministry) and my testimony for people to read. I have reasons, and one of them is the fanaticism that people have, either for me or against me. I came to the message of Branham in the middle of 1971, and the Lord taught me and showed me, after 2 years, of hearing preachers from USA, Germany, Canada and NZ, what was happening in the movement. A prophecy came and later a vision came concerning my ministry, and what I was to expect. And I saw it all when I started travelling in 1981. So, my question in the paragraph above, as to who do you know are fighting against the fanaticism in the movement all the years that you have been in the message yourself (before you got messed up with the opposite end of the extreme)?

I have been attacked by many preachers, like Ted Posedly, Hilderbrandt, Richard Muller who burnt my books because I preached the Truth. There are still those out there, telling their people to burn my books. They didn't like what I said about Branham. And those "giants" in the message, like Pearry Green and Byskal, I knew that they didn't know what they thought they knew.

If you and those ANTI-BRANHAM people want to continue faulting Branham, you will surely find plenty more ERRORS, DISCREPANCIES, LIES, ETC. to fault him. God has allowed all these to happen in the last several years, what I already knew would happen back then before 1974. That's why I kept away from the many preachers because of the Lord's warning, and I am still doing that. God has allowed the SHAKING to come, by the very people who once were staunch believer and followers of THE MESSAGE, but who never had an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. They heard, but they NEVER REALLY HEAR. No wonder, Jesus said: "Take head WHAT YOU HEAR, and HOW YOU HEAR." Yes, you heard the message, but did you take heed to HOW YOU HEAR and WHAT YOU HEAR?

If you hear a message of God rightly, you will know the Truth from the beginning. But if you do not, and you think you do, you get yourself mess up. And when you look at the words, are you seeing or are you simply just looking? I have seen many preachers changing their views of what THE MESSAGE is, and the doctrines that Branham taught. Why did they change their doctrines, revelations, etc, now and then? Because they did not have the Truth; they did not have the revelation; they did not understand.

Now, if you are trying to influence me to change my mind about Branham and the message, forget it. God had shown me the Truth, back in the 1970s, in ways you do not know. I am to remain simple, preach and teach the Word. There are many out there in Africa, India, Philippines, Europe, South America and USA where preachers are lifted up and worshipped by their congregation because they made claims of this and that, and their followers became fanatics. It is all emotional and religiosity, not one bit of revelation. Many are looking for signs. Yes, God sent them strong delusion that they believed a lie. Are you religious or are you spiritual?

Are you diligently seeking for Truth, or for are you seeking for errors? The Lord never tell His people to search for error. He told them to SEARCH the Truth. What truth? Truth of Branham's mistakes, discrepancies, etc? If you do that, you will find plenty. But when you diligently SEARCH THE TRUTH OF GOD, you will get GOD'S TRUTH.

The videos you sent are old news to me. I know them several years ago, some even 15-20 years back. There are plenty more of such fanatics. Do they worry me, scare me? Not one bit. This world belongs to Satan; the systems are all his to manipulate. I do not live in a religious realm; I live in a spiritual realm. Branhamites, like many traditional Christians are living in religious realm; so are the Bergens and Collins. Are you?

I thank you for your concern, and may you truly search for THE TRUTH, not the "truth" of BELIEVE THE TRUTH. Shalom.


Response from Bro. Solomon Jacob:

Dear Bro. Gan Shalom.

Thanks very much for your response to my mail.

I had no intentions to scare you or worry you and not even to try to influence you to change your mind about Branham and the message. In the very beginning I wrote, I know you are aware of the happenings in the Message Church around the World.

We have full respect for your ministry; we have experienced it and with good heart acknowledge it.

Yes, It is true that from 1975 to 2015 I was once staunch believer and propagator of the Message of William Branham. I was the first to start the Tape Ministry in India. From 1981 to 1989 I was visiting USA every year for four months and preached in almost every church in the States and mate all the big shots in the Message and also had one hour talk with Joseph Branham.

When I was fed up with the different doctrines in the Message from 1989 I stopped visiting the States. I stayed alone along with the Brother Bhalerao and Sona. During this period from 1989 you were the only foreign missionary that we came in touch with.

When we received and accepted the Message we did it without raising any question or any doubt. We received it as it was and we never examined it as it is in case of almost everyone who accepted this message. We were blinded with Supernatural vindications and all other stories that were told to us. We were fully attracted to Bro. Branham through his messages which we heard on the Tapes. During that time there was no question to raise any doubt.

In 2009 we moved to Israel. In 2014 things so happened that the Spirit of the Lord forced us to examine the Messages of Bro. Branham with parallel to the Bible and specially his claims that he is Elijah Prophet of Malachi 4:5, he is the seventh angel of Rev.10:7, he is the Luke 17:30 and so on.

When we sat at the feet of the Lord and started to study the message and the Bible the Lord started to show us that every claim that Bro. Branham has made is based on the perverted word.

If you remember the Two Parallel verses I sent to you, Rev.10:7 and Genesis 18:3 and requested to say which verse is the true verse, Verse A or Verse B.

Your answer was, In Both cases Verse A. If verse A is true then the verse B is false and perverted.

The Lord showed us that the claims of Bro. Branham was based on the perverted Verse B.

We know that the most of the Message preachers are against you because you stand for the True Word of God even if it is against what Bro. Branham said.

It is evident from your message titled “Mystery of God” in which you have very well made these statements,

This mystery is singular not plural. The same dispensation , the whole dispensation of the Church Age from the beginning right to the end is the mystery of God. Should be declared to his servants the prophets, not particular person.  Declared to his servants the prophets in the Old Testament.  It was already mentioned in the Old Testament.

Whereas, Bro. Branham claimed that Mystery of God is All the Mysteries.  He claimed that the Mystery of God is Mystery of Serpent Seed, Mystery of Marriage and Divorce, Mystery of Godhead, Mystery of Baptism in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ, Mystery of Seven Seals, Mystery of Seven Thunders, etc. etc. He claimed that these mysteries were hidden and not known. And finally Bro. Branham claimed that He is the only person the Prophet Elijah and the Seventh Angel of Rev. 10:7 who is going to reveal all these mysteries. (These are the statements of Bro. Branham and not of any Message Believers)

This is just one example.

Bro. We searched the Truth and the Spirit of the Truth revealed us the Truth. When the Truth is revealed the lie automatically comes to the surface, you don’t have to search for the lies. Finally in October 2015 we declared to our fellow brothers that we are no more Message Believers, we are out.

I am first Spiritual and then Religious. You have to be first Spiritual to be religious.  Religious = scrupulously and conscientiously faithful.

Bro. Gan we have one goal and that is by any means we might attain unto the resurrection of the dead and to guide, help and prepare our fellow brothers to attain the same.

We have one thing in common and that is Jesus Christ. I think on this basis we still can have fellowship together.

May our Good Lord continue to bless you.

In His Service
Bro. Solomon


24/1/2018 1:32 PM

Bro Solomon,
For the last time, the final time, let me say this: Do not think you know what you do not know.
You claimed that:

"When we sat at the feet of the Lord and started to study the message and the Bible the Lord started to show us that every claim that Bro. Branham has made is based on the perverted word."

If that is true, if that is really from the LORD, who showed you that Branham's every claim is based on perverted word, then the LORD contradicted Himself in the man's ministry. You used "perverted word" to describe Branham's discrepancies, mistakes he uttered. I have, time after time, cried out against the stupidity of high-minded preachers and believers, that Branham WAS A HUMAN BEING, A MAN OF BONE AND FLESH, AN UNEDUCATED MAN, who knew the Word but not ALL OF IT, just what God wanted him to know. (Branhamites will fault me for saying that, but do I care, for they are but Foolish Virgins, wandering around, seeking, and know not what they are seeking.) And, Branham did the best of his ability to get the Truth across to his hearers. In doing that, there would be mistakes made, for no man is perfect; no prophet is THE ABSOLUTE that could utter words and thoughts, 100% perfect without errors.

Branham was not a ROBOT that God keyed in every precise alphabet, number, word, etc., so that he could get to the pulpit and regurgitate EXACTLY what God keyed in. The THUS SAITH THE LORD is not in every word he uttered in his preaching; it is in the TRUTH OF GOD. All Prophets and Apostles of the Bible, when they were shown a revelation/Truth, they would speak, using parables, words, psalms, illustrations, whatever they could, to get the revelation/truth of God across to the people; so that the people could believe through their words, John 17:20. And yet Paul said to SEARCH THE SCRIPTURE to see if those things he (or other preachers) said are true. Of course, do the Branhamites really search the Scripture? If they do, do they STUDY THE WORD as Paul admonished Timothy to do? They are on QUOTES, and are messed up. Was Branham to be blamed? Was he perverting the Word?

Remember, my question to you: John the Baptist said he was not Elijah. But Jesus said he was. So, John Baptist told the Truth, and Jesus was not, He perverted the Word. Is that it? Or, was John the one who lied; perverting the Word?

The Sacred Scripture was penned by INSPIRATION (correct word is IN-BREATHED, a one-time word in the Bible) of God. If there were magnetic recording machines in the days of the Apostles, and every sermon they preached were recorded, we would have thousands of tapes. And if you were to listen to all, you will find many discrepancies of speech of the apostles. No preacher's utterance of a message can be said to be IN-BREATHED. You can say a preacher's message is inspired of God, but you can NEVER SAY it is IN-BREATHED OF GOD. Every word in Scripture is scribed precisely as God intended. Mistakes are not there. But preachers' utterances are not so. They use words to the best of their ability to carry the Truth to the hearers.

Now, you wrote: “...every claim that Bro. Branham has made is based on the perverted word" and ”...Finally in October 2015 we declared to our fellow brothers that we are no more Message Believers, we are out.

Well, then, if that is true, if that is really from the LORD, so be it with you, and be at peace. But, why are you troubled?  If that is not really the LORD telling you, but another spirit, then you have deceived yourself. You are uncertain, and you are troubled.

Since you “are out”, why are you coming “in” to argue over it, when you are already “out”?  Why are you faulting over “Mystery” and “mysteries”?  I have no problem when Branham uttered the words “mysteries” and mentioned all those mysteries in the Bible. Let the Branhamites hold to “mysteries of God” instead of “mystery of God”.  I am not a Branhamite.  I know who Branham was, for God had given me a night vision, concerning his position. And God’s words to me was to raise a standard for a blessing to His people.

I know my Bible. The statements of Branham are not my Absolute, for they are not. I know what I heard and how I heard it. I don’t hear what the man says; I hear what the Spirit says.



§§§  As correspondence with this preacher increased in the following few days, it dawned on me that this preacher was actually trying to get me to side with his "theologies" that Branham was a false prophet, and at the same time he wanted the discussion to be wrapped in secrecy.  What was his fear, perhaps an agenda to hide it from certain believers?

26/1/2018 PM

Sorry, I will not go any further.  You are just picking up words just to satisfy your correctness.  I read no further than the first few lines of this your email and saw your "trouble".

You wrote in one of your email that:
"We have full respect for your ministry; we have experienced it and with good heart acknowledge it."
I don't think so.  How can this be when in Kholaphur at a convention where Bro Andrew Phiri was speaking you took over 30 minutes running my name down over an email correspondence I had with you. He testified that your manner of speaking was disrespectful.  That is true, for in your emails in 2016, you were sarcastic to put me down where you used the phrase: "your beloved prophet William Branham".

As I have said, in my last reply to you, that I have said enough.
If you cannot be at peace, you cannot be at peace.  If your heart is troubled, the way you are troubled, cast the whole thing upon the Lord, for He cares for you.  Otherwise, you are feeding on a wrong spirit.



29/1/2018 PM

Response from Bro. Solomon Jacob:

Shalom Bro. Gan.

As I see that you believe and preach the Truth which are according to the original written word of God against all the opposition of the Branhamites and the Message preachers.

Though your revelation and messages contradicts the claims of Prophet William Branham, you still stand for it against all the adversaries.

This is the reason that I still believe that you are a man of God.


It is a lie that I took over 30 minutes running your name down in the Kumbhoj meeting.

It is true that I mentioned your name here and there referring your published message “Speak the Word” and in which you stated that “God has given the Church the Five-fold Ministry of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers (cf. Eph.4:11). This is the order of operation and no one can change it”. And pointed out that later you changed this order and allowed Bro. Branham as a Prophet.  

I said And When I raised this question to Bro. Gan, he called out my question as A Silly Question”.

I also referred Bro. Jackson and said that Bro. Jackson also have rejected and said that Bro. Branham is not Luke 17:30. (I preached for him twice when he was alive)

If you calculate the total time that I mentioned your name and your quote would come to less than 7 min. at the most and that to here and there. By the grace of the Lord I still have the recording of my message that I preached at Kumbhoj. When I go to India next time I am going to invite Bro. Hubert and Bro. Sona and will request them to hear the recording and will make them to count the time that I mentioned your name.

I am sorry to say that the Kumbhoj meeting was a plot to destroy my influence and ministry at Kumbhoj. As bro. Hubert was instigated by someone and had already made up his mind against me went to Ahmednagar, had a talk about me with Bro. Sona till late 1.30 at midnight. When I came to know about this talk I asked Bro. Sona what was the talk all about me till late midnight. He tell me nothing and the next thing I came to know that they have arranged the meeting at Kumbhoj in which Bro. Andrew Phiri would preach. If I am not wrong Bro. Andrew Phiri is associated with you.

The Lord showed me that in my absence what harm could be caused to the simple people of Kumbhoj. Immediately I booked the tickets and reached Khumbhoj in the evening of the First day meeting. Bro. Andrew Phiri had gathered all the young leaders of the Congregation and was trying to present to them that, How a leader after believing and preaching the Message for many may years can turn away from the truth and lead the people which are under his influence to the wrong spirit and teaching.

When I heard this with my own ears, I thank the Lord that he brought me at the right time.

What I preached at Kumbhoj was all in Black and White. I gave everything in the hands of Bro. Andrew Phiri, Bro. Hubert, Bro. Sona, Bro. Bhalerao and the entire congregation in a printed form. They have everything on paper what I spoke in that meeting.

I was hurt the way they spent hours talking about me, I was hurt the way they arranged the meeting. I was hurt the way they took Bro. Andrew Phiri to Kumbhoj.

I thank the Lord that he took me to Kumbhoj at a right time and the sowing of the Tares was avoided and the hearts and the mind of the brothers were protected from being poisoned against me.

If you still do not want to keep the brotherly relation with me that is your choice but I am open. It may be that my language could have been harsh or strong in some place and that might have hurt your feelings, I apologies for the same.

May the Good Lord continue to bless you.

Bro. Solomon


30/1/2018 AM

If what you said is true, please send me the recording that contains your speech, beginning from the beginning when you greeted the assembly till you concluded it. I would like to hear it.


30/1/2018 AM

Andrew Phiri wrote:

My oh my,
So he actually came to Khamboji after hearing about our going there? His presumptions were really quite complex! And this:
"and will request them to hear the recording and will make them to count the time that I mentioned your name" - is it about how long it takes to mention a name? G - a - n should surely take less than a minute to mention. Its about what he kept mentioning in relation to what Gan teaches and email correspondence. And wow, Iet him give you the recording and let you hear everything he said, especially about Gan's "manners" of publishing emails on his website (I can't the exact disrespectful term he used when he stated this).
I don't understand how the mind of this man works. He seems too presumptuous, emotional, illogical and insincere


Response from Bro. Solomon Jacob:


I will be very willing and glad to send you the recording of what I preached at Kumbhoj.

Before I send it to you I would like to know,

Before the Kumbhoj meetings what did you tell Bro. Hubert and Bro. Andrew Phiri about my 

stand on the Message and the ministry of William Branham?


My response:

Ha, so you suspected that I told them something. I told them nothing. When you wrote PERSONAL (dated 10 Feb, 2016), the correspondence was PERSONAL. Whoever writes PRIVATE/PERSONAL on the Subject line, or tell me to keep the correspondence private or secret; it will remain so. In fact, I realized now that there's more to your writing me that email asking me personal questions. Nevertheless that's back in 2016, two years ago. The commotion in Kumbhoj came to my knowledge only recently.



15 Feb, 2018

Bro Solomon,

With the recent spate of emails from you over your suspicion about me, and what happened in Kumbhoj, I find your words disturbing, now that I have looked back on what you have written.  I believe you were trying to get me on to your negative side about Bro Branham, his claims, and his teachings. If that was not the case, why then did you mark on the "Subject" line of your email (written in Feb. 2016) as "PERSONAL"?  In the email, you wrote:

"Appreciate your willingness to cooperate and help me to find the True answers of my Questions. I know you must have already gone through these questions during your ministry. I trust and pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you in the right  direction to answer these questions."

What was your intention?  What was your motive? You have had already made up your mind about William Branham, why then did you ask me to keep the correspondence as PERSONAL?  Why? Why so secretive? Was it because you were not certain of your "revelation" concerning Bro Branham being a liar, a plagiarizer, a teacher of false doctrines, etc?  Or, was it that you did not want others to know about your true stand?  (I know of a good number of preachers who have different stands when they are with the different groups. An ulterior motive exists, of course.)

In your audio, you said that I have a habit of publishing emails.  What emails?  Emails that exposed the sins of believers who wrote me, eg. a believer who needed help about his sexual sin?  Or, emails of those who attacked the Truth, twisting my words?  Those who attacked the Truth should not be afraid to have their words in print. Those who have attacked me, or Bro Branham, have already been spreading their attacks far and wide. So, why were you afraid? And, did I published those emails of yours marked "PERSONAL"?  If you wanted certain particular emails of yours to be confidential, so that people should not know about your TRUE stand (against what you once believed to be true, for many years), then you must be a hypocrite, who are afraid to make a public confession. (Remember Apostle Peter's hypocrisy? He was afraid to make his stand with those Elders from Jerusalem.)  If you dare to believe what you believe to be true, why did you want things to be kept secret, away from your people, and whoever they may be?  Also, remember that a double-minded man is unstable in ALL his ways.

I vaguely recall an email in that same period, written by a sister. (Whether it was before or after you wrote, I cannot tell.) She said that she attended your fellowship and found your teaching disturbing, and she asked me about it. It was a brief email, touching on the "Elijah the Prophet" issue. I do not know this sister, not someone whom I knew in India, or someone who had written me before.  It was a one time email that I received from her.  (She was one of those dozens of people who wrote once, and never again.) 

A few weeks after your "PERSONAL" emails, you emailed me again, one after another, to argue about the issue of  "Elijah the Prophet", and you even twisted my words.  You did not mark the emails as "PERSONAL" on the SUBJECT LINE.  You were striking at me with your revelation, after you could not get me to agree with you in those earlier "PERSONAL" emails. 

I posted the article "ELIJAH THE PROPHET" on my website. Of course, you argued it away.  So, I shared your thoughts and arguments with others on this subject of "Elijah the Prophet" (not your PERSONAL EMAILS).  Your name never appeared; it was erased. (However, if you continue to twist my words, in your teachings, I will expose you.  Don't be like Raymond Jackson and Amos Omoboriowo, and certain others, over my words. If you want to argue against my teachings, quote my words exactly and truthfully to your audience, and then argue your case.  I do not care if you disagree with my words, but do not twist and make me say things that I did not. Denominational Christians and Branhamites are doing that to Branham's statements; more so because his words were oral words. Mine were written, and should be clear enough. But if you twist my words and make me teach something that I did not, then you are a liar.  If you do not understand a statement, do not venture to assume what you do understand (like the Branhamites and the denominational Christians over Branham's words; and both are on opposite ends of a scale without true understanding).

You have been some three decades (?) in the ETM movement, and yet it seems that you did not know the issues, that you brought up; issues that have been around just several years after Branham passed away.  I saw the discrepancies and errors of Branham's speech and how they were interpreted by the Branhamites as being Absolute; and why the denominational churches fought against Branham and his message, even here in Singapore in the 1970s.  The former made Branham Absolute, even God Himself; the latter, they called him a cult leader, even a false prophet.  For me?  I saw him as God's messenger with a message for the elect, calling them out of the harlotry system. (And God had shown me a vision of that man's place in His Vineyard.)  A wise man does not look at the weakness of human speech, where words and thoughts can be misplaced. A wise man HEARS WHAT THE SPIRIT SAYS to the Church of Christ.

Now, in saying that, do not try to twist what I wrote here and seize the opportunity to extract my statement and MISpresent it to your audience that "Richard Gan said he 'saw the discrepancies and errors of Branham's speech', then William Branham must be a false prophet, blah, blah, blah, etc., etc.". This is what you did by MISREPRESENTING what I have presented to you in the earlier emails.  Here is an example, concerning the Five-fold Ministry: I said that "Not one epistle was written by a Prophet because the Prophetic Office in the 5-Fold (Ascension Gifts) Ministry was (and still is) secondary to the Apostolic Office in the New Testament (Grace) Age....This is the order of operation and no one can change it."  Yet, you replied sarcastically, "However you changed this order of operation for your beloved Prophet William Branham because: Bro. William Branham was not a Prophet in the 5-Fold Ministry. He was a Star (a Messenger) in the right hand of the Lord Jesus Christ (cf. Rev.1:16; 2:1).
The reason you gave is that William Branham was a star messenger in the right hand of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Was there only one star in the right hand of the Lord Jesus Christ?
Was not Paul a Star messenger? Was not Paul an outstanding and gifted servant of the Almighty God like those Old Testament Prophets of the caliber of Isaiah, Elijah, Ezekiel and others?
Who laid the foundation, as a wise master builder? Paul or Prophet William Branham."

Take a look at your sarcasm and your comprehension. Literally, you were not reading/hearing what was presented to you.  It seems that you have only eyes for certain selective words, phrases, clauses and statements that you could pick on and conjure in your mind, then assume to say what I did not say.

You were saying that I changed the order of operation to suit my beloved Prophet William Branham, and that  Branham was the only Star in the right hand of Jesus Christ.  Is that what you believe I was teaching?  Funny that you should ask a childish question: Who laid the foundation, as a wise master builder? Paul or Prophet William Branham.  You should answer it IF you know what Paul was writing about in that epistle.  Did Peter, James, John and the other apostles lay the foundation?  Who laid the foundation?

Here is another example:
"Bro. Gan I am shocked and surprised to read your reasoning to overrule the mistakes and discrepancies of William Branham. You have degraded yourself by showing that there are mistakes and discrepancies in the Bible. This is the last defense of ETM believers and preachers. When they fail to defend their Prophet, his mistakes and discrepancies they stoop down to show that there are mistakes and discrepancies in the Bible. It is not only you but other ministers including Joseph Branham has made this same statement. So, if in those days of Paul, Peter, and all the rest of the apostles they had magnetic tape recording machine, and if they recorded THEIR thousands and thousands of ORAL SPEECHES (NOT IN-BREATHED WORDS) for the many years they ministered, WOULD THERE BE DISCREPANCIES? Think about it.
Your suggestion is absolutely wrong and baseless in the sight of God. If your Bible is full of mistakes then your God is full of mistakes. In that case your faith is in vain; your ministry of all these years went in to drain. Better search new god who is infallible and new book which is infallible.
My God is infallible and His book the Bible is infallible."

You said that I "have degraded myself by showing that there are mistakes and discrepancies in the Bible....Your suggestion is absolutely wrong and baseless in the sight of God. If your Bible is full of mistakes then your God is full of mistakes. In that case your faith is in vain; your ministry of all these years went in to drain. Better search new god who is infallible and new book which is infallible."

Really?  Or were you, again, so taken up with finding fault that your eyes had only to pick up words, phrases, clauses and statements that suit your purpose to ram down Branham and me?  And your sarcasm is so abound in you that I should search new god who is infallible and new book which is infallible. Did I really say that about the Bible? Go back and read carefully what I was trying to get you to understand. Apparently, you just cannot comprehend what I was saying, and for that matter, what others were also trying to help you understand.  It seems you are a person who could not see the forest for the trees.

This is what I have written to you (below), not just about THE WRITTEN WORDS, but also about THE SPOKEN WORDS.  Read carefully the whole context.  And if you start extracting words, phrases, clauses and statements to suit your evil intention, you will have what tradition Christians have done to the Bible, ONE GOD in Three, and Three in One God. I am not responsible for your interpretation of my words, as God is not responsible for your interpretation of His Words.  You are responsible to God, and to those whom you feed your interpretation.

>>I did not misunderstand you.  You called those statements as lies or perversion.  You are entitled to that.
I called them mistakes and discrepancies.  I do not believe that Branham lied, deliberately. You are entitled to your judgment, being led by the Spirit.
You claimed Paul, Peter, etc, preached the Truth and that there were no discrepancies in their preaching.  How do you know?  What we have in the Bible are ONLY WHAT THE SPIRIT PUT PEN TO PAPERS. The WORD were in-breathed onto papers.  Branham was not a Scribe.  If his more than 1000 messages were not recorded on tapes, we have nothing to prove or disprove.  So, if in those days of Paul, Peter, and all the rest of the apostles they had magnetic tape recording machine, and if they recorded THEIR thousands and thousands of ORAL SPEECHES (
NOT IN-BREATHED WORDS) for the many years they ministered, WOULD THERE NOT BE DISCREPANCIES?  Think about it.

Do you know that there are hundreds of discrepancies in the Bible?
Google: DISCREPANCIES OF THE BIBLE; john w. haley

There are even websites on the NET that are exposing the MISTAKES, DISCREPANCIES of the writings of the prophets and apostles.  Not long ago I read on a website, where the writer said that Matthew lied to force fit the prophecies regarding Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem, and he showed the MISTAKES in Matthew's Gospel; How many animals did Jesus ride into Jerusalem?  Read what Matthew said and what the prophecy said and what the other Gospel writers said.  That is just one of the many MISTAKES, DISCREPANCIES -- whatever people want to call them.<<

>>Remember Nicodemus? Did he understand Jesus' words?  And how many have called Jesus a crazy man and a liar because He said, "Eat my fresh and drink my blood, else you have no eternal life"?  "Destroy this temple and in three days, I'll raise it up"? Huh?  Jesus did not bother to explain what He said.  He merely said it and leave it as it was said.  Why?  For the people to HEAR WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR and HOW THEY WANT TO HEAR.  The WORD was scattered and the spirits of the world carried it far and wide; many the opinions of man -- "He is a liar. He is a blasphemer. He is a false prophet, a devil." Etc, etc.
If you said that the Bible has no DISCREPANCIES, then you are wrong.  DISCREPANCIES are what people see; what they want to see.  But for believers, we look for answers; we look for facts, we look for TRUTH.  To the people, the words of Jesus (the two examples in the above paragraph) were discrepancies to facts; facts that they see and understand.

Jesus said: "What went ye out into the wilderness for to see? A reed shaken with the wind? A man clothed in soft raiment? Behold, they which are gorgeously apparelled, and live delicately, are in kings' courts. A prophet?" So what do the people see?

When asked whether he was Elijah, John said " NO".
But Jesus said "YES".
So if a disciple of John heard what Jesus said, he might think, "Oh my! John lied."<<

Let me ask you these question: a) Would it be wrong if I baptize a convert "in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ"? Or, should I use Acts 2:38? Or Acts 8:16? Or Acts 10:48?  Tell me, which one is correct? Or are they ALL correct?  If so, how come ALL are correct, since the Name have word added, or word removed?  (No wonder, there are people who believe that the Bible cannot be trusted.  b) Why did Jesus add words to the WRITTEN WORDS of Prophet Isaiah? "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord." -- Luke 4:18-19.

What is the meaning of God's commandment -- not to add or to remove one word?

You once wrote:
That’s how I am troubled. I cry before the Lord when I see thousands and thousands being deviated from the person of Jesus Christ to the person of William Branham and from the Bible the Word of God to the Quotes of William Branham. From Eternal life to death."

If you really care for those thousands who are deceived and deviated from the Truth, why then are you doing it your way, that are even against the Word?  I have been hitting against the LIES of Branhamism since 1974, almost 44 years now; not against Bro Branham, not over against semantic of singular or plural words; or mis-words; etc., but against Branhamism itself; against denominationalism; against personality cultism; by calling the believers to the WORD, and teaching the Sacred Scripture, making the Word alive.  This was the purpose of Paul's calling; this was the purpose of Branham's calling; this is the purpose of all who are called into God's vineyard. False believers/preachers will lift up certain men of God, like it was in the case of Paul, and Branham; and even now there are several out in Christian Cultism that are lifting up their favorite preachers as Elohim.  When believers are not fed the WORD of Life, they will feed on anything that is pleasing to their sight and good for food, but the end thereof is death. Organized churches think they have the Truth, while holding to tradition.  Branhamites think they have the Truth while holding to Quotes of Branham. What about you? Do you think you are holding to the Truth?  Or are you holding to something and fighting against the very God you seek to serve, like Saul was doing?  Doing a service without it being God's will.

Well, I will end here and will no further discuss with you on your views of Branham and his teachings, even though there are other points to exposit, I will not. It will be a waste of your time and mine. As I have said to many, I say to you: Be at peace with yourself, if you believe what you believe is true.




When a natural man is drunk with the SPIRIT of Alcoholism, he falls, he giggles, falls again, he gets confused, gets up, and he laughs, he mumbles to himself. When someone tries to help him, he pushes him off, and curses him, and mumbles that "all is well" with him....

The same is true with one who is drunk with the SPIRIT of Branhamism. He sings, he worships, listens to tapes, he hears quotes, "Bro Branham said..., Bro Branham said..."  When someone tries to help him see the Word of Truth, he pushes him away, saying "Don't confuse me with the Bible. Bro Branham is the Absolute. Amen. All is well with me." Drunk with the SPIRIT of Branhamism, the mind is become mad and in a drunken state of delusion, he walks around moving in the SPIRIT of madness of Branhamism.

They are not wrong to call it -- the moving of the SPIRIT of madness.

This is from a sister in USA:

B. Gan,
I want to thank you so much for sending this my way. It is both enlightening, and edifying as it shows me some of the background for your messages. I don’t know if you can understand, but being over here, and listening to the messages, sometimes I can’t help but wonder what is taking place in YOUR part of the world over there, and around the world that you hear about. I am always asking the Lord how to apply what I hear from the messages because I know they are from Him, and directed through you. It’s hard sometimes NOT to take them personally, and forget to put in perspective your WORLDWIDE ministry, because it seems most of the believers, no matter where in the world they are located, are simple folks like myself.
I especially appreciated your words concerning the falling away from the faith. I have long believed since I left the Branhamite church and spent too many years wandering in the wilderness, that THEY were the ones to avoid and carried the biggest threat to my Faith because of their very close proximity to the truth of the hour. It’s hard to believe, but actually, although I deeply regret the wasted years wandering, the lesson surely took root and I have avoided them, as you say, like Jesus avoided the Pharisees, etc. I cannot offer them anything as they believe they know so much more than myself. But actually, I have a box full of Treasures to give, thanks to the Gifts God has given us in this hour, but as true Laodiceans, they believe they have need of nothing. I now thank God for the lesson learned, : it has held me steady while learning to lean on His Word. I am grateful for that, and that was a very hard lesson to learn.
I appreciate you so much, and the sacrifices you have made for myself and others so we might hear the Truth in this last hour. I’m not always good at expressing my feelings with words, (maybe that’s why I cry..LOL) but it means more now than ever, to have a solid foundation to stand upon.
I’m keeping my faith that the Lord will see me through until He comes to catch us away. Another 7.9 earthquake in Alaska today just reminding the world that He is coming soon.
Much love in Christ!
Sis. Bree.

This is from a sister in Canada:

Hello Br. Gan. I thank God that he has you well informed of all this kind of weird off the truth beliefs. you are so right Are you diligently seeking for Truth, or for are you seeking for errors? But when you diligently SEARCH THE TRUTH OF GOD, you will get GOD'S TRUTH.

I do not know who that you called Br. S. I know "of" Harold Hildebrandt. and I was going to the Byskal Way Church. The followers believe he is Elisha. where ever he goes the people pushes you just to touch Byskal shirt, or hand...,my son is a big boy and he was pushed against the wall, hurt his elbow.. the cameras go on, like a paparazzi, "Byskal the man that walk with the prophet" they praise him. Just like Benny Hinn or Kenneth Copeland. the praise for man. Thank God He guided me to your congregation. I do not go no place, It is true that I do not have the blessing of having communion, or washing my sisters’ feet, and that is sad. but I will not go to those churches. They are under a blanket of deception, my and that is why we get those Bergens and Collins, and Leroux, and hundreds of others we know; they leave the Message mad because of some preachers exalting themselves...Oh well. Thank you br. Gan. God bless you. Sis.Isabel

These are from 2 brothers in India:

Christian greetings.
Dear precious bro.Gan in Christ.
Thank you for FD mails.your
Faith fight for Word of God
is big fight for Christ .
I have seen many branhamites fallen down throught world
in their life and ministry.
I have learned more revelations from
PR books. I thank Lord for the truth.
We pray for your ministry.
we love you in Christ Jesus.
Your little bro.danielsarathi


Praise the Lord Bro. Gan,
I have read your reply to Bro. Solomon, and I praise God for your apt. reply sensible in word and the present revelation,
this bro. has been spreading his wild fire of Jewish teaching mixing with today's Christianity. He has been working tirelessly to propagate his Ideas and views spl. in India. The Lord Bless you with ample wisdom, keep up your good work.

Bro. Hubert