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>                                       ROSENDO AND ROBERT
                                          Philippines [Email: Jan. 24, 2000]

Dear Pastor Gan:

Your site is so good! I want to learn all I can about Brother Branham. I know it is a lot to ask for all the materials and booklets. Please send me what you can.... You have so many good things on your site.  Thank you for making all these things available. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Sister in Christ,
Juddy Doerr,
Unadilla, Nebraska, USA (March 24, 2000)

>Dear Richard Gan,
>Greetings in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.  With
>complete hope that you are doing fine as far as the great commission is concerned.
> I am introducing myself to you as pastor Alphus Andega of Christ
>Reconciliation Centre, Nairobi. I am a born again Pentecost Charismatic
>preacher, pastoring a three year old congregation with a vision of
>ministering to 10,000 congregation by the year 2010 should Christ tarry.
>I am writing to inform you that I came across your brochure (our
>metamorphosis), last night and I could not help to write. This has
>given me a desire to go through almost all your other books.  Please,
>if it is possible I would like to have at least a copy of each.
>Secondly I would like to learn much about your ministry.
>Pastor Alphus Andega
>Nairobi, Kenya. [Email: March 24, 2000]

Dear Bro. Gan:

I greet you in the majestic Name of our Lord and God, the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

The Bible reminds us all where our strength lies and where the victories are won. The God of Creation died on the Cross and rose from the tomb, as recorded in the Scripture. We will never cease to magnify this great Creator and His Word to us by understanding His message in due season, power and glory.

Brother Gan, this is a second letter to you, this time I'm requesting for tapes, books, charts and tracts all in bulk quantities. My ministry has proved beyond all reasonable doubts that God has called you as an Apostle in this message. Your ministry is the answer God has given to my prayer.

In His Mighty Hand,

Bro. Francis C. Chungu (Pastor)
Chingola, Zambia. (30th March, 2000)

Dear Richard:

Your comment is true that genuine revelation, as all manifestations of holy
spirit will fit with the word of God. The spirit of God and the word of God
are one. It is good to know that there are a few people such as yourself who
believe God and listen to his voice, and walk therein.

When I learned of your work it made me rejoice. Our rewards are in Christ,
but just being justified and able to sit at the masters table, or to wash
his feet will be a privilege. Eternal life in the new heaven and new earth
will be wonderful to behold, no more pain, tears or Satan.
Glad to hear from you, and may the Lord richly bless, comfort, protect and
give you further wisdom in His ways and truth.

Love in Christ,

James French [Email: April 18, 2000]

My precious brother:

I just happened upon your website by accident but I want you to know what a
blessing it was to me.  As the son of a minister of this Gospel, and as a
25-year old minister myself, I want you to know what a blessing your site
was to me.  Your words and presentation clarified many of the areas that so
many of our fellow Message believers have allowed to remain clouded for so
very long.  I will visit your site often, as I felt a true anointing of God
while visiting your website.  May God bless and keep you is my prayer! 
Please feel free to email or write me at any time.

In Christ,
Bro. Sam Spangler
Roanoke, VA 24014 USA [Email: April 22, 2000]

Dear Brother Richard,

I was given your website printout, a copy of The Original Sin and The Serpent Seed, 
which I was really blessed in reading because the subjects came as revelations to me.

I wish to respond to your offer and request that you send me a copy on book form of 
'The Revelation of Jesus Christ' and 'Speak the Word - The Spoken Word Ministry'.

I am enclosing two self-addressed envelopes as requested.  May the Good Lord continue 
to use you mightily in these end times to reveal his hidden secrets to us, his people. God bless you, brother.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Peter G. Aimos [Email: 03 May 2000]

Dear sir,
Greetings to you sir, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. How are brethren over there? I believe all is well both spiritually and physically. Glory be to God almighty who has invited us all together in one faith through Jesus Christ His Son, through we distant one another but we are still in one love that keeps us together. Sir, I think God who has been giving you grace and ability to preach the old time Gospel through your printed messages and for making we believers here in Nigeria to recognize Ďfakeí in the message of the hour.
I had chance to glance through one of your  messages titled Ďfrom glory to gloryí through a Brother. At the back of the message was listed, some of your messages available. And sir. I wish I am interested to have as many as I can, for my spiritual uplifted.
I pray also that as you are most concerned about the spiritual growth of the bride, God in his infinite mercy and abundant love will given you more grace and ability to progress in your ministry.

Bro. Togunde Emmanuel Muyiwa
Oyo State, Nigeria. West Africa [Email: June 14, 2000]

Bro. Gan:

I am filled with the joy of the Lord as I write this letter of appreciation. I believe the Lord Jesus Christ is pouring more blessing on you for the sacrifice you are rendering in serving Him Who lives eternally. I hope the Lord is keeping the family well and under His mercies.

I am really thanking the LORD for the book, having taken a bit longer for them to arrive. I had an impression of that letter not reaching that place. I received the parcel on the 7th June and I would not wait any longer to let you know that it reached very safely. And I wish to inform you that I have been blessed including the church. I just keep praising the LORD for such a ministry because right now I have come in contact with something which a mortal cannot explain. I have seen how God is so gracious to raise such a humble ministry in this dark age to pull people out of end time delusions and deception. Continue courageously with the work as I still confess this is ONLY FOR THE ELECT. God has a purpose for bringing such a ministry, TRUTH will always be faced with OPPOSITION -- all in all remains TRUTH.

For any latest work being produced, please remember me -- for I know this is purely for the ORDAINED BRIDE OF JESUS CHRIST -- Amen. Keep remembering us in your prayers for the WORD to have preeminence in our lives.

Greetings to the saints.

In His Service,

Batholomeo Muyabala (Pastor)
Chingola, Zambia. [8th June, 2000, received 10 July, 2000]

Receive warmest and cordial Christian greetings through that ONLY blessed name of the Lord Jesus Christ; whom alone dwelleth the Fulness of life eternally.

Yesterday we had a talk with the man in charge of our public library here in Eldoret; and he has accepted to accomodate the Prophetic Revelation books; and other related Christian literature in his library; and if the idea is good on your side, then probably we may need to forward about ten copies each of all your series of the followings: 1) Original Sin, 2) Mark of the Wicked Ones, 3) Logos, 4) Finale series, 5) Revelation of Jesus Christ - hard cover would be preferable.

I must have told you you that now people are reading sermons by Bro. Branham with better understanding after reading Prophetic Revelation books which show them that the problem isn't Wm. Branham, but the Branhamites. So, you're not killing the message!

At Matunda, a denominational pastor have understood Water Baptism in Jesus' Name, and have already embarked on rebaptizing his congregation in the true name. Amongst the Pentecostals here in Eldoret, some of their members have understood the Godhead doctrine and their pastors are getting nervous. Recently one was reported to have stated he discerned amongst his congregation the spirit of Branham.

Here at Lelboinet, we've had frequent visitors who come to learn from our fellowship, and have left more blessed than they came. Pray for our pastor that he remains an avenue of the heavenly blessing.

I will only add, God bless you and the saints with you.

Bro. Moses Segite,

Eldoret, W.Kenya (22/07/2000, received 5 Aug. 2000)


** Acknowledgement Letter to Moses Segite from District Librarian, KENYA NATIONAL LIBRARY SERVICES

Dear Sir,

This is to acknowledge the receipt of Prophetic Publications which you donated to the K.N.L.S., Eldoret branch. Please send us more copies as the books have proved to be in high demand by our readers.

Yours faithfully,

cc DIRECTOR, K.N.L.S.  (29/08/2000)

Bro. Gan:

Just wanted to let you know what a blessing the newest book that you posted
on your website was to me.  I thank God constantly for the revelation and
anointing that He has placed upon your life and ministry.  As you noted in
the forward of the web-booklet, there are many minsters, particularly those
who are my fellow-caucasians, that are opposed to this Truth.  I want you to
know that their actions sicken me and their spirit, though pervasive, will
not be able to conquer this blessed Truth that we have been entrusted with
in this final hour.  God bless you my brother!

A fellow servant,
Bro. Sam
Roanoke, VA 24014 USA [Email: Aug. 9, 2000]

Dear Brother in Christ,

Once again this is your brother in Christ, Fred, sending greetings to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope you are doing well as I am. How are the brethren?

I have gone through the booklets you sent to me. In fact, it has been a tremendous blessing to my soul and it has help me both physically and spiritually and also my ministry. May God richly bless you. I am always praying for you, and I need your prayers also. I know the elect cannot be deceived.

Brother Richard, I need more materials, and also add this your booklet, "His Inheritance In The saints". God bless you all. Thanks.

Your Brother in Christ,
Bro. Fred D. Agbozo
Accra, Ghana (4th AUG 2000, received 19 Aug 2000)

Hello Bro. Gan,

Thanks be to God for sending me the books... Bro. Gan, it has touched me to share this testimony with you after I have read the book entitled "Speak the Word".

It all happened that when we started the ministry in Dodona, the Lord did something miraculous before the eyes of four brothers whom I started the work with.

One day we were going on a visit. It was the mango season and these brothers like mangoes very much. On our way to the house of some sisters whom we have previously won to Christ, I stopped to witness to a stranger but the brothers walked up to the sisters' house. Close to the house they came to a stop which puzzled me. After leaving the person I was talking to, I hurried to them. On reaching them I realized that a mango tree was there in front of the sisters' house and almost every mangoes was ripen. But one particular mango which was high above all the mangoes was more ripen. In fact the mango was so peculiar that any eye that sees it would desire it. So this mango attracted the brothers and they all stood there pointing to it. I saw it and all that came out of my mouth was "what a mango!"

Bro. Gan, immediately I heard within me "but you have the Spoken Word in you". I understood and turned to the brothers and said, "but you have the Spoken Word in you to say to the mango come down in Jesus' Name". Having said that, I turned to the mango and said, "Mango, in the Name of Jesus, come down." Immediately that mango came down at the command of the Spoken Word. Amen. Then I told the brothers that the Bride will demonstrate the Spoken Word before the Rapture and the devil cannot impersonate it.

Bro. I am not giving this testimony out of pride but to the glorification of the Lord, or Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Bro. Gan, indeed I got to know of the many discrepancies in the Message movement through reading your books. Really, the prophet screamed "Go back to the Word. Back to the Original. Back to the Absolute. Back to the Homeland, the Bible." Indeed the people have made themselves their own camps, not God's camp of His own Word. Surely, He has to leave them because He is the Word. Amen. Hold fast to the Faith. May God bless you and may I hear from you soon. Bye.

Yours In Christ,
Bro. Ebenezer Awate Mensah
Dodowa, Ghana, (12th Sept., 2000)

thank you-thank you-thank you.......just found your site and will now have to
spend time our God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ may
all praise be sent.....It truly is refreshing to find truth...... At times I
feel as tho there is no truth left......Someone somewhere has to be looking
towards the Lord Jesus Christ......

{Email: 25th Oct, 2000]


Pastor Gan:
    My name is Mike Haynes and I'm 54 years old. I live in Council Bluffs,
Iowa. Little river town (Missouri river) of about 80,000 people, just across
the river from Omaha, Nebraska with a population of about 500,000. Have come
across several groups of "message believers" through the years but was never
accepted by them. I love the "written Word" and use the message to understand
this "written word". I can't go with someone telling me to put my bible away
and just stay with the message. It was with "joy" when I found your sight.
    May God richly reward you for your web site sir...... May His great Love
continue to grow stronger in your heart.............. May He reward us with
the "Revelation of Jesus Christ"..................

[Email: 26th Oct, 2000]

Hello Br. Gan,
Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I must first acknowledge 
receipt of the "speak the word" books sent. God bless you and the ministry.
It's my prayer that God would continue to provide for the ministry.

I just visited the site and read the report on the trip. Believe me i read with pain in my heart 
when i learnt you had to go back to Singapore and re-route. Really GOd bless you for taking 
the bold decision to go back and minister to the saints.

As i read you met with Pres. Kerekou, things went on in my mind. IF it had been Ghana, you 
can be sure to incur the displeasure of a lot of the mess-age believers. They would have hurled 
curses over you for meeting a politician. Here there's a lot of confusion. Many are consumed 
with quotes of the prophet and would have walked out of those meetings because you did not 
preach a message preached by WMB, more so when you'll not be quoting him word for word.

We thank God that He made the trip possible despite all the effort of the devil to thwart it.
God bless you and provide more encouragement and support for the ministry.

May the peace of God which passes all understanding keep your heart and mind.
Hope to hear from you.
eleazer adjei, GHANA [Email: 10 Nov.2000]

Dear Apostle Richard,

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus!

My nephew Br. Thomas in Cotonou mentioned you to me and he also brought
along to me some of your booklets on the book of Revelation. I hope use
some of the information/teachings in the course of time.

I am pastoring a very young ministry (2 years old) here in Amsterdam,
Holland. If and when you plan to come this way it would be a pleasure to
meet you in person. I also hope that with time we shall get more acquainted with each other.

I am honoured to been introduced to you by Br. Thomas and I trust that as
the Spirit leads we will try to keep our contact open.

Warm regards in Christ Jesus.

Pastor Larry [Email: 18 Nov.2000]

Praise God !  Bro. Gan ,

Very happy to read and hear from you. Thank you very
much for your e-mail reply. The Lord bless you ! Amen!
Dear Bro, forget about the expenses we'll meet during
the convention. My God is the provider not a beggar.
We want you to come share with us what the Lord put in
you for the edification of the Bride of Christ over here
in Togo. So be prepared. We are doing our best to have
all papers. We need to hold that convention openly.
The convention should be for end time believers and
all those who need salvation (sinners).
Notice : We are not Branhamites. We are Christians. The
word of God as revealed by the Holy Spirit is our
ABSOLUTE. May the Lord bless you is my prayer.

With regards, sincerely, yours in the Lord.
Bro Joseph
Togoland [Email: 29 Nov. 2000]

Thank you sir for directing me to your website. i'm still reading through some of the articles...

As pertains to women fashion i agree with just about the whole article with the exception to the part on rape. i think rape is more about violence than lust. date rape may have to do with a bit of lust & alot of violence. The reason i say this is because alot of young men are able to control their lust even in extreme provocation because they fear God or disease. Others rape minors, animals etc. Whats your comment?

Thank You
Josephine [Email: 30 Dec.2000]
     Thank you for your comment.
     In countries where religious practices detect the women to dress modestly, there are few rapes reported.
     Lust and violence go hand in hand when passion is stirred up.
     Of course my article is written to provoke a Christian to think.
     Thank you once again.

Pardon me for writing again as i like to thrash out issues till i'm satisfied. Rape is very prevalent in south africa where people dress very scantily & also people are very predisposed to violence.

In Kenya my country, rape is prevalent in the capital city where styles of dressing allow anything to be counted acceptable. in the coast where the predominant religion is islam & their women wear clothes covering themselves up, it is not so. maybe because sharia law is a detterent or maybe because homosexuality is rife or maybe the ressing is not provocative.
From the foregoing then i expect that rape would be minimal in a country like nigeria because their traditional culture is still very dominant and therefore women have to dress in loose fitting clothes etc. Is that so?
I so agree with you that if the goods are not for sale they should not be put at the window. I'm 38 years & for all my 20s & 30s even though born again i really liked & still like outrageous clothes but i have to think again.    
     Let the Bible speak for itself: 1TI 2:9  In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest
    apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;
    It is good to think again. If we believe right, we'll live right. We reap what we sow. Sin will certainly beget sin.

Dear Richard,

Praise the Lord! I am very grateful to the Lord for granting me this opportunity to write you. I came across your book "Discrepancies" and I was blessed. You made clarity on many areas that the message of the hour has been mishandled by the brethren especially the Branhamites. Where you are standing is in harsh opposition but I would like to encourage you that the seeds of Abraham are receiving your message. I believe that you are making an impact in the world of true body of Christ.

I would like to read more of your books. ...I am living in a town whereby the message of the hour has been mishandled and has resulted in hostility from the Christian Community. I would therefore request that the sending be made as private as possible since we are sharing the same Box number! I trust that my request is going to be granted. I will continue communicating because there are many questions I will want to ask. God bless you.

Yours In Christ's Service,
Peter O. Ochola, Pastor
Iten, KENYA (postmarked 2 Jan.2001)

Dear Bro. Gan,

By God's Grace I want to greet you and your family and all the saints of your assembly in the Wonderful Name of our Dear Lord Jesus Christ. At first I want to apologize for not writing sooner but I want to let you know after so many years I still stand and identify myself with the teachings and revelations that was handed and given to me. Up till now I don't belong to any of the established Branhamite Churches in the Western Cape. I'd rather prefer to take sides with your little assembly in Singapore and with the purest Revelations on planet earth that was given to me through you. I have never doubt your teachings...May God bless you richly.

Bro. Johnny Snell,

Wellington, Cape,
South Africa (postmarked 9 Feb.2001)

Receive Christian greetings!
The Christian work here in Eldoret is growing steadily and have witnessed two different denominational churches go into water and rebaptized in Jesus' Name.
The Prophetic Revelation ministry has helped present Wm. Branham correctly in his true position and ministry that now people are beginning to read his books again.
We are thanking God for the ministry and are praying for you and them that labour with you.

Bro. Moses Segite,
Nyaru -Eldoret,
KENYA (26 March 2001)

Dear Mr Gan

I just want to say how impressed i am with your website and how wonderful it is to find such a clear
and informative overview of The Serpent seed Revelation, which has been really hard to find.

I have a friend who has recently come into The Message and i am concerned that she may be elevating William
Branham too high, almost on a par with Christ. She seems to think he was practically infallible!!
It is so good to find a person like yourself in the Message but not falling into the Branhamism trap.
I hope i can show her her error by giving her some printouts from your site on the Discrepancies.

Can you tell me how to purchase all of your books as i really want to read them.

Thanks and God Bless You. I can witness to the blessing from the Holy Spirit when I came across your
Website!! Glory to God!!

Lorraine Hall
Brighton, East Sussex
ENGLAND U.K. (Email: 26 March 2001)

Dear Bro. Gan:

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I am writing this in concern to the two books that I just received and read (THE LOGOS and THE ORIGINAL SIN/SERPENT SEED) and myself and another brother here at this state run prison are really coming up against some serious persecution because of Bro. Branham's messages and your two books reall would help show forth the truth of what the prophet has preached on and brought forth in this last day.
I really was inspired when I read these two books and I saw a lot more than what I had already knew from hearong other message minister's preachings on the Serpent Seed. Thank you so much for the printing of these books. I knew God had used you to help others understand the revealedtruth of the Word of God.

I also knew that if God doesn't reveal this truth to these men I am requesting you to send these two books to, then they still will not see and understand why Jesus had to be born of a virgin.

Thank you! And may the Lord continue to use you even more, and bless you in all you do for His Kingdom.

Bryan K.Wolfe
Somerset, Pa 15510, USA (Dated May 20, 2001)

Dear Brethren:

I really want to thank God very much for His great mercy for delivering me from the power of darkness through your ministry of Prophetic Revelation. In fact now I have believed without any doubt that really God has blessed your ministry, according to the anointing I received from your prophetic book even though I haven't got a chance to hear from you face to face, neither your seminar nor any brethren who is closer to your ministry. B'se to get a chance to come to know your ministry, I was a school in 1998 November - this is the year when I sat for my "O" level (Uganda Certificate of Education), there was a man who came to see his child at our school who had that book Prophetic Revelation. I was not saved during that time. But when I came closer to him, I saw that book and I got interested to read it but the man insisted that I cannot read it until I gave him money. But he gave me only two hours after that he left with his book. But I want to assure you that within that short time of two hours, after reading it, I believed Jesus Christ as my Saviour and I repented all my sins without anybody leading me and the following day I started preaching at school. So many of my fellow students and teachers at school were amazed about the gospel of Jesus Christ which I was preaching to them through the prophetic book and a good number of them joined me and up to now the number has raised to seventy nine believers including both old and young people when I left school.
Willy Mugenyi
Kisubi, Uganda (Dated May 12, 2001)

Dear Bro. Gan:

Greetings to you in the all sufficient name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

I would like to thank God for the inspiration and revelation He has given to you concerning the Message of the Hour. I had been in this message, or thought to have been, for the past 20 years until I read your messages -- "The Final Events" and "The Foundation and The Wall".

For many years I had wondered what really was the Message of the Hour because I thought the literal words of the prophet were the Absolute rather than the Written Word. I had the Spoken Word books and listening to tapes alone. But this seems to have failed until I read your books which caused me to come back to the Original -- The Written Word of God, and my Faith has been mightily strengthened.

I am asking you to send me more literature and both audio and video cassettes if you happen to have them. May God richly bless you.

In Christ,
Bro. Salathiel Hove
Gokwe, Zimbabwe (Dated: May 22, 2001)

Dear Brethren

I thank our Lord God Almighty that He has made it possible for me to receive a mail containing items with spiritual food I require for my spiritual growth. I have become over-joyed and excited because I have waited for this response from you for a long time, just to get it after hope and patience had ran out. I had even started to think that perhaps the brother in Christ, who had offered himself to help me by posting my initial letter, did not perhaps post it. I have now proved that he did post it since I have received the reply.

I wish to convey special thanks from the bottom of my heart for sending me such prophetic books. This type of divine books is of its own kind in this prison and I am the first saint to have them, just imagine! I believe I am blessed abundantly and may the Name of Jesus and yourselves and the entire church be blessed for the love and kind gesture you have for me, a prisoner and least thought of person. I shall live to remember this day and I have taken note of it.

Thank you for introducing this great man of God, William Marrion Branham, a man sent from God with a Message to this generation....

Your Faithfully,
Peter Kabwe Mwambo
Lusaka Central Prison
Zambia (dated 29 May, 2001)

Greetings in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST,
    My husband and I just recently stumbled upon your site.  I have to say
that you put into plain English what our dear precious Brother Branham taught
us.  I sometimes have trouble reading his sermons.  But I have never doubted
them for a minute.  I am so blessed by reading your material.  It has lit a
new fire under me for God.  I just want to thank you for the time you have
taken to help fellow believers such as my husband and I.  May God bless you
richly for your dedication to Him.  I have passed the site on to more message
believers.  I would like to order your books in quantities and need to know
how to go about doing that and how much the cost would be.  We have a few
neighbors who could use this message to find the truth about our Lord.  Thank
you for your time.  Again God bless you.
Your sister and brother in Christ,
Steve and Barbara Hamm
[Email: 26 July 2001]

Pastor Gan R,
    Firstly and foremost greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I really thank God to be in this wonderful health as I write this second letter to you.
    Secondly, I want to thank you for responding to my request I did in October 1999. I received my consignment in April 2000. I can't express it fully with mere words how God has blessed me. Not only me but even at the camp I fellowship. In short I can say God has equipped me through your ministry.
   As I stated earlier in my first letter my pastor was totally against your books and your ministry. I was in a position to write to you what I can do in this state. I failed to write to you waiting upon my next step. In one of the books I saw the address for Bro. Mawino C. in Choma but it was too far from the Copperbelt. I wanted to find a tabernacle where there is current recognition of what God is doing in our midst. During this time that I came to know Pastor Kasonde in Ndola. I went to his home and had a wonderful time with him.
   I went back to Luanshya and something happened unexpected. I was invited by another Pastor in Ndola where he said something that saw me where I am today. He was very close to my pastor. This Pastor said he has recognised a gift in me and we start evangelising in Luanshya Town Centre where there are only Branhamites. Since he was coming from a different town I was just alone during the week and God blessed this work despite critics from a Branhamite camp. In a month's time the Lord secured a place at a school and we had about 45 converts. This was done without my pastor knowing. I was expecting this other pastor to explain to him but he refused to say, may be he will be against the idea of having two tabernacles in the same Town.
   Being a pianist I was missing during Sundays. I went and explained this work to him. Upon hearing he went to town and secured another BIG auditorium. Only to inform the church that we are shifting to town. The deacons and the Believers refused. The other pastor came from Ndola informed him NOT to shift but to give it time. To his surprise he shifted with only his family. Today I am saying the pastor is with his family alone. Back at the church, God has really blessed. Even in town where we started today God has really blessed us.
  As for me God has blessed in evangelising. Right now I've gone in villages where God has really blessed. In other words I can say I have been forced now even to preach from the pulpit which I fear. Your books today can be seen in our midst freely without intimidation. The other two ministers have nothing to argue against Bro. Richard Gan. Their advice is only to say, if you can't understand GIVE IT TIME, the Lord will help you to understand in due time.
   Brother, the work you've been doing is not in vain. God will prove those whom He is using from the self-proclaimed. Bro., pray for me as a young preacher. Ever since I have entered this work physically I have suffered terribly. My family rejected me as a SATANIST. My clothes were stolen and everything. I have only a pair of trousers and one shirt but none can believe because God has given me happiness and joy. And His presence has given me hope that He will deliver me as He delivered me spiritually. May God bless you.
  N.B. May you send me some more books to distribute please. My books are just rotating with other believers.
Bro. Max Chanda M.
House No. 119/23, MPATAMATO,
LUANSHYA, ZAMBIA  (Dated:12th July,2001)

Bro. Gan:
I haven't had the chance to email you in quite some time and I wanted to
let you know that we are still lifting you and your ministry up in prayer.
You continue to be a blessing to me.  I always look forward to your website
updates, as the information you post is so very valuable.  The Lord has
led us to start a small church work here in Roanoke, Virginia, USA.  It is so
necessary as there are a number of extreme "Branhamite" churches within
two hours of us.  I have taken much personal criticism for "daring" to answer
God's call to start a church, but I know that He will bless what He has
ordained.  Please keep us in your prayers.  I hope that someday we will have
the opportunity to fellowship in person.  God bless you in your endeavors!

In Christ,
Sam Spangler
[Email: Aug.15,2001]

Hi, there!
God bless you Bro. Spangler!
It's great to hear from you again.
Thanks for all your prayers.  I really need that.

Yes, I know how it is when it comes to dealing with the Branhamites.
I have been in this business with them or rather, against them,
for misrepresenting and destroying the Truth --- for about 30 years!
25 of those years, till today, have been tough going, but a joy!

So, let me encourage you to STAND ON THE ROCK. When you
have the WORD, nothing can move you.  For the Branhamites they
are always moving about with nothing SOLID.  Just go ahead and
do whatever the Lord has put on your heart.  And may the Lord
bless your work for His glory.

In Christ,

Bro. Gan,
Greetings in the precious name of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. God is good to us in showing forth His presence and reality to the body of Christ in this deceitful age.
I appreciate your ministry through the web site. It has been a blessing to me. I started to realize that the Lord was calling us back to the Bible through William Branham's ministry (as I believed when I first came to Christ in the Message) and not to quotes. Those quotes are wonderful, but without a spiritual revelation of them by searching the Scriptures then there can be major error. The Bible is the Absolute and the Prophet points us to that. I also praise the Lord with your focus on the PRESENT TENSE hour. If the Church fails to see it present tense there's no hope for it. He's still working through the five fold ministry to bring His Body to perfection, maturity, unity and the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.
The Branhamites can't see the revelation of the Bible that the Lord is continuing to bring out for us in this last day because they believe quotes over revelation of the bible through God's called and ordained ministers. It's not an easy stand to take, but the Lord is your/our sufficiency.
I would like to request a few books if that's OK. The Last Things (I think it's called that). Revelation, Truth and Love and The Revelation of Jesus Christ.
With love and faith in Jesus Christ,
Bro. Jason DeMars
MN., USA [Email:23 Aug.,2001]

Dear Mr. Gan,

I shall be very grateful if I am sent copies of your scriptural book -- Prophetic Revelation. I had the chance of reading one of your publications - "The Mark of The Wicked Ones" and was so moved by what I read that I can't control my desire to read more of these prophetic revelations. Just as the title denotes, they have revealed a lot of things which were hitherto concealed from us.
Thanks so much for the good work you are doing. May the good God bountifully bless you. You certainly deserve our support to carry on with your good work. The only unfortunate thing is that, presently, some of us are students and cannot help much but count on us as people who will do everything to uphold the good job that you are doing in due course.
Thanks so much for the good work being done. Till I hear from you, stay blessed.

David Asamani,
Kumasi, Ghana (Received 3 Sept., 2001)

Dearest Brother Gan,

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for letter and encouragement. I enjoyed it and I have been tremendously blessed by the way you handle the message. I appreciate your understanding and praise God for that. I said to Pastor Mawino "Brother Gan is like my twin brother, the way he emphasizes and reveal the message it is like I know what he says long time ago. It is the way directing my understanding. I am sorry for the late reply to your letter and my apologies. Pray for me, I am looking forward to spearhead the message of the hour with you and the others with the same appreciation.

Again I appreciate the directive and anointing which motivate you and your ministry. And indeed I am very grateful for your books. I am very glad for the opportunity given to me to participate in the gathering and the audiences of your convention October 2001 in the Republic of South Africa. May God bless you and prosper you in every area of your life in order to fulfill the purpose of His calling for you.
Together to His glory and honor.

Yours, Brother in Christ,
Kanellos Alexopoulos,
Choma, Zambia (Dated: 20 Aug.,2001)

Bro. Gan,
Grace and peace to you through God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for the books. I will try to send you some money soon. I want to because I am an American and most Americans think they should get things for free and that attitude bugs me. The Marriage of the Lamb teaching is so wonderful because it is in awesome and beautiful reality for the Bride of Jesus Christ in this last days. The Coming of Christ is a great teaching, I pray that all that claim to be Bride would see this revelation that God has unfolded to us. What an edifying and beautiful reality!!! It should be our meditation and focus each day, Christ has descended from heaven to unite Himself to me!!! What amazing grace!!!!! Praise God!!! Thanks again. I love the chart in the revelation of Jesus Christ!!!
God bless you,
MN. USA [Email: 7 Sept.2001]

Bro. Gan,
Just so you know; I have sent some money to you in a security envelope inside of a security envelope recently. Please let me know when you receive it. Also, could you please send me, after you receive the money, two booklets, Logos: the beginning of the creation of God. I want one and I want to give one away to a brother in Christ. 
That writing is a blessing and it truly helps me (and I hope others) gain an understanding of the teachings of the bible and of Bro. Branham. It really brings out the correct understanding of why Bro. Branham, at the beginning of his ministry, called the Logos, the Son of God that went out of God and why at the end he moved towards saying the Logos that was upon Jesus or that anointed Jesus. It also helps us understand why the prophet said, "Jesus was Word before He was flesh" and "Jesus had a beginning, but Melchisedec had no beginning." It helps me to say amen to every word in the bible with an understanding that brings for light in my life.
MN. USA [Email: 16 Sept.2001]

Dear Brother Richard

Greetings to you today in that precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who truly is Hebrews 13:8 and to think we are part of Him by His amazing grace, what a blessed people we truly are.

Thank you brother for your letter, and the books.  God has blessed you with a wonderful revelation, you are very intelligent and I fully believe that God has bestowed a gift upon you and that is Christ in you for the Word says I will be with you, even in you.

Brother it is a blessing to my heart to read the books you have sent, it is very true that those message believers would always say greats about the prophet but they fail to see the Leadership of the Holy Spirit at present.

I agree that they are going right back to where they came from. I saw that spirit of lust among them, that is one of many reasons I got out from amongst them. I believe we must behave like ladies. My mother is from St. Helena but I was born in Johannesburg. She was very strict with me, being the only child.  I remember her praying that the Lord must guide me, and God did answer her prayers for in His Word said that He will be with us even to the consummation.

We are at the end of time. I believe that the doors are closed and Ichabod is scratched across their portals.

Olga Frieslaan
Cape Town, RSA (dated 14 Sept.2001)


Doris NNaji
Abia State, Nigeria [Email: 17 Oct.2001]

Christian Greetings!
Do not be afraid to speak the TRUTH.  By not speaking the TRUTH we would have more misunderstanding.  Tell the TRUTH the way it should be told.  Yes, the Branhamites might be against us for what we are.  The saints of old suffered the same persecution.
The air would be clear if we stand for our FAITH, not wavering.
Visit our website if you have access to the NET.

Thanks for the email brother. It really means a lot to me to have a brother with your calling take the time to send me an email. I just wanted to testify to you that my friend that told me about Bro. Branham has been reading some of your writing and I've been testifying to him about the Word and he is very blessed by reading and feels that it is very fresh with the best balance Scripturally he has seen around the message of the hour. As he said, "there is a real anointing upon those writings." I just got the two books on Logos: Beginning of the Creation of God today. Thanks brother.
With love in Christ,
 MN. USA [Email: 19 Oct.2001]

Dear Bro. Gan,

I want to thank God for the great work you are doing to my ministry, my family and the saints. Thanks for the letter I received with a good news that you have sent 30kg books messages. Oh! its a wonderful work my brother to the saints in churches wherever I go to minister. There are so much hungering.  People needs to hear messages you preached and its our prayer that any time God provide you with a plan to come to my church and also visit other pastors and fellowship. It will be wonderful to us. And that will be the Plan of God. We can't force it. The Program of God will be perfect to us.

I know there will be many ministers who will enjoy the food in due season. There are some ministers who have come to recognize you and your ministry and they have started to respect you. In Malawi, many believers have lost their truth of God. Instead they just memorize the books of Bro. Branham and not allow God to reveal them the men of God in Five-fold ministry who are to perfect the Church. I thank God for His revelation in me.

Pastor Tonny Nkhandwe
Chipoka, Malawi (dated 9 Oct.2001)

Dear brother, I am a preacher in a congregation in a village (ATITSOHOE) under the blessed ministry of your beloved brother Tokpo K. Joseph who is the Pastor of the FAITH TABERNACLE in LomŤ - TOGO.
I must tell you here that through your blessed ministry, the Lord shall supply my need -- I would like to read and study every one of your books. Please send me all the books of the list you've written. I would be very blessed and also the congregations of NOTSE, ATITSOHOE and KLOEGNAME. We want to get a clearer picture of the Message of this hour and the whole revelation to get prepared for the Second Advent of the Bridegroom, our Lord Jesus Christ.
The brothers and sisters of the congregation "Tabernacle of Grace" are expecting to read from you very soon.
My beloved brother, my prayer is to thank God for such a ministry for the perfecting of the Bride of Jesus Christ.
The grace of the Almighty be with you.
Your brother by the precious blood of the Lamb of God.

KEDJAGNI Kokou Pierre
LomŤ - TOGO, W.Africa (Dated: 16 Oct. 2001)

Dear Brother Gan,

I greet you in the Name of our Lord Jesus. I am so excited about the books that I have received the second batch as you promised, thank you. I am starting to save from my pension so that I can send towards the posting.

Brother, I can't stop reading your books. They are so true. I fully believe that God has given you this wonderful gift which is far beyond man's thinking. Every word that I read is exactly right and true.

In 1981 I saw this light, but when I saw these Message believers I became confused because all they would say the prophet, and they can't go no further and because of many other reasons. There are sisters sitting at home and others started drinking, so that proves what you said is true; the leaders in Cape Town has lost their visions, they have become weak and I see our young men and women falling into sin, young brothers falling. We need your prayers.

We are only six believers that sit around the Word on Sunday morning. Brother Jacob is 71 years old and he also agrees with what he read from your books. And for all the years I saw that the Message was a message of restoration, and that I don't even come into the picture at all into Christ Jesus.

I am so glad that God has raised up a brother to inspire us in the Word of God. For me it is very important to learn more of the Written Word.

I am a widow for six years now and I have put my trust in Jesus Christ for He is able to carry me through. I have time to read your books. To me it's wonderful, its very encouraging.

Brother Gan, God's blessings to your dear wife and family, not forgetting the believers, and God's richest blessing to you, for God has given you that gift that no man can take it away from you, that boldness you have brother you are more than a conqueror in Jesus Christ that strengthens you.

Your sister in Christ,
Olga Frieslaan
Cape Town, R.S.A. (Dated: 25 Oct. 2001)

My dear brother in Christ Jesus,

This is your brother (Lansah Samuel Seidu) from Ghana writing you this letter. I thank God and our Lord Jesus Christ for the grace and love that He has given to His children on this earth. It is through this grace and love our Lord Jesus Christ that has enabled me to receive your precious books.
Brother, your books (even though I have not yet finished reading them) had thrown more light and revelation to the Word of God I have been reading everyday. To me, your books worth more than all the riches and glory of this world. Apart from the Word of God, there is nothing that I cherish more than your precious books.
As you can see from our address above, we here always want to go according to the teachings of the Word of God. We believed that anywhere the revealed Word of God is, our Lord Jesus Christ shall make it known to His Bride wherever they are. We have been praying to our God that wherever there is His revelation, He should let us to get it because God always make Himself knwon through revelation to His children.
We thank God that He is answering our prayers by helping you to let us get your precious books. The Bride of our Lord Jesus Christ would be made perfect no matter where she may be on his earth.
Since our Lord Jesus Christ has given me his grace and put me in charge of His little flock here, any truth that our Lord Jesus Christ would reveal to me through your precious books, would be given to the little flock. I am careful here not to give His little flock poison and I am praying for His help.
I want to say something to you what Peter once said, that silver and gold have I not but in the Name of Jesus Christ, may our God and Father keep you in His revealed truth and bless you more in the work that you are doing for our Lord Jesus Christ in the furtherance of the Kingdom of heaven.
May I end here by requesting this one thing, that you should put my name and address somewhere and continue to send me books, messages, documents, etc., that you think would help us and keep us going in God's revealed Word. Once again, God bless you. We are doing well here in the Name of Jesus Christ. We hope you are doing the same. Always remember us in your prayers.

Your brother in Christ Jesus,
Lansah Samuel Seidu
Tamale, N/R, Ghana (Dated 12.12.01)

Bro Gan
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I first Loged into your
site this wekeend and It is a very good site. I have been searching for
your website for  a long time. Thank God I have found it.
You website is very detailed and tackles those burning issues in the
Message and I enjoyed reading most of the articles. I would like to have
your book "speak  the word" Please send it to this adress
~ ~ ~ ~.

Keep on raising the standard of truth Bro Gan
Thanks and regards

[Blantyre, Malawi,. Email: 15.01.02]

Brother Gan,

Greetings to you in Jesus Name.
I love the way the Lord Jesus Christ send you the message to the world; wishing you more power of prayer, long life and prosperity to proclaim the Word of God to the captives and set them free unto God.
Your knowledge unto the Word of God to the nations is a a vision of light, hope and freedom.
I thank God for His grace upon you to write many books by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
I want to experience the truth, blood and superpower of Jesus Christ on the earth, and of the cross of Calvary. I promise not to forget you in my prayer night and day, even in my practical evangelism office at Ovia Village; a group of prayer warriors will be organized against all evil forces in Jesus' Name.
The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. My love be with you all in Christ Jesus. Amen. (1 Cor.16:23-24).
I remain in Christ our Lord,

Yours in His Victorious Vineyard,
Vicobosas Oluwagbesan (Nigeria, dated 15/02/2002)

Dear Brother Gan,
I came across your web-site on library computer last week. What I have read has really been a blessing.
Please send what you can in BOOKS. Enclosed $25.00 check.
Bro. Wally
(Asheville, NC., USA, dated 2 March 2002)

Beloved brother GAN in christ greetings to you in the lovely name of our bridegroom
LORD JESUS CHRIST.Already I sent thanks giving E-mail to you for received the
prophetic revelation books and cassetes.Now I am getting many revelatons from our brdegroom
through your books and cassetes whch were in HIS mind before creation of the world.
I am 33 years old and have completed diploma in mechanical
engg.(DME)with first class.But still I am not getting any
permanent job as well as income.I got married on06-05-1995 and
have two female children.My father was expired on 09-02-2000.Here
my mother,wife,two childrens and myself are living in rented
house.So worldly I am very poor but spritually I am very rich.
My REBORNED date is 08-04-1990. This is my family backround.
beloved brother I belive that God is calling me to do His willing
in bride ministry Which is going on in this last generation.Since
this is the right time I am leading to use of my gift of Holyghost
for the edification of the Body of christ.Now I came to understand
that in this present hour no one can do more than your prophetic
revelation ministry with the power of Holyghost.So if God willing
I want(just refelect)transalate the prophetic revelation books to
tamil language.(tamil language is my mother tung)When I have seen
your website somebody have finished the transalation work in some
language.But I don't knoe wheather Tamil transalation is going on
or not.So beloved brother please permit me to transalte yoyr
published books in tamil language.If you will decided to give a
chance to do the transalatio work,please guide me to which book is
to be transalate first and how many days it should be completed
and other formalities to be send through e-mail.Any how I am
waiting for your positive reply e-mail. I am praying for your
ministry and believe you will also do the same.PRAISE THE LORD

Ezhil Charles (India, Email: 25/March/2002)

Dear Bro. Gan:
It was such a blessing to hear from you.  I would be happy to put a link to your website on our church webpage.  Yes, the ministry has been keeping us busy along with all of the day-to-day work that we have to do to make a living.  The Lord has been good to us.  We are striving to present the Word in such a way that is glorifying and edifying to Christ rather than exalting His prophet above Him.  We have so appreciated your blessed ministry and the many wonderful Truths that the Lord has allowed you to articulate so well.  As I've mentioned in several emails in the past, the Branhamites in this area have really waged an all-out battle against us due to our stand for the Word and present ministry of the Holy Spirit.  Keep us in your prayers, my precious brother.  We would still like to see about possibly coordinating with your schedule when the time presents itself and arranging some meetings here in the ! ;States.  I believe that your ministry would be a blessing to many who have been bound down by the Message denominational spirit that has permeated the so-called End Time Message Churches.  Also, we are constantly working to add content to our website as the Lord permits and we have time.  Keep us in prayer that we will put the comments and discussion that will be edifying to the Bride of Christ.
Lord bless you brother,
Bro. Sam Spangler [Email: 26 March 2002]

> Dear Bro. Gan:
> Just a little note to tell you how much I appreciate your work for the Lord.
> Today while on break from work, I was meditating and praying and thanking
> the Lord for the stand that you have taken for the Word.  It is such a
> blessing to know that just as God told the prophet Elijah that he was not
> the only one who would not bow his knee to Baal, so in this day there are
> others who will not bow there knees to the Message denominationalism that
> has swept through the ranks of Message churches.  I pray for you daily, my
> brother.  Your apostolic ministry is greatly appreciated and respected.
> In Christ's Service,
> Bro. Sam Spangler [Email: 05 Apr. 2002]

Bro. Gan:

I just wanted to let you know that I received the books today.  Praise the Lord!  I felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit hit me the moment I opened the package.  I believe that these will be a true blessing to the people in this area. 
God bless you, brother!

Bro. Sam Spangler [Email:10/04/02]

Dear br. Gan,

It was yesterday that I came across your site, and I'm already excited about
everything that you have in store. Because I don't have a computer, I wonder
if you print and mail out your sermons. If so, please send a copy of
everything you have available and also some tapes and videos. My soul is
hungering for the true Word of God.
I also have a question: the Bible speaks about the fivefold ministry. What is
the work of the Evangelist, the Pastor, the Teacher, etc? In "spiritual food
in due season" bro. Branham said that you can't mix the offices. Please
answer me soon. God bless you!
Antonio Valesquez
[Venezuela, Email: 07/04/02]

> Dear Brother Seechoo,
> i'm so delighted that you took your time to direct me to this website,i've
> been looking for it and now i've found it,God mightly bless you.i'm always
> blessed in a great way by the preaching of our bro.Gan.i was introduced to
> his teachings bye a brother back in Kenya(at the moment i'm in England where
> my husband is studying).I've always desired to drink from the right stream
> of revelation and since i started reading Prophetic revelation books,the
> Lord has been increasing my Faith,i long to grow to higher heights of His
> pure word of the day that i,m living.once again God bless you and remember
> me in your prayers.
> sister Grace Mbugua [Email: 08/05/02, forwarded by Bro. See Choo]

Hi Brothers and Sisters and may the Lord Bless you!
The purpose of my letter is just to encourage you keeping
faith on this message because i beleive that GOD has spoken
through Br.Branham and this message will surely prepare the

Rodrigue Gotiene Obambi
[Email: 12/05/02]

Pastor Gan:

Greetings to you and the entire fellowship i the Name of Jesus Christ. Thank God for this opportunity of writing a letter to you. This year has started with new hopes in my life.

I want to register my deep thanks and appreciation to God for what your ministry has been to me. It has helped me so much to get established in the truth of God. God bless you for having been faithful to God in delivering the whole counsel of God and I believe that at the end of our Christian journey there is a reward that awaits you.

As you know that Africa has been blown by all sorts of confusion which has seen some out of the way of God. But me, personally, I have benefited much from your ministry and I just say thank you and may God continue using you. You may not know how much it has benefited me, but God is my witness. It has helped me to stand at school for the truth of God. It is very rare to find such God ordained ministries that are interested in the souls of the people and not in making a name (popularity).

Please send me any latest messages, if possible also include any tapes. If I had any money I would have sent it to cater for postage. Shalom.

Your brother in Christ,
Oscar Nzila (Namwala, Zambia. Posted: 13 May 2002)

Hello to you

Just doing a little browsing on the net and came across your page.
Both my husband and I enjoyed very much what we were able to read in one covered a lot of ground!

We do a prison ministry here in Nebraska USA.  At one time we were able to hold services but now we are only able to visit a few and we faithfully do this every week.  We believe in the ministry of reconciliation.
Bringing these men back to Christ. We are also sharing God's Word with one man who is deaf in the prison.  We know God is a healer!

We believe in so many of the things you mentioned but find that not many agree with us.  There seems to be so many Christian "civil wars" going on that it hard to believe that God will have a Bride except he said there would be !

It sounded as if you have suffered much with ministers in America and Canada.  We are sorry to hear that.  God didn't come to America only. And he didn't speak to America only except now to say "She's dead!"

We will continue to read through your site and hope you wouldn't mind if we shared it with our incarcerated Brothers??

God Bless
Sister Jennie Piper and Brother David Piper
Omaha, NE USA
[Email: 22 June 2002]

Dear Brother Gan,
I thank you very much for the two books that you have just recently sent to me. (Speak the WORD! - What is the Message of the Hour?) I have been reading and enjoying the content and they have caused me to look a second time at some of the teachings that I have taken for granted.
I'll be honest and say that what I've read makes sense so far, but I don't get the bit about the seven brothers / principles, carrying the Message forward, but according to your material, the preaching of the WORD is more important than individuals and that's the bit I like.
We are not a contentious group here, and I've done my best to keep strange doctrines and overpowering personalities out of the meeting to protect the sheep. We in Scotland are a bit isolated and that can have its advantages.
I would appreciate however, if you could send to me the other titles listed at the back of the book. I will arrange for a donation to be sent to you, cash in dollars US covering materials and postage as soon as I can.
If you could send them to arrive before the 10th of July, as I will be in Ohio and there will be no one to receive them, or for August when I get back, that would be of benefit.
God bless,
Brother Brian Loch
Scotland, GB
[Email: 23 June 2002]

Dear Bro. Gan:
Have appreciated the only two books recently sent to me.
We would be delighted to have a single copy of each of the books listed
in the folder on the back.

Please send them. Our fellowship will send an offering to at least
off-set the cost.
You will recall that I sang many times before Bro. Branham spoke. I will
be 83 years old in August. Thank the Lord I am in excellant health. We
have a fine group here that I have pastored since the early 60's. We left
the Southern Baptist church at that time.

A few years ago I was in Singapore. It is a great city.

Sincere personal regards in Christ, Bro. Morris Ungren

[Email: 28 June 2002]

BROTHER, i just stumble into your website today and to
be honest i can not express my happiness over the
little i was able to read.
BRO, I will like you to kindly mail to me all your
books for my study. MY postal adress is,

[Email: 2 July 2002]

My dear Brother in Christ,
  What an absolute joy to come across your website, I can only presume that it was by providence. My name is Rev. Shane Vaughn and I am a minister from the United States of America. I have preached the Word of God since I was 14 years old and today I am 29. Several years ago I began discovering the Message of the Hour. Somewhere deep inside me I felt a Deep calling unto Deep and began to understand the deep spiritual truths delivered by Brother Branham. Now, I must say, I do not mention Bro. Branham in my meetings nor do I identify myself with the Branhamites here in America, but I do believe the Message.
    I grew up as a Pentecostal believer and was taught the truth of the oneness of God since a child so I already had more truth than most Believers here in America. I was so blessed by your Spirit and I feel like you have found a balance between the Word of God and the Message of the Hour. I feel the ministry of Bro. Branham has been hindered by his own followers and their desire to immortilize him. I would like to become more aquainted with you and will keep you in my prayers. Please feel free to visit our website at God Bless You
Rev. Shane Vaughn
Remant Ministries, Inc.
Calling forth the Remnant Church and preparing the Bride of Christ.
Bogalusa, La, USA
[Email: 6 July, 2002]

Hello to you!

Jennie and I have been reading some in the "big book" on the Revelation of Jesus Christ.  You did an excellant job putting all that information together.  I am sure it took much study.  I really like the way you placed some of the information.  You are correct in saying that some things have been misplaced by "message believers".  They put the emphasis in the wrong place. I don't understand how they think you are not a "message believer".  You certainly give Br. Branham his place in God's Word.  I don't think Br. Branham would be offended. You keep pointing back to Christ.  Isn't that what he told us to do?

David Pipers
[Email: 13 July, 2002]

Hello Brother!

I sure have had lots of food for thought since meeting you.  I have been very blessed in reading your materials but more inportantly I have been challenged.  I have not thought or considered some things for many years and have had to go back and reevaluate what I believe.  When I come across something I am not sure of, my wife reminds me to check your scripture reference.  In other words, read it for myself.
As we both agree, it isn't what you say, or I say, or what Bro. Branham said.  It is what the Word says.  Over the years I have come across some teachings that I didn't feel the scriptures supported.  However, it was what everyone seem to be teaching.
Based more on quotes then scriptures.  But taking a scriptural stand didn't make us popular!  I am sure you understand. hahahaha

I know that I have not been called to be a "scholar".  It takes years of study and I don't like study.  But I thank God for those who are!  Of course that is not to say I don't have the intellegence. I just don't feel it is all intellegence.  As it is written in Acts....Peter and John were unlearned men.  God gave them revelation.  He knew how much they could handle and I think that it is a part of it.  Some are able to deal more with certain kinds of revelations then others. It can be overwhelming. 

I believe that God has given you a gift to deal with more detailed understanding.  While I have a more global understanding, you have a more precise knowledge.
Being able to cross all the "T's" and dotting all the "i's". On one hand I think, "is it really important for me to know it that well?"  On the other, I understand that there is less opportunity for error.  So I can praise God for giving me a brother like you to keep me straight in the scriptures!  Do I believe you are better then me?  NO!
Smarter then me?  Not really.  You just have that gift to handle more revelation.
What an awesome responsibility! As it is written, the more you know, the more that is required of you! 

Thankfully, God has not asked of me what he has asked of you.  But what God has asked of me, he has given me all the "tools' to work with.  You mentioned men with PRIDE.  I deal with men with pride all the time.  It is one of the first things you have to deal with in prison work.  Some think they are scholars!  They want to debate you about everything just to be "better then you" because they have no self- worth unless they are "over someone".  Then there are those who have no education and they are embarrassed.  So they try to impress/intimidate you with their physical strength!  The Goliath thing.  Tell you how big and bad they are.  The crimes they have done.  The drugs they have used.  Either one, there is PRIDE.  And because it is the nature of prison, they draw you out of their circle.  My work has been to draw them back into mine where I can share Christ.  Some brothers who go back into the prison having been convicts themselves, sometimes have an easier time.  There is an acceptance.  That is why Bro. Jerry did so well.  He was one of them.  I am not.
I do not want to be "one of them".  I want them to become one with Christ.  My "claim to fame" could be that I am consistantly there and the men that are willing to work with me do get out!  And if they submit to God, they stay out!

Prideful men.  They are a challenge.  It is a weakness in their character.  I believe that it is the responsibility of others to help those that are weak.  Am I correct?
Yes you do have to get them to listen.  But first we must swallow some of our own pride when they won't listen.  We have to be patient.  Longsuffering.  It takes time to build a trust.  Pride sometimes is the attribute of fear.  Love overcomes the fear and the wall of pride comes tumbling down. 

I am very excited about our meeting.  I don't know just yet how it fits into God's plan but I am believing that our friendship is going to bless both of us and others also. Don't look down on me because I am a dumb white american boy!  Sometimes the teacher can learn from the student and often it is quite profound!  Think about it.
Who learned the most?  What you taught your kids or what your kids taught you!

God bless my brother. 
Bro. David 
[Email: 26 July 2002]

Greetings Brother Gan!

I have a question.  In reading about the 5 fold (which I think was an AWESOME study), I noticed that you said that a pastor was not limited to his church but rather had the freedom to speak else where.  I am assuming that you believe that a 5 fold "pastor" is to the Body where as an elder doing to work of a pastor is only to his local body.  I agree with that.  But I think that we have many who call themselves pastors of the 5 fold when really I think they are just elders in pastor positions.  These men travel to other churches and "meddle" creating headache and heartache often times.  This "calling" of pastor vs elder appointed pastor has not been taught as it should and I think this is why we see so many problems.  I may be wrong but I believe some of it is because of money and popularity.  We have seen some younger men (older ones too) behind the pulpit that have no wisdom to be leading sheep!  But they are out preaching and some think that is a qualification for "pastorhood".   I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the dedication you have made in study of the scriptures.  Esp regarding the 5 fold.  It has been very frustrating to me because I have not felt things were right in that area.  Your study made it all the more clear of how it should be!  Amen brother!

God bless and thank you.  Hope to meet you if you come this way.
Sister Jennie

[Email: 2 August, 2002]

Dear Bro. Richard Gan,

I received, read your 2 Prophetic Revelation booklets, "What is the Message of the hour?" and "Speak the Word!" I found comfort in the knowledge that the message of Jesus Christ continues to be brought forth in such eloquent simplicity. This, I know is due to your determined efforts to serve the Master for which I am so very grateful. Enclosed is an offering that I know will be used to further this Kingdom effort. Please send me as much literature, booklet, as you can spare. They will be studied and shared willingly with others. God bless you as you continue this good work.

Your Friend & Fellow Co-laborer,
Pastor Stanley B. Monroe,
Living Word Tabernacle,
Danville, Il 61832,
(Received: 13 Aug.2002)




Born to a muslim family by the name Mohammed Audu, I got to know the Lord in the year 1997. Since then, i
have been in one of the denominational churches The deeper Life Bible Ministry .  Then recently, i stumbled on one of your brochures from Glory to Glory and i just couldn't sleep anymore.  There i a vaccum in my soul , i thirst after the word
which  was not in my former church. When i visited your website i found that you have these brochures in your stock .

 I shall be grateful if the above listed could be sent to me through the name i now bear, which is Emmanuel 
Audu, having changed my name in 1997. If my brother wants to get me on the internet, the email address is

Thanks and may God continue to strenghten you in Jesus name. Amen.

The above address is the correct address through which i receive mails.

[Email: 17 August 2002]

Dear Brother Richard Gan

With much pleasure I thank the Almighty Lord for the revelation He is giving you. I strongly believe in the Laodicean messenger Br. Branham's message but I don't believe in the way it is taken here in Zimbabwe by his so-called followers. Before I met your messages I had so many unanswered spiritual matters after reading/hearing tapes of Br. Branham. His followers say "NO MORE MESSAGE FROM THE LORD EXCEPT THE MESSAGE".  Before I heard about the message, the Lord showed me many things about broken churches, even now about  SERIOUS PREACHING OF THE GOSPEL.  I was tortured by the Branhamites till I decided not to fellowship with them.  Please Brother don't put aside my request. Please, if possible, send me all your preachings, short or long. I don't have anything to read.

Br. I'm not working. I should have sent money for postage for the current messages, what the Lord is giving you. What is in me is agreeing with your messages.

May the Lord bless you with all spiritual blessings.  Something happened in me strongly on your THUNDERS message. Praise be to Him, the only Fathful and True God. Amen.

Yours In Christ,
Luckson Mazango
Harare, Zimbabwe
[Letter post dated: 13 May,2002]

Greetings Bro. Gan,
    I am Bro.William Tucker of the state of Mississippi in the U.S.A. I pastor a small congregation in Jones County...
    I have been studying your Messages on your web site for about four months now. I am truly amazed at how the Spirit of our Father has revealed such Truths on two sides of the earth.
Our two Revelation Ministries are almost  identical as to the Revelations of the day we are living in & our Bro. Branham's Message & his 'followers'.
    I am just a country preacher that has been privileged to see God's Truths for our day.
The Bride Age that we are living in. Even to the Seven Thunders. I would truly love to hear from you personally, if at all possible. For there are very few that have or will receive what our Lord has revealed & IS revealing in our day. Very little fellowship from other Brothers, as most only receive what the Prophet said DIRECTLY. And
refuse to receive what the Spirit is saying to the Bride today.
Look forward to hearing from you my Brother.

[Email: 5 Sept, 2002]

Dear beloved brother,

Holy greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ our elder brother.
Few years ago I believed in the message of Bro. William Branham which is an eye opener for me to see many hidden things in the Bible. It was with joy that I joined the only fellowship in my town.
At first I was enjoying the message; this joy motivated me to give myself to the reading of the prophet's message books. This joy gradually darkened because of the confusion I came across. The more I stayed in the message the more the confusion. This was because of listening to the older brethren's teachings and believres in the message.
To God be the glory I came across one of your books titled: Prophetic Revelation "What is the Message of the Hour?" After going through there was a great relief in my heart. This has prompted me to write this letter to request for this book and more, others that will be helpful to me and others like me. Send inspiring books that will avert the heavy burden of our heart and the confusion in this beautiful message of the prophet. I will like you to include my name in the list of beneficaiary of periodic package of your books if there is any.
Extend my sincere greetings to the holy brethren over there.

Ibitola D.O.
[Letter received: 30 Sept.2002]

Dear Brother Gan,
This is your brother in Christ Jesus from Ghana writing you this letter. I hope by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ all is well. The little flock and I here are very fine in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I am just writing you to inform you that your second parcel of books have been received with joy and happiness. I really thank God for your ministry. It has really open up my mind and heart in the true things of God.  It is my prayer that our Lord Jesus Christ should continue to shine His Divine Light on you that we too, here in Ghana, can benefit through that light of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I am still pleading to you that you should not turn your back to us. Try your best as possible to send us any booklet, message, document or anything pertaining to the Word of God that you feel is of much benefit to us. No matter what people say about your ministry, I am still enjoying it and it is helping me.
Your brother in Christ Jesus,
Lansah Samuel Seidu
Tamale, N?R, Ghana.
[Letter dated: 4 August, 2002]

Dearest Br Gan.

Loving greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. It is with you that I write this note because though the
world is greatly worried about the things that are happening on earth with all its troubles.
PURPOSE OUT WHEN HE WILL SEND JESUS back to this earth again to bring peace instead of
war, I just want to thank God for the work is doing in you. you are a blessing to us. Here in KuKu fellowship
i have read about the exposition of Damnable Heresies, how they have attacked you. But I say may God bless
you and forgive these people because they do not know what they are doing.

I dont bave much to say, but you are a blessing to the bride of Christ world wide.

Brother Chishimba.
[Email: 23 Oct. 2002]

I am a student of from Abia State of Nigeria. I give thanks to God Almighty for the knowledge which He gave me through one of your books that was titled: THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD. I understand a lot through the book especially about the SERPENTINE NATURE. I give thanks to God for this and also let God Almighty fulfill everyone of you through His blessings. Amen. I would have offered something to the work of the ministry but because of hardship and poverty of my parent I do not have the money to offer even to send this letter. Thanks.

Divine Maruzu, Nigeria
[Dated 20 Oct.2002]

Beloved Brother,

Greetings to you in Jesus Name.
My name is Peter Pruthviraj Biswasi. I am a graduate in B.Com. Now, I'm a Computer Student. I am indebted and very much thankful to you for publishing Bible related books. So far I've read only one book of Prophetic Revelation named "LOGOS: THE BEGINNING OF THE CREATION OF GOD" which I received from an acquaintance of mine. I read the book in October 2002. One of my most difficult doubt got clarified after going through your book. Now I think your book is the next best thing I possess after the Bible. I'm a believer but I don't have deep Scriptural knowledge. I am very much interested to read your other books. What can I do to receive them? Would you please like to help meunderstand the Bible. I need your guidance. It is my humble request to you. I am ready to pay for the books you are publishing. Please respond with all the details as soon as possible because I am very eager to receive your books. God bless you.

Peter, India
[Dated 26 Oct.2002]

Dear Friends & Brethren,

Thank you for the books and chart you sent me. I highly appreciate your kind effort. I want you to know that these books have a great impact in my life as a minister in the message. More especially, I was encouraged to know that some of the things that I believe and teach here in Nigeria are what you teach and believe in Singapore. It gives me courage to know that I am not alone. The same God who called me and chose me had called people in every nation under heaven. Even some of my people have gone through those books and chart and confirmed that what we stand for in our assembly is not only Scriptural but also global.

I have decided to store the books you sent me in my private library seeing that they are just a single copy of each message that I have received. I realize it has cost you great fortune to send me those books. I wish I could make some financial contribution to aid the production of those books. Send my greetings to the whole assembly. Grace and peace be multiplied to you all in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Yours Sincerely,
Bro.Reginald Green, Nigeria
[Dated: 12 Oct. 2002]

I can't help but think about the 70 who went out with signs and wonders and served the Lord but when it came to the Word preached they were not able to recieve it.  Jesus told his disciples that it was given to them to know the mysteries of the Kingdom and that is how I see this situation.  These people simply are not "given to know".  They have had shepherds that have led them astray in the beginning and they have been lost since.  Without the Holy Spirit, they will never find their way back to the fold.  So they repeat what they have been taught and lead others astray because often they have a large following.  Blind leading the blind.  I can only be thankful that God has "given to me to know" that God did not stop revealing His Word when he took his Prophet home.  And that he gave his bride a ministry to bring forth that understanding. Like Bro. Sam, I have no problem being one of the "mighty men" that stands for the truth like those who served King David.  Watching over God's anointed.  I have said in the past, it isn't you as a person, but rather the calling that God has given that we must respect.  And that calling has made you the person you are!!!  Faithful to His Word! Amen.  And you encourage us as well to stay faithful in it.

I have gone back and have been reading Bro. Branham's messages on Hebrews.
Looking into the scriptures about perfection.  I don't think we have caught all that understanding and I think that is why so many have failed in understanding what that "perfect" is.  In Hebrews, it speaks of leaving the principles of faith and going on into perfection.  In other words, we don't stop doing them, we just shouldn't still be arguing over them!!! Which seems to be what some are doing. Trying to have some greater revelation, I guess. 

Thanks for sharing!
[USA, Email: 25 Oct. 2002]

I notice your article on garments is making a stir,
huh? I like it really. I admit i was not aware of the
common (mis)conception. I do know that different
cultures wear different clothes. In the Philippines,
some ethnic groups wear 'sarong' kind of dress. But
'saya' (skirt) is our cultural dress among women.

I posted your article in the church so the brethren
can also get enlightenment. Thanks and God bless.

Jonathan [Philippines, Email: 26 Oct. 2002]

Dear Brother Richard Gan:

Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

I am a Chinese Christian writing from Virginia USA. I came cross your
website via Brother Sam Spangler's church website more than 7 months ago.
I am not ready to make any comment at this time but I'd let you know that
I have read almost all articles you have put in your website. I have read
some of them second time and I am reading The Book of Revelation part.

I came to the Message and became a Christian the same time via the
Internet , mainly via I was baptised in
the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ July 1999. I really have trouble with
voice sermons in English, therefore have got more blessings by reading
than by simply listening to the message tapes and church sermons (I have
a lot of problems with any language, including Chinese).

Your comments on 'branhamites' are really something. Maybe due to seeing
the mighty use of Bro Branham by God and lack of Holy Ghost annointing, I
used to be as 'branhamite' as I could. LOL. However, I am praying that
God have mercy on me and fill me with His Spirit so that I am lead into
His Truth both in faith and in deeds.

Currently I am not a good testimony and have an unbelieving family.
Therefore, I dont want to say much at this time. Please remember me and
my unbelieving family in your prayers.

May God bless you and your ministry to the Bride of Christ.

Li, Jing
[Email: 27 Nov.2002]

Yes I've done a lot of posting, and I love Brother Branham a lot. I believe his life was a surrendered one, and is a picture of what our Christian life should be. Lately the struggle in my heart has been to be careful not to let my affections be focused on brother Branham instead of Jesus...It would be an easy trap to fall into. Yet I also believe Bro. Branham was important, was he important for our day? Yes I think so...Yet the Lord is still speaking and his people (Ecclesia) can still hear. What would brother Branham hear if he were alive on this earth today? Would he change his mind about what he believed? Possibly, some things (some of his opinions), yet where he spoke "thus saith the Lord" I think that would stay the same, for I don't believe he would deceive. So after several weeks of searching, and reading, I've come to favor your site most of all, seeing the balance and sensing that you hear HIS voice is what has swayed me the most. I will probably not be posting much on the forums, for I now believe that I have to be careful and not give until my well is full, and my life is once again surrendered. Possibly there is a time of trouble that will cause the church to let go of the things of the world and then an anointing to follow, I don't know for sure..But I hope. Bless you. rod.

[Email: 2 Dec. 2002]

I was reading what that fellow had to say about you and your website. I
feel bad for him. He had a great deal of cult like ideas. Isn't the Bible
the Absolute for God's people? Didn't they go back to the reformation and
realize that the Bible being the final authority is the first and foremost
revelation of the reformation. It goes for the restoration of the church
also. If God has opened up something to us in the bible then if it is
consistent we shouldn't be ashamed to testify of it. Bro. Branham said his
words would fail, but that God's word (the bible) would never pass away.
The bible is the final revelation of God's word, in other words there are
no new revelations beyond it. However, the truths contained in scripture
must come to fruit in the hearts and minds of believers. Until the Church
is raptured the word of truth will be unfolded to her more and more.

It's struck me lately that it took me a long time to let the purpose of the
message be fulfilled in my life and ever since it did I have had a greater
peace. It has revealed Jesus Christ to me, but now I haven't separated that
from scripture. It has called me out of denominationalism and the spirits
thereof. It has gotten me back to the bible. Before that my heart wasn't
turned to the apostolic fathers' faith. My heart was just turned to the
sermons of bro. Branham instead of letting the sermons of bro. Branham turn
me back to the apostolic fathers' faith. See that subtle difference that
the devil had accomplished.

JD [USA, 8 Dec. 2002]

Bro. Gan, My name is John Armendariz and I e-mailed you about 9 months
ago concerning the Serpents Seed, and you sent me a book, it was a
blessing and I understood it I was the youth leader and our congregation
and when I brought the sermon  to the deacons and pastor I was told it
was false by one deacon and the pastor,  One deacon had conviction and
understood,  and many members of the church accepted it, but now I am
kind of the outcast of the congregation cause I now don't believe in
denominations or organization, so I have gotten out of the congregation.
 My question is the head covering talked about in 1 corinthinans Ch11. ,
the women wear head coverings in the church and outside the church and I
am not to convince thats what the chapter is talking about, do you have
anything on that subject you could probably e-mail me or send me,  thank
you for your time and website, it is a blessing to me.  May Jesus Christ
bless you.  Your Brother John Armendariz.

[Email: 9 Dec. 2002]

Dear Brother Gan:
Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus!
You have said very well in the last email and I agree with you totally.
To my best knowledge of  most white American people, they are honestly nice but ignorantly arrogant , out of human being's limited carnal minds. I also find that many Chinese in China began to be ignorantly arrogant.
Once in a Message chatroom, a Chinese from China dropped by and proudly said, Do you all know the Olympic Games will be held 2008 in China? ...Do you know what and what?
Some Message believers from USA and Canada began to list ironically some low price items made in China and say, What else can China make?
Then, I made a remark in the chatroom, Od is made in China. (Od is one of my net nicks)
Those white Message believers began to feel that they had said something not too nice and changed their attitude right way for they had known me well for a long time.
I believe it is a fact that everyone of us has a limited carnal mind and practically impossible to avoid it in every day life, and sometimes in the understanding of the Word of God though we are supposed to die to our own carnal minds. What is deadly dangerous is that we simply close our minds to the progressive revelation of the Word of God and keep the carnal ideas forever without repentance. I thank my God that He has opened my eyes of understanding the second time and been drawing me from the shadows further to the full Light of the Truth, using your humble Apostolic ministry.
It is really heart broken for me  to have seen so many people who claim to have been in the Message for many years, some even for decades,  are still wandering in the wildness of the Mess Age. I never mean to mock anyone for this for I am self in the need of the Spirit and Light of the Truth to lead me from the wildness to the Promised Land. What I want to say is if only everyone of us is willing to humble ourself and  open our mind to the revelation of the unchanging Word of God from the Holy Spirit.
My pastor tried to let me tell more things about the Message of the Hour to the  Chinese guy I rebaptized to glorify  the Name of God November 29, 2002. I said, It is really know it is very hard for a leader to give ears to listen (I well had well known the local Chinese Christian leader for more than 6 years).
The same way, if only the many ministers (supposed to be leaders) in the rank of this Message could really humble themselves and give their ears to hear, the things would have been completely different.
One of the  apparent reasons why it is hard for the western ministers to respect the minsters of God in other countries may be that it is very hard for them to humble themselves and serve as examples in all manners. We know that God always resists the proud or arrogant...
Maybe because we are still living in the shadows of Laodicean Church Age and the democratic spirit is rampant in almost all areas, it is very hard even for the Message folks to recognize an Apostolic ministry. Every local ministry may just speak their own tongues, therefore, in a kind of confusion. We really need a true Five-fold Ministry to edify the Bride of Christ in the endtime to perfection.
I am so grateful that God has further enlightened my eyes to see something really true.
God bless you brother Gan! I appreciate your time to read this email.
Jiing Li
[Email: 15 Dec. 2002]

Beloved brother Gan,

Truly, I'm being very blessed through the reading of the prophetic books as the Lord himself is shedding the light of his knowledge in my heart. I pray that God continue to give you more insight and revelation for the profit of the Bride I would ask you to still remember us in your prayers.

God bless you

You brother
[Email: 23 Dec. 2002]

God bless you bro. Richard.
I am thankful to God to come accross this website. I
read one of your books early this year and since then
i have had a thought to read more of them.This book
was entitled "The New Jerusalem" if i haven't
forgotten. It had so much to do with prophetic
scriptures and i think that is what attracted me so
much.You know it is so sweet to get a brother who is
ready to wait on God's altar with a gift of God and
bring to God's children a message that brightens the
path to glory.
Personaly i have seen so many preachers amd brothers
fearing to talk on or preach about things that the
prophet either never handled nor talked plainly
concerning them. I therefore do admire your courage to
stand by God's help on grounds that many fear.

That evening as i was reading the book i happened to
quote something from it to a brother. That one quote
of just a few lines (just a paragraph) brought a six
hour discussion concerning bible prohecy. You can
guess! There was alot of arguments and quotes from the
Spoken Word books. But i tell you even the many quotes
could not answer the various questions we posed to
each other. That is why i believe that God must send
us an annointing and a five fold ministry that is
ready to ascend God's hill of revelation and come back
with baskets of heavenly spiritual manna.

I believe there is so much left in the Message of the
Hour and I am anxious and just praying that the Lord
may help me unto all the truth.

It is for this reason that i would like to make a kind
request to you for those little Bride gifts- the
messages you have sent by God's help for a true
testimony of the gospel. I would be glad to read
another message from you.
My address is as follows:

Brother Samuel Mwangi Waititu
P.O. Box 273
East Africa

God bless you so much
[Email: 31 Jan. 2003]

Christian greetings!
I just came from :
Found your site via "google"...using The Sounding of the Seven Trumpets =)...
I found your site quite interesting, to say the least!!
Have bookmarked!
Just quickly...I have had someone send me writing/messages
by Bro. Branham.  I don't recall having much trouble with his
writings/ was a strange communication tho that
I would experience from the one who was sharing his writings.
Thanks for providing this resource!
Kind regards,
~ Jerry Boyer (Cleveland, OH)
...stop by an see us at Heart to Heart, won't you?  Smile...

[Email: 14 Feb. 2003]

Dear Bro. Gan

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am glad to have this time to write you. I have been so much encouraged by your ministry in these last days. Upon reading your books and searching through the scriptures I came to find out that you teach the truth. Moreover, through your books I have come to know of the different camps in the endtime message of which many base their stand on "quotes" of the messages of the prophet, but I thank God for the stand that you have on the "Word" of God. You are an encouragement and a blessing to me and many believers here.

We contacted Brother Chrispin Mawino for some books and he assisted us with some, however, other books had already been distributed out, of which I am in need. Please I am requesting for the following books, 1) The Revelation of Jesus Christ, 2) Logos: the beginning of the Creation of God, 3) The Original Sin.

I will really appreciate if you sent to me those messages. May God continue blessing you in these last days.

Your Brother in Christ,
Peter Chavula, Pastor (Dated: 18th Jan. 2003)

Christian greetings!
Hope this short missive will find you and the saints with you in readiness as the coming of the Lord is very near.
The churches here (in the present truth) are doing well and are witnessing a lot and in exploit for the Lord. The Branhamite churches are disintegrating and tumbling down due to confusions and heresies among them.
In western Kenya, two fellowships are already in separation for the truth, and they are thankful to God for the ministry of Prophetic Revelation books. The Nbi (Nairobi) Church too is growing and doing fine. Six of them had attended our Dec. convention....
I will only add, God bless you and regards to the saints there from us here, my wife included.

Bro. Moses Segite,
P.O. Nyaru, Via Eldoret
Kenya, E. Africa [Post-dated: 12 Feb.2003]

Dear Brother Richard Gan,
I visited the website today and I came across your writings which blessed my heart graciously.
I thank God for you and your boldness to defend or take side with Jesus. Yes it's very sad to read
what people have written about Brother Branham, a man that loved God and his people with all his
heart. A man who could have been so rich, yet choose to live a poor life for the sake of the Gospel. A man
who was accessible to all in his life time. You are right my brother, to say that most people who have
done harm to the message of William Branham the most, are the very people who claim to be the followers
of the message. It is my prayers that God will keep his True children who want to believe the right teaching spotless and from the evil men.
Please my brother if you don't mind, Could you send me the book "The Serpent Seed -The Original sin"
written by you, and other books you wrote you think might be of help to me?
I feel ashamed to ask for these books free from you. I am presently unemployed. By the grace of God,
when I do get a Job, I will pay you back for them.
My address is:
Egbe Aibangbee
PO BOX 23135
Nepean, Ontario
Canada K2A 3T7
I want you to know that I believe the message that William Branham preached with all my heart.
Thanks you and may the Lord richly bless you. Amen.
[Email: 3 March 2003]


                                       THANK YOU
                                                CARLOS BIANCHI
[Email: 05 March 2003]

Brother Gan:
Thank you for your books that you sent me. I have recently mailed you $100.00. I have already read all of your books. They were of great help. I hope you will have a good trip to the United States when you come. I will now go back and study them in more detail. 
My new e-mail address is Please let me know when you will be close to Georgia. I would like to hear you preach if possible.
May God continue to bless you.
Your Brother In Christ
Dan Thrower
[Email: 09 March 2003]

Brother Richard,
I am a preacher of the word of God in my community and beyond. Rom.10:15; 1 Tim.2:7.
I read your book "PROPHETIC REVELATION" titled "Speak the Word".  I was excited and delighted on the way my spiritual life was elevated. Before now, I have never known the importance of the spoken word until I read it from your book. I thank God for what He is using you to do. 2 Tim.2:2.
In fact, I am really blessed with the message in the book and my faith has increased tremendously. I am therefore making a request for other available messages, and if possible, I would like to be independent and self-supporting to PROPHETIC REVELATION in Nigeria. I believe in the inscription in the booklet "This brochure cannot be sold or used in any way for the soliciting of funds" Matt.10:8.
Thanks for this opportunity to read your books and I am looking forward to hear from you soonest.

Your Brother in Christ,
Bro. Gabriel Ogbeide-Ihama
[Letter dated 17th Feb. 2003]


Dearest Bro.  Gan,

This is Bro. Moses Ohio from Nigeria.  I just received the parcel.  Thanks!
The Lord is doing a whole lot within his people over here.  There were a group
of End time message believers that the Lord brought me in contact with.
They had been believing strange doctrines before now. I spoke to them and gave
them your publications which I do believe will help them a lot by God's grace.  God
helping them.

Moreover, I am out of stock with some of your publications.  Can you please again
send about 30 copies of   "What is the message of the hour" And "Overseer-ship"? 
I just bleed within my heart when I think of the great NEED of the hour. 
May the Lord graciously help us. 

Bro. Ohio
[Email: 5 April, 2003]

Bro Gan

I wish to take this opportunity to also add my voice of appreciation and
thanksgiving to God for bringing you my way. I have read everything on your
website and it has made the message of the hour a lot simpler to understand.
I was almost on the brink of giving up, amidst of all the confusion that is
raging in the message assemblies along with their different
interpretations. Your series on the Book of Revelation has been a particular
eye opener for me.

If you know of any believers around Southern Africa who also contend for
this God-given faith, please do not hesitate to let me know. I need to
associate with people who are perfectly serious about the Word of God and
are ready to meet Him in the rapture.

Yours in Christ
Kenny Masoko
[Email: 9 April, 2003]

Dear Bro. Gan
I am a Zambian who is following the message of the hour. I received the message while I was in Kabwe at a high school. I even received the baptism of the Holy Ghsot while I was at Kabwe. This was so because my pastor, Bro. Mushala was emphasizing on it. It became the desire of my heart. One day around September 2001 I was praying after studying while in prayer I saw the light which was very bright entering my eyes and it descended to my heart. From that time I am an anointed believer of the Word. Whenever I am in prayer the Lord anoints me, at times even when I'm thinking for He readeth the mind and the heart.
Unfortunately, after completing my grade twelve I came to Mazabuka where I found a different preaching to that I received in Kabwe. It is the searching of the message books of the prophet and taped sermons till they come up with volumes of notes to be reproduced at the pulpit. They even bring some more books for references while preaching.
I won't say much because you're very aware of the deception laying behind the proclamation of quotes (utterances) of the prophet are being preached.
There are just too much misunderstanding to the extent that God will only speak to the pastor for it is one man at a time. It's like they don't recognize the five-fold ministry.
I am appreciating your message entitle: "What Is The Message Of the Hour?" It sensitised me on many errors surrounding the message believers of the endtime message. It has really been a blessing to me and it will be to every true elect of God.
May God bless you together with your ministry including your substances in a double portion form. 
I would that you send me some messages which you are having in store to me by using the above address and if there is any testimony or taped sermons of yours which are available so that I bear the Name of the Lord faithfully before all men.
Saluting every believer of the present truth there in Singapore not forgettingyourself especially.
Your Brother in Christ,
Kelvin Lubona
[Letter postmarked: 28 March, 2003]

I wish to complement on your End Time Message which change my life and make me also to improve in godliness.
My object of communicating is to inform you my desire to the Prophetic Revelation. I picked up one of your books from a friend and I learnt a lot of things from it. The one that moved me was this question that I have been asking every preacher that have been preaching to me, none of them have given me good answer to this question satisfactorily: "In the beginning God created everything including man and woman though woman was a by-product but they are also created by God, and God instructed them not to eat that tree of good and evil; the question is, what is the use of that tree in the garden of Eden and why did God create that tree?  Since He is God and knows what is going to happen tomorrow knwoing full well that they will eat it." This question has been a problem to every preacher that I ask, and they only tell me is: only God knows why and who was to be blamed.

But when I read your book, I understand what happened in that garden. Then I join the church of the End Time Christians because I have made up my mind not to join any church until I heard the truth, because they are only teaching about money and mammon  the Bible says is not godliness.

When I began to worship with them, I was baptised in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. My baptism name is "Gospel" which I am seeking to fulfill to everyone around me. That is my desire.  If there is a way you can help me, because iron shapens iron, so I need your communication that will enable me to stand by the truth.

I am George Oleka, a boy of 18 years.
Your faithful,
George Oleka
Abia State, Nigeria
[Letter dated: 15 April, 2003]

Beloved brother,
Greetings in the most exalted name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and peace from our father above.
I write in appreciation for your loving kindness to those of us in this part of the world. In fact, I must confess that your write ups and messages have been a great source of inspiration to our spiritual growth, most especially to me personally.  Though we misunderstood your messages and teachings in the first place, as we were misinformed by some of the old brethren who have been in the faith before us, who told us to avoid requesting or reading your books (messages) because you have erred from the faith.  Not until early last year that I began to deeply study your messages that I came to realize that I have been brainwashed by the so-called old timers in the faith and that all I have been told or heard about you and your teachings are all fables and fallacies.  In fact, when I began to watch and study things closely, I saw a very dangerous and deadly spirit of pride, competition and jealousy completely overtaken the end time message ministers, that once they see any one among them with more revelation, insight, wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the Word of God, they term him a heretice, or declare that has erred from the faith. My sincere prayer always to the Lord is that He will indeed have mercy upon everyone of us in Jesus' name, amen.
Your brother,

Missionary Chuks Abrahams
Akute Church, Ogun State, Nigeria
[Letter signed: 21-04-03]

Dear Bro. Gan,

The entire goodness of our Lord Jesus, God First Begotten Son rest on you and yours in His Mighty Name. Amen.

I came across the wonderful publications that flow from your ministry via a brother of mine in the faith. This is not the first time I have come across your works anyway.  I was there in Dec. 1984 when you and Bro. Patrick (I hope I'm right) came to a camp meeting in Lagos, Nigeria, hosted by John Ogu.  You had come through Ghana or so. I was new in the faith then. I observed how your teachings were misunderstood and withstood by the ministering brethren then.

Many waters have passed under the bridge since that time, and by God's grace many of us have grown to respect the Bible and separate from "ministers" that will rather take the person of the prophet than the true message he brought by God's grace. It's not the quotes. It's the naked, unclothed Scriptures....It's the anointed Bride Ministry headed by the apostles that we look up to today. It's very unpopular but it's the only way that's valid.

I am writing to say "more grease to your elbows". I browse through your website once in a while and I completely disagree with what Dalton Bruce and so many other ministers project about what you stand for and teach.  Even he, in seeking to correct error, projects lots of it in his quote-saturated books.  Be encouraged and carry on the good work, sir.

Please send us as many copies of your entire list of books as you can possibly send, and keep us on your mailing list as you write more. The Bride is listening and she knows who her feeders are. I eagerly await your reply, sir, andmay the good Lord bless and keep you in Jesus' Name.

Yours in Him,
Bro. Enoch Onyebuoha,
Port Harcourt Church, Rivers State, Nigeria.
[Letter dated: April 8th, 2003]

Dear Brother Richard Gan,
I am sending a very warm tender greetings to you in Jesus' name. I am grateful to God to you for the free inspirational materials which you sent to me last year by the grace of God. Pastor this is the real message that the world is waiting for. I was very much behind in preaching the subjects that i have come across in these materials.
These books with its messages have so far shed more light for my knowledge after reading them several times (at first i could not not understand) but now i am able to reach people in my vicinity with this kind of the gospel. I have gained a lot from them. These messages have imparted a lot of wissom, knowledge ,advise and guidance in my pastoral ministry.
It is my fervant prayer that God will continue to impart more of these challenge Words from your ministry.
I am therefore compelled to request for more materials from your ministry. Please, please , please we are in need of them.
Last but not the least , i will be very grateful if you would include me on your mailing list.
Evangelist Mckey Kaputula
[Email: 05-05-03]

Bro. Gan

Blessings and greetings in Jesus Name. I am Bro. JosŤ PeŮa writing from close to Fort Wayne, Indiana. My Pastor Melvin Lamphiear received a copy of your message "Speak the Word". Thank you for your light and revelation. I was com blessed and would like more copies along with any the Lord would you to send. I am not on line, so that's why I chose to write. Our assembly has a web site. If you care to visit. http://victorytabernacle1.tripod. com. Put together by my brother in law Paul Hort.

Brother Gan I am so glad I was able to get a hold of your message. Thanks again so very much. God has put a lot on your heart and I want to see and hear more. Lord bless you for all your labor for the Lord, in the message and for His Bride.

[Signed:] Bro. JosŤ PeŮa Jr.
(New Haven, In. 46774]

P.S There is so much I could say. But thank you is all that comes out right now!

[Letter postmarked: 15 May, 03]

Dear Bro,
Greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jeasus Christ.I received a number of copies of prophetic revelation books including the book titled the Revelation of Jesus Christ and I would like to thank first of all the Lord Jesus Christ for the ministry he has given you in this end time and secondly you for the kindness you've shown to me for sending those books starting from last year up to now; they are worth more than anything here on earth; may the Good Lord bless you.
Yours in Christ,
Bro Thandizo Lisimba.
[Email: 4 June, 2003]

Praise God, I've read from one of your sermon books which has elated my spirit to order for more of your available literature.  For some it is taboo to read from people that God is using in present time.  It is only Bro. Branham and period.  Horrible things are happening in Ghana, in the light of the Endtime Message brought to the Bride.  Majority are moving under the influence of men than of God.  Choruses of Bro. Branham's messages has now become the order of the day.  People don't want to move in the affectionate contact with the Living God so as to receive direct individual revelation from Him just as the prophet did to save himself and others.

It is really pitiful that this beautiful message is mystified for denominations to laugh us to scorn. May God help us!

Kindly send me your books....May God bless you, strengthen and use you wonderfully to bless the whole Bride just as He is doing here. Amen!

Bro. In Christ,
Ben Asamoah,
Agona Ahanta, Ghana
[Letter dated 21 Feb., 2003]

Dear Brother Gan:

Greeting in the precious Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I should like to request a copy of every book you publish. I understand how costly they are to publish and send but I have a great interest to receive them.
I am teaching Sunday school to young people and adults at the Bible Tabernacle, Bacolod City. I have been keeping three of your books I found long time ago from the bookshelf of the church: "The Image and Likeness of God", "What Is The Message of The Hour?", and "Scripturally the Truth". I read them all. I love them, and I borrowed many times your ideas for my lessons.
This is my first time to write you. Ever since I read "What is the Message of the Hour?" I keep a good impression of you, my brother. It has been my longing to write you, not only to request the books but also to say "thank you" for publishing your books.
Your influence can be felt in Bacolod City. Once I saw a pastor quoting from "What is the Message of the Hour?" He was trying to put neatly across the idea that you cannot say what the prophet said unless you understand him. I also heard some brethren said, without further explaining, "Is the Holy City literal?" I suspect the idea was culled from your work.
How is it like to sit in one of your meetings? It must be wonderful, I suppose.
God bless you, Brother Gan. I hope you help me.

Your Brother in the Lord,
Bacolod City, Philippines.
[Letter dated: June 12, 2003]

Dear Bro. Gan,

I just went through your article on " Of Man's & Woman's Garments" & WOW it is great. It was really in line with what God dealt with me in to this same teaching. I am glad to indeed.

Please don't mind this Branhamite that don't know the purpose why the prophet came. If they do they will not be behave the way they are doing now. I came out from them & I know that as many that real bride of Christ will certainly come out of them. This is even the Branhamites, do you know that most believer here in Nigeria who seemingly profess they are not Branhamite will not that teaching? Because to them it is an hard saying.

Just go ahead & stay with word as you are doing. Do not let them distract you in any way. I pity them so much. They need an encounter with word.

May the Lord bless you real good.

Mordi Uche Cedric Dilibe
[Email: 10 July, 2003]

August 3, 2003

Dear Bro. Gan,

     After I read some of your articles on your web site, my soul seemed to have found a spiritual food
that I crave so much, that whenever I surf the net, it is somehow an automatic routine for me to visit your
site. I found your site only last year when I was searching for something that deals with the End Time
Message. Praise God, for He led me to your site.

     I am Andrew Murray D. Durano from Philippines. I was born in a christian family in the southern part of
the Philippines where my late father was pastoring a church. My father was a firm believer of the Message
since 1970's. Unlike most of the so-called End Time Message believers of today that are so confused and
overwhelmed with the person and words of Bro. Bramham, my father stuck to the Word, the Absolute Truth
Bro.Branham is pointing to. I do not know for sure if my father heard about you. I guess he didn't. Because if
he had heard about you and read your teachings, I am pretty sure, you would have had ginuine fellowship.

     My father died in 1998. And I moved from General Santos City to Iloilo City where I now presently live.

     Bro. Gan, I am tired of the Branhamites. I want to have a fellowship with the true christians. Do you
have a local assembly here in Iloilo City, Philippines? I heard from the hard-core branhamites that somwhere
here within our city are some persons propagating your teachings. When I asked them where I can find these
persons and where could I find their assembly place, those hard-core branhamites never told me and quickly
branded you as anti-prophet/anti-branham. They did not know that I have read your teachings already.
I began to share to them your teaching on LOGOS. All they said was that as long as it is not from the prophet,
it is wrong.(As though the prophet have said anything against the LOGOS teaching!)

     Bro. Gan, please let me know if there is a pastor in our locality who shares our faith. My telephone
number...... I will be eagerly waiting for your reply.

     Lastly, may I know if you have fellowship with Bro. Raymund (Junie) Jackson of Jeffersonville,
Indiana, USA? I am a subscriber of his paper "The Contender". As far as I know, you and Bro. Raymund
Jackson are the only ministers (Apostles) that exposed the stupidity of the branhamites but at the same time
really raised the Message to a greater hieghts. Do you espoused the same doctrines? If not, tell me where you
differ. I sincerely await for your reply.

     It is my wish to avail of all of your books since my hours in the net are so limited. I do not have
personal computer of my own. I am only renting computer in the internet cafe here to eat spiritual
food and the rate is relatively expensive for a person like my status. Where can I get your books and other

     Please pray for my family. The doctrines of the branhamites are gradually penetrating to the church
where my father once pastored. Our eldest brother took over the pastoring after the death of my father. And
just this week, he wrote me something that sounds like branhamite.

     As for me and my family, WE WILL STAY WITH THE WORD!

     Brotherly yours,
     Andrew Murray D. Durano
     Iloilo City, Philippines
[Email: 03/08/03]

Dear Brother Richard,

Christian greetings.

I just had the oppurtunity to visit your website today and there is a lot of deep stuff in there
thats looks real good.over the next few days i am going to read through your site in detail.

I came to the Lord in the first quarter of 1987  .I had the oppurtunity to accept Calvary and His
forgiveness .Two or three months later I got  to read the Book " exposition of the seven church ages".
Since that time  i have been regularly reading the messages. However  to be truthful i have had very
bitter experiences with people who have claimed to believe in the message. So I stay away from them
as much as i can. perhaps your site will help me understand why those that support this message
are so different from Rev William Branham.

Until then
Do write,

Your brother in Christ
Zacheriah koshy
[Email: 05/08/03]

Hi Mr Gan my name is Bevan Coles I live in South Africa and it was
just by chance that I have come upon your website.
I am also a believer in the message brought forth by William Branham,
however I am still a new believer. The main reason why I thought that I
had to write to you is that I have to say that I agree with a lot of
what your website has to say about many "message believers" in this
end time .Throughout my short time in the message I have seen and
heard of many strange behaviours happening in the message and many
times I  questioned whether or not it was of God ,through the Word.
Sometimes you get ministers reciting an entire 'Spoken Word' paragraph
after paragraph, and a few versus from the Bible ,and I wondered is
this what William Branham laboured so hard for ,it seems as though
people have missed the point of the 'End time Message 'completly.
Anyway I just thought that I should tell you  what is on my heart and
I think that your website is a great blessing.

Bevan Coles
[Email: 14 Aug.2003]
Dear Pastor,
             Calvary greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I don't even know where to start in thanking you for those books that were sent
           It is my prayer that God inHis infinite mercy will continue to shower
upon the ministry in Jesus name till the time of our redemption.
          I really appreciates  you sir, God bless you and the ministry in Jesus
name {Amen}.
I got the books on the 15th of August, 2003when i was i the school.
         Pastor, i really appreciate you for what you have done, thanks and God
bless you .
                    AWOSIKA OLAKANMI SAMUEL
[Email: 26 Aug. 2003]


I am very much appreciating your site, as I have been more than a little discouraged (as my husband knows).  My husband Rudy met brother Nam a few years ago and gave him his card.  Just recently since Nam came to Chicago, he tried to call the number on the business card many times but it was not being used.  But Rudy finally got the message and they connected, and Nam has been going with us to our church, and my husband with him to the Cambodian fellowship.  When we fellowshipped in our house, he shared your books which we have been discussing can relate to.  Sunday our pastor asked Nam to preach in our church, and Rudy told Nam that he wants all your books!  God bless you for your work in the gospel, brother Gan.      

 Sister Jeanette Cruz, Chicago, Illinois
[Email: Sept.11, 2003]


Dear Pastor Gan,
I sincerely greet you from Ghana in the Name of our precious Lord Jesus Christ whose service you are doing wholeheartedly and with much reverence.
I would like to thank the Almighty in the first instant for your calling into the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of the Living God, and secondly to thank you for the step through your messages in defence and protection of this highly standard message of the hour, clear commissioned and vindicated being the TRUTH.
Some of us who have ever read some of your prophetic revelation were convinced and do much recognize and appreciate your works in the vineyard of the Lord Jesus Christ, and we pray the Lord strengthen and use you the more to the perfection of His Bride and to the glory of His precious Name.
Pastor, I would be very grateful if I could have some messages which I would be studying with some of the brethren here in Ghana who trying their best to be in the real faith of the saints and not to be tossed to and fro.
Some brethren here greet you and the church over there.
Peace and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit and your ministry, AMEN.
Your brither in the Lord,
Marcus Agbenya
[Accra, Ghana, Dated:02/10/2003]


dear sir
        greetings to you over there in the name of Jesus Christ our lord.How are the brehren over there in Singapore. i hope all is well.
        I am an endtime message believer in Nigeria from the church in Ibadan(evang oluwatobi benjamin).i read the message "from the website" and it answered the questions that had been going on in my mind. especially about the issue of clothing. i pray that the Lord should strengthen you the more.thank you very much
                                yours in his service
                                Fagbemi, Oludotun 
[Ibadan, Nigeria, dated: Sept. 19, 2003]


Dear Bro Gan,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ whose we are and whom we served.
This letter seems to be amazing to you but brings a blessings to you and me.
As I went shopping, I saw a booklet in a waste can. As I've got it, I read your name as the writer/anuthor of that reading material. As I read it prayerfully, I was touched by its trueness and it strengthened my spiritual l status and my relation to our God. I long to have more booklets from you.
Now I am serving as a teacher and pastor of a small congregation. And I'm using that booklet as my teaching and preaching material....
Thank you and God bless.

Your brother in Christ,
Virgilio C. Ortega
[Letter dated: Sept., 2003]


Dear Bro. Gan,
You are perfectly right.
"The scribes and the Pharisees have set down on the Moses's chair...."
They kept saying: "Moses said, Moses said..."not understanding what he has said.
The same is today. Many claim that they understood what Bro. Branham
has said, but they give they own interpretation about it.
Even though the sons of Moses were with him for tens of years, not they were appointed to
be the mouth of Moses. Aaron was called to the ministry by God.
There has to be a continuation of God's ministry in our days, a biblical
teaching ministry that takes the words of the prophet and set them back in the
Scripture so that we can say IT IS WRITTEN not The prophet said....
May God bless you and keep you
Ioan Cetnarovici
Estern Europe


Dear Sir,
I have always wondered what the message believers do in terms of outreach until God led me to your site .I visit it everyday to learn more .
I got introduced to the message about five years ago .
I am a Nigerian  and I live in the City of Lagos .It's a city I just moved in , and I can't find an assembly near me .I have done searches on the Web and have come up with nothing helpful . In other words , the Believers over here do not maintain a web presence .
I wonder if you have contacts of any group in Lagos . I would be very happy to  receive the Information .
Right now I worship with some Pentecostal Group and it's not easy for me knowing what I know .
I am asking you because I know you are well travelled and connected to the groups all over the world.
Your's Sincerely,
[Email: 11.11.03]


Dear Bro. Gan,  I am from USA, Your website was revealed to me through the Holy Spirit on Friday November 7,2003 after much praying for the truth to be revealed to me. Praise GOD!!!! I am looking for a Bride-Church,But have not found one in this area as of yet. Can you help me in this matter?I have read about ten of your messages in the last few days and I know that the Lord has revealed THE TRUTH to me through His word and your ministry.   I am a new bible student ( about two years) but everytime  I was reading I knew it was'nt right . For I was reading a different story within me(which now I know was the Holy Spirit , gentle at first,then almost consuming!) Glory to God!!!!  I would like to send offering and also order books please send info on that procedure. Check, VISA  etc. ( also reference to Local Bride-Church if possible) For I am nearly overcome with Joy, For our Wonderful LORD has answered my prayers By revealing His WORD through your ministry.
Your Brother in Christ,
David Curtman
Springfield Missouri 65803  USA 
[Email: 12 Nov. 2003]

From : Bro. Johnny Suele,
23,Knoop Street,
Wellington Cape,2655
South Africa.
Dear Rev. & Sister Gan & Family,
                                                        Greetings to you all in the Wonderful and Blessed name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I 'll thank God who grant and gave me once more the opportunity to write to you after so long a time . By God's Grace we are still contending for the Faith once delivered to the saints, and I know and believe that God did foreordain you as an Apostle to this End Time Bride, and very soon we going to hear the utterance of those Seven Thunders. if you got any other Messages or teachings leading to those Thunders or that can prepare me further I don't want to miss it.
Those messages is so precious. A certain brother has took 5 five Messages away from me. i miss it a lot (1) The Image and Likeness of God . (2) Mark of the Wicked Ones. (3) There is no Elisha. (4) What is the message of the Hour. (5) Times and Signs.
Brother Gan if you can supply me with those five messages I will appreciate it very much.
I have to stand for this Ministry. Me and my wife. Let me please share a little testimony with you my dear Brother Gan. I'll do it by His Grace and for His Glory.
A few months ago the beginning of June this year, I have a stroke on a Sunday morning.  My speech was gone . I can't utter no words for the rest of the day . My left arm was paralized too. I had to make use of body-sign language as they call it, there was nothing wrong with my right arm and hand . I don't want to look in the mirror because my face and mouth didn't look like a human being at certain times.
The ambulance took me away to hospital. Coming back the same day it seems there's no progress. Going to bed that night , my wife decided to pray for me. While my tears running down my cheeks. She laid her hands upon me and pray a simple prayer and I went to sleep and for the first time awake the following morning calling my wife. My speech was restored and my left arm also was made whole.  Praise God !
Sometimes I fell very lonesome because of my stand for the ministry. Me and my wife were pensioners. We are willing to pay the price rather to follow something that is slowly but surely invaded by Roman Catholicism . This End Time Movement is already been "MARK" and we don't want to meet my Lord Jesus or must I rather say we will not go in the translation or even hear the voice of the Seven Thunders in a system.
I'm closing my letter with all our love to you Brother gan and you family and the Saints.
Bro. Johnny Snell.
From : Pr. Richard Y. Marshel.
Church Of The Lord Jesus Christ,
St.Peter's campus,
GUDIYATHAM -632 602.
Tamil nadu, South India.
Date : 01-11-2003
To: Pastor Richard L.S.Gan.
Dear Beloved Pastor in Christ,
         Warm Greetings to you in that name , that is above every name that blessed name of our Lord Jesus Christ , Hope in Christ that you are doing well. Word from 2 Peter 3:18.
         Since I was discouraged by our end time message Pastors of Madras and the evil activity of Bro.___, I was much affected . So that I was quiet for all these days.
         When I was preparing the message I happen to come across your book "From glory to glory" Page 27 . It encourage me much . Also believe in Christ that, He has chosen you in the right time , with your message to encourage people like me.  Because all your message is From the Lord, now I strongly believe , Because  it made a great change in me. Prophet says that , God gets ready to do something in the super natural realms .  He usually gets a man that He can put His trust in and anoints him and sends him out and he is fearless at the job.  That's the kind of men we need today, not polished scholars , but men who know God is the poser of His resurrection.
          I could see the power in your books and in you . So Pastor I don't want to go astray.  Kindly continue to pray for my ministry and to my saints of CLJC Gudiyatham. Also help our church and our saints by sending message books , tapes and dresses.
          Kindly convey our Christian Love to your family and to the saints . I am looking forward to hear from you.
May God bless your prophetic ministry.
Sincerely your brother in His ministry.

Mr. Gan,

I like the way you bring it back to the blue print.
I haven't read your whole site, but I read a couple things.
That garment thing is a tight rope to walk. People don't want to deal with
it like that because it can breed compromise in some unlearned. But it is still true.
I'm in a ministry that believe Branham was the seventh angel messenger but
like he said when the messenger dies you need to find what the truth is for
your day. What is God building now. Where has the Word progressed to.
Seems like you have a firm grasp on what the Word is really saying though I
haven't read all.

God Bless You

Abraham Chaffin
[Nov. 26,2003]

Hello Richard,

The name here is Mike Liebgott. My family and I live in Greenleaf Wisconsin USA.

I visited your web site for the first time today. It is quite a web site. Very informative.
My wife, 3 children and I have known about the message since 1975. We were very dedicated Branhamites at one time until the Lord showed us the hypocrisy of it. The little bit that I have read on your web site vindicates a lot of what the Lord has shown to us over the years. We are very thankful.
It is good to know that there are others like us out there that see it the same way. You know, what has happened to the people in the message and it can happen to anyone of us is, God has a wonderful picture for us lets say in the form of a puzzle. We ended up looking to much and focusing on only one piece of the puzzle ( Bro. Branham ) not realizing that there are a lot of other pieces.
God does want to show us his whole plan of salvation and he will use his own plans to do it, not ours. He said he will build his church, not us. Oh, how we so much want to be the builders. Our own ways of thinking, our own ways of doing things. Ha! just a bunch of rubbish.
It took Jesus a long time to show this to us because we came out of such a messed up message church. Our Lord Jesus took the scales from our eyes back in about 1980 and He has been continually doing so ever since. Our bridegroom is wooing us to Him more and more each day and showing us to come out of our religion.
The message has become their religion. Just like it was the Saducess or the Feracess. They said they new all the scriptures, they even had Abraham to their father, bla bla bla. Jesus said: search the scriptures for in them, in them, in what? in the scriptures you think you have eternal life and they testify of who I am. but you have not come to ME that you might have life. WE THINK JUST BECAUSE WE KNOW SCRIPTURES AND THE MESSAGE THAT WE HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. NOT SO. NOT SO. A man must be born of water and spirit. Not just water, not just spirit, but water and spirit.
God so much puts these things on my heart and continues to show us more each day. God bless you in the work that He has given you to do Bro. Gan. God bless your family and the saints at your fellowship. Pray for 2 of my family members in particular. Timothy, 24 and Elizabeth, 21. Both are a little wayward at this time and need to come back to the Lord.

You brother in Christ, Mike Liebgott
[Nov. 23, 2003]

Dear Bro. Gan,  I am from USA, Your website was revealed to me through the Holy Spirit on Friday November 7,2003 after much praying for the truth to be revealed to me. Praise GOD!!!! I am looking for a Bride-Church,But have not found one in this area as of yet. Can you help me in this matter?I have read about ten of your messages in the last few days and I know that the Lord has revealed THE TRUTH to me through His word and your ministry.   I am a new bible student ( about two years) but everytime  I was reading I knew it was'nt right . For I was reading a different story within me(which now I know was the Holy Spirit , gentle at first,then almost consuming!) Glory to God!!!!  I would like to send offering and also order books please send info on that procedure. Check, VISA  etc. ( also reference to Local Bride-Church if possible) For I am nearly overcome with Joy, For our Wonderful LORD has answered my prayers By revealing His WORD through your ministry.

Your Brother in Christ,
 David Curtman
 Springfield Missouri 65803  USA 
[Email: Nov.11, 2003]

Bro. Gan, It is so nice to hear from you.  I have had a heavy heart today   My family and I went to church this morning only to find out there was no oil.  The Lord instead showed me a Dark Cloud (literally) as the pastor continually Quoted Bro. Branham.  I knew who they were.  I have read all 28 of your messages ( some 2or3 times) in the last week, studying with my Holy Bible open.  I feel I have a very good knowledge of the revelations that our Lord has given you to teach us.   I have had a STRONG revelation myself and I wrote it down and I have asked the Lord to confirm it.  Is this possible for a "babe" such as myself?  I was praying for you to get in touch with me, and you did. could this be my confirmation from the Lord that I was looking for? My revelation has to do with the 2 messengers (rev. 11) I am afraid of being carnal and worldly with this new knowledge so I have asked the Lord to forgive me if that is the case and I continue to get more of the revelation each hour. I feel the Lord is going to use me , I just don't know how. Would you please pray for me for the Lord to reveal, for I have been without sleep for almost the entire week now and I don't think I will rest until the Lord shows me his plan.I received my revelation on fri. nov.14 the last time I e-mailed you. Please pray with me and if the Lord chooses to , please reply.  Love,       
Your  new Bro. in Christ,
David Curtman
[Email: Nov. 17, 2003]

God bless Bro Gan, thanks for the speedy response to my e-mail. I need one even more speedier. I'm hosting a bible study at my house on Saturday 3 Dec 04. I believe Bro. Branham was a man sent by God to this church age to return the hearts of the children back to the Apostolic faith. I have invited some hard core "Message people"  to my house  to discuss the message. I once attended the church that these Brothers are from, but I decided to depart because of the legalism. This occurred over 1 Ĺ  years ago. Maybe I should not have departed but at the time I felt I was doing more harm than good. Most of the members seemed content and I didn't want to ruin their faith. Some of the things I saw reminded me of ancient Babylon (Nimrod and his Mother). The church seemed to be dominated by fear and manipulation. Folks were tied up by quotes. I need some help with answering some of their reasoning.  

  1. Say only what the Prophet says.
  2. Bro Branham had more revelation than Paul.
  3. Jesus of 2000 years ago wont do us any good.
  4. What is this word the message people claim we must obey(word for our day)
  5. Is it true we must receive this message to be saved/will faith in Christ give us the Holy Ghost which will lead us into all truth.
  6. Message folks say Luther/Wesley's message won't work for our day/Didn't they have the same oil?
  7. How much of the message must we live be for we are worthy of the Holy Ghost.
  8. They also have a saying called the Holy Ghost for your day. Maybe this mean we have more Holy Ghost than the ages before ours? Also they claim a person who got saved under denominations can't receive this message.

I found your site a couple of days age after an encounter with some message folks. I was so exasperated I just went home and prayed. I asked the Lord to lead me into the truth and shortly after wards I found this site. I could not believe that there were other believers that shared my vision of what God was doing in this age. I shared with other like minded brothers and they are thanking God for leading me to your site. If you can point me into the right direction I would appreciate it. God Bless Hope to hear from you soon.

Sharp Ernest
[Email: Jan 2, '04]


Brother Gan,  Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ.  I have just read part 2 of the Lies of Dalton Bruce.  I cannot imagine anyone in this world who would go to such length and trouble just to make himself look so ignorant of the Scriptures and also of a True 5-fold ministry that you are a part of.  I have this to say in defense of The Absolute:  Only two months ago I knew nothing of "The Message" or of Bro. Branham,  I'd never heard his name in my life. I was truly a "Babe" seeking the "Truth". After much (2 months) of sincere prayer for the "Truth" to be revealed to me, the Power of God came down and led me to "Prophetic Revelation".  It would have been no less than a cruel joke if I had been led to a website as the likes of Dalton Bruce. My God does not operate in that way. For I was a "Babe" and my God takes care of his little children. I have no doubt in my mind, my heart, and my soul that you and your ministry are Ordained by GOD to carry out his Master plan.  Reading the lies of Dalton Bruce, only confirmed my Faith more. I will pray for this poor lost man, Dalton Bruce. I shall also continue to pray for you and your ministry to "Stand and Conquer" as I know it will in this late hour.  Brothers in Christ, David Curtman and Family.

[Email: 05 Jan. '04]
brother gan:

Thank you very much for the shipment of books I received on October 10,2003.
I have been studying them.

Frankly, I cannot understand as yet some of your teachings. But for the many
that I can understand, I praise God for such a sensible, correct, clear, and
straightforward Biblical principles. I have been including them in Sunday
school teachings.

The best I could ask from you, brother, please pray for me.

Thank you for the books. Thank you for spending so much just to help me . I
appreciate your kindness. God bless ypu richly.

your brother in Christ Jesus,

Bacolod City, Philippines
[Email: 13/01/2004]
Bro. Gan,

I read your letter and the message books you mailed me with great to greater interest until I am now in a position to say: what people say about you are just false.  Maybe it's due to my not being very exposed to a lot of these preachers with ecclesiastical gloves that they have not inquired about my being associated with you.  I thank God for men like you who are shameless nor afraid of what they stand for.
I do not know whether you share with me this same idea that there's a spirit in the message by old timers who want to give or diffuse a spirit of fear on the congregation and as a result the general membership is, or always, living in fear of listening to tapes or reading messages of other preachers except theirs.  I don't intend to dwell on this but this spirit is so dominant on the fellowshippers especially congregations which are young and the membership is minimal , like the one our Gracious Father have allowed me to pastor.  Meanwhile, I don't know how long, only He knows.

Branhamites are really a cult who are bended on nothing but bringing this precious message into ridicule by Pentecostal world. What they are doing in out little town is to say: "We are the same,... one prophet, one..."  Ooh, it's so painful my brother! They are a bunch which have made the little ministry committed in my hands to be entangled in difficulties which is full of mistakes, some are fatal or serious.  By God's grace we are alive and can run to Him in prayer and confess our faults, wrongs and foolishness. I humbly lodge in my plea in this mail, pray for our little fellowship, God to intervene spiritually especially, though am seriously and earnestly believing upon God to sustain us financially and meet our needs...

Finally, am blessed with your books, am really encouraged. Mail me some, if any . Please remember me and our little fellowship in prayer. God bless.

Bro. Kalamatila Cephas
New Kapiri-Mposhi, Zambia]
[Dated: 22 Dec.2003. Received: 10 Jan.2004]

God bless you.
Happy new year greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I want to say thank God for the inspiring messages He has had you preach and put to writing by the
inspiration of the Holy Ghost. I wrote you last year to ask for the books and you referred me to Bro Moses
Segite of Eldoret, Kenya. I wrote to him and he sent me the books. In fact he went as far as wanting to
know where i live and fellowship. That encouraged me. He visited us at our Church and even preached to us
this sweet message from Christ. The books have been a help to me as i continue serving Christ. Many things
have come up to my heart and mind as i read through those messages. I have been encouraged, corrected and
also challenged in the study of those messages.
I thank the Lord for giving you such a sweet gift and style of presenting very hard scriptural concepts. I
admire it. In college i have introduced a number of brothers to those messages and they are being blessed
by them. Last week a brother who was confused about the polygamy doctrine came to me for help. A brother
in a polygamy camp introduced him to the message. However God convicted his heart just to know that
polygamy is wrong. He told their Pastor "polygamy is wrong but the message is right." But he never knew why
he felt that way neither could he explain their wrong. When he approached me i just had the right answer so
close. It was that little book you wrote - Polygamy-They have gone the way of Lamech. After reading it I
saw the smile on his face and when he told me "brother now i see their error," i was real happy.
Don't quit the work of a scribe, somebody somewhere is getting help by it. You may face too much opposition
but don't worry, truth is very costly. Someday it will cost our lives. May God give you the Grace to press on
forward in this heavenly way. I keep remembering you in prayers.
Greet all saints. To you all I say Shalom.

Samuel Mwangi Waititu
P.O Box 273 Kamuriai
Malaba- KenyA
[Email: 20/Jan/04]
Shalom Bro.Gan,
I write with joy to express my gratitude and love for the work of God you are
doing at this critical time of the Bride's journey.
It is really critical in the sense that many voices are sounding so hard on the
bride that it takes one to put on scriptural ( revelation) shifter to absolve
what is swallowable - The Truth. However, the true Bride will not be brainwashed
and thereby deceived but, must stand firmly on the ground of truth based on the
true revelation of the word of God brought to us by the prophet irrespective of
how they the preachers distort the message trying to force everybody to
vebatically say what the tapes or sermon books says without even understanding
what the message is all about. Come what may, we must prevail with truth as the
Heavenly father has released the anointing to overcome.
Do not be discouraged or be dismayed but look up to God always as your last
resort. I am praying for you and be rest assured that the grace of the Lord
Jesus Christ will carry you through. Amen.
Brother, I came across your home page sometime last year on an overnight
browsing. I have been visiting the site once in a while to get information to
clarify a lot of things scripturally and believe me, I have been richly blessed
by your work. For example, Teaching on the serpent seed; Godhead; The Antichrist
and many  more.
Brother, I would have printed as many articles I want from your site but I do
not have the money as it costs a lot of money here in Nigeria to do
that.  Therefore, I hereby request that you send to me the books.
May the good Lord continue to bless you in Jesus name. Amen.

[Email: 25/01/04]

Dear Brother Gan,
Your ministry releaved my heart. For i knew in my heart God would lead us in his Word after Brother Branham's death.
Go on wherever Jesus or Lord is leading us. I thank God for his Almighty grace that he gives his children a prophetic eye to see in this dark hour.
Bro. Koen 
Ps. Are there brothers or sisters in europe who follow the Word as you do? Specially in Holland?
[Email: 3 Feb, 04]
Beloved Brother Gan,
Faithfull in the Word of God, Grace be unto you from our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
I read "The Foundation and The Wall" and I it was a blessing to me.
I truly believe that you have an Apostolic ministry given from our Lord Jesus Christ. The way the Truth is revealed to you by the Word of God. It gives me a closer understanding of the hour that we are living in. Also more that we are still growing by revelation of his Truth. May God truly give us knowledge by his grace and lead us into the Fulness in Christ Jesus. Halleluja.
May God bless you and his ministry through you abundently. Blessed be the name of the Lord!
Love Koen
Prey for me that God will lead my steps by his Word and for my brothers and sisters that they will not fall under the Nicolatian Spirit.

[Email: 22 Feb., 04]

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

My name is Bro. Stan JR
For starters, I would like to thank you for your speedy response
to my comments I had given on the Branhamites. In reading the testimonies,
and your comments sections, e-mails etc, keep submitting to the Lord Jesus.
It seems to be apparent to me and the little flock you preach to globally.
I am with a group called the Davidians in South Carolina. I abandoned ship
when the church I went to in Canada, as dynamic and on fire as they are,
they still play tapes, give several scriptures and had said some of the key
words you or another were talking about- such as: don't question the
prophet. In my outspoken opinion, which doesn't matter to me because no
matter what I say about the Branhamites, they take it the wrong way and be
rebuking me. Even though I got tired of all the idolatry hoopla, I would say
that YOU, in my opinion, have been chosen by the Lord relight the red flare
in the spiritual pitch black wastelands - a red flare to signal to the
mislead and disgruntled Branhamites to finally come home. Because Brother,
somebody has to clean up the mess that the 'people' did with Bro. Branham's
ministry. Sure, guys like myself maybe in other 'just as strict' movements
BUT I would say that GOD has given you the spiritual gifts to take on such a
task. I still have all my message books and tapes and Bro. Branham IS a man
sent from GOD as a mouth piece. So, keep firing those red flares into the
black night sky (analogy), stay 200% true to the Scriptures, continue to
yield and pray to the Lord and always remember: the Lord gets all the
credit. Now, I love all my Branhamite brothers and sisters all over the
world and I love all the message believers also and I know you feel the same
and pray for them like I do. I like reading your site- it's well done, AMEN!

GOD Bless! Bro. Stan JR Feb 28/04.
[Email: Feb.29, '04]

Dearest brother Gan,
    Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am a "Christian" in the Message of the Hour that the Lord gave bro. Branham . I am not a " Branhamite" , and I do believe that bro. Branham would be "very" sad with everything .  Well there is a church here that looses the brothers & sisters from the blood of Jesus, that chooses to go elsewhere or that does not  agree with their interpretation, and if they do not loose them from under the Blood, they are still treated as if they were.
    I have family there that won't talk to me out of fear. I've called the pastor there and apologized for what ever wrong I've done and I asked if he could tell me what it is that I did that was so bad or wrong  towards him and he would not tell me and he doesn't care where I am  fellowshipping nor whether I'm serving the Lord or not, as far as he's concerned I am out in the world (until I go back to his church is my understanding).  So until I do, my mother can't have contact with me. They say I have  to come back to the Word which would be under their interpretation. There is a separation going on and I'm to separate from my unbelieving family - my husband and children until they come under the Word.
    My husband has never been baptized and when I was still a new born babe in the Assemblies of God. My Lord told me to "love my husband and be a wife to him. As my Lord still lobed me regardless of my sins , so I should love my husband as  well. he gave me to him to love and serve him and have his children ."
    Well talk about the joy that went through my every being I just jumped all around house rejoicing. My husband has never kept me from serving the Lord . However after  coming to this Message I began to resent my husband because he wouldn't go to church with me, and my family started telling me that I had to give him the Word and that i  was the spiritual head of my home , I then backslid for a short time (which my husband  did not like ) but was so uncomfortable and  sad that I had to come back to the Lord.
     There is no joy in living a worldly life of sin, without the Lord there is emptiness, nothing, void. Because of all the mess in the Message churches being against each other, I've tried to visit other non-denominational Christian Pentecostal type churches.  I am happy in the Message churches, but at the same time I don't like what's going on.  I don't know what ministers or deacons are truly born again.  Have they had a true experience in the Lord or are they just head knowledge and saying what bro. Branham said. Then again, if they have had a born again experience in the Lord , have they forgotten where they came from, have they forgotten the grace of God. When someone new comes to the Lord, right away they try to dress them and give them the laws of the church.
       I thank the Lord that He by His Word and the convictions of His Holy Spirit did He dress & clean me, and not man.
       It's either going to be the work of the  Holy Spirit by the Word or we will reap a lot of clones that look Christian but without the Life.  The Lord showed me this when I was just so anxious to have my daughter (almost a teenager at the time or had just turned into a teenager) to look and dress so pretty and her hair just so long , just like all the other young sisters.  As I watched her in church, suddenly the Lord showed me  that I had cloned her to look like every one else, yes the women are to have long hair and modest long dresses, but without the Life in them they are dead.
      While my daughter was under the age of accountability it was fine, but afterward she has to come the way of the cross as well. God has children not grandchildren. I don't want anyone to be without true revelation. What good is it to be clean on the outside without a change on the inside. My! What a disaster .
      Well, I have 3 sons & 1 daughter, all grown up & married with children.  One of my sons just got baptised the other day, and he said it was a battle in his mind. Because he wanted to clean his life up first, stop all his wrong doing.  Then would he feel ready to get baptized.  Then when he went for a walk one night and was praying , the Lord revealed it  to him, how salvation is a free gift, it's not by any of his works, the Lord will help him with the rest as well.  He believes (and so do I ) that this is in everyone that grew up in the Message.  Some have grown up and won't return because they can't live the life and others are staying and being cloned and thinking they are O K , but they are deceived. However the Lord will loose none that are His. I didn't write you to tell you all this. Please forgive me.
     My purpose for writing is to request for your books. I would like all of them, and no I would not burn them.  I would like to know what is the required donation and do we still send it to Margaret Taylor ?  I would also like to have her phone number if it is permitted, as we have family in Denver, Colorado and go visit them sometimes. They are not Message Christian , most are Catholic, but maybe I can call or go visit her sometime when we are out that way.
     Also are there any Christian believer here in Tucson that receive your books?  I would like to contact them or have them contact me. Your messages let me know that I'm not  alone in what I believe.
  My son would also like your books.
Thank you and May the Lord Jesus Bless you , your wife & children & the believers in Christ Jesus there.
Sis. Christella Salazar
Tucson, Arizona
[Letter Postmarked: 06 MAR 2004]


Greeting to you brother Richard
What an excitement you have generated in my outlook to the Word.( I know full well that this is the Lords doing) What with me been considered a bit of an odd ball by most of the 'Branhamites'. It's certainly refreshing to read your Web page. There is certainly a lot of information to glen through. I've always had a bit of an uncomfortable felling around 'Message' people as I find that most of them have in-depth knowledge of the 'Sermons' which puts me to shame and felt that maybe I'm just not a 'Believer' However after reading some of your comments it certainly rings bells inside my mind. Only last night I was reading 'Serpent seed'  you make a comment that the 'Serpent' was subservient to Adam and that he was the 'Garden Keeper'  guided an instructed by Adam. I've always believed that but could not pin it to any particular scripture. What a delight to discover such from your readings. Many other things I could relate, but well keep this e-mail short.
I would like to get some of your books and well make contact with you shortly in this matter as soon as I've finished with my son's University fees. This has been a real financial burden on the family for the last 3 years and I'm thankful that he has done well in he's choosen profession.
There is much I could write but well keep this short. I just felt that I had to drop you a small note of thanks for your effort by providing golden nugggets on your web pages. All I can say at this point is keep the flag flying and keep blowing the gospel trumpet. 
Much reagrds from me
Nigel Soden
South Africa
[Email: 01 May 2004]


Dear Bother  Gan

Christian greetings to you and family. The time is going so fast.
I went to visit brother Angus and his wife and he is so pleased with the books that you sent him.  I was very glad to see that he understands and he fully agrees with the books.  I would like the book named (WEBSITE). I don't have that one, please brother.
Yes God knows who is sincere that is the reason that God has blessed you with wisdom. It's wonderful to read the experience that you had with God. Brother Gan I was not a clever child at school but I can see with my spiritual eyes the way how God has given you the intelligence. The Americans are too clever but not intelligent, that's how I see them. I don't mean God's prophet, I mean them endtime preachers.
I can see that you have the office of an apostle. I can also see that you are a honest man, a good husband, father to your precious children. God saw your sincerity, that's why you are blessed brother. I am an old woman I need your prayers. I am staying alone. I have put mytrust in the Lord Jesus who is the Author of my faith.  Psalm 89 For the LORD is our defence; and the Holy One of Israel is our king. Then thou spakest in vision to thy holy one, and saidst, I have laid help upon one that is mighty; I have exalted one chosen out of the people.
God's blessings to your family and the believers.

Yours Sincerely,
Cape Town, RSA
[Letter: no date, no clear postmark.]

Dear Brother Gan,

    I really enjoy the further revelation of the message. It has been enlightening to my soul and I would really like to have ALL material that I possibly can receive from you for I am no longer able to be on the internet at this time. My hunger for more of the REVEALED WORD is greater than I can imagine.
    Please send me the order forms, or whatever I may need to receive the blessed Word and the cost.
This brother is grateful and encouraged for your complete dedication to the LORD JESUS. Please pray for me and my family for a complete perfection in our LORD JESUS.

Your brother,
Randy C.
Royalton, Il. 62983, USA
[Letter postmarked: 2 APR. 2004]

Dear Bro. Gan,

    God bless you. Receive my humble Christian greetings at this time. I am fine in the Lord. I am writing to inform you of the followings:
    (1) I received this End-time Message back in 1983. I have been a minister since then.
    (2) I came across your books in 1995. I do have some even now. I never realized the truth as you have brought out the Word until recently. I have read them now carefully and do concur with you unreservedly.
    (3) I don't know how I got them that time. Also I am not aware of anybody holding this truth, your books/ministry to call it here in Kenya, etc.
    (4) Could you please send me others and especially those you might have preached and printed after 1995 up to this moment? I might have seen those books earlier than that, etc.
    (5) Could you as well send me your audio tape sermons that you have preached? Any other necessary materials you feel led to send.
    Till then greet your family and the Bride across there. Amen. I keep waiting.

    Your brother in Christ,
     Bro. Titus Mutinda,
    Emali, Kenya
    [Letter dated: 21 Apr. 2004]

        Dearly Beloved Brother,

        Please receive greetings in Jesus' Precious Name!
Dear Brother, I have gone through some of your message books for some years.  I remained your critic. I had even written some of your pastors in India. My queries were (1) Why Richard Gan when there is already Prophet William Marrion Branham? (2) Why messages or booklets or brochures by Richard Gan when there are already Spoken Word messages and tapes by Prophet William Marrion Branham? (3) Why is Richard Gan a critic of Prophet William Marrion Branham and Endtime message believers?

These and some other things were in fact incomprehensive for me.  Now also these things are there in my mind. Prophetic Endtime Message believers also have not answered my queries satisfactory.  Some of them have not responded to my letters.
Now, I have been richly blessed by reading your messages. Your messages proved food for my famished soul.  I have been reading your messages for a year and they have enlightened my soul. They proved a source of blessings for me but still those queries persisted. I don't find any thing contrary with the messages and tapes of our Prophet W.M.Branham...

Aloysius Jesiel
India [Letter dated: 18/05/04]


Yes, Bro. Gan,  I am familiar with the article. It was written by Hank Hanegraff (the bible answer man). What a joker he is. I used to listen to his radio program and I had just read his book "Christianity in Crisis" just BEFORE I was lead to your website in Nov.'03. In fact I had called his 800 number to order some books and give our offering to his ministry, the very night before I found the truth on your website. But, the Lord God had other plans for me. I had first went online to order the books and there was an error that I couldn't get through, so I called his 800 number on the phone and I even got a manager on the phone and tried to order the books and after much effort on their part, they could not be located on their own company computer, I eventually grew frustrated and told them I would not be  giving my offering today, nor ordering any books. When I hung up the phone, I thought, there must be a good reason for this, there is something powerful has stopped me from ordering these books and giving my offering to this ministry. Sure enough, the very next day (Nov.7) God, in His Omniscient Wisdom heard my prayers for the Truth and lead me to your website and I knew the Truth when I heard it. The Truth did not lie in the theology and theories of the so called "bible answer man", although in my case, I feel God used his ministry for a stepping stone (so to speak) to help get me away from TBN and the likes of those people. I thank the Lord God All Powerful for leading me to the Truth. Thank you Bro. Gan for the article and I hope my testimony on this might help others. In the Name of The Lord Jesus,  Bro. David Curtman and Family. [Email: June 15, 2004]

Now that's really something!  Just wonder what you will be if you got caught up in a traditional religious system. 
Well, I would say one thing for the man Hank, he did a good job on exposing those liars. I knew about those men.
But Hank put it in a brief and clear manner. Hank has his reward for what's he's doing.  Like all good Christians doing works for God,
he has his reward.  They are all caught up in the WORKS that they cannot see the move of God in this last days.

Dear Apostle Gan

It is my pleasure to thank God for your visit in our small and poor tabernacle here in Ndola to which you have builded up the children of God and destroyed the tower of Branhamist who were in our midst without knowing them and for your good information this people have left the church and start another fellowship in town (if you remember well those two Congolese who were in my house with you at lunch time).  We even regreted to be with them.  Including my elders with their families and the church, we are blessed and all things are going on well and smoothly.

Apostle, can you see your ministry is very important to the Body of Christ, especially to us who are in the same faith and whom our God is opening eyes to see. Revelation 3 says Come and receive salve so that you put in your eyes and see.

We have received two small packets of books. May God bless you as we are looking forward to your return to Ndola-Zambia anytime.

Thank you for your visit, once again thank you.  Tell the Church that we are saved from wolves in the sheep skin through your visit and your visit was the will of God at the right time, month, week, dates and year. I don't know what I can say, God bless you.

Pastor John Kasonde,
Ndola - Zambia
{Letter: undated, postmarked, June '04]

Dear Bro. Richard Gan,
Greetings to you my dear brother and sister, and all the dear saints over there in the wonderful and precious Nam eof our Lord Jesus Christ. How are you going on in the Work of the Lord? I know for sure it's not an easy task as an Apostle to preach and even publish messages like those I have already read.  But it remains the truth and the truth it will remain till we're going home one of these days.  These present tense truths must go on. God must heal of your eyes, both you and your wife. We pray for you and your assembly.

I received the books in good condition without any damage or defect.  Those two books "From the Website" and "Branhamism" were very interesting.  If I can get another copy or two of each I will appreciate it, please.  Your subject on traditional garments was and is a rebuke to those Branhamites.  Here in South Africa and the Western Cape they want to tell me those people is not even in the Bride or part of the mystical Body. I won't even eat such garbage. Hogwash!  Thank you once more for sending me those books.  I am looking forward for every new edition you publish.  Brother, our God bless you all. We pray for you.  Pray for us please!

Bro & Sister Johnny Snell,
Wellington, Cape, RSA
[Letter dated 10-6-2004]

Dear Pastor Gan,
          I thank God for His rich mercies and grace given unto us the gentiles who by birth were alienated but by election and faith now being counted as the bride of His begotten Son and for the lives of the faithful vessels ( you and the rest of the ministry brethren) the Lord is using worldwide at this last hour of our present day to perfect His bride.
          Pastor, I have read one of your messages entitled Speak The Word and really agreed that faith only comes by hearing and hearing by the revealed word of God delivered by only God annointed servants (Rom.10:17) and that the prophet and messenger of our age Bro.William M. Branham had accomplished what the scripture spoken about him by restoring us back to the apostolic faith with true signs and wonders (Mal.4:5,6)
           I do personally also believe that by the grace of God the prophet as the messenger commisioned unto this Laodicean Church Age (Rev.10:7) had gathered back the apostolic food which was completely lost (leavened according to Matt.13:33) during the dark ages but woefully most of the believers of the message of the hour failed completely to recognise the work of the five fold ministry (Eph.4:11-13) which should feed the saints with the revealed sacred Word of God not the spoken word books and tapes preached by Bro. Branham to get the bride of Jesus Christ perfected for the glorious home going (Rapture). Eph 5:27.
           Pastor, it is very sad to say that one faith message (Eph.4:4-6) that had been commissioned by God Himself and given to us through His humble servant Bro. Branham now divided into "Thunder Believers", "Message Period", "Pre and Post (ie. Minus & Plus )
Message Period" which are all nonsense and could not help the bride of Jesus but could only degenerate confusion and irritating among the believers. Are they not out of the message of the hour as saith by the sacred scripture in 1Jhn 2:18-19 ?.
            Since, the mind of the believer is the battle ground said by the prophet of the Age, what one hears and teaching one receives at this state of famine for the "Revealed Word of God" matters a lot for the believers in general and we the young believers in particular who are fervently struggling to make it to the end and partake in that glorious feast of Lord Jesus Christ and His bride.
             Pastor, I would be very grateful if you help me with some of the messages that would be helpful to us at this state of confusion.
              May the Lord richly bless you, your ministry, your family and use you faithfully in defence of the truth. Amen .
               Your brother in the faith, 
                    Alex Nubua (Ghana)
                [Letter dated: 31st May, 2004]

Dear Brethren,
Grace be unto you, and peace from God our Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ. I'm really impressed
by the efforts you are making to spread the Word of God all over the world. I thank God for the apostolic
ministry of Bro.Gan. I in particular have been a beneficiary of his ministry and I have been enlightened
in many ways through his sermon books.
Brethren, I want you to know that your labour is not in vain. As for me and some of my brothers in this message,
for now, it is Bro. Jackson and Bro. Gan that we know as the only international figures that are making a
gallant stand in the world against all the confusions we have in the message of the hour. Although there are
some people somewhere doing the same, but to our knowledge, for now, these are the only two Apostles we know.
A package of messages of Bro. Gan were sent to me in year 2001 by Lian Gan which I really did enjoyed. More
importantly, I use these messages to evangelise the message of the hour and to enlighten the new comers
into the message so that they can be careful of the errors a lot of preachers are preaching in this message.
I will like to make some other requests of some of your messages I don't have. I will like you to send
them to me if you can afford it...
I will be very grateful if my requests are granted as quickly as possible.
Thank you very much.

Your brother,
Oluwaseun Kilanko,
Ibadan, Oyo State,
[Email: July 14, 2004]

Dearly Beloved Brother,

Please received greetings in Jesus' Precious Name.  I thank you from the core of my heart for promptly replying my letter... Bro. I am reading your messages with full concentration. All your messages are very instructive, informative. They are highly charged with the Holy Spirit. Your messages have been a great source of inspiration and blessings for me.  Brother, it has been my childhood desire to work in our Lord's vineyard as His co-labourer.  I had been groping about in the darkness of Roman Catholic teachings. I had been in the seminary also as aspirant for priesthood but I left that because I had read some message books of Bro. William Marrion Branham at that time.  His messages kept haunting me all the time in my seminary life though the seminary life was very easy and luxurious. Bro, I have very strong ambition in my heart to work for the Lord as His minister. But now I am a married person having 2 children. As I have no brother, my old mother also lives with me. My father died long before. I am working as an underpaid teacher in a non-government academic institute. My inner voice says to me to quit this meagre salaried job and work for the Lord as harvest is in boom.  Field is ready but the workers are scarce.  Bro. here there are so many hungry and thirsty people (for Word of God, spiritual food). Satan is very active among them. He has captivated and entrapped many. Many get entangled in his noose or dragnet or snare. I witness all this haplessly. Bro, do you feel it is God's will for me? Does God want me to work for Him? Should I quite my little salaried job? Will God arrange financial aid for me?  May God bless you.

Yours in Him,
Aloysius Jesiel,
M.P. India
[Letter dated: 28.06.04]

Dear Bro. Richard,

I was totally blessed when I read your books entitled "Message of the Hour" & "Logos:..."  It helps me to understand the Truth that every endtime Believers must know and believe.
I am Pastor Jose G. Sumbillo, a former pastor of Church of Christ 32 A.D. graduated in a Baptist College and now presently residing in Padilla, Cogeo, Antipolo, Philippines. I left my church (Church of Christ) because of some Biblical errors, these things become stronger when I received a book of Bro. Branham about 7 Church Ages. I've met a group of Endtime Believers, Quotationers, baptized in the Name of Jesus. Then I heard from them that there are some groups whom reject the writings of Bro. Branham, I started to look for this people, only to find out Truth that Quotationers try to hide from me. I've met Francis Chan and he share with me about your books.
As of now I've started a small group here in my house using your books as materials for my teaching. I wrote to ask you permission to translate some of your books in Tagalog or Filipino version.  I believe it would be a big helpto some Filipino preachers looking for the Truth in this endtime.
In Christ,
Jose Sumbillo,
Antipolo City, Philippines
[Letter dated: ? July 2004]

Dear Bro Gan
I am sorry I could not reply to your mail immediately. I was travelling the same day and I only came back yesterday evening. Thank you for your words of enlightment. Some of us feel that we do not have faith to possess the things we confess and it is frustrating. It will not be the same again. Sometimes it makes me feel that God does not hear my prayers. Do you feel at times as if you are not saved? So low and as if the Lord is very far. I feel a lot of lukewarmness and emptiness. Should I go through such as a child of God? I will continue to love Him and wait patiently for He knows the desire of my heart. Sometimes I feel burdened in my heart and I just close myself in my bedroom and cry to God and pray for whoever needs prayers. After that the burden leaves me. Your visit to Kenya left a big impact on my spiritual life. I have realized that the coming of the Lord is very near contrary to what many believers believe. I agree with you that very few are going for the rapture. People are extremely busy with worldly affairs. I am praying that I am not caught in the same but that I may have time for my Lord. I want and desire to be counted among those going for the rapture. I know you will be among them. Please continue to remember  me and my family in your prayers.
As I had mentioned to you earlier, we have not had the Lords table and foot washing since our small church started four years ago. I pray that the Lord will touch our pastor and we can have it soon.
I will call Bro Kimani to send me the book. I have his mobile number. Dont forget your visit to Nairobi.
God bless you
Sis Dorothy
Nairobi, Kenya
[Email: 24 July, 2004]

Brotherly Salute,

                   Brother L.S.GAN,

                             I  hope that your are doing very well by Gods grace. May God bless you.

Brother Iím writing to you after a long time approximately a year and Iím not sure if you remember me or my mail,

Which I wrote to you last year from Vishakapatnam. After one or two mail I just stopped to mail you . I used to see your website (Propheticrevelation) which website I never knew until you said me through the mail . When I read some of your messages though I was very much pleased about some of the points but still I doubted and I thought that you are trying to take peoples away from the message of the prophet (WMB). Even a church brother of mine ( in Vishakapatnam) when I let him see your website last year, he  seriously advised me not to visit any website whether itís yours  or any body elses. He said me that if  I read brother Branhamís books or hear his tapes I will have his anointing but if I read any body elses messages then Iíll have that other persons anointing .So I was very scared for a while because I was a new comer to the message . I came to the message in 2003 . But every time when  I went for browsing I just could not help opening you website (propheticrevelation).

So I continued reading your messages .Frankly speaking I didnít believed you then , after going through some of your messages , I thought youíre a false person .  But I could have never known the truth of your message until I read about ď Danielís Seventy Weeks Ē under your  message [ Discrepancies ] . I am not using swelling words for personal favour but telling you the truth . Brother I just want to share my thoughts and feelings  with you and I donít know how to thank you .

Anyway, When our Pastor was preaching the message of the prophet [ Seventy weeks of  Daniel ] last month , he said thereís only three and a half year left for the Jews because half of the 70th week completed by the ministry of  LORD JESUS CHRIST. He said thatís what the prophet said. But I couldnít believe it, in fact I canít , even if an angel from heaven speak it . I have nothing against my pastor but I want the ABSOLUTE TRUTH . I even doubted Brother Branhamís messages by thinking that  how could a major prophet say that thereís only 3 and a half yearls left for the Jews,When the Bible says thereís seven years left. I was very confused and disturbed for some time but thank God . I had doubt about the seven  thunders also ,  which I kept searching and searching , but no body gave me a satisfying  answer {even  the message believing elders of our church},well , nothing against them but I needed the truth. 

I want brotherly relation with you and need your guidance.Is it possible to be a member of your church even though I am from India (ORISSA). I need your fellowship because so many peoples are teaching and preaching unscriptural doctrines.God has opened my eyes . Though I go to our  church but I feel alone there, because my thoughts doesnít match with them. I am in real trouble .They only talk about the prophet and his messages regardless of any truth. Brother, your church peoples , how fortunate they are , they will be hearing messages daily from you , I wish I were one of them . Sorry if I have wasted your time .

Brother , would you let me ask you my doubts from the Bible ? Please mail me as soon as possible. SEE YOU. God bless you.

Yours in Christ
[Email: Aug. 4, 2004]

Bro. Peter:
I do understand what you have gone through.  Most believers in my fellowship have gone through similar situation.  Others overseas have also the same experience.
Anyway, it is not being a member of my church.  It is being a member of the Body of Christ, His Church.  Please contact the other brethren in India and maybe they could help you about fellowship.  Here are their emails:
Richie D'souza
E-mail Address(es):
Serrao, Valerian
E-mail Address(es):
God bless.


Dear Br. Gan,

Kindly accept this little token of a gift I am depositing to help you press on
with the great work the Lord has given you.

I have visited your website regularly over the past three (3) years and have
downloaded every printable copy of your work.

Your writings on every subject you have touched have been a tremendous
blessing to my soul and to the other brethren I have circulated copies to.

May the Lord Jesus prosper your ministry and raise up strong support around
you until He comes.


Your Br. in Christ,
        Clarence Abrahams.
        (Ontario, Canada)
        [Letter dated:???]


Good day

Greetings in His Name
I am writing on behalf of a dear brother who is also serving the Lord. A few weeks ago I gave him copies of some of your books that I was able to print from the internet. He has never stopped calling me by telephone, ever since. He would like to have all your books mailed to him, if possible. He stays in another province, which is considerably very far from where I am.
Please pray for us here in South Africa for I can perceive that there is a dire need for an apostolic ministry, such as you have. Most of the assemblies here are typical Branhamite movements, who most of the time disagree with their interpretation of the message of the hour. I pray that God will open a way so that we can get you to come to South Africa one day, and establish us in the present truth. Thus far, I think I must be the only one in this country who is following this type of ministry. If you happen to know of anyone, pls don't hesitate to let me know.
The mailing address of the brother is:  WILLIAM TSHETLO
                                                        P O BOX 1233
                                                        SOUTH AFRICA
Kindly advise if there are any costs involved.
God Bless
[Email: Oct.22 2004]

Dear Mr. Gan: 

First, I want to thank you for your website.  As a man who is 35 years of age, I once attended a ďmessageĒ church in the state of Delaware in the U.S.A in my early to mid 20ís.  Unfortunately, I had not been to such a church in many years.  This is due, part in parcel, to a time during a certain occasion in which one of the sisters in this church was prophesizing, where apparently the Lord, through her, was speaking to me, and said something to the effect that I talked too much about the Lord. 

Needless to say, I didnít have the courage or will power to pursue the meaning of this, for the last thing I wanted to do was offend the Lord.  The one friend who I went to this particular church with, was a childhood friend, whose mother took him to the same church I attended when he was in is early teens.  Unfortunately, during high school, he and his brother became so unruly that they eventually moved in with their father.  Soon thereafter, they embarked on a journey full of drugs, wild women, fast cars, and ultimately a series of crimes that ultimately led them to prison.  While in prison, my friend was brought back into fellowship with the Lord.  Upon his release from prison, and while in a work release program, he paid back every cent he stole committing burglaries.  I can honestly say that he is only one of a very small handful of men I know whom I believe I could trust implicitly, regardless of situation or circumstance.

Moving on, despite my slow departure from this church, both Robert and I remained close.  But sadly, my friend died of skin cancer at the age of 33 about 4 years ago.  It was this event, however, that pushed my faith literally over the edge.  The reason for this is because it was he who brought me to the knowledge of the Truth of salvation, and most importantly, a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  My friend, Robert Wenzke, meant everything to me.  My heart, even to this day, aches over his departure from this earth.  Nonetheless, his faith in Jesus Christ did not waiver for one moment as he lay in the hospital, close to deaths door.

After his passing, I became very distant in my relationship with the Lord.  It is my belief that the reason for this was due to what I thought was said to me, as previously mentioned, and the passing of a man whose life was totally and thoroughly dedicated to serving the Lord as best as he knew how.

Since then, I have struggled with the message Bro. Branham spoke, but I have not given up entirely.  Please note that I am no one special, within the context that I believe someone owes me an apology for how things have unfolded for me.  I am just merely a man, who despite my many flaws, desires to do the right thing, honor God, and live a life that is pleasing to He who gave me a fighting chance to make it on the other side through his sacrifice on the Cross.

In closing, I wanted to make sure that I thanked you for your defense of Bro. Branham. It brings me joy to know there are some out there in this world who have enough love in their hearts to take the time to articulate fact from fiction for the sake of those who find themselves in a proverbial crossroads, as I have found myself in times past.

I pray that God will continue to richly bless you and your family.


David Roberts
Phoenix, Arizona
[Email: Nov. 22, 2004]


Dear bro Gan,precious greetingd to you in the name of
our lord jesus christ.I have closely foolowed your
ministry via the internet for a few years.I had heard
& believed terrible things about you in the time past
until i read one of your books myself.the picture
changed.i really appreciate & thankGod for your
ministry.keep on in the lords doesnt matter
what the majority erroneously believe about you.heaven
rejoices at your labour for the will come
with its eternal reward someday.sir,just keep your
focus on the truth as always.You are a blessing
especially the asian & east african nations.
i notice that you plan to be in nigeria soon.pls
kindly furnish me with the dates & exact assembly you
would be visit ,as i sincerely hope to be present for
a blessing too.
everyone claims to be a mouth piece for god but the
true ones are completely deride maligned &
rejected,however we know better & we thankGod that the
final say comes from God not man or even endtime
message ministers.Sir,keep on in the good work.
i also read yuor re edited book on the God head from
the net,God bless you sir.its gladdening to note you
are in touch with the spirit of truth.God bless you sir
yours in christ
kolade Abolarinwa
[Email: 24 Nov.2004]

Bro. Gan, My sons and I have recorded your song "I belong to you Lord Jesus" as a special gift to you in appreciation of your ministry and friendship. We hope you enjoy it as much as it has been a pleasure for us to sing and record it. We took the liberty of adding our own arrangement. We hope it is satisfactory to you. It is truly an annointed piece of work that you have written. We are sending it on 64 bit quality MP3. We recorded it in higher quality and can mail you copies of CD's if you would like.   Bro. David Curtman and Sons.

[Email: 26 Nov. 2004]

Many thanks. A very nice surprise for me indeed.
God bless.