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Dearest Brother Gan
God bless you man of God
We are much blessed spiritualy with what you preach with the anointing of God. All those who only stand on the quotes preached by Brother Branham instead of the word of God will not make for rapture. We thank you Brother Gan for your support to this fellowship. We are now understanding the message preached by brother Branham more than before because of your books sent to us. We have received books sent to brother Phiri of Matendere. Coming to the Damnable Heresis, I have read so many books of them where they have just copied many quotes of the late William Branham and they have also criticised what you preached. Their teaching is baseless.Their preaching, since it is based on quotes of WMB, will only deceive those who stand on quotes preached by the prophet, not those who stand on the word of God. Man of God, your teaching is in line with the word of God and this is how a man of God anointed with the Holy Spirit should preach.
Keep on encouraging us brother Gan and keep on praying for us and we will be praying for you. The Damnable Heresis, will continue talking like that, saying the prophet said this, and the prophet said that until rapture takes place and they won't know that rapture had taken place. If there are more books preached by you, you can use the following address
The Apostolic Faith Church
Brother Noah Phiri Banda
C/O Mr Joseph Nyangu
Zambia National Library & Culture Centre for the Blind
P.O Box 35583
Central Africa
This is the way you can get in torch with me.
Greet all the brother and sisters in the Lord there in Singapore
Lastly, Brother Gan keep on standing on the rock. (Lord Jesus Christ) No Matter what criticism you might face, keep on listening to God. Just like WMB did and the apostle Paul and finaly brother Jackson the late.
God bless you richly
let us be getting intouch
NB when cming to Zambia let us know, we love you brother Gan
your brother in Christ
Brother Noah Phiri Banda.
[Email: Feb 10, 2005]


Greetings in the name of the most High God! Shallom! I found out your web and was interested to know more and more. God sent us a Prophet, he came to but the church in order, and his days ended. My heart cry every day how the word of God  is tarnished by some ''great ministers'' How can we leave the BIBLE and read Branhams messeges ALONE? I am shocked ! I know most teachings reach Africa because of poverty, Pliz pray for us in Kenya. The Nation is so rotten with hypocrisy,l ove of money, and corruption. God may help us not get in to the system when I am looking for employment. May God help you with your Ministry, if there was a way i could help
          Brian kiplagat Nairobi(kttc)

[Email: Feb 26,2005]


Dear bro. Richard,

    My name is Stephen Bailey and I live in York in the UK.  By the Grace of God I have been walking in this way of Life for several years, now.  I have appreciated your ministry for a good while (introduced to me by a friend from Kenya) and wanted to take my chance to write personally and thank you.
   Like many of us, I received the revelation of bro. Branham's ministry with joy (after soul searching) - something true and substantial in such a false age.  After reading a few messages and the 'Church Ages' book imagine my excitement to find an assembly within an hours drive.  But I guess I don't need to explain why I was so distraught after going to my first service.  Imagine my disappointment to find something that bore the traits of second hand preaching.
    Well, I perservered for a few years, but it's hard for people to walk together that don't agree.  And from the outset, we never did agree.  When I asked questions about certain teachings and practices, it became circulated that I didn't believe bro. Branham's Message.  I can smile at these things now, with sympathy - praise God for His healing.  At the time it cut.
    Brother, when things came to a head and myself and my family had to leave, I was troubled.  I'd left deominations and hadn't expected to 'come out' again (about 2 years ago).  But I want to walk in the Light and fullness of His Word.  In those difficult times I came across your preaching ('What is the Message of the hour?' to begin with), and it was real comfort.  That Bible word 'comfort' is 'to draw along side;' and in your preaching I certainly heard a call to God's side.  He ever cares for His own.
    Well, strangely engough I now go to a denominational church again.  I at least have space to differ and preach better to my family and those who can hear.  And if I go again, well, the Lord is my Shepherd; He will lead.
    May God ever bless you for having the courage to stand up for what is True and Right - His Word.  There are those 'in the Message' who exercise dominion over people's souls through fear; it's not unlike Roman Catholicism.  Praise God for a voice that will be humble to Him, and call people to the Word and the Spirit.
    Paul, that courageous servant and messenger of His day, once said of those who perverted the Truth: "To whom we gave place by subjection, no, not for an hour; that the Truth of the Gospel might continue with you."  (Gal 2:5). So may God help you, and us, stand fast boldly by the same Spirit.
    Sorry to take your time in my writing.  Just I wanted to express my gratitude - you have a place in our hearts and love, though we haven't met.  If you ever hear of brothers and sisters that have a more enlightened understadning of God's Word in this country, I'd be thankful if you would let us know.  (I believe we have a mutual friend in bro. Simon in Nairobi, Kenya).
     With deep regards in Christ,  bro. Stephen.

[Email: Mar. 07, 2005]


Bro. Stephen:
I am glad that the website and books have served their purpose in bringing you to the Truth. There are many who are called to hear the Message of Branham and to receive It. But sadly, the Truth prevail in that it says, "few are chosen".  These are the ones that have ears to hear WHAT THE SPIRIT SAYS.
As to the brother in Nairobi, if you are referring to Pastor Simon Mutahi, I was in his assembly, just last year.  the photo-report is on the website.
God bless you.

Brother Richard!!
It's the price you pay for being famous. Whenever someone takes a stand that is a little different, they are going to be shot at. That is what Dr. Lamsa told Bro Branham  would happen to him too because of what he preached so you are in good company. What is sad is that they don't take the time to look beyond their noses. Bro. Branham said many things but HIS LIFE is what I heard most. I admit I picked up some erroneous doctrine. It is easy to do when you "casually" read/ hear what Bro. Branham has to say. And you trust him as a prophet and others who preach his teachings. The problem is, as you have pointed out, we didn't always catch what he was really trying to say. So we have to go back to the Word and compare it. Maturing makes us do that. Unfortunately, many are not willing to mature. They go back and read it the same way they did in the beginning. Building false doctrines out of misunderstandings. They did the same thing from the beginning of time.....
Just remember, it isn't you they are taking those shots is the truth. You are just the mailman. It ain't an easy job to deliver the bills.

Truth is powerful and deadly. That is why God wants us to be careful how we use it.
[Email: April 11, 2005]



Shalom Br. Gan,
Hope you are fine in the Lord have been going through your website, thanks for the good work you are doing for the children of God, especially during your visit to Sri lanka & Philiphines that was quite very encouranging to read such wonderful Expressions and Testimonies from the brethren, am sure it is achievment in the Kingdom of God.
Brother Richard, I quoted you saying, perhaps you will not be back to the Philiphines again for every long time. Am sure you will agree with me brother: KING SOLOMON SAYS BETTER IS THE END OF A THING; THAN THE BEGINING OF IT; Sure am very conviced that our walk today is reaching climax and as we are advancing towards the end of it, Christianity is becoming very sweet indeed for the those who are truely revealed for the Kingdom God. Am saying you never know God still has one SOUL still bound in that place, HE GOD WILL STILL SEND YOU THERE!; Any time He will require you to go and stand for him. So please leave it to him to decide for you.
Otherwise continue praying for us daily, i want be found standing in the truths ( HIS WORD )when He returns to earth again for his Second coming.
May God bless you.
Br. Ambrose
[Email: May 25, 205]

Brother Gan,

I would like to get aquanted with you sometime and maybe come to where you will be speaking. My name is Steve Tomsha. I'm 44 and married and love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart. I'm not sure how I found your website but it's been about 1 week that i've known about it. I've been listening to Bro. Branham's messages from mp3 downloads. And the only group around here that follows the 'message' didn't seem too healthy.

Blessings of our Lord be upon you,
[Email: July 4, 2005]


Dear Pastor Richard Gan,

I would like to greet you in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST who's the same yesterday, today and forever.
I'm Bro. Robert B. Wong a follower of CHRIST since 1985 and up to now by God's grace i'm still serving him with my own family and with a small flock that God gave me to fed God's pure word of the hour. I'm used to Prophet Branham message and through his messages I've understand God's plan for us and i believe that we are at the HEADSTONE message now. I read your book "HE THAT HATH AN EAR, LET HIM HEAR!" and got more inspiration on it. Truly God is now knocking outside the church or man's heart for they can't recognize God's work at this present time.
i feel god's spirit reading your book and believe that God is using human instrument to help us understand more of God's word.
I'm glad to have Fellowship with PASTOR FRANCO / NONOY TOGONON to some convention and ministerial  meetings and camp meeting as well. I been with PASTOR CULILI before and hope to have meetings with you too, soon. It's my pleasure to shake hands with God's people.
At present we are renting here in Bicol just to have Fellowship if you could unite us in prayer please do for us to have our own CHURCH  we all believe that God has provided us his promise. It's our joy if you could send us books  and help at any kind.
Here's my e-mail address and home contact number:
Home address: 1 Ocampo St. Bagumbayan Sur, Naga City Camarines Sur, Philippines, 4400
Cellphone Number: 09182671785
[Email: July 6, 2005]


Hi! Brother Gan God bless you!

I'v recived that "LOGOS: The Beginning *****"  And that was werry intresting and Goss word.  Halleluja. I have also been reeding some books of bro. Branham, but here in Norway we have Branhamism. So I agreed with in that message.  This people use that books for krontrolling that Bible, instead and use that Bible and krontroll that books.

I get saved in 1959 Feb.  And that was God so kom in till my kitchen and calling me, and I know nothing about br. Branham.  But God was leeding me so I get an sermon from Him The Lamb and the Dove.  I was ill in my stumack so I wrait him and that day I get that answer that Dove com inn to out kitchen it was summer time and sit at the open door.

After I dreaming I was at 2-3 meeting and looking at that meeting. And many other thing also.

I'm sending you inclosed $50 - for that books.  Maybe you have some others also.

Your brother for Christ - Magne [Norway]
[Letter received 15 July 2005]


Beloved brother Gan,

Once more, thank you very much for the books. I have taken my time to examine their content in the light of the Word of God and I have come to the conclusion that they truly are part of "THE VOICE OF THE ARCHANGEL MINISTRY" aimed at perfecting the Bride. They have truly been a great blessing to my soul and have added a lot of inches of blessed growth to my spiritual stature.
During the time that I was very much busy studying the contents of the book and listening to some of your messages via the internet, God gave me a remarkable dream as a confirmation of the fact that the material on your internet site and your publications in bookform TRULY ARE  IN HARMONY WITH THE WORD OF GOD AND ARE TRULY PART OF "THE SPOKEN WORD MINISTRY". I very much desire to come to Singapore one time and visit with you and the saints there and fellowship around the Word of God for this hour, THE PRESENT DAY TRUTH ! And when I do, I will personally tell you about the dream. Please inform me as to the seasons you will be at your home assembly for the rest of this year.
Furthermore, having preached myself in the past, I truly recognize the apostolic calling in your life. I pray to God to strenghten you to press on amidst fiery opposition. You know, the gates of hell will always fight against those who have and preach the true revelation of the Word of the Lord, those who have the Spoken Word Ministry, BUT....praise God we have the promise THAT THOSE GATES WILL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST THE CHURCH THAT IS BUILT UPON THE ROCK OF REVELATION ! Amen !
I want to send you an offering, but I sure would like your advice which way is the best way to do it. I live in Holland, so if you are able to change EUROS without having to pay too much bank fees, then it's easier for me to just send it to you to your personal address as registered post. So, please let me know and I'll send it. And if I can send it that way, please give me the address you want me to send to.
God bless you and your family, your ministry and the saints there, my beloved brother!
bro. Kolaetos Abraham Palmoni
[Email: Aug. 11, 2005]


Dear Brother Richard l. s. Gan

My name is Walter Hernandez, I got born again back in 1974, in Worcester, Mass. I got involved with a Christian ministry that later I found out that it was a cult.

I learned a great deal of God's word, but the men of God didn't apply what they preached. It had always been what such and such said about the word, but not what the word said about it.

Brother Gan I became accounted with your web site about 3 month ago, I started to study the different articles, and you have put into words, what I had thought and meditate about God's word all long, Brother Gan, I live in Costa Rica, central America, I was raised in the United States, and moved to Costa Rica about 5 years, I am a political refugee, we flee from our country and found a home in this country, by God answering our prayers we are down here.

I have been really blessed with different teachings found on the web site, sir I would like to take the time to thank God for your standing, and you for showing yourself an approved workman of God's word.

I know that we are at threshold of eternity, in an twinkling of an eye.. we shall see him, for shall be like him.

Everybody has a story to tell, but my story is about God's love, forgiving, mercy and grace of our Heavenly Father and the word of His beloved son, that give himself for me in the cross and I died with him in the cross and God raised Jesus Christ, and we were raised with him, and God sit us in the heavenliest in Christ.

Brother Gan, we run a fellowship at home, with my wife and my 10 year old son, we study to show ourselves approved unto God as a workmen that need not to be ashamed of the gospel.

I love to hear from you, is there any thing that I could do for you.

Your brother in Christ,

Ps. Are there any books available?
My address is: 125 mtrs de la escuela Isabel la Catolica, 2da casa.
Rio Oro, Santa Ana.
Costa Rica, central America
[Email: Aug. 11, 2005]

Hi, Bro. Walter,

Thank you for your testimony.

Yes, standing for Truth in the midst and among religious and cultic people isn't easy.  One is expected to be misunderstood.  But the Truth is the WORD of  God, not the words of men.  One problem is that few believers are able to discern between what's of God and what's not when a servant of God stands and utters the message.  God is in His Word -- the revelation of It, not the semantic verbiage of It.

Branhamism is a cult like any other that is in Christendom.  Many Branhamites hate me for saying that.  But it's the true anyway.  William Branham did not create it, some foolish preachers and followers started it. The simplicity of Branham's message is to "come back to the Word, the Apostolic Word, the Original".  That's it.  The 5-fold ministry will then,
by the leading of the Spirit, bring the Bride to perfection.

We will send you the books by seamail.

God bless.


Just came across Bruce's book 12 this afternoon and am just from reading how he has attacked you. The book makes extremely sad reading. He completely distorts and misinterpretes things. His approach is very childish and that of a foolish man. Speaking to such a man is speaking into the air.You see Bro.Gan , God has not only given you deep revelation but also great wisdom and intelligence. And most of the people I have seen attack your message are just too shallow to understand what you say.

It's Just a few weeks ago when I was disappointed by some brothers I associated with who have now defected to follow this arrogant man. I later on discovered that they spend time watching  him and they have just been swayed by his emotional way of preaching. Oh Mercy!

[Email: Aug. 16,2005]


my name is shighadi shihundu.i grew up in a message believing family,baptized at 10,until at 18 i decided this whole thing is too much for me and i backslid.needless to say after a hectic 6 years(someonne should have thrown me in an asylum)i accepted Jesus christ as my saviour and came back to the message,where i have been plagued by many many questions.some of which lead people to believe that i do not have a revelation.

i had decided to quit the message(which was somewhat of a dilemma to me,since i strongly believe that bro branham was the messenger to this age)when while browsing i came across your articles.and after reading the other side of the story,(the ones who think you are going to hell),i have come to the conclusion that at the end of the day what Brother branham was sent to do is point us to a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

and i felt so much at peace,that it is not what you say or whether people disagree with you, it is what the bible says.and what did the prophet say or the other way around.i.e what does the message say and what is the backup in scripture.

and i just want to say thank you for not being afraid to say what was in your heart to say.your articles have helped me to look beyond culture and personal beliefs to what is in the bible.Because that is the rock on which we should stand for all other ground is sinking sand.

God bless you abundantly
mrs shihundu
[Email: 15 Dec.2005]


Hi Brother,
May the Lord Jesus bless you richly!

I  praise God that you were able to present your teachings as Biblical truth but not simple "quotations" of his servant's sermons! I did not read all your web publications I read the "serpent seed" and half of the "Revelation of Jesus Christ" and few other topics. You  pointed it to the Bible, yes the Bible is the only reference not a man. I personally do not attend any branhamite church because I find it boring when the preacher just preach from the quotations of another person instead of using the Bible. But I do believe that branham was a great instrument of God in these last days to send that "shout".You are making a strong and important statement through you teaching, that one should speak the Word  and get intimate with Lord through the
Word, I really love it, the picture of the Bride and the Bride-groom getting intimate through the Word is just perfect.  Oh, we really need the Lord, even more, so we could do it His way not our way.  I am not a pastor but just a simple believer of the Lord Jesus-Christ.

Yours in Christ,
S.M, (Smay Mukadi)
[Email: 17 Dec. 2005]

Dear Bro. Gan,

It has been necessary for me to write you this letter looking at the time, signs and the condition presently taking place where the saints of God need to quickly watch out and have a careful look.

However, I have been reading some of your booklets and, in fact I enjoy them very much.  Surprisingly, they are in line with our ministers here.  They even encouraged us to continue reading your books since they are helping to improve our knowledge about the Truth.

Furthermore, by the power of God I have also been doing my best to make the message known to the people in my community since in 2 Tim.4:2, it says we should continue sharing the Word. Besides that I myself need to read and have more understanding of certain things.  In relating to that, some brethren has been trying to get some of your books and read with the same intention.

Also, I will be very happy if you would send me many books for the believers in the community and for ourselves. I hope my request will reach you.

May the Lord Jesus bless you richly so that you can continue this wonderful and marvelous work you have been given to do.

Yours Faithfully,
Awittor Senyo,
Ho - V/R, Ghana
[Letter: Jan.2006]


Dear Pastor Gan,

Greetings to you in the Name of Jesus Christ. How are the brethren at Singapore? Sir, I really thank the Lord Jesus for His hand upon you. I received the parcel you sent to me. In fact, my mouth cannot express the joy filling my soul when I read the book of THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST and THE TEN VIRGINS. The Bible has, and the message of WMB has been coming more clearer and clearer to me.  This is a teaching ministry at this endtime. May the Lord Jesus bless you and the ministry committed to your care. Sir don't be too far from us here. We just need that WORD from you.

Yours in Him,
Pastor Olufemi Adeyeye,
Osogbo - Osun State, Nigeria
[Letter: Jan.2006]


Dear Pastor GAN, Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. As I have come across some of your wonderful messages which the good Lord has inspired you to bring spiritual food to his children at this end time, I personally believe that the prophetic ministry always moves with the teaching ministry.

I am a minister in Ghana, West- Africa, Message of the hour tabernacle in Agona-Ahanta western region and I’m really blessed by reading those messages like THE ORIGINAL SIN AND THE TABERNACLE OF GOD.

Now its pleases the elders and the entire Church of God to enjoy those wonderful messages granted to you by the Great Lord. Please kindly send us all the books by the same author for the edification of the saints in this ministry of ours in Agona-Ahanta. May the good Lord adds his blessing upon you and the entire members of his mastic body.

My e-mail address is and the mobile phone is 233-242-672696.

Hopping to hear from you soon by this request.

Yours in his services,
J.K.Safo minister in charge
[Letter: Jan.2006]


Dear brother Gan

My name is Vincent Johnson. I live in South Africa with my wife and two children. I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ approximately five years ago. I fellowshipped  in a denominational church for about two years and in that time I made the aquaintance of a brother and his wife who slowly and regularly shared revelations with me which blew my mind. I really thought that this brother was a prophet but eventually he introduced me to "THE MESSAGE OF THE HOUR". I Accepted this message completely and started to question the denominational teachings on the Godhead and water baptism and came into disrepute with the elders and pastor of the church that I was a member of, and at about this time the brother who had shared these revelations with me suggested I go with him to a message believers fellowship in Richards Bay which is about twenty five kilometers from where I live in Empangeni. I went with him on a Wednesday night which is prayer meeting night and I was astounded at the humility of these believers, the modesty of the women and the eagerness to worship the Lord, this was Heaven on earth. During the next few weeks I severed ties with the denominational church which wasn't difficult as I was already considered a threat to other members with my unorthodox views. As I began to fellowship with my new found family certain things started to concern me. I couldn't understand why the Pastor only quoted message books and when I questioned this was told that there is no extra revelation after "The Message", and that it would be foolish to preach anything else. Other things that also concerned me was men wearing short pants as being forbidden and tantamount to "not having the Holy Spirit", if these pants were ever worn! Bother Gan, before I continue please understand that I am not trying to bad mouth anybody but as I continue you will hopefully understand were I am going. Another thing which concerned me are the Sunday evening services. Sunday morning services are regular services but in the evening we all gather at church to listen to taped messages, this is too much for me as I have all the messages on disk and can and do listen to them on a regular basis. I do not feel that it is necessary to attend these services, of course when I don't attend there is usually a measure of concern as to why I did not attend. I have in the past year began to attend less of the services and have at times become very bitter at some of the things that take place so much so that I started searching the WWW for Other opinions, we are already considered a cult by all other denominations in our area and have been scorned on occasion. This does not bother  me too much as the Lord Jesus said that we would be hated for the truth, but I was still concerned as to some of the events that take place so I went on the WWW and found many sights which spoke against the message or Brother Branham. I eventually stumbled onto your web site and what a heart felt relive, I thought I was alone in this world to wonder at the truth, but thank God for His wonderful word for without it I would have been completely lost and then I found your web site and praise be to God I can go on not alone in my convictions. Brother Gan my only real concern now is fellowship, I don't know what to do, I Know that other believers do not share my views and that if I continue to endorse your web site I could face excommunication and frankly there is nowhere else that I know of that I could fellowship, it seems to be one extreme to the next. please could you help me in this respect.

yours sincere brother Vincent
(Empangeni-South Africa)
[Email: 20 Feb.2006]

Hi, Brother Vincent.

Your email is not the first of the many emails and letters that I have received over the many years of my ministry. What you are facing is the spirit of Branhamism. That spirit is your enemy, the people are not. It is this spirit that is blinding the eyes of many who come into this endtime message. The truth is that the endtime message has been propagated by many preachers, esp. the Caucasians from USA and Canada, to be the FINAL REVELATION for the church of our Lord Jesus Christ; like you have been told - there is no extra revelation after "The Message". Of course, this is a LIE. The devil has deceived the followers into making yet another ISM and put them in bondage to it. He has put them in bondage to the taped messages of Bro. Branham which they have considered to be THE ABSOLUTE. Scary, isn't it?

For an assembly, which has a pastor, to meet every week just to listen to a taped sermon shows a failure to understand the Plan and Purposes of God. The Holy Spirit does not work that way. There is a present truth ministry, Eph.4, and the true worshippers need to go along with that.

Suffice to say that you have now two camps of people that are against you -- the denomination church that you came out of and the endtime church that you fellowship with. I know that it is hard to stand for what is really the TRUTH according to SCRIPTURE. Many endtime believers are simply following their pastors without questioning or discerning what truth is. Many have the notion that just because they believe that God sent a prophet, Mal.4:5-6, got water baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in One God, Serpent Seed, etc., they are the elect and therefore are okayed to go into the rapture.

Find another endtime message assembly, if you can, one that truly believes in STAYING WITH THE WORD OF GOD (2 TIM.3:16-17) and not some men's ideas. I know that would prove difficult.

As to the wearing of short pants, one can wear that at home. If I am not mistaken, it is the British who introduced shorts in the era when they had control over many Asian nations. It won't be wrong for a group of men to go to a lake, away from public, where they could have a get together and to swim in trunks and shorts. But wearing short pants and walking in public is not comely. We need to be presentable in public. Christians should put on proper attire when they meet with others.

May the Lord bless you and guide,


Shalom.My name is arsha Augustin and I am from St.Lucia.In all the message sites,this is the one I always come back to.i am not familiar with your
teachings but I will take time ti study it. You have taken a stand for this message and your courge is admired.I believe truly this message has
denominated by false teachings but one thing is sure the bride will not be denominated. We in St.Lucia are looking right now for revival in our lives.Threr is a need for that old fashion pentecostal way.Old fashion cottage meetings,true sincere repentence,and love for one another.I dont look so much at who people are but humility. Don't preach me a sermon but live me one.In all this 'mess-age' I am looking for the life of the word.We are a small beginning but i believe our latter end shal be great.We are looking for the true baptism of the holy Ghost to manifest itself once more to a dying age.There are enough sermons to plater our walls but where is the life to bring God out of history.Where are the true witnesses of Christ.Not witnesses of Bro. Branham,but of the power of the holy ghost in individuals.Bro. Branham time was well spent but where is the elect he sacrificed for.I have been taught to open up for progression of the word,For God can use even your worse enemy to bring to you a message.Our carnal minds is what keep us from progressing into the word.The eyes have gone(like samson) but there is a new crop coming forth.There are over 1100 strands of hair(in book & tape form) have grown to make up the seven locks but wheres the power to bring an onslaught to the powers of hell. To extinguish satans strongholds that is consuming our loved ones.this is not a time for debating but for power and demonstration to manifest Christ once more to this dying age.Much can be said but i;m awaiting your reply.Be strong in the Lord and in the courage of his might.


[Email: 28 Apr. 2006]


Brother you know many assume and others depends on hear say. After a brother in the message in nigeria read your book on " the coming of Christ" he went to God in prayers asking forgiveness. He said he never knew that brother Gan believed the Prophet, so I told him that if he can read " Hearing they hear not'" he would get the clear picture of the matter, why they say what they wish to say.
Let me know you most convienient time and plan for Africa, I also pray the Lord to supply you for its a great sacrifice and having been in Singapore, I can not explain how you get these things done, but I thank God.

Bro Nice
[Email: 02 May 2006]

Hallo Bro !
Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.
Am grateful to be reading alot in the contender and even your web (prophetic revelation) THAT brings the saints together ,in
agreement and unity of The Word Of God for this hour of time. May glory and honor go back to God and that He (GOD) , give you
strength to put out what He has put in you for His chozen few .
I read in some of the datails yuo did put in your site about the convention you had (or may be tour) here in kenya.
I will really appreciate to know some of the pastors /brothers that you know in this western parts of Kenya.
Currently i fellowship in a church where ' the spoken word books make the sermon for the church'. Yet i
haven't been doing it that way. And every other time i stand for a sermon without those books but with the BIBLE , i've been ridiculed, called
So if you happen to know some brothers this western part of kenya that see things ' eye for eye ' pliz let me be informed. My contacts are:
Chris Alube
Box 226-50315
Thanks and may the Lord lead you to accomplish what He has purposed in/for you to the element of the BRIDE P'PLE.
Yours brother in Christ
Christ Alube.
[Email: 18 May 2006]


Dear Sir,

    Christian greetings.
It's long that I did write. However, I did send email but the message was not delivered.  I have been so blessed by the Truth presented in your writings in a great way since I came incontact with them some 15 years ago.
    I had the last one entitled "Speak The Word!"  It was wonderful.  I do believe you should have written some more. I would love to have them.  I was reading one of your writings, titled, "Time and Signs:, about a dream you had of a mighty wave that rose from the ocean and slammed at the court building... You knew something catastrophic would soon hit the earth.  That was long before the Asian under-ocean earthquake which caused an unquantified damages to lives and property.
    Also in the audiotape you sent to me, "Virgins of Christ", you said, America will soon face a challenge... that was before Sept.11, 2001.  It know that was prophetic.
    In fact there are many developments all around the world.  What time we are living in!
Sir, what would you say about the biblical Land.  I know America cannot bring peace to the Middle East.  She's not in the picture as the Man of Peace.  What comes of Iran's Nuclear threat?
    God bless you.  Till I hear from you.  My hearty greetings to you.
Bro. Sam.
(Idehen Samuel)
[Letter dated: 13 Feb. 2006]


Dear Brother Richard,
I am speechless! words are not enough to express my gratitude to God Almighty on your behalf for sending those four literatures. I am really blessed by your right up,Indeed it was the Holy Ghost Himself that carried on that project.
The four literatures are; THE ORIGINAL SIN, THE MARK OF THE WICKED ONES, LOGOS AND SCRIPTURALLY....THE TRUTH. Sir right from the day i entered this world, I will say this is my first time of reading materials that really make me to understand the God I serve. Now I understand beyond every reasonable doubt that the Lord our God is one Lord. I have caught the revelation. Praise God!!
Also,i now understand why Christ had to be born by the virgin birth. It was in order to escape the serpentine nature found in every blood of the human race. The original sin was sexual union between Eve and the serpent, Oh my!! I took this write up of yours to the church and so many of my brethren read it and were edified.
Brother Richard please i want to ask for your assistance once more in sending me more books. I have found the light. The Lord has made me to hear and recognize his voice for this age.I am growing gradually and i need to grow higher and deeper in the word with all humility i request for the following books;
1.The Holy City,New Jerusalem part 1&2
2.The Seven Thunders
3.The Ten Virgins
4.The Bottomless Pit
5.Polygamy,They have gone the way of Lamech
6.There is no Elisha!
7.The Coming Of Christ
8.The Tabernacle Of God
9.His Inheritance In The Saints
10.It Is Raining
My Postal Address is;

PO BOX 3471

Thanks my Brother for your care and concern. May God strengthen and uphold you and give you more unction to function as you contribute your quota to the Lord has he prepares His elect for home-going in these days of the voice of the 7th Angel. I am new in the end-time message. your messages have really enriched my spirit.

Remain blessed
Yours in Christ
[Email: 9 May 2006]


Bro. Gan,
I was reading your website when I thought to send you another link to what many call a great Man of God. I have never found the depths in these teachings anywhere else and it seems to bring about a furtherance of what many Branham followers have been looking for. I commend you for your Boldness in standing for what you believe is right and putting down false doctrines by many true men of God. It is ever so important to have the right spirit and the wrong doctrine than the right doctrine and the wrong spirit. May this website bless you greatly if you have never come to it before.
In His Love. patrick.

(Patrick Nichols)
[Email: 23 June 2006]

Shalom, brother.

I have an association with Bro. George Pike and had good fellowship with him several years before he crossed over to the other side. I had ministered in his church and he in mine. He was a wonderful person, indeed. I have enjoyed many of his thoughts in his preaching.

Thank you.
God bless.



God bless you. I visited your website to listen to the Baptism of Holy Ghost message and I was thrilled to see a video messages. WOW!!! I like it. I was thinking about this for a long time, because video message is very good and nice than audio message. It will help me to concentrate more and ur expressions. Can you able to add English caption to it? Some of your accent I could not understand..even my wife. Also, when I increase my resolution to high, it is not very clear. But, overall it is very good.

I may ask you to burn all these to a DVD format so that I can have a copy too. It is really very nice and useful. Please make all your future sermons in Video & audio formats. If you need any help regarding this to continue, please let me know.

Also, please include the songs & worship, so that it will complete the full worship. You may also post the song lyrics in your website, so that we can have the song sheet when we sing. Also, try to show the audience sometimes, to see how they worship.

God bless you.

Yours in Christ,
Bro.David rajan
[Email: 26 June 2006]


Bro. Gan
It was good to hear from you.I looked at your web sight you have some very
interesting material on your sight.I just finished reading Branism in the news
that was interesting.There are some who do teach polygamy but not in my immediate
area. you have a video or dvd of yourself preaching if you do could i buy a
copy i dont want you to give it to me you have give me so much in the past.
It was good to hear from you may the lord bless your Bro. Don Moore

[Email:28 June 2006]


Hi Richard,
I am amazed at your explainion of the logos and the Christians that I have talked to from a church I used to visit can't get past what they have already been indoctrinated to believe. They say Jesus is the "WORD" in the beginning when you and I know that it was Gods own "WORD". I don't believe in a trinity anymore and I don't know what to do now about going to church. Should I go to a protestant church even though I don't believe in a trinity? I feel alone in this truth you reavealed to me. I have been searching for the truth for some time and I have talked to Jehovahs wittness in the past and I could'nt expain how the three terms are refuring to one God and so I prayed and asked God to reveal to me what the "WORD" in the beginning was and then I came acrossed your web site God bless you brother for revealing what God showed you. I would think that baptist are saved even though they don't understand the LOGOS and the trinity right? I'm trying to explain this to my parents and they are open to it but don't really understand yet and they go to a protestant church. What should I do? are these Christians that go to protestant church saved even though they don't worship in truth?
its not good for me to be seperate from christians in church so again what should I do?

[Email: 29 Sept., 2006]


Anyone who is truly BORN AGAIN - by the witness of the Holy Spirit and not by what his/her pastor says - has eternal life. This is an experience that is real. It is not by some religious emotions that he/she may have. The REBIRTH is by the WORD OF GOD. I have known people, who said they were Christians and were BORN AGAIN, but several years down the road, they no longer were Christians. They said their experience with going to church was just some emotion; it was just a religious thing.

Organized churches are not of God. They bind people to a set of creeds or/and dogmas. Few churches are moving by the Spirit of God. Instead they are moving about by a church program.

If you are seeking to walk in the TRUE LIGHT of God, you need to begin to first know what God is PRESENTLY DOING. He has a plan and a purpose that He is working out for the true Bride of Christ. One of the most and prime important doctrine that a Christian needs to know after he/she comes into the Gospel of Salvation is the revelation of the ONE TRUE GOD. With the understanding of that, it is important to see the revelation of WATER BAPTISM IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. The doctrine of the Godhead is tied to this. Next come the need for further revelation as to WHY WAS THERE THE NEED FOR CHRIST JESUS TO BE VIRGIN BORN AND TO SHED HIS BLOOD FOR THE SALVATION OF MANKIND. This falls into understanding the teaching of THE ORIGINAL SIN/THE SERPENT SEED.

Finding a church where such truths are taught will not be easy. But you have to seek it out in your area.

May the Lord bless you.

I just finished reading about the message Polygamy : they have gone in the way of Lamech:
And I found the answer of all the question’s that I had in my mind for several years about
my situation. It is GOD who brought me into your website for those answer’s.
It is just true that “ all things works together for those who love GOD.

thanks a lot and God bless you always,

bro rolly

[Email: 01 Jan., 2007]


Peace, mercy & love of God be multiplied to you from the Eternal Spirit who rule the universe, in Jesus Name. Amen.

Right now I find my time to come to the library so I can write you - letting you know how much your book Prophetic Revelation which I snatched by force from a dear evangelist, a Ghanian from the Catholic Church, here in Tripoli, Libya.  I never saw the Scripture in the marvelous light from which you explained things. Although I got some real inspiration that the world - earth is not just 6000 years old nor is it made to be expired by fire sooner yet, about who Christ is, was new to me.  Of course, I as a gifted & anointed teacher I do not believe in a Trinity but One God. I really appreciate the way you do & how much you helped me to grow in the faith.

I am a Nigerian minister, staying & doing God's work here in Libya for 7 years now! I have been in the ministry teaching for 21 years now  a missionary to the call.  I sincerely desire to know more of how much revelation God has made available to us these days by your ministry.

Please, I have no money to send for now but I hope to do your ministry a great support as God prospers me sooner. Only God sees my heart - had it been I could made some cash available to you so you send me some of your books...

I would love to even have all your works. But I sense you may not send me all your works but help me as much as possible, with all you feel can help a fellow man of God like me to be able to do the work of ministry perfectly, especially as a teacher & preacher.

Stay bless in Jesus Name.

Yours In His Vineyard,
Pastor Peterson O Ettoh.
[Letter: 25-12-06, Libya]


Dear Bro. Gan,
This is to with you God’s blessings in the New year. 
We have just ended The December Christian Convention on 27/12/2006; and the Lord saw us though successfully.  We had budgeted for about 200 believers, but those attended surpassed that figure by over 150; and ended up with 350 believers in attendance.  The Prophetic Revelation Ministry is yielding positive results by impacting upon the spiritual lives of many especially those in Western and Nyanza Province of Kenya.
One minister from DRC was in attendance.  God giving us grace, I suggest “SPEAK THE WORD “ book be translated into French for the benefit of Rwanda and DRC brethren.
About 80% of our Prophetic Revelation Readers are ordinary folks who are unable to meet postage   charges, hence humbly requesting you about $1000.00 to meet and support this book ministry in East Africa.
As earlier reported, Nyanza, Western and Meru areas are now opening up and are embracing The Present Truth.  Many are coming out of Branhamism to Jesus the Word; resulting in level headedness.
I will only add, we love you and are praying for you and The Ministry.
NB: Regards to fellow saints.
Bro Segite (Kenya)
[Email: 15 Jan. 2007]


I'm in prison and I've been reading and studying God's Word. Now I met a lot of different people that say this and that about God's Word. Some make sense and a lot don't. Then my friend said here take a look at these two books and they are "Logos and The Original Sin".  Well there are some things that really got my attention but my friend wanted them back to share with other brothers.

I was wondering if you could send me a copy of these two books so I can continue to grow in God's Word. If you could do this maybe I could have my family make a donation to you. I thank you for your time and may God's Word be with you all.

Truly Yours,
Tracy Painter
LaBelle, Pa., USA.
[Letter dated: March 05, 2007]


Subject Re: Donation to Prison Ministry
Date Sun, 22 Apr 2007 18:35:58 -0700 (PDT) [09:35:58 PM EDT]

Dear Richard,
I am the prison minister for Mayim Hayim Ministries (Mekusharim Ministries) here in Amarillo, Texas. I am wondering if by chance you may be able to donate some booklets for the inmates in the TDCJ system and the counties of Randall and Potter, Texas? If you have the supplies it would be greatly appreciated as I am an ex-inmate myself I am thoroughly empathized with the plight of our brethren in bonds (thus Mekusharim). I am handling all of the inmate cases myself and am also a disabled individual, therefore having a VERY limited income. I understand if you do not have the stocks left, but have had several inmates recently request my opinion on your tretise of the serpent seed #3, of which I have just finished researching. And although I am not in 100% agreement with your stance, much of what you are stating I have alredy been teaching from my own researchings. I also am not bigoted in understanding Scripture, thus I am very open with my case load (i.e. inmates) and believe that they have the right to study matrerials from others and form their own opinions and understanding. We will all be judged upon our own understanding, not that of others teachings. But how can they do this without the opportunity to peruse materials other than my own?
Therefore if you can, and have the stock I would appreciate the support as they most certainly will themselves.
Baruchim v'Shalom!
Awaiting your response,
I was in jail and you visited me.


Brother Gan,

I am Mateso Kazembe, a Christian from Malawi who was just browsing on the internet about the end time message on the internet and came across your web page and began reading the materials contained there in.

Well to be honest, I have been enlightened a great deal on some matters that were confusing me a great deal in the message and also some of the things that I was just taking for granted. As I write you now this e-mail, I can happily proclaim and praise God that the confusion that used to be buzzing above my head about how some message churches are run in my country is now no more. I believe it was the Lord Jesus that made me visit this page and I don't regret it.

Now could it be possible that you could send me some of the books that you have written concerning the message of the hour. If possible then my address is as follows: Mateso Kazembe, C/O Dr. Lawrence Kazembe, Mathematical Sciences Department, Chancellor College, P.O. Box 280, Zomba, Malawi. I would be really so greatful if you would grant my request.

Continue the wonderful work. God bless you richly.

Mateso Kazembe (Eastern Gate Fellowship, Zomba)
[Email: April 23, 200]


Brother Gan,

God bless you,when exactly,which month are you coming to west Africa? and which of the churches will you be visiting in Ghana or Lome?Please let me know,I will like to pray and be at some of these meetings to see you.Your teaching are so amazing and more spiritual and with added revelations,then how much more if one sit in your presence.some time ago I was in the present of a minister from the America and every meeting he has nothing but told us what we already read over and over from the sermon books of the prophet,but from what I can see all the time when I visit the prophetic revelation web site,there is more than this in you then the web site.

We will be praying for your up coming meetings and west Africa visit.Only what we have infront of us is the hurdle of completing our church project,we started but the rains and thunders keep coming unaware to disturb us on the job,the contractors are complaining,we have lost almost the two truck load of sand and the ten bags of cement we got from offering raised,as of now there is not a means left to raise another as we are a small group and most of the believers are not interpreneurs.,byt are always willing to give to the work.We are trusting the Lord to make us complete this building work before October comes to an end.

Please pray along.God bless you and the believers with you.

Bro.Sammie Blie (Ghana)
[Email: July 16, 2007]


dear bro gan  my name is floyd jackson i was introduced to the message in the spring of 1978 i grew up in a small town in arkansas,usa,we went to a southern baptist church mostly because it was the one closest to our house. we lived 7 miles away from town andmy dad didnot go to church because he said the denominations were not of God my dad was very unusual he had no education he couldnt  read or wright but he could read the  bible and nothing else thats what he considered his absolute he also taught his children to stick to the holy bible. i was born in 1954 my dad died the month after i turned 16.  i started to seek the Lord at about age of 19.  i started reading the bible but i needed help so i went to a baptist church close to our home we were living in indiana now, mishawaka to be exact,maybe a coincidence,but this was 1973 and i knew nothing of the message all i knew was that denominations seemed to bend and twist the the scripture to fit their doctrines,i wished i had payed more attention to my dad but it was too late for that now. momas said that dad had an audable voice call him to preach the gospel when he was young but he wouldnt go he always seemed very nervous and scared to me but i was the eleveth of twelve children he was 51 when when i was born i didnt get to know him very  well but i remember him saying that worldly education was not of God and that noah had to go through the flood because of his wife and that the catholic church was the great whore .  a month before he died when he was filling out papers to be admitted to the hospital they asked his religion he said none but we could put him down as pentalcostal oneness he said they were the closest one he knew of .the point im trying to make is that in 1978 when i was sic of denominational twisting of scripture and had quit going to denom churches a friend at work gave me a  tape of william branhams after aweek or 2  i listened to it . it really enthused me it sounded like the way my dad used to talk about the word of God . i moved back to arkansas in 1979 i didnt know about message churches until 1991 imet some people through business that were so-called "in the message" i started going to their tabernacle with my wife and 6 kids we've been going real regular every since. i guess what i wanted to talk about was that i have gotten so sick of everyone gitting away from word of God as the true absolute of God its gotten rediculous. my fourth son got engaged to a nice girl in our church her brother decides that he believes in the return ministry so they and several other families set up their own church and say unless you believe every word uttered by the prophet your not bride.they actually have big-shot preachers come in and enthusiactly expound this doctrin . my son is 4 years younger than his wife and not well grounded in the word . but their families are ruled over spiritually by their pentacostal-oneness mother-grandmother as amatter-of-fact most of the people at our church are just pentacostal oneness who were facinated by the signs wonders and mericles of the end time prophet. apparently she believes in the return ministry so therefore most of the rest of the family does . my oldest sons inlaws have embraced the belief that joseph and billy paul will get them into the rapture .  so they have moved to jeffersonville and now claim to believe that if your doing something other than listening to tapes that your not bride you may be foolish virgin but certainly not bride. he said that the only duty of atrue paster was to pick out the right tape and play it for you my son said that his dad-in-law thinks the bible is less important than the tapes now.another friend of mine said that the answer lay in sticking more closely to the rules of church-order .does this not seem like denominationalism all over again? i don't know if there is something wrong with me or what but it seems that every self-proclaimed endtime message preacher i've met has a proud and haughty spirit some a lot more than others i haven't met a lot but its true with the 30 or 40 that i have met . our current pastor claimes to speak from behind the sacred desk if we the laity are to receive anything it must come from him from behind "the sacred desk" i told my family that i couldn't find such teaching in the bible i know bro brahnam mentioned it sometimes but i think our pastor has gotten it out of context i'm not saying he's wrong but i can't find that concept in the scripture  my older brother said he once asked daddy who the angels of darkness were he answered that it was preachers. my dad never knew anything about bro branham . i know he would have reconized him as the endtime messenger. i know you have to have the real thing before there can be counterfiet it sure produces alot of counterfiet though. i'm sorry to take up your time . i'm just glad to find there are people who believe the endtime message without going crazy .i just wanted to say i'm glad i stumbled across your writings  something compelled me to get on the inter    net  the other day  all i knew  was to look up the message then i ran across you . you can probably tell i'm new at this i can barely type so try to excuse my grammer and all else. don't feel obligated to respond to my e-mail ,i just wanted to get somethings off my chest.

[Oct.09, 2007]


Shalom Brother Gan
I have been downloading messages from the website, and I must say, I'm blest. Sometimes I just can't help but smile and laugh out loud to myself when a question that has been lingering in my mind has been answered. God bless you richly.

I have some questions, though;

- What is the 'Bride age'?
- Under what conditions does God recognise a marriage vow between a man and a woman?

God bless you. Please bear with me if some of these queries seem a bit juvenile. I'll definitely approach you with some more.

[Email: Nov.09, 2007]


Dear Brother Gan,

I was pleased to read you website and many articles about the word of God. It was inspiring in many ways and I am greatful for the balance God allows to us in this day.

Briefly, I am 30 years old, and was born and raised in this message. I consider myself a student of it and study it on a daily basis. Nevertheless, I feel that many believers of this day lack Christ, and a born again experience, as I did for many years. I could quote you every major message doctrine from the time I was 15 years old on up, but I lacked Christ, as many still do. May they get back to the Word.

Your website reminds me of a sermon I preached at a message church one time. It was of how the image of Daniel, although tempting for the Hananiah, Azariah, and Mishael to worship, was still just an idol. I think many message believers today worship a man instead of Christ. What a shame. Needless to say, I was never invited back to that church. May God Bless them anyway.

Anyhow, from an American who knows his country is lost...

God Bless
and keep up the good work,

[Email: Nov. 09, 2007]

Shalom, Bro. Steve.

It is very rare that I get such an email "from an American who knows his country is lost.." :o)

There are always the majority of people, who called themselves Christians, Bible believers, that refuse to see and accept Bible Truth. All they want is not to let anyone stir up their nest, comfort zone. They have their creeds, confessions, books, tapes, etc. of some great men that God sent and who are gone home to gloryland. They cannot see the present truth that God is still God and that He is progressively unfolding His revelation little by little till the saints come to perfection.

So, where do you worship and fellowship now?

God bless.


dear sir,
Iam, bro maxwell from kenya e,africa and a pentecostal
pastor I have been reading your materials now for four
years and it has realy made a diffrent in my life a
bro, invited me to one of your meetings in eldoret
kenya2005 and from that time God is taking me to a new
direction Iv become more of a believer than a
pentecostal thanks alot please let me hear from you.
pst,maxwell andiego.

[Email: Nov. 09, 2007]


GOD bless you brother Gan,

I am glad that we still have brethren standing gallantly on the revelation of truth of God's Word irrespective of the insult brought about by unrevelated and so called brethren in this message of the hour. I have always prayed that Almighty God will lead you higher to bring out more revelation on his word.

I have written to you before and received some of your books, which has richly blessed me in the ministry. I have also been visiting your site to study the Word of God in the light of the End Time Message. I must confess, I am highly blessed by your teachings.

For example, understanding the (a) Original Sin (b) Sin of Ham (c) Godhead (d) Holy City- New Jerusalem and most importantly - how the seed crossed over the ark.

We were made to believe that it crossed over through Noah and that Noah was a mixed seed. But, I could not figure it out myself on the two reasons; (1) Noah was mentioned in the line of the pure seed (2) Brother Branham in his sermon on the serpent seed stated that Noah was a pure seed and that the serpent seed crossed over through the woman.

Based on this, I have my doubt on what we were made to believe. My understanding were later cleared when i read your teachings on these issues.

I want to use this medium to let you know that by God's grace, I and other brethren have started a local church here in Lagos called REWARD FAITH TABERNACLE about 7 months ago. We are about 75 menbers including children and God is richly adding to the church everyday.

I would therefore like to request for the following books for my study and teaching as I am a teacher in the church. I will also appreciate if you can give additional copies to reach other ministers in the church.

1. The Original Sin
2. Logos: The begginning of the creation of God
3. The Holy City - New Jerusalem
4. From the Website: 1, 2, 3 etc
5. The Ten Virgins
6. A Place By Me on The Rock
7. The Evidence of the Holy Ghost

and any other materials that can be of help for me in the ministry.

I will also like you to send to me diagrams or charts that you use for teaching on seventy weeks of daniel, seven church ages etc.

Remain blessed in Jesus name.

[Email: Dec.10, 2007]


Greeting in the name of the Lord Jesus and God bless you Brother Richard for your wonderful website.
I have been a believer in Christ our Lord and William Branham as His prophet since 1990.

Your website is so enjoyable and has answered many difficult questions I had.
As a computer professional and a teacher I can understand the enormous amount of effort you have put into this.
May God continue to bless you, and I thank Him and you for this site.

Neal Spill
Markham, Canada
[Email: Dec.12, 2007]


i am so much disturbed about what is happening currently in the end time message across the globe.its sometimes difficult for me to understand why there should be confusion among people who claim to believe the message of bro Branham.people have allowed themselves to be be confused by heresies of which has no biblical stand.the bible has been left out of the system and hence one does not allow for the move of the holy spirit.why must there be argument about who knows the bible best.we have come to a time where we believers who need to work together with love for unbelievers to come to Christ, we are spending precious time accusing one another.lord have mercy on us.we have left the leadership of the holy spirit because of our attitude.there are times servants of God are painted by other servants of God which makes it difficult for Christians to even approach it not sad.
All of this must happen for scripture to be fulfilled.there must be a separation of the goats from the is my prayer that the Good LORD will grant us the grace to live a life worthy of the Gospel and make the Word of God the absolute in our lifes.God bless you.

Yours in Christ
Emmanuel Kpatakpa
[Email: Feb. 05, 2008]


My name is Connie Barr.  I have recently been introduced to Brother Branham's teachings.  It seems The Holy Spirit is leading me to understand at least certain concepts through this exposure.  Especially, The LORD is showing me about living a life that is led by the "Spirit of the Law of Life in Christ Jesus".  The living Word.  I have had to seek The LORD for much help over the last few years.  I have been exposed to and deceived much by false prophets.  I was recently divorced by a man who believes he is a prophet who taught me to live according to the Old Testament Torah.  I left him (wrongly) because I felt oppressed but did not want to be divorced.  I do not condone leaving him though I have been told by others I was delivered from that relationship.  It has grieved me very much.  I begged him to take me back but he insisted I had comitted spiritual fornication and he had grounds.  It is very involved but I have been very hurt.  I believe in the operations of the Holy Spirit.  Not just "speaking in tongues" but the fruit of the spirit as Brother Branham taught.  I have some fear about embracing His teachings.  I have also been mislead in the past by Mormonism through a prior marriage to a mormon man.  I feel that God has me to remain single now and He is giving me peace to live with that but it is hard to be on my own sifting through doctrines.  I appreciate your web-site as it seems to add balance.  I am getting sermons from Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ in Tennessee (Pastor Donny Reagon).  I am getting blessed by the sermons though sometimes I am a bit taken back by some of the emphasis on Brother Branham.  I would ask for prayer regarding my exposure to this.  I know that you believe that Brother Branham was a prophet.  I'm not sure but I would like prayer about it.  I have a dear sister who is a widow who God brought into my life.  Her husband was a pastor of a message church and she has been sharing with me and encouraging me.  So, I am really just writing to ask for prayer and thank-you for trying to be very honest on your site about your faith.
LORD Bless,
Connie Barr

PS I have been baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and I believe in holiness living.

[Email: Feb.25,2008] 

Dear sister Connie, it is good to hear from you and your sincerity to want to have the Truth and the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I am really sorry to hear of what you have gone through in your marriage life.  You made the right choice to stay single and live in the Lord.
Do not be afraid to read or listen to Bro. Branham's messages.  Learn to hear what the Spirit of God is saying through him, and not to interpret his speech word for word that many are doing and therefore add to the Bible doctrines that are false.  That also make Branham to have said or teach things that are not what he taught or meant.
Many churches are lifting up Bro. Branham.  Yes, there are much emphasis on the man.  And until believers come to the revelation of the SIMPLE MESSAGE (TRUTH) that he was sent to give to the saints, they will still talk and lift up Branham.  Look at those believers of John the Baptist in Ephesus (in Acts 19).  They never received the Holy Spirit because they were in John the Baptist's message.  They held on to what John's disciple, Apollos, taught them.  But when Paul showed them WHAT THE MESSAGE WAS ALL ABOUT, they then embraced the TRUTH, the LIFE, the WAY and they received the Holy Spirit.  Having received the Holy Spirit, they certainly DID NOT EMPHASIZE on John the Baptist and what he said every time they gathered to fellowship and worship.  Their emphasis was on CHRIST JESUS, THEIR LORD, not His servant, John Baptist.
It is sad that many believers go to church to hear WHAT BRANHAM SAID, WHAT HE DID, ETC.  Many cannot preach without quoting Branham.  It is not wrong to quote, but the emphasis is so much on what he said instead of WHAT THE SPIRIT IS SAYING -- TODAY. 
We will remember you in prayer.
God bless.
Richard Gan

Dear Brother Gan,
Thank you for your prayers.  The LORD has confirmed your answer to me by the Holy Spirit!  I received an on-line Bible Reading which was quoting Acts 19 at the same time I received your note teaching on this same section!  It always amazes me how the same Holy Spirit is so graceous to confirm His truth!  Perhaps it is no cooincidence that this same chapter speaks of the seven sons f Sceva trying to ride on the coat tails of the miraculous power of Paul's ministry for their own selfish motives.  The evil spirits did not recognize their authority and turned on them!  It is sad that Brother Branham's ministry has been so tainted, but I am thankful for your advice to listen to the essence of the message as pointing to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
Blessings to you and yours , and thank you again.  I am sure I will continue to learn from your site.
Connie Barr
[Email: Feb.25, 2008]

Dear Richard,

Your article on Glory to Glory was phenomenal! Full of rich prophetic insight! Loved it. So glad I discovered it along with your website. Blessings to you!

Unto the King Eternal,

Maryrose McEvoy
Holtsville, NY
[Email: Mar.07, 2008]


End Time Message Church
P.O.Box 118
Kpando -V/R
Ghana,West Africa.
20th January,2008

Dear Bro. Richard Gan,
            God richly bless you for your meritorious works that you're doing to open the eyes and understanding of some of us believers in Ghana and other parts of the world.
            I have read a lot of your sermon books entitled PROPHETIC REVELATION. I am very glad and delighted about a lot of exposition about the truth of the Message of the Lord. I and my little fellowship have been praying for you and your ministry in Singapore and other parts of the world. I will like to encourage you that God Almighty will never leave you alone and nothing will harm you. The enemies who stand against you will fall in the pit they have dug themselves. You will accomplish God's work given to you before leaving this planet.
           To be frank, some of us understand the message more through your sermon books than even reading the original message of the prophet.
           Please  I still need some of books such as LOGOS:The Beginning of the Creation of God;  Polygamy:They have Gone in the Way of Lamech;  Overseership;  From Glory to Glory; Two shall be One Flesh;  The Image and Likeness of God  and some of the current sermons you have preached concerning the Second Coming of The Lord and the world happenings which show that the time is at hand. Please I cannot list all the sermons books you have preached here. Those message books that will help me and my little fellowship here to prepare adequately towards the Second coming of the Lord.
           To  God be the glory. I end here with God's blessings to you, your family and your ministry at Singapore and other parts of the world.
           God richly bless you once again. Till I hear from you. Good-bye and God bless you. Precious brother.
                                                                     Your brother in Christ,
                                                                     Bro. Frank Kedike

[Letter received: 19 March,2008]

Dear Brother Gan,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I am so grateful the Lord has made my way cross with your website.  I praise and glory Him for the crystal CLEAR Revelation.  God is so good.  My mirror now is cleared and clear.  As I'm feeding on, questions and confusion in my heart are seen through.  I am tremendously blessed!

"So glad His Mercy has followed me."

May God bless you and your precious wife, and your loved ones so very richly.

Love and appreciate much,
A Believer.
Qld., Australia.
[Letter dated 3 Apr. 2008]


I am glad that you have found what you have desired to know and that the good Lord has answered your needs according to the Scriptures. Elect cannot be deceived AS LONG AS they stay in the WORD.  Many believers are deceived into false doctrines by many who claimed to be God's servants but who know only the statements of Bro. Branham instead of the INSPIRED SCRIPTURES. Anyone can give THEIR OPINIONS and instructions, but few are ordained and anointed by God to teach.  Paul spoke the truth: "For though ye have ten thousand instructers in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers:..." (1Cor.4:15).

Thank you for your offering.  It will be used in outreach purposes.

God bless.


Hello Bro. Gan,

I came across your website a couple of weeks ago. I  have been reading through the different subjects you have posted.
I want to say that you have helped me understand some things better. May God bless you brother.
I am 19 and I live in Alabama U.S.A. I have been looking for a website like yours for a good while and I thank God I found yours.
I'm currently talking to an ex Catholic about the GODHEAD and I gave him the page "LOGOS: THE BEGINNING OF THE CREATION OF GOD".
I now understand this subject better myself after reading it.
If you are ever in the Southern U.S. we would love to have you at our Church. It's hard to find people in the message on the internet. Beside Bro. Raymond Jackson's Church's website I don't know of anyone else. 99% of the time the places you do find are Branhamites. That's why I'm so happy to have found yours. I truly believe the Lord Jesus led me to it. I am going to add a link from our Church's website to yours. I really like the saying you have on the website. It is a very true statement.
(the eagle screams, the dove leads). May God Bless You.
                                                                                        Your Fellow Servant In Christ,
Patrick Jenkins

[Email: April 14, 2008]


Dearest Richard

My brother in Christ Jesus our Lord, I received your books on 05/06/2008.  I am very grateful to the Lord and honored to have this precious book.  I am very grateful and thankful. I will treasure this and have it to read in free time.  I’m thankful to your ministry you’ve given to prisoner like me. Thank you very much.

Well, Bro. Richard 34 men are being baptized in Jesus’ Name. I’m very happy and thankful to the Lord for answering my prayers.  I was happy to hear from you, brother, I am so proud of you and how the Lord is using you over there where you at.  May the Lord richly bless you for all the work you are doing. You have a reward in heaven and the Lord is happy with you and your work because He loves you.

Your brother in Christ,
The Bondservant Steven.
Calif., USA
[Letter: 12/May/2008]


dear bro Gan,

greetings to you in jesus mighty name.
Have you heard about any of the recent on goings in my country NIgeria.(am in lesotho now so i am not a witness)
the stories making rounds of Amos omoboriowo being the new "JOHN" /Lead apostle of this day( really and extention of his  extremist CHIEF apostle teaching on late bro jackson).
he is seen as the new standard bearer for truth in the endtime message and a lot of euphoria seems to sorround the move and i saw on his website video recordings of the angel of the lord manifest in his meetings.
like i said earlier am far away in lesotho and only heard of looks like another tangent off the message.he publishes are paper called the scribe and declared himself a minor messenger of this age.and some lovely brothers and ministers of the truth i used to know way back at home are joining the bandwagon!!!
what are your comments.
i'd like to know your thoughts

[Email: 30 July 2008]

Bro. Kolade,

There's nothing new under the sun -- whatever you have heard. 

This world can only get worse not better.  The church, in general, is heading into darker darkness than into brighter light.  Satan has cleverly deceived more and more preachers and believers each passing day.  So there's nothing new to know that men like Amos has deceived himself and even his people.

I saw the pictures and the video on his website (, and let me tell you this, if you ask a professional photographer or simply one who works with photography, he will laugh at the foolish claim that the light was supernatural.  I took up photography when I was young and I know how light can reflect and refract off surfaces (esp. glossy surface) of walls, ceiling, pictures, etc. I have such photos, too.  I can even now create such pictures, if I want to.  To photographers, it's considered a damaged shot.

In colour photography, ordinary reflected light will show as white and glaring.  Compare those pictures with the coloured photos of Branham.  What do you notice?  The light is amber in Branham's.

Hope that helps you.

God bless.


Hi bro Gan,
           I  have gone through  your website acctually i am  impressed and  transformed by the message i recieved, you know here in Dubia there is no message church so whenever i am hungry for the word i will just log in to your website.Sir, i seriously need your prayers so to enable me face the trials  and temptations in this country.
                                                                     BRO,MACWILSON AFAM.

[Email: 18 Aug.200]


Greeings Bro. Richard.

I would like to receive a copy of all your books you have presently. There's a ring of truth, and I'm thankful that someone has finally explained it.
For many, Bro. Branham's messages were difficult to understand. However, as one listens with the Holy Spirit, they can pick up on what he was given to say.
God has given us a 'filter' with which to filter out all that is not of God, wherever it comes from, and allow in the pure truth into our spiritual system.
I appreciate your approach to Bro. Branham as you read and listen to all that he spoke, and then interpret with the Holy Spirit all that God intended for us to receive through this humble prophet.
Many have cast him out as false and criticized him to their own detrement. And there is absolutely a grand message that all true believers, who make up the Bride People must hear and receive. Very Important.
I use reading glasses. So I had rather read the books in hand instead of spending long hours before the computer screen.
If you would be able to send me all the books you have, I would be blessed. Please pray for me that the ministry the Lord has for me will come together. And no doubt Bro. Branham and the endtime truth God has given you will be insrumental in the work God has for me to do. We pray for a restoration of all things. Amen.
I am not able to send money, I pray I can do something. Here is my address:
Frank McAnally...P.O. Box 721...Cleburne,TX...76033
The Lord bless you Bro. Richard, and please pray for me as you feel led. I offer my prayers for you.
                                               In Jesus Name,
                                               Frank McAnally

[Email: 18 Aug.2008]


Thank you my brother in the precious name of our Beloved King, Jesus Christ! I dearly appreciate you very much for heart and sharing to us here in kenya. We are all doing well.! You are very special to my heart Richard, and I long to see you. May the Lord bring this to pass! In the mean time, we shall continue to enjoy His presence,and teach others to seek Him with all of their hearts. He is found by all those who seek Him with their whole heart.
However i am blessed and encouraged to reading from you devotional messages with deeper revelation that has empowered and strengthen us toward our goal.Once again thank you for emails and teachings send to us here in kenya.

brother wycliffe Kenya
God bless you all.
[Email: 28 Nov.2008]

Dear Bro. Gan, I am sorry for the delay to acknowledge receipt of the scriptural revelation book you sent to me.  I have being seriously studying the books.  I was moved to go to a care I usually have encounter with the Good Lord; wherever I am controlled with mysteries and deeper revelation.

I have studied your books, and to be sincere with you I am highly inspired for the depth the Holy Ghost could take you to expanditiate the food for the Bride.  God Bless you it obvious i will hit some bones, but however, the Prophet William Branch advised us to keep on eating children and leave the bones till appropriate period..

The Prophet said in the massage Hear Ye Him Para 41.  He asked us not to build on any belief and end up with a period but must end up with a comma to five rooms for feather revelations if it dovetail other scriptures.  I will not hesitate therefore to say you have broaden my mind on many scriptural truth.

If you have other books either than those you sent to me please let me have them.  I trust the Lord will reward you for the huge investment you make to keep the Bride awake and abreast with these wonderful revelation.

I am an Evangelist I Peach in almost all Churches in Ghana and I have extended my missionary trips to other African Countries.

As we build solid friendship, I will one day visit you or you visit me in Ghana.

Thank you.

Again Shalom.   
[Email: 04 Apr.2009]


My Precious Brother Richard,

 Calvary greetings to you form the bottom of my heart in the name of the most Excellency, the Lord Jesus Christ. How are you and the church of the living God in Singapore? Hope the ministry is progressing smoothly

          We did not know each other so I’ll like to introduce myself briefly to you. My name is Ibirinde Kola Olamide, I am 39 years of age, I was born into the Islamic religion but was graciously saved in the year 1983, I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Personal Lord and Saviour that year.

I came across the Message of Bro. William Marrion Braham and believed it in 1990 and since then it has been glorious. I am presently living in Idiroko, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Right from the day I came across the message till now, I have been hearing a lot of things about you from the message Preachers. In the year 1990 precisely, I saw one of your book with one message Pastor But I was not permitted to read the book because according to the pastor I was still young in the faith. The book is titled “Polygamy: They Have Gone In The Way Of Lamech

I have not been privileged to read any of your book or message, till last Month June 2009 when I came across your website on the internet. I downloaded and printed almost all your books in PDF format and it have been glorious since then for these books has been my source of inspiration.

          Frankly speaking, I did not see any thing bad or outside the Scriptures from what you teach, I understand your books to further made the Message of the Hour clearer to me. With your books I can see what the Message of Bro. Branham is all about.

          I am writing to you right now to let you know that I identified with your Ministry. I will very much appreciate it if you can reply me.

Thanks and remain wonderfully blessed.


Your Brother In His Mercy,

Ibirinde Kola Olamide

[Email: 03 July 2009]

Dear Bro Gan

I am from South Africa. Sorry for the bad English. I speak Afrikaans.

I like to read the things your put on your web page. Sometimes it gives me a better understanding on things. Many people struggle with the Bible and what it teaches. I believe God used Bro Branham as a prophet and I believe the ultimate is the Bible. God did appear and speak to Bro Branham and he was a humble man.

On this point I would like to ask you to stop making useless comments about people and to stop responding to their silly statements. It is of no value to the teaching of the Word and it only shows childishness. We are here to learn and I don’t learn from sarcastic arguments. I don’t care about them and their lies and I don’t want to know about it. Sorry for being so harsh.

Please carry on with the Word of God. I really love it. I know you feel that you need to defend and correct. That is not your problem. We don’t believe the crap they say about you in any case. We will choose for ourselves. Please. Leave them and focus on the Word. Remove that stuff from your site. We would like to see the good from your heart. God gave you a gift and sarcasm and silly personal comments are not part of it.

Thank you for this web site and the teachings. I really wish someone would study the Word more like you and explain WMB’s message with the Word as basis and not the reverse. Many of us in S.A. have left our message churches because of the worship of Branham. We want Jesus. It is not all about Branham. We are tired of arguing with people. We are sick of it. Pastors continually argue and want to prove themselves. What about us? Nobody cares about us. It is all about their reputations. We are God’s children and not the Pastors’ children. Preach the Word!!!

The doctrine of the oneness for instance. If you study that, it seems that it is the same as what Bro Branham said?? I have a job like many other people and we have different callings. Pastors think they are the arguers of life and death and their doctrines determine our fate. My job involves studying and knowing it, to do my best. Do the same. I can’t argue the whole time about every aspect in my career. If you are a teacher, teach. If you are a prophet, prophecy…

[Email: 04 Aug. 2009]

My brother Gustav,
Thank you for your comment.  I appreciate it.  About your points "to stop making useless comments about people and to stop responding to their silly statements", and "I know you feel that you need to defend and correct. That is not your problem", let me say that I have to CONTEND FOR THE FAITH, that has been restored to us.  There have been times when those foolish men made very serious erroneous remarks against the TRUTH, such that I have to expose their foolishness less they be wise in their own conceit. Those articles may not mean anything to you but they have helped those, who were deceived by such men, to see the light and they have written to thank me for opening their eyes.
It is true that we do not want to go on and on with those foolish preachers' silly statements, as you can see from my article on "The Lies of Dalton Bruce" and "The Lies of Cohen Reckart" that I never responded to their further silly statements made on their website against me.  Also, there are some others who are like them, but I never made any remark about them.  It is important for me when to apply this Scripture and when and who it should be applied:
PRO 26:4  Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.
5  Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.
You must have read in the Bible that the apostle Paul spoke out against such men in his days, even calling their names and warning believers about them. But Paul also never argued with such people too much.
It is important that we CONTEND FOR THE FAITH THAT WAS ONCE DELIVERED TO THE SAINTS and that is now restored to us.  Lies, not some foolish statements, must be exposed. Whatever the agenda they have up in their sleeves, many preachers have certain manipulate the believers into believing a lie. You probably have heard of the doctrine that the Rapture has taken place, that the Millenium is here, that feetwashing and communion are unnecessary, that Branham is the Absolute, etc., which came from some quotes of Bro. Branham, of course, but twisted to teach such lies.

Certainly. Abraham Lincoln once said 'Never Argue with an Idiot....They'll drag you down to their level!'. Like you, many are also tired about argument. I am, too. But I have to preach and teach the Word, not argue.  When there are questions from others, not just from my congregation, I have a responsibility to answer them, presenting what the side of what those silly preachers said against the side of the side that is Scripture, like you said "explain WMB’s message with the Word as basis and not the reverse", perhaps like my article on "Polygamy: They Have Gone The Way of Lamech". 

Once again, I thank you for your letter and suggestion.  May God bless you.
Bro. Richard Gan


Re: Letter of encouragement from Brother Betiku Idou Samuel,The Faith Assembly,Ondo,Nigeria

Precious Brother,I have been following your teaching for almost twenty
years now and I discover that you have been doing what God has been
given you to do and never a time have you claim to be the only voice
of God on the land as many are claiming and have claimed. Hence
Brother, you are an embodiment of blessing to many that you have not
made Ganites. God will help you to continue bearing the touch for us
that accept your ministry. Shalom.

[Email: 07 Aug.2009]


God bless you brother Gan. This is brother Christopher, I just sending this email to find out how you are doing. I pray that God will help you and sustain you. How I got to know you is interesting, but I believe it is God in all. This is how is found out About you. I was searching studying don’t remember well, but I think it was Daniel seventy weeks, and I happen to find a Website and all that was there was, ‘Brother Gan is now out of the word and now I leave him in the hands of God unless he Repents.’ Well to me, for someone to say this, I first question the persons experience, so I said, let  me find out who this Brother is. That is how I came across your website. God has enlighten me and broaden my knowledge in His word. This is just To encourage you, don’t give up. Press on and work in God’s vineyard. You will surely be rewarded. Extend my greetings to The saints there. I love them all with the love of the LORD JESUS.  Let us keep in touch.

A brother of like faith, Brother Chris.

[Email: 04 October 2009]


Greetings Brother Richard  

I have no words to express my appreciation for every thing that’s put up on your site. The truths that are written here, I share them with the other brothers down here in the Delft Church (South Africa). I only came to the message (or the message only came to me) mid last year (2008). 

We are not yet a big church, we are only 5 brothers, two brothers came from Umtata (another town) and when we met them they started fellowshipping, and I and my younger brother noticed that they knew things we didn’t. At that time me and my two (biological) brothers were still in a Pentecostal Church and knew nothing about the Endtime messenger and his message. So, after a few sessions with these brothers (from Umtata), they showed us the baptism into the name of Jesus Christ and we found it strange and took that to our Pentecostal pastor. The pastor couldn’t prove it wrong, that’s when I knew for sure that what these brothers spoke about was true, I began to visit their house more often and we would fellowship about the scriptures until about 11 o'clock at night almost every day. They didn’t have a 'tabernacle' at the time they would hold their Sunday meetings in a dining room of their house.

To cut it short, me and my one brother, we left the Pentecostal Church and asked these brothers to baptize us (the scriptural way). Unfortunately, our older brother remained in the Pentecostal and he thought (and still thinks) we were being deceived.     

Since then we just moved on and the Lord added in a few sisters, and we are now holding our prayer meetings in a pre-school classroom. And we do get visits from time to time by Brothers from other Tabernacles in the surrounding suburbs. They would come and preach and so forth, and we would visit them too. What I have noticed, however, is that message believers do not believe the same way, some would put up Bro. Branham's photos in their meetings and all these things which seemed a bit 'strange' to us. But we believe the bible; we are in for a bible backed type of worship. The reason I believed Brother Branham's message was that when ever I tested it with the bible, it proved itself TRUE. Praise be to God for the message of the hour!

Keep up the work that you are doing, regardless of what the devil and his agents might say about your ministry. You have cleared out so many things to us, so many!

May the Lord of peace richly bless you

From: Mzukisi Ngqola (Cape Town; South Africa)
[Email: 12 October 2009]


Dear Pastor Richard Gan,


Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


I want to tell my testimony briefly just for you to understand my background. I am living in Chennai (Tamilnadu – India) and born in a Roman Catholic family. By the Grace of God during 1990 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and received salvation thro a Pentecostal cottage meeting and after that started attending Pentecostal Church (Still continuing). During 1992 I came across the messages of Bro.Branham (thro a lorry cleaner when I was working in a Tyre Company) and astonished after reading that. Troubles started from that time onwards and all the saved peoples (both Pastors & Believers) when they saw me with Branham book which has the eagle symbol immediately they will tell that we should not read this kind of books and it is full of heretical doctrines. On the contrary to their opinion when I am reading those messages, it seems that the entire bible has been opened before me and I can able to see Jesus Christ in all the chapters and characters from Genesis to Revelation. And whatever Bro.Branham says it is already there in the Bible. And after reading most of the messages Seven Church Ages I begin to understand how the biblical truths almost vanished during the dark ages and how God raised so many servants and thro them how He brought back the truths step by step in all these years and also why we are having so many denominations as on date. Then one Sunday morning I decided to attend the Church conducted by the followers of Bro.Branham and I was shocked to see that instead of delivering the message from the bible, the preacher started preaching from Bro.Branham book and uplifting Bro.Branham more than our Lord Jesus Christ. After that I stopped attend their church and continued to attend Pentecostal church since mostly they are teaching from the bible except the truths about Godhead and baptism in the name of Jesus etc., and even when they spoke about trinity, God has given me the understanding that how He has worked in three stages/positions/periods since Ephesians 4:6 says the same God who dwells upon us (as Father) and with us (as Son) and within us (as Holy spirit). I was convinced about the baptism in the name of Jesus, but I do not want to take from those Branham preachers and after much prayer only last year (2008) I have taken the baptism thro a message pastor who is preaching from the bible and not from the book, but he is living very far away, hence I could not able to attend his church regularly.


Recently I have seen your website and astonished once again. Whatever Bro.Branham said in a single line, you are elaborating the same with even more bible evidence which gives me the clear understanding of the biblical truths. I want to encourage you please keep it up and pray that God should guide all the truth seekers who are scattered in the earth to see your website and get nourished in the word of the Lord.


I understand from your website that you have already visited Chennai and if you have any plan to visit again please inform thro your website, so that I can able to attend and also would like to meet you.


Now I want one clarification from the bible. Could you please explain me 1 Peter 3:19, 20 and Jude verse 6? Some says both verses talking about the same incident and others say both are different because Peter says about the disobedient human spirits (this is OK) and Jude says about the angels who had sexual relations with womens referring Gen.6:2 (hope this is not correct, then whom Jude is talking about?).


I have verified with your website and unable to find any topic related to the above subject.


Eagerly waiting for your reply.


May God bless your family and ministry more abundantly.


Your brother in Christ

E S Joseph Raj

No.12/102, Union Carbide Colony,

3rd Street, Kodungaiyur,

Chennai - 600 118,


[Email: 17 October 2009]


Bro Gan,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!!!!!
Words cant explain how much I feel this time. Im so amazed with the Lord for your life. Indeed, God is so great because even this endtimes, He sent amazing and wonderful people like you to unveil the revelation and mysteries of God. Youre really a man full of the Holy Spirit. Im just new in town when it comes to receiving the true Word of God and to understand its message. And there's a lot of things that i want to discover about the truth of our Lord Jesus. And Im so excited coz there's more to see great things ahead with Him. Actually Im a Penticostal Christian, the church is the Assemblies of God , a Trinitarian denomination.It really caught my attention when a friend share to me about your writings and your extreme revelation and upon hearing those testimonies, I really did seek for truth. By the way that friend of mine is Bonifacio "bonbon" Tamparong. And since then I have already observed some erroneous teachings of our church. So now I have decided to get out from our local church and to have freedom in our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope Bro. Gan you could help us in our struggles. And on this juncture, Im requesting for your Prophetic booklets and books specifically the doctrine of Original Sin up to the highly expounded book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.I know it could really help us to understand the very word of God. Written below is my complete name and address. Thank you very much Bro. Gan, God bless you more and more.

Brother in Christ,

John Anthony T. Falsario
Iloilo, Philippines
[Email: 4 April 2010]

My brother, thank you for your kind words.  I am not a smart man.  It is God's gift given for me to set the Word of God in order for the elect that they might see and rejoice in the strength of the Word of God.  The Truth liberates us and guides us in our journey till we see Christ face to face.
We will send you the books you requested, but I would like you to contact Pastor Orsel Dumanon in Butuan City. They are having a convention next month.
orsel dumanon
E-mail Address(es):
P-4, B-21, Mahogany
Butuan City 8600
  Phone: +63 85 344 1058
  Mobile: +63 918 690 2825
God bless.


One thing we know is, where there is truth, the devil tries to destroy it. I have seen and heard of many skeptics about you, but Jesus said, those would happen so be encouraged.  It is simply because the people don't want the scripture anymore but want to hang on some ideas of man.  I always say to people who question me about the message if I even believe it that, they should first answer the question "What is the Message." They are tossed and driven from the word of God but don't even recognise it. What the prophet stressed on, God hides in simplicity and reveals himself in simplicity has been way overlooked by some people. They think, God cannot use you or anyone to continue them in the scriptures, what a shame. In hearing, they hear not. That is exactly what is happening now, the voice of the Arc Angel are to those on the mountain, not those who critizes the bible with their ideas. I recently came to a conclusion that, knowledge is not grace (so I thought) so I was not going to dig more for the truth. God have mercy, so much a defeat came to my life of which I did not understand. There and then, recently God spoke to me to remember where I left and start from there. I wondered, where did I leave you God, I prayed, I went to church, I did some scripture reading, oh hallelujah, but that was just religious, then I understood, He is the word groom, He pointed me to feed on his word. Brother, I came back to the website and started studying, there and then I realized how important it is to feed on the right word. After recognising that, I heard him say victory ahead. I am now happy and thanking God for what is has done.
Brother be encouraged, and let God have his way in your life.

Christopher Blay
[Email: 14 April 2010]


My name is Krishtuff Mc Allister, 33years of age, I’m from Trinidad and Tobago. I live in Trinidad, where there are many different message believers here in this country. I just want to say I was searching for what is the evidence of our lord’s Jesus spirit in us. I am so glad I read your message, so glad I found someone that not just coat a coat from branham and settle it. But proved it from the scriptures! I believe that god still using the bible! I now that Jesus is real, he show me this through his word, he is the same yesterday and forever more! At least to me! He show me he died for me! I see him in me when you showed by the scriptures how he behaves in me, who has accepted his word in end time word.


I love you Jesus, thanks bro gan. For believing in JESUS FIRST! Some pastors have some of my family afraid just to even have fellowship with others that’s from another end time message Pastor, BUT Cant even see Jesus justify them to go to their own fellowship. They just at home! But believe if god have to speak to them to justify them it must be their pastor. Sometime God shows me stuff in his true word (BIBLE) I believe it, but I can’t show my brother it unless he see where branham said it. BUT I BELIEVE I CAN BELIEVE WHAT I FEEL MY JESUS SHOWS ME! UNTILL I AM PROVEN WRONG, OR CORRECTED BY HIS WORD! Like paul corrected peter on circumcision of the flesh. Peter was wrong, on that but still had Jesus in him, HE TOOK CORRECTION. Branham said he did not know Jesus and his father was the same at one time in his life.






Because you show me by the word, I can now show my best friend who is a Pentecostal, who believe tongues is the evidence, BY THE WORD why we believe, and not just because BRANHAM says so! But because the word says so! Then I believe is I am a true witness that Jesus revealed all things by his word in these last days through his prophet Branham. Thanks again. Feel free to correct where I am wrong I am only a babe.


[Email: 28 April 2010]


You may be young in the faith, but at least you have the common sense to check out if what you read and hear is true.
May the Lord continue to bless and guide you.


Dear Bro Gan ,Thank GOD for your websight I am a backslided christian who was brought up believing Bro Branham was a true prophet of God,but never could go along with the branhamites that he was God or Jesus so i got my eye off God and on all the faults of those around me  and I found myself in a horrible backslid condition.

When i found your websight i thought thank God someone who believed  the Branham message without all the Branhamite baggage that just did'nt seem right to me,and i never heard Bro Branham preach it either.I would like to say i was suprised when I found out you were'nt in the USA ,but I was'nt. I have'nt found many of the message churches here that believe as I do, or are willing to talk about any of the questions i have about the message.

Thank God for you Bro Gan i feel like ive found a new pastor who believes as I do half way around the world.Bro Gan I ask that you would pray for me that God would deliver me from this backslid condition and restore my faith and give me back that desire i once had before I fell away. I have done horrible things and have had terrible thoughts that satan always throws in my face, but I want to be closer to God with all my heart.

God bless you Bro Gan, I just wanted you to know that your websight touched my heart, and has given me a renewed hope that there may still be hope for a retch like me.Thank you and God bless.I'll make you a deal you pray for me and i'll do the same for you.

Your Bro In Christ,
Phillip Davis

[Email: 15 August 2010]


Shalom in Jesus' Name.
My brother, you are not the only one experiencing such a doldrums as a result of what is going on among Branhamism. Branhamism is truly a curse, and I am not afraid to say that.  All ISMs are a curse.  They cause confusion, and true worshippers and truth seekers are often lost in the quagmire.  And now that you are aware that God has never left His Church, you have to make a choice and an effort to pull yourself out of it.  We can pray for you.  But you have to look to Him Who is your Saviour and take the first step of spending time in prayer to have the joy of your salvation restore to you. Then begin an overhaul in your spiritual life by having a closer walk with the Lord, in prayer, Bible study, worship and fellowship.
I would that you listen to today's message on DILIGENCE. Go to the "AudioVideo" link and look for it.
God bless.


Brother Gan, Your studies have greatly assisted my spiritual development. Thank you again. Brother Gan, with your approval of course, I'd like to fellowship with you, and/or member of your congregation, be it a brother or sister.  It would be a major blessing to fellowship; trade thoughts and experiences on ouyr spiritual development.  I have many questions and my Bible tells me "a wise man seeks counsel". Amen. I don't want Trinitarian counsel!  I want oneness believers' counsel.  I desire counsel from those grounded on the sure foundation. Amen.  Please look into this for me. Thank you.

In all honesty Brother Gan, when I was at Salinas Valley State Prison, I received a few of your Prophetic Revelation studies.  I don't know for sure who sent you my information to send them to me, but I'm sure glad I've received them.  Praise God.  The Lord knows and He is raining down revelation and understanding to those who desire it. Amen. Write back soon.

Your brother,

George Alvarez
[Letter dated: July 16, 2010, Corcoran State Prison, Ca., USA]


bro. gan... I'm in agreement with you on the correct interpretation of the doctrine of the original sin. I follow the message but do not belong or have ever belonged to a branham church. I got to admit you dug out a real good one on where ham's son caanan came from. thanks for your website. your bro. mike nelson

[Email: 22 Aug.2010]





Hello Richard
My name is David Larsen I live in Adrian Michigan USA and just wanted to write and tell you how much I have enjoyed your writing on the logos of God very good stuff brother.
I also liked the things Brother Branham had to say and find many just misunderstood the brother. I may not agree with him on all points but who says I have to. I think he was the real deal and will leave it at that. Well any way Richard just wanted to thank you for your faithfulness to the word logos of God.
[Email: 12 Feb.2011]

Just to say I have visited your net and am glad to know that your have continued to grow from strength to strength! You man, you still call a spade a spade and your approach is still the same (straight to the point)  building on truth upon truth, revelation upon revelation.

May God bless you.
Vincent Watolya, Uganda
[Email: 15 Feb.2011]

I want to thank you also for helping me in disseminating the Truth back in the 1990s.  I have never forgotten you.
God bless.


Dear Brother Gan,
  I just ran across your web page and links.  I have not read all of your material but what I have read is very uplifting.  I love and agree with anyone who can preach the Truth from the scripture and has the right attitude towards Brother Branham.  I feel such sorrow for those who have made Brother Branham their god.  I know this was never his intention and I appreciate you hosting a public notice of all these false teachings.
  I'll be praying for your work.  May God bless you and give you all the strength you need to perform the service He has called you to.  
  Godspeed,  Wes Willis 
[Email: 02 Mar.2011]

Dear Brother Gan,
  Yes, like you, I too thought everyone who was associated with Brother Branham was a real believer that embraced the original and true Apostolic faith of the scripture.  The Lord was merciful and allowed me to be naive for a time. This helped me to become rooted more soundly in the Word before the Lord showed me the dark idolatry that had creeped in among the people who claimed to believe the Truth. 
  I came into the Message in 1999.  I was in the baptist church and I had been on a long fast.  I was praying for a Christian friend at work.  There was a few professing Christians, but none were serious about their faith.  Two weeks after I started praying, the Lord sent the Brother that introduced me to the message.  Shortly after that I was baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and my next sermon got me kicked out of the baptist church.  I trusted the Lord to change the hearts of my family and within a few months they were baptized and walking in the faith of the Fathers as well.  The Lord has been so merciful to me!  How could I ever betray His Love by turning to idolatry?  I wholeheartedly agree that all doctrine must be founded in Holy Scripture and I thank God for Brothers like you that proclaim God's glory over the invention of man.   
  I live in Johnson City, Tennessee, USA.  Thank you for taking the time to write back.  I am encouraged to meet another true Brother!  
  Wes Willis 
[Email: 03 Mar.2011]


Brother Richard,

I've read much of what you have written over the past several hours.

I was born in the street, October 17, 1977.
Nearly two and one half years of nothing, but constant love of the WORD, with hours and hours of prayer and study of only the KJV.

I happened on a radio broadcast hosted by two preachers from British Columbia. I didn't know William M Branham was not still preaching. The voice told me the same things the Holy Ghost had been teaching me.

I attempted to join with various groups of these people, but there is always something that comes up.
Generally, I'm told I can't know what I know. I'm compelled to leave willingly or not.

At this late hour, I'm surprised to have found, from a land far removed someone who says, like me, that the prophet was pointing always to the WORD and not to himself.

Earlier today I googled, "what is the message of the hour?" I now know why. 

Thank you for being out there. Lord willing, we may meet on this side.

In Jesus Name,

Ford Willey III
Tacoma, Wa.
[Email: 20 May,2011]


Bro. Richard,

Thank you again for your understanding and patience.

This has been a long difficult journey, but  finding your site has been a huge blessing. May the Lord richly bless you for your faithfulness to the WORD.

While other end time pastor/teachers seem busy defending their turf or scattering the flock, you thankfully, have placed the WORD. 

William Branham said, it would be very small number, he surely was correct.

I have a close friend who won't listen to anyone other than brother Vayle. They also don't believe anyone else has the Truth. They are bound as tight as any of the other bundles. Very sad!

Your messages have reminded me of the "good news" that was delivered to me over thirty years ago, before I ever heard of William M Branham.

Do you recall the story he told of a vision he had about climbing, struggling and working his way up the mountain to find, on arrival, brother Arganbright already there?

He didn't say Arganbright couldn't get there, he told him he wasn't built for it and go back down the way he came and wait.
More than thirty years ago the LORD revealed many things to me, but the hardest was that at the catching away all the family, friends and others  were gone. I was alone with one other, when we went straight up in a pillar of white light.

Your messages have brought all these things back to me, as if it was yesterday. Especially,"the Marriage Supper of the Lamb."

Thank you again, my friend and fellow companion in the LORD. I will make mention of you always in my prayers, knowing that HE is faithful.

Ford Willey II
[Email: 24 May,2011]

Thank you, my brother, for your encouraging words.  Yes, there are those who claimed to believe that God has given the Church a Five-fold ministry.  Yet, they are just sticking to one man as if he has it all.  If believers really want to know the Truth of God, they have to come God's Way. If they only know how God orchestrates His ministry in His Church. Sad to say, American Christians are just as blind to the Truth of God as they are to the politics of today's Uncle Sam.

God bless.


Hello Brother...
   Praise the Lord that He healed you on your trip. May He continue to bless & protect you all as you travel. I would like to share a testimony with you. If you recall, I wrote back in April telling you that our area was hit hard by a tornado and that our building suffered roof damage. Now, we're a very small gathering of people and by no means are we rich in worldy goods. We were unsure how much the insurance company would pay and how we would afford to fix it. Well, YAHWEH-YIREH was on the scene and provided that the insurnace company would not only pay to fix the roof, but that they would also give us enough money to get a A/C & heat pump installed and some renovation work done to the inside. HalleluYAH :)

We want you to know that we are thankful to Almighty God for your ministry. May He keep blessing you and your work. We'll keep you in prayer as you travel and maybe the Lord will provide a way that you can visit us in the Southern U.S. sometime in the near future.

In His service,
[Email: 18 Sept, 2011]

Bro. Patrick,
Praise God! Yes, He is the Healer and the Bless-er of our lives, the Supplier of every need.  He touched and healed me in this last trip to Fiji as He supplied your needs for what He knew you have needed of.  Amen.  And thank you for your prayer.  This ministry, though out of a small assembly and out of a small nation, means much too many believers. I have been getting a fairly good many emails from believers showing their appreciation for the ministry and the contents on the website.

As long as the Lord tarries and as He leads, I will go where He wants me to go and when He wants me to go.




    I personally thank God for your life and your ministry. I worship the most high for the grace He has given to you to uphold the this Message after which God used Bro Branham the prophet to open our eyes to many things in the Bible.
    Here in Nigeria, we are facing many problems and challenges from the so-called Chief Apostle (Amos Omoboriowo, George John and so on) and we are also thanking God for His grace over us and God is it keeping us.
    Kindly send me some of your books
Please am looking forward for positive respond from you sir.
AYODELE Sunday Timothy
Ogun State, Nigeria
[Email: 29 Feb.2012]

Dear brother Ayodele,

There will always be false prophets and apostles as long as the Church is on earth.  The early Church in Ephesus did not simply receive every preacher who called themselves apostles.  They tested them whether they were by THE WORD of God. They were the wise "Berean" believers.  Today, there are not many wise "Bereans".  We see many foolish followers of men who claimed to have signs and wonders, so-called. Of course, not forgetting their so-called authority from God.

God bless.

Hello Brother Gan,

The books came in today.  I am so looking forward to reading them as I have time.  Just so that you know, I am a young earth creationist so when I see billions of years, I overlook that sort of wording.

Anyways,  I am very very appreciative of you sending along the books!

I am hungry for the word and your write-ups on serpent seed are some of the very best I have ever seen in print.

May God bless you and yours!
Rudy Davis
Texas, USA
[Email: 25 Mar.2012]

Shalom brother Gan. Am greatfull to God for making me come in contact 
with men of God like you. Though you have been painted in many
unattractive colours, such as, a self acclaimed 8th messenger, an
Elisha, an anti-WMB Message, etc. but I came to find out that they are
liars. How? I began to read your messages. Thanks to bro Samuel Betiku
of Faith Assembly in Ondo state, south western Nigeria. I never knew
how to place the Godhead until I read the 'logos the beginning of the
creation of God' without a veil in my heart of other ETM ministers
opinion of you. I remember going on my knees and asking God to forgive
me for seeing you with other men's goggle. I didnt agree with your
teaching on the sin of Ham, especially when an older minister whom I
was his assciate for over half a decade told me that they sat you down
to correct you on that teaching but they wonder why you returned back
to it after accepting to drop what they considered an erroneous
teaching. But thanks be to God that when I met bro Nice Akpan, he
asked if I have read your book 'Religo' and I said yes, and he said
that the very teaching on the sin of Ham was right there. Well I read
a copy which a brother who fell out with bro Amos printed out from
your website. It contains that aspect which put straight the idea of
'chief and lead apostles'. After reading your teaching on the sin of
Ham, I found out that it holds more revelation than anything that I
have heard anywhere. I often say to all who care to listen, if the
people who claim to be the bride of Christ can not recognise the
dressers, it is either they are not the bride, or the are the foolish
virgins. I preached my conviction on the foolish virgin and it brought 
percecutions. But when I read your book on the ten virgins, it
strenghtened my conviction and opened my eyes the more. One thing I
know for is that the hour has come that God is dealing with the
choosen. Brother, please forgive my foolishness. for you are a great
blessing to me and my ministry. God bless you richly. Brother Paul
[Email:1 May,2012]

My dear brother, true children of God will repent when the see their errors, no matter what foolish 
mistakes have been committed. But not so those who are pridefully foolish whose face are more 
important (to save) than their soul; repentance is not on their lips. I am glad that you have seen the truth. You are forgiven.

My Chinese surname name means bright, wonderful, colourful. My enemies may want to change it by 
painting "unattractive colours" but it won't work. Ha ha.  Truth remains truth no matter what is thrown at it
And, of course, I will always hold to Truth.  What made those preachers to think that I ever was away from 
Truth and then returned to It? Okay, by the way, concerning the sin of Ham, they lied when they told you this about 
me: "they sat you down to correct you on that teaching but they wonder why you returned back to it after accepting to drop
what they considered an erroneous teaching".  Ask the preacher when did he do that?  If you are referring to Bro. Raymond 
Jackson, he never did. Neither did Amos (as I was never in correspondence with him) or anyone.  All they did was 
their preaching from their pulpits and condemning me. 

Many preachers are behaving like politicians. They have to run down others with lies, twisted words, etc., in order to impress their listeners 
that they are the ones whom God has ordained.  Self-proclaimed prophets and apostles are a dime a dozen and they are usually puffed up. 

God bless.
Dear Mr. Gan,
I am what you would call a baby in the word. I am not very educated but about 3 years ago I was blessed by God. 
I read the whole bible and was able to understand enough of it to follow along best I could. 
I know this was not of my doing but God blessing me and opening my eyes. I have not really read the bible 
much lately and had been praying that God would bring me back into the word. My mom called and said she had 
heard on tv on a christian channel that Ham had sex with his mother and as a result gave birth to Canaan. 
I was shocked I said I dont remember reading that so I came to the internet and was trying to research it. 
I came across your web site regarding the serpent seed and about ham and I was floored!!! 
I just wanted you to know my eyes were opened to so much by reading site that I picked up my bible and 
was reading to see if what you were saying was true. I was so amazed. So many things are so clear to me now. 
I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your insight on the word and I am so back into reading 
my bible again searching for fruit. Thank you so much!!! 
Tracey Werhan.
[Email: 21 June,2012]

You are welcomed. I pray that you are truly born again. That way, you will find 
the Spirit of God leading and guiding you.

My teachings are not based on tradition opinions of the organized churches. 
People usually are influenced by a majority of people on a given subject or 
doctrine or just about anything. Unity is strength, so the saying goes. and in 
majority of people is therefore strength and with that a doctrine must be true 
because of the majority of people believing it. That is a most foolish idea when 
it comes to the WORD of God. In fact, the opposite is true. True believers are 
but a "handful". It is the "little flock" that would believe to see the light.

I'm up late with lots on my mind and minor stomach issues. I found your
page while searching for the errors made by William Branham, not because I
want to tear him down but because I've been trying to have an honest
discussion with a Branhamite. One of the well meaning people that think he
was the absolute.
I want you to know that I am just before tears reading your page! Lots of
my own doubts and fear were removed and honest questions answered. I am
praising the Lord that someone else is aware of the truth and is still
preaching it! I will check over your page in depth when I get rested and
have the time.
God Bless you sir,
Waylon Lingerfeldt
[Email: 27 June 2012]

Praise the Lord Brother Gan, my Beloved Brother in the Lord! 

I only recently ran across your website and started reading the message on Jesus Name baptism.  I was raised in the UPC beginning at an early age, in Rector, AR., then Corcoran, CA., to Bakersfield, CA., where we’ve resided pretty much for the last 42 years.  I felt the call to minister at a young age but was always pressed back, held back and discouraged from it.

We went to Bro Guy Hoss church in Bakersfield to get away from UPC in ‘75.  He held a strong resemblance to your style of preaching.  I remember many things I’ve heard him say that I’ve seen on your site.

But my own understanding of the Scripture was hampered by the shallow preaching of the UPC, and now, the biggest UPC church here in Bakersfield, Truth Tabernacle, is slowly turning Charismatic.

The original UPC church went with the new Organization, World Wide Fellowship, and is seemingly going on.  I.H. Terry founded that church, then turned it over to Leon Frost, who has now relinquished the church to Kevin Bradford.  He does a great job.  But still, marriage and divorce are rampant and he tip-toes around the subject, especially since the Pastor has remarried with a living spouse.

Judy and I now are working with a small group (10) here in Bakersfield, after helping out in a UPC Home missions church for over two years.  We finally left and began our home study group after that church went completely charismatic.  We defiantly stand for the truth in the face of the enemy.  But, we needed spiritual guidance from a stronger source.

I’ve been warned all my life about Branhamism, that it was of the devil, on and on about the incorrect teachings.  I read your page on Jesus Name Baptism, and I felt a kindred spirit.  I began looking around and came across the Original Sin.  As I begin to study it and run the references, my eyes were being opened, and many, many questions I’d found in scriptures that were hidden to all the wise UPC brethren, became clear and undistorted. 

I’ve always felt utter confusion in the way many UPC brethren preached, and came away disenheartened many times after hearing some big-wig high priced preacher, feeling confusion over something they said which did not line up with other scripture.  I feel unless we have strong preaching, leadership and the gifts of the spirit working and all on top of a strong prayer base and Apostolic foundation, the church will again fall into apostacy.  I can already see its strong advance.

I feel I have found that source with you Bro Gan.  I have my little website on which I present the Gospel once delivered.  I fight hard against the whore and have a page up called The Sin of Catholicism.  I hope you mention my name in prayer for strength.  I will do the same for you.

There is one suggestion I would like to present for food for thought.  The pages that have the raindrop background are very hard to read.  I have found it more pleasing to the eye for many people to build a light colored background and stay away from lime colored text.  You can Bold face text, but it needs to stay the same color, a dark on like bg.  On that page, the only way I could read it was to download it and change the color.

I would like to put links to your site on mine if you would give permission.  Or, if you’d rather, I’ll just refer to them and quote the source.

May God richly bless and anoint you,

George Cavaness
[Email: 20 July 2012
Bakersfield, Calif. USA.]  

I was just back from Lebanon.  My email in-box is full of mails as I have not 
been able to regularly access them.
I am glad to hear from you and thank you for your comment in the other email.  I 
appreciate that.
Certainly, you may put links to my website on yours or refer and quote the 
source as you see appropriate and proper.
As to the "discrepancy" over the word "twins" in the two messages, one needs to 
read within the context of each message/doctrine.  It should be clear in the 
context of each when the word is used. The word "twins" simply means "two".  It 
is clear in THE ORIGINAL SIN as the word is used in the same paragraph, but in 
THE MARK OF THE WICKED ONES, you may have to read further down to this 
paragraph:  "This brief record clearly shows us that Esau and Jacob were twins 
of the same father. But the twins that were conceived in the Garden of Eden were 
of different fathers. Cain was a seed of the Serpent and Abel was of Adam."
Hope that clarifies.
Yes, the Endtime Message Movement (as those who believe in the message of 
William Branham calls it) is quite a mess.  As in every move of God Satan will 
enter in to try and destroy it.  In his days John Wesley knew that after he 
passed away into the Lord, the Holy Spirit will take leave because of what his 
followers would do to his message.  His fear came true. Likewise Branham warned 
the believers that the message of God CANNOT BE DENOMINATED. Well, when the 
followers did that, all they had was, and still is, but a mess of confusion.  
The majority of the believers have no proper foundation in the Word.  They have 
created a personality cult making Branham GOD.  Because of that, preachers of 
other denominations are telling their people that Branham was a false prophet 
and blamed all the false teachings that his followers hold to as being from him.
I am one unpopular preacher in the ETM.
Well, have a good day and God bless. Praying for you too.
Praise the Lord
I appreciate the quick response and the explanation. I’ve studied both of those articles again, and have passed on 
the links to The Original Sin to several others asking them to read your writings. I have received thanks from them as well. 
There are many wonderful Truth loving/seeking people out there.
I have heard all my life a negative report on this message and I’ve been much the poorer for never having it. Many good men 
have went by way of the grave who thought the sin was in the eating of a piece of fruit. It never made sense to me. Thanks be 
to God for leading me to your site, and, many thanks to you for your zeal for the Truth once delivered.
I have been greatly blessed by your ministry. 
Blessings to you and your household.
George Cavaness
[Email:21 July 2012]


Dear Bro. Richard, greetings! I hope you're in good health. I want to thank God 
for your ministry, I've learnt & still am alot through it. Please keep pressing ahead. 
I have no words to thank you for your on going dedication to the WORD! To God be glory!  
I've now a true & more ACCURATE understanding of the Bible,it's just AMAZING! 
Please keep me in your prayers, I need to put my heart in order & line with God. 
I've no where to fellowship with true believers for Branhamites are rampant 
what a huge shame, I avoid them like a disease . Thanks for taking your precious time 
to read my mail. God bless you Sir! 
John Muyoyu. Zambia.
[Email: 23 Aug. 2012]


Dear Pastor Gan,


Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your site. I've been accessing it for a couple of months now and it's been so helpful and uplifting! Not only do I now  have Bible helps in my ministry but all kinds of sermons to read to keep me refreshed through out the week. Thanks again ! Your books article and web site are one of the best Apostolic sources and Message of the hour for the bride of Jesus. As of now we are conducting seminars about the original sin, one God and end time messages Although independently together my Partner Elder Nathanael Galzote.  Now my I ask a permission from you that we will make a tarpaulin so that we can post manually your website as serve as central messages of the End time Messages. This tarpaulin will be hang at the public places so that everybody can read and go to the internet for the enlightenment of truth about the prophetic revealed  to Rev. William Marrion Branham.  I was a translator of so many Big Evangelism conducted by the foreign Missionary of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Now I am free from the slavery of the false prophet Mrs. Ellen G. White. I am dreaming that all of my friends and relatives in the SDA denomination could be reached by the prophetic Revelation.

I often print off copies of the articles and pass them out to our fellow minister and we made Xerox also most of the Excellent material.

Once again! Thank you very and we include your ministry and your family into our prayer!


God bless!


Bro. Roberto  Cinco; 

Bro. Nathanael Galzote;



[Email: 14 Sept.2012]

Hello Richard,

My name is Stephen Oke and i'm a University student studying in my country of birth, England. 
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Lord for guiding me in finding your excellent 
website. And specifically your outstanding work on the 'Doctrine of the Serpent Seed and 
Original Sin'. Until I found your work on this I was searching for answers concerning the 
truth of what happebed in the Garden of Eden, who the 'Sons of God' were in Genesis 6, why 
Jesus Christ's sacrafice (and the previous holy sacrafices) had to be a blood sacrafice and 
much more. My studies beforehand concerning the matter lead me to sources like the 'Book of 
Enoch' (Which i do not believe at all) to many forms of quite frankly, twisted doctrines and 
denominational beliefs. When I found your website and read your material, combined with the 
Holy scriptures (KJV), I knew the Holy spirit had lead me to the truth. I truly feel 
enlightened in the spirit of Christ after learning the truth of what happened in Genesis 
and how it ties and makes (more) sense of everything else in the scriptures. I'd like to 
personally thank you for all the hard work you've put into your site and continue to do as 
a loving brother in Christ. I'd also like to ask for the opportunity to eventually produce 
a video series for my YouTube channel (that i'm going to make), based on your excellent work. 
Starting with the doctrine of the serpent seed and original sin. Of course with your 
permission and blessing i'll fully credit you for all your work in my planned videos. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

God bless you and keep you and your loved ones safe,

Stephen Oke
[Email: 11 Oct. 2012]








Greetings to you my dear brother in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The body of Christ here in Savusavu, Fiji are blessed by your sermons that are available in the website. We are attached to it very closely and our understanding and knowledge of Him had grown intensively with the help of the Holy Spirit. (Ephesians 1: 17 - 18).

We thank the Lord for the provisions he made for the believers to be able to part take in the fullness of His word through the Five Fold Ministry. As the sounding of the trumpet is drawing nearer the revelation of the Word of God has enable the wife to get ready for the translation. Praise Be to God!
The small fellowship here in Savusavu is still gathering every Sunday and our Faith has grown through the hearing of the Word of God. I believe that the saints in Singapore are experiencing the same too.
We always pray for your ministry and we are  looking forward for the translation.
God Bless You Abundantly.
 Brother Akuila Nacolaiviu
Savusavu, Fiji Islands.
[Email: 27 Nov. 2012]


Dear bro, Gan
                     its  quite sometime now i have not written to you  reasons being that we are very busy reading the prophetic revelation books  messages and affecting  many lives with the Gospel of our lord   Jesus  christ.your books have enlighten me of  many things i  am  discovering everyday with the what so call beleivers of the end time  message .your  books which the lord inspired you to write will reduce  the amount of message believers heading on thier high way to hell.thanks bro,Gan for  great  work you are doing to the body of christ.  
[Email: 27 Nov. 2012]

Hello Bro. Richard, 

I just wanted to let you know that your website has blessed me a lot. I discovered the site back in 2009 “July”. I was going through a bad storm of my life. I remembered I was at work, and started to surf the web to find a site where I can fill my thoughts with the word of God. That is when I discovered the site. I spent a lot of time reading and studying. I was so happy to discover the site and wanted to read and read more.   

I live in Chicago, USA.  

In 2009, I had this inner call to do something with  my gift through internet.  I did not know what to do. So I just started composing melodies and uploaded them.

Then everything suddenly shifted to preach the gospel online. This is when I started to share what you have preached. I will compose the music and will use your website for the message to proclaim the Kingdom of God.

I used one of my teachers “Rabbi Josue” warfare prayers that she recorded to sell. I purchased the CDs back in 2009 when I was going thru the storm. They did help me a lot. I wanted to bless others as well.  So last week, her ministry sent me an email to remove those prayers from my YouTube channel because they are copyrighted.  I was very sad to read the message. I wrote them back with an explanation. I am just waiting for them to reply. 

I don’t believe a prayer can be sold. I don’t believe what is spiritual can be sold. We don’t all have the same revelation. 

The reason why I am sending you this message is because I have been using your messages on my videos to preach the gospel. I don’t put your name on those videos for credit. It’s just how I have been doing it to leave the Glory to God alone.  I do apologize for not putting your name.  If you want me to delete those videos, I will. Your messages have blessed many people through my YouTube videos. The ones who received the revelation were blessed. 

The work I do on YouTube is to preach the gospel. I don’t do it for personal gain or to make money. I do it to bring Satan’s Kingdom down.  

The one thing that I know about what you preach, it cannot be understood without a divine revelation. Please understand that I am just being pro-active, and I am trying to correct what needs to be corrected.  

The link to my videos:

God bless you always and your ministry. 

Bro. Patrick Bukassa
[Email: 17 Dec.2012]

My dear brother Patrick.

The Lord bless you for your sincerity to let me know what you have been doing regarding your work using the messages from my website.

I have come across some of your videos several months ago.  No, brother I am not offended.  Just continue to do what you are led to do.  Truly, anything that is from God cannot be for sale.  If it is, then it is not from God.

However, if you could, just add a line at the end of your videos stating something to this effect: "Message extracted from"  This will let your viewers know that those are QUOTES from a source otherwise they may think that you wrote all those messages. Some who know my website know that you plagiarized my work.  When we quote the Scripture, we give reference to it, like who said it or wrote it or the name of the book.

I hope that you could do that and may the Lord continue to bless you in your music and outreach.  I look forward to it.

Bro Richard Gan


23ND March 2013

Beloved Brother Richard,

Grace, peace and love from God the Father of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ be multiplied unto you and the entire family.

I am a missionary working with the Discipling the Nations Ministries in Kumba south west region of Cameroon.I got your website and e-mail from a pastor friend of mine Pastor Ivo Chango.

My brother, your teachings have really blessed my soul tremendously. Your teachings have brought a lot of insight and deeper understanding into the messages of Brother William Branham the messenger to the Laodicean church age.

From your website I have already downloaded The Original sin, Elisha, the spoken word and the Mark of Cain for my personal study. Please I need more of your teachings .

May the Lord bless, inspire and strengthen you the more in Jesus Name,

Your co-labourer,

Rev Gabriel Ibekwe
[Email: 24 Mar.2013]


Dear Bro. Gan,

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

I am Sister Marycris P. Carbonilla from Bontoc, Southern Leyte, Philippines. I am writing this letter because I just want to thank you for sparing your time in visiting us especially during the Ilo-ilo fellowship. I was really excited to attend that fellowship knowing that you will be there (of course, I was there to hear the word of God) but I just want to meet you personally. I just want to see the person whom God used to open my eyes with the things I ought to know. I used to read your prophetic revelation booklets which was given to me by Bro. Edgardo Resos & Bro. Iyoy Obbus. The first booklet that I read was the "Original Sin". It was really a big help for me to understand the original sin of Adam & Eve which is very contradictory to what I believed from the Roman Catholic church with the literal eating of the fruit of the tree (apple). Little by little, through various bible sharing & reading of some booklets & your prophetic revelation page, I understand that what I believed & practiced with the creeds & dogmas in R.C. before were all big lies thus leading me to follow that voice "come out of her my people". Though I am still new to this message, I could say that this is really what my heart longed for a long period of time. Knowing Christ as my personal savior gives me peace all the time & He is really a good comforter every time I am in trouble & in weary. With the confusions that the devil is doing right now over the churches here in the Philippines, I am thankful to God for letting us recognize some of the false doctrines roaming around today. I hope & pray that someday, He will make me a mature person so that I will no longer be like a child tossed to & fro with different tricks of men nowadays. Please always include us in all your prayers Bro. Gan.

Until here. Thank you and may God always bless you & your ministry.
Your sister in Christ,
Sister Marycris P. Carbonilla
Bontoc, Southern Leyte Philippines
[Email: 24 Apr.2013]


Dear brother Gan,
Greetings in the Name of the Lord. I am so grateful to the Lord that allow me to share with you an 
extrodinary happing. 

After receiving your books, I and a brother who love your teachings had an interesting discussion about
the Word of God. Can you believe that God had blessed us now with a small fellowship. 

Since we work together now I can see how God let both our ministries grow. 
Please pray for us and the little flock in Malmesbury, Atlantis and Retreat. 

We would appreciate more of your books!

Br Vyri Seherie
Cape Town
South Africa
[Email: 05 July 2013]

Dear brother Gan.
Greetings in the Name Lord Jesus Christ. I very honoured to thank you for the books.
I am glad that you set things straight according to the Word of Almighty God. 

I am glad that you stand firm on the Word of God. I was told to say what the prophet said.
Even in our small town plenty so-called message churches arise. Since I searched the Scripture and say what the Bible said, 
the prosecution started with name calling as I was also a preacher that only used Spoken Word books. Then I started to 
search the Scripture. 

Oh how I love the precious Word of God. Be of good faith, my brother, we pray for you.  

Brother Vyri Seherie
Atlantis, South Africa
[Email: 11 July 2013]


Greeting my precious bro.

Your books and videos has been a tremendous blessing ...

Is there a possibility for you to send what ever books you have in Stock?

Brother I have to tell you my cup runneth over.
My heart flutters continually when reading the Word of God.

I pray the LORD bless your ministry.

Bro. Julian van Rheede
Gauteng, South Africa
{Email:13/14 July 2013]


Dear brother Gan,

Thank you for the great insight on the Branhamites and the numerous helpful articles on your website.
 My take on Bro W M Branham and his teaching is just the same as yours. I do thank God that I stumbled on your website.

I do believe that the BIBLE IS THE ULTIMATE and Bro W M Branham preaching always pointed to the Bible just like your sign post analogy.
The Christian faith is between an individual and God, so as individuals let us
remain humble and follow the bible.

My experience is that in some countries, the Branhamites are like the Prosperity Gospel  people in their behaviour and sometimes even worse.
They are very arrogant and despiteful.

May the GOOD LORD ever richly bless you. Keep up the good work.

Your brother in Christ Jesus,

Tumu Kaisi.
England, United Kingdom.
[Email: 15 July 2013]



Dear Bro Gan,
Greetings in the Name of Jesus The Christ.
I had to create another E-mail address because where I was living I was Unable to access the Net as you maybe aware we in Zambia it is a Third World country.
As you may notice, am Cephas. Since I believed the Message of the Hour, Many so called Ministers of The Gospel could say "stay in the middle of the road, stay in the middle
of the road! Bro so and so have destroyed the message........" Brother I have come to realize that it has been long since they strayed from the middle of the road and they have
forgotten where it is at. I believe the middle of the road is marked out in God's Word and Am Impressed Brother that Since 1996 when I believed, you are still proclaiming
the Word Boldly and with Fresh Revelatory Manner from the throne of Mercy. Sir keep it Up and we shall always be the Seal of Apostleship in the Lord.
Am in touch with Brother Andrew and He is a Wonderful young man who is gallantly doing his job in the Vineyard of the Lord fearlessly.
God Bless and My Regards.

Bro. Cephas Kalamatila

[Email: 19 July 2013]



Dear brother Richard Gan ,i greet you from Nigeria, bro you cant leave 
me like that haven known that i started with you when i was a novece 
in the massage ,and haven come understand why God bring you to me far 
back now,i need you now also ,you are the one the lord used to correct 
errows i met .God used you correct many mistakes if not with little 
knowladge i got from your book. then i should have been sold to the 
devil with all these false doctrines going on among the so called End 
time Believers world pray is that God keep you more long for 
me that you will reap from from the good seed you sowned in my life, 
and life of many,Thanks you sir, Brother Daniel white, yr broher frm 

[Sent from my Nokia phone: 20 July 2013]



God Bless You Brother Gan

May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you and the ministry he entrusted to you. I thank the Lord for leading me to your teachings for they have deeply anchored my faith in the Lord Jesus.

Your ministry is by far one of the most difficult ones which only the Lord can guide and I pray that he will continue to do so for you have been a big blessing to me and my family.

Thank you for uploading the sermons every Sunday without fail for I wait eagerly in the evenings to download and eat the carcass whilst it is still fresh…

I shared with my pastor your teaching on the ten virgins and he did acknowledge that it was Holy Ghost teaching but unfortunately could not receive all of it, in particular the issue of the seven thunders and has in more ways than not, fallen short of discouraging me to pursue listening to you by showing me the quotation were the prophet strictly states to not add one word or subtract and by showing me Amos 3 vs7. He has admitted to me that his absolute are the quotations and will not accept otherwise. The reason he says he has taken this position is because earlier on in his journey with The Message, he came across the teachings of Bro. Frank that contradicted what the prophet said. From thereon, he says he only trusts Voice of God Recordings.

I understand where my pastor is coming from having also journeyed on a similar path and come across the different doctrines in the message world but I sincerely hope that others like me will find your teachings before meeting the others that bring reproach to the work of the Lord in these last days. I will confess though that it is sad to see and hear some of the things preached by some end-time time preachers. But I want to believe that even in the confusion, some souls will be won for the Lord.

I have come to the difficult conclusion that I cannot forsake my assembly even though some of their doctrine is not right. My assembly has the pictures on the wall, preaches that the seven thunders are the revelation of the seven seals and that the New Jerusalem is a literal city etc. I contemplated though on several occasions to leave and find a group that believes as me but I realised that I had received the Holy Ghost already and therefore really, what would I hope to gain by leaving my church because of some doctrinal differences. The matter was settled for me when I read somewhere where Bro Branham was advising a small assembly he was preaching to that sometimes the Lord will put believers in a church where things are not right and that they are to stay there and be a light in the darkness they find themselves in. (May I ask is that you please remember me in your prayers Bro. Gan)

But, through all this, in my journey with Christ, I am ever so grateful for coming across your teachings as my cup now overflows. My soul no longer thirsts because truly I have tasted the good and rich things of heaven. May you never be discouraged in the work God has called you to do.

Your Brother in Christ
Batsiranai Patson Muzah (Capetown, South Africa)
[Email: 28 July 2013]


Shalom Bro Gan

I read your article on RELIGO the whole of last week as it is quite a lengthy text and so I took my time to make sure I got all that was said. The Lord works His wonders to perform because it was actually on the same issue of Ham and Canaan that brought me to the point where I had to decide between Amos and yourself as to who was going to influence me. I had first read his teaching on the same subject before coming across yours and to be honest, I did not first think much of it as I always approach any new matter with the mind-set that says that every person is entitled to an opinion but as I began to read your teachings, I realised that there was a difference and so I searched out the scriptures you referenced in the article you had written (not the RELIGO article...cause in this other text ,you just get gave scriptures and mentioned it almost in passing as it was not the main focus of the article ) I read the scriptures and realised then who I was going to let myself be influenced by.  The rest as they say is history and it was at that time I came to understand that really we are in a spiritual war. I then read your articles that made mention of the happenings in the ETM, especially the quotations that bring believers to almost forsake their Bibles and render it for a text only useful for reference purposes to support the quotations...basically resulting in the quotations being the absolute and not the Bible.

 But I thank the Lord Jesus Christ in all this because He restored me back to the joy that comes with receiving the unadulterated word of God.

Through this experience, I have learnt to be more diligent in my walk with the Lord and take responsibility for my spiritual food by diligently reading the Bible more and that my faith be firmly anchored and not be tossed about with every wind of doctrine.  

God bless you Bro. Gan

[Email: 05 Aug.2013]


Shalom Bro Gan, 

It's been long since I wrote to you. I trust that the Lord has kept you since then. 
I am truly blessed and strengthened by the ministry the Lord has given you. I am currently in South Africa for my masters studies at a small town called Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape. Attending a message Church that really uplifts the prophet, I have been watching the videos at Prophetic revelation to keep me right with the Word and focused on Christ. They have been a great blessing to me. "The First Principles of The Doctrine of Christ" was truly a blessing; currently watching todays sermon.  Most message believers have neglected these basic doctrines choosing rather to focus on the quotes of the prophet without the life. I just pray that God establishes me in His Word and continue unto perfection. 
Keep me in your prayers that I may continue to stand in His true Word
Brother Caleb

{Email: 06 Oct. 2013]


Dear Brother Gan
I just read your new message, "If you will be sincere." I am sure that this message will make lots of  people accuse you of bad things. But I do not agree with those people. I am very proud that you wrote what you did. May God bless you for fulfilling the words, "When the enemy comes in like a flood, God raises up a standard against it." Do not be discouraged. The Bride of Jesus Christ loves you and prays for you.
Thank you and God bless you
(I know you are a busy man, you don't need to reply to my email.)
Hugo van Zyl

[Email: 07 Oct. 2013]


Dear Pastor Gan,
I have to tell you how profound your teaching is on the Serpent Seed and the Seed of Eve.  It is absolutely divine that I was led to this study.  I have read some of your testimony and am blessed by what you have shared.  Truly you have been called and chosen to bring forth truth in these last days.  I am grateful to have been led to find your ministry and this teaching has answered questions I have carried for some time. 
I have a meeting in a week with a man who has an international ministry.  He has brought into question the existence of our Messiah.  Your teaching has given me pieces I needed to present to him.  I have been trying to follow the lineage of the 12 Tribes and last night told the Father I am not smart enough to know all of the history of the bloodlines.  HE led me to your study and presented me with the information I need to speak HIS truth.
May the Lord bless you with good measure, pressed down and running over,
Eileen Forbes
[Email: 25 Oct. 2013]




GREETINGS MY BROTHER IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST: My name is Wayne  Roark. I'm an exconvict of 41 years SAVED BY GOD GRACE & MERCY  ordained by GOD to preach. We have a small church being BLESSED OF GOD who accepts the no bodies who are SOME BODIES in CHRIST JESUS!! Thank GOD for a BROTHER who STANDS on what Bro. Branham Taught. The Word who is GOD( JESUS ) which is the MESSAGE !! THANK YOU FOR YOUR WEB SITE. WHAT A BLESSING FROM GOD FOR ME!!!!  My e-mail is set up in my wifes name; I'm on FED PAROLE . GOD  even gave me a christian PO OFFICER. So many things I could say about GODS LOVE. MAY GOD BLESS YOU EVEN MORE RICHLY


[Email: 16 Nov.2013]



greetings in the name of the Lord..   br. Richard,   I love the WORD as you teach it, is so pure,  I want to tell you that it just goes to my soul.  I read your books,   I hear messages given to you,  I believe what I hear to be directly from the Lord.    I started the believing the message sent to the Prophet... then I started to see and hear things that  i did not understand,  exactly what you said in the book  PARROTS..  like catholics following a pope... " the prophet says this"  "as the prophet says."   "you do not have to understand as long as you memorize and repeat what the prophet say"... and I began to memorized and repeat.  like a parrot... so I quit listening to that.  One day the Lord put me in your website.  I phone a pastor and asked him why no one talks about the Apostle Richard Gan and the  brothers and sisters of Singapore,  and he said  "be careful that brother is going only to confuse you, just read  the prophet  books, do not get into other books"...   and the more I read the more the Holy Spirit revealed to me by your teachings. Is all Scripture,    and now that I read your given message, to go back to THE WORD OF GOD.     English is difficult for me,  I read slow.  I hear and have problems..I got to go back and rewind, and go back and so forth. so it is slow my learning.   I have no church, because after the split of the Cloverdale church, things were very  hard,   then they divided,   that is when  the Lord gave me your website.  there was  no fellowship, no one to with whom to share the Word.   I do not have to much time, I am an older sister.   I have not read all your books, I spent time just  copying page after page,  put in folders every book..., now I have  (I believe) all your books messages, but is going to be slow.  I am so disappoint  that I wasted so much time in listening to what I thought it was the truth.  Now LIGHT SHINES when I read and read...and hear. but i have not read all your books,   but how can I find where there is a church?   I live in a small town that the people do not accept the message given to Br. Branham, so the ones I used to know they do not talk with me, I told you that I am a widow, so before I had my husband to talk about the WORD, and the things of the Lord,  but now the road is lonely, no fellowship,  no church where to go, no one to  preach the things you have received of God.  I really need fellowship, ...        thank God for you.   I pray for you, it must be really a hard road.  but the Lord is your strength.  You have Spanish website?   thank you,  sis. Isabel

[Email: 29 Nov.2013]

My dear Sis Isabel.

Greetings to you in Christ's Name.

I am sorry that I do not have any other website other than the English one - Prophetic*Revelation.  I have other believers asking me for French, Arabic, Indian, and other language books. We do have some messages translated in some languages, but no other language website.

Yes, I know that you want Spanish website like those who wants French and other languages. I have only a small assembly of believers - about 40 believers.  But there are churches and ministers in other countries who associate with me in the Truth and the Ministry of Christ. We stand for Truth with the Sacred  Scripture as our ABSOLUTE and AUTHORITY. And we are branded as OUTCASTS and even branded being anti-Branham by many ETM churches. But we don't care because we know what the MESSAGE is about. The message of Branham called and pointed us BACK TO THE WORD, not to the words of Branham.  Branham never pointed to himself but to Christ, THE WORD.

Many ETM preachers are liars and insincere, deceiving the people. They do not know the Bible. They know what Branham said but they do not know what the Bible said.  Pitiful.

I know that if you love the Lord and HIS WORD, He will help you understand the Truth as you slowly learn from reading and studying the Scripture using my books and also in listening to my sermons.  Slow learning and understanding are better than fast reading and listening without understanding.

You are not the only one who do not have a church that you can really identify and fellowship and call it home-church. There are other believers like you, and they are sick and tired of the "message" they hear every Sunday that are parroted forth by the preachers from the tapes of Branham. They FEAR to venture into the WORD of GOD because they "must say what the prophet said" or else they are not believers. Such preachers are RELIGIOUS, they are not SPIRITUAL.

As you thirst for His LIFE and WORD, I know the Lord God will richly bless you.

God bless.


Beloved Brother Richard,

Grace, peace and love from God the Father of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ be multiplied unto you and the entire family.

I am a missionary working with the Discipling the Nations Ministries in Kumba south west region of Cameroon.I got your website and e-mail from a pastor friend of mine Pastor Ivo Chango.

My brother, your teachings have really blessed my soul tremendously. Your teachings have brought a lot of insight and deeper understanding into the messages of Brother William Branham the messenger to the Laodicean church age.

From your website I have already downloaded The Original sin, Elisha, the spoken word and the Mark of Cain for my personal study. Please I need more of your teachings on hard copy. I will be very happy to receive a pack of books from you.

May the Lord bless, inspire and strengthen you the more in Jesus Name,

Your co-labourer,

Pst. Gabriel Ibekwe
[Email: 1 Dec. 2013]


Greetings Bro
I happened to find your website one day recently while browsing for Bro Branham sermons.  
I was surprised as I had never heard of your ministry.  I came to The Lord in 1997 and 
The Lord has been working with me ever since!  It was through the teachings of Bro Branham 
and then Bro Jackson's ministry from USA where I grew in truth. I am alone in Newfounland 
except for my brother Bas , who also is a believer.  I do log on to Bro Fred Cormier site 
in New Brunswick as I find Fred to be a wonderful teacher in the things of The Lord. 
When I first came to The Lord I could see right away people following the man, both in 
Branhams ministry and Jackson's ministry.  But I. Thank God that he lead me to His Word and 
given me ear to hear and eyes to see for the hour we are living in.  I pray The Lord keep me 
on the path to the knowledge and understanding of Him and his precious Word.
I just wanted to say that I have been reading your website and already I have got 
new revelations, of things I always wondered. praise His Name!!!
I will continue to read your messages and will pass on the website to my brother,
bless you in Jesus Christ Name
[Email: 7 Dec.2013]


Praise God Precious Bro Gan,

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for raising a humble and Holy Spirit led man of God like you.
I first read your books entitled Discrepancies ,the message of the hour etc in the early 2000s(i still have them). Your comments on the Quotes vrs Quotes game in my country Ghana was 100% right and i agree with you.
After reading through your mission reports,many things struck me namely
1.Your mission is mostly to deprived and undeveloped countries and towns especially Africa (YOU DID NOT GO T O USA, GERMANY, ETC FOR MONEY AS SOME DO)
2.The sufferings (sometimes at the peril of your life) and discomfort you had to undergo including paying the bills.
3.Your humility and simplicity.
4.The frequent breakdown of brothers' vehicles (which shows that the brothers are not selling the gospel and not going to overseas for money from some endtime message believers so they could be quoting only Brother Branham and to be Branhamites as some do even in GHANA).
Your journeys and sufferings are not different from that of Bro. Paul in the book of Acts. God richly bless you, bro. Nice and all the other brothers.
I am grateful to God for your life and pray for God`s protection even as you remind us of the message of the hour which is BACK TO THE BIBLE (THE ABSOLUTE)  and not Bro. Branham`s qoutes. I have more to write but will pause here for now.
Please, God willing, visit us in Ghana.
God richly bless you.
Brother Gershon Dzakpata
Ghana,West Africa

[Email: 9 Jan. 2014]


Thank you for your appreciation of the ministry, and for your keen observation.  Only in God and in sincerity is the work of God appreciated by the saints when Truth is ministered. Pray for us, that we be faithful servants to the end of time, till we see Christ.

God bless.



Dear Brother Richard Gan;
I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I first got your books in 2000 A.D. When I had attended a convention of Br. Steven Shelly in Nakuru. A brother gave me as I was passing in the streets of Nakuru town. I didn’t know the brother then but by now is a friend and  I have even invited him and he has preached in our church.
The brother is Moses Segite from Lelboinet. Since then he has kept on sending to me your books and sincerely they have uplifted me much in the knowledge of the word of God.
I have learnt several topics including The New City Jerusalem, The trail of the Serpent, the seven year Period for the Jews, the battle of Ezekiel 38 among others. There are also certain teachings that I have not clearly seen them in the context of the Bible teaching. These are two areas: The Lord ’s Table being taken after feet washing in your church and marriage of a sister that had been previously being married.
I have translated one of your books entitled “ what is the message of the hour” into Kiswahili and it is to be printed by brother Kang’ethe .Today, I have received your books on sincerity that I am much eager to read. Otherwise I have read all the previous copies.
I sincerely feel happy to be part of this noble ministry.
I long to hear from you.
Your brother in Christ
Pastor John Maroa Wambura                             

[Email: 17 Feb. 2014]



Dear Bro Gan,
I would like to thank God for the wonderful ministry he has given you. 
It’s such a  wonderful ministry as it has placed its foundation on the rock (God’s word).
I must say that never in my life have I seen the importance of God’s word as in this time we are living in, 
and the Lord has made sure that the Bride of Christ is fed. I remember listening to one of your messages 
in which you said that what is most important in life is not the day to day activities of this 
physical life (not exactly quoted)  but knowing what we are spiritually digesting on.
I have not considered myself a strong Christian because I have had my ups and downs in this race 
but I can briefly testify that my life is not what it used to be because of the blessings that God 
from his true ministry has given us, (a good example is my Pastor, Bro Andrew Phiri who has firmly 
stood on scripture through the years).
I can recall the first time I came to the message, I was baptized under a different camp whose emphasis 
was on the words of brother Branham and beyond that nothing else. As much as I was excited to hear the word 
from a different angle, I was not stable because I could not refer to scripture for my foundation. 
This scenario changed when I heard of your ministry.
May the Lord richly bless you and I must say I will always remember you and the ministry in prayer 
for you have been a wonderful example to us.
Yours in Christ
Jesse Nzima.
[Email: 11 Mar. 2014]
My dear brother, believe what King David said in Psa_138:2: "I will worship toward thy holy temple, 
and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name."  
And Jesus said in Joh 6:63: "It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: 
the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life."
And Paul said in 2Ti 3:16-17: "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, 
for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, 
throughly furnished unto all good works. 

God bless.
Hello Brother,
Thanks so much for the good works.
My name is Desmond Mensah from Ghana (West Africa).
I thank God for your life and pray for more grace for you and your ministry.
Your website has really clarrified a lot of issues and cleared doubts out of my mind. God richly bless you.
I pray that God makes it possible for me to see you one day.
Praise God!

Desmond Mensah
[Email: 12 June, 2014]

Thomas Shole-Pratt Saturday, August 02, 2014 9:04 AM

Dear Bro. Richard, I was recently fasting, praying, and earnestly seeking the Lord's face and I was lead to your website. I can see why, based on the witness of the Spirit within me and my knowledge of the word of God. I cannot claim to understand all you share but seek to learn more. I had heard of William Branham but never read or heard anything he wrote or said. I have much to say by way of introduction as the Lord has brought me a long way but I know your time is limited. I am Pastor of a small independent assembly which was planted as an independent fundamental baptist church here in the UK. The Lord showed me that the cessationist position and denominationalism is not true to scripture. Despite my long experience with Pentecostals and the lack of reality I experienced, I walk by faith and not by sight and know the gifts are for today for the edification of the body of Christ. I would like to hear from you more about these things, please help if you can. I am in the process of leading the small flock in my care out of the baptist denomination having recognised the problems in the foundations previously set. We would be grateful for your help as we seek to set our house in order. I look forward to hearing from you.

Bro. Thomas Shole-Pratt


Christian Greetings to you, dear Bro Thomas.

I am glad to hear from you. You are not alone.  I have over the many years, since the website was set up, received emails from Christian pastors and individuals concerning the same dilemma you are in when Truth came their way.

Truth sets a man free.  But Satan will distort the truth with just a little poison -- twisted words, presumptuous opinions, distortion, etc. -- that is enough to create fear or heresy. And William Branham is such controversy because many followers who had created a religion out of his "spoken words" recorded on magnetic tapes. They believed that every word he uttered are out of God's mouth - verbatim.  That is idolatry for those followers. That's heresy. On the other hand, it had also caused fear for Christians to read or hear and learn the Truth that God is revealing to His people.  Satan's tactic has always been like that.  But true worshippers of the Lord God have no fear when FAITH is there in their hearts. They believe all things and search the Scripture if those things be THE TRUTH.

Well, let me know what we can do to help for you in the TRUTH.

God bless.


18 August 2014 12:38
Bro Richard,
Sorry for taking this long to reply to your email. I finally read Bro Nice's testimony on your website as you suggested. I have never seen or experienced any such things, so I am stunned. I am also reading about Logos on your website as you suggested, and again I am stunned. I had heard William Branham's name before but always in a negative light. Indeed, Baptists speak of things they have no knowledge of.  Indeed, '...thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.' I have been earnestly seeking for this reality for 30+ years and tears are in my eyes that I never heard of these things anywhere I went. I feel like a babe in the knowledge of Christ still.

I am praying for the funds and opportunity to go to Paris in September as I believe it is important. Please pray for me as I do not know where all this will lead. Finding your website was like finding a needle in a haystack. I was examined and ordained as Pastor of an independent fundamentalist baptist church by men trained in theological seminaries even though I am not bible school trained. Perhaps I should be thankful that I did not spend extensive time being trained in a bible school as it may have prevented me from earnestly seeking after God. I am in the midst of change, and my church is in the midst of change and I am being urged to be quick about it. We are of necessity leaving the baptist fold, something that had been brewing in my heart for a long time.
Thank you so very much for your help so far and for taking the time to skype with me. Please do not stop as I will need a lot of help understanding these things. I hope to someday in some way recompense you for the time you take to help me. I will also email the brothers whose email addresses you have kindly supplied.

God bless.


Dear Bro Gan
Greetings from Newfoundland , Canada.
I had emailed you about 1.5 years ago.
I just wanted to say that I was first introduced to the Lord through Bro Branhams ministry (1997), 
after years of searching.  I couldn’t stop reading his messages for a full year, and barely slept, 
as I was so amazed at what I was hearing, and feeding on.
The Word Truth burned in my heart . It changed me completely and affected my whole life and my family.  
I got baptized and shortly afterwards, then I found Bro Jackson ministry on the web and also the 
same burning in my heart at what the Lord was revealing to me. His ministry helped me grow in " Truth.”  
I appreciated his ministry.
About a year and a half ago, I stumbled upon your site, and started reading some of your messages. 
Again, the same burning!  It didn’t contradict what the Lord had already given me, and it actually built upon it!
I was excited that I could glean even more of His wonderful Truth..  I am blessed.
I had never ever followed a “man”, its just not in me, but only the Truth I seek and hunger for, as the Lord has 
be leading me , line upon line, precept upon precept..  Its the Word Truth that I hunger for.  It is my life. 
The Lord knows my heart and has given me the desire of my heart, which is “Truth”.  I see some differences 
at times in what Bro Branham had said, what Bro Jackson taught, and what some of your messages teach. 
Some contradictions with each others teachings,. But , I am not hungering for a “man” to lean on, but only the Word, 
and the Lord testified to my spirit that it is  His Word that I am hearing.  I am a disciple of His Word! 
I also appreciated that you have respect also for Bro Jackson, as it is apparent that you know the Lord used him 
wonderfully and it is the Word that is revealed by the Lord Jesus Christ that is important. I was never a Branhamite 
or a Jacksonite, thank God, as it allowed me to hear what the Spirit is saying,  and I hear it from your messages!
After reading many of your messages, I can see the Lord is in your ministry, and I appreciated the website. 
I'm so blessed to be able to read it. Thank you Lord and thank you Bro Gan for all you do.
I am blessed to have found your messages and how the Lord uses you to teach.  
There is no “church” here that I know of, to attend.  As I mentioned before, I find Bro Fred a wonderful teacher 
of the things of the Lord and am blessed to be able to fellowship with him, even though it is mostly via internet
he is in N.B, Canada, I’m in Newfoundland, Canada).   I am also blessed to have found your site..
Praise His Name. 

[Email: 17 March 2015]


Shalom, Bro Chris,

I am glad that you have the revelation of staying with the WORD and not with the words of man.  Follow the WORD and not the servants of the WORD.
The revelation of the WORD is progressive, building us up into the full stature of Christ till we come into perfection to receive rapturing faith.
God bless.


Dear Br. Gan.

Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord is very good. it is always a privilege to enjoy the benefits in the Word. It is well with myself and my family, as well as the children of the Lord. Brother, the Lord had used you to free many souls that were bound by doctrines and denominational creed. I was one of them. Through your ministry I could see the gospel light shine brighter. Therefore I encourage you to keep on running this race. There are many like myself that daily feast on the meal provided on your website. 

You and the ministers that fight so gallantly for this gospel are in my daily prayers. 
Br. Seherie.
{Email: 23 April, 2015]



I wanted to share my little testimony with you.

I have been a “Message” believer for some 12 years now, reading sermons of William Branham. You could say it started in 1996 when a English teacher of mine at the high school I was going to started talking to me about the Word of God. It caught my attention because it was nothing that I had ever heard at Sunday school. But not long after that, the school forbade him from speaking to me about it. (even though it was a Christian school) One of the last things he told to me after I asked what must I do to be saved was he told me to read Acts 2:38. After reading it, I wanted to be re-baptised, but not really having any idea how to go about it. I went to ask my Methodist preacher about being re-baptised, but he told me if I was christened as a baby, it was fine. That answer was not the one I wanted. As time went on, I started drifting back into the world. I never went to ask my teacher cause I did not want him to get into trouble because of me, but what he told me I never forgot and I said to myself that I will not believe anything else till I hear what I heard there again.

About 7 years later, I was at a point in my life when I felt like there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing. I was just not satisfied with my life.  Not knowing what to do, I would pray and ask God that if I was one of His would He let me know. (For about a year I was praying this.) Then one day, a guy who was in school with me, wanted to come by and visit (though we never friends, it was also interesting what made him come by). While he was visiting, we got talking about  God. I stopped him after a while and told him that these things he was telling me was similar to those things that my former English teacher spoke to me about. He told me that this teacher was now the pastor of the church he was going to. I told him I will be there the coming Sunday.

Not long after that I did what it said do in Acts 2:38. I was baptised in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ in 2003.

I started listening to William Branham sermons and using that as my guideline. I listened to many more sermons than I read my Bible because I was told he had the revelation. When talking with message believers, I always felt like I knew nothing because to me it seemed like they knew all the quotes and how one links one quote with another, that I mostly would not say much around them. For the next 12 years I felt like I was still missing something in my life.

But now, about 4 months back, there was questions that came onto my heart that I was seeking answers for. So I would pray to God and ask for an answer. My first question was how can I live righteously before him because I felt up till this point in my life I still have not. My second question I asked was “What is the Truth”. All I wanted was the truth, nothing more, nothing less. And thirdly, I asked “What is God doing now”. I could see what had happened during the time of His messenger, but it has been 50 years since and I don’t know what is He doing now. I also felt that there was something missing in my life. For about 3 months I would pray and ask because I really wanted to know. Then about a month back, I finished listening to the Fourth Seal that William Branham preached and then went onto YouTube to look at some videos of him. I them found a user named End-time Youth. I saw a title that was preached by a Brother Gan. I started listening and heard some things that I never heard Bro Branham preach on. So I stopped the sermon and thought to myself that “I don’t know, because William Branham never preached something like that”. But something made me go back there and carry on searching through that users videos. I found a sermon titled “Seducing Spirits and doctrines of Devils” by Bro Raymond Jackson. So I started watching it. After I watched the whole sermon, I wanted to start crying when I realised that I had been doing it all wrong for so many years. I went before God and confessed that I had it all wrong all these years and asked Him to forgive me. I realised not long after that, that the Scripture is where I will find the answer to those questions that were on my heart. I now realise that God is also using a 5-Fold Ministry that is found in Eph 4:10. So I looked up and found your name and read by your site as well. I also sometimes listen to sermons preached by Bro Jackson and the pastors at Faith Assembly. I now see that it is the Word that I needed to have as my Absolute and not just sermon tapes and quotes. I feel like I have just started my walk with the Lord.

God answered all 3 things that were on my heart and I feel that in my heart things are settled with God. By no means do I disregard what God did with Bro Branham, but my relationship now is with the Lord. I am extremely grateful to the Lord for making me realise my error and give Him all the thanks and glory. I was heading down the wrong road on my own.

Could you also add me to your newsletter list please? And also please remember me in prayer that I may look to the Lord for the revelation by His Word and to stay in line with It. 

And to you Bro Richard Gan, may the Lord bless you.

Christopher Vaghi
P.S. Sorry about such a long email.

[Email: 16 Aug. 2015]


Shalom brother.
Yes amen!i absolutely Got your point!you were correct in all what you said,as the bible told us,
That many will depart from the faith giving to them.this is absolutely what happened to the branhamites.
Saying that Bro.branham has to be elevated to the rank of the Lord is HERETICAL and dangerous!
I hope that those deceived by the lies of branhamism and denominations,will one day see the truth.
Branham was a blessed,but NORAML prophet,like all the ones in the OT.he is just the man sent 
By the Lord to lead to bride into the rapture.therefore he is the 7th and the last messenger of the church.
But NO ONE IS WORTHY of receiving the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ!
I really like what you're doing on the Net brother, may the blessings of the Lord be upon you!
Thanks for replying, AMEN!


Georges Aboumrad

[Email: 8 Nov.2015]



Shalom Bro, Gan
I, brother Touko Ivo Chango the pastor of Bride of Christ Kumba Church  Republic of Cameroon extend  greetings. I am the former pentecostal Pastor who latter on believed  the end  time message.The reason of my silence all this time is because when i believed this end time message,the message pastors whom i was opportune to keep grow in fellowship instead led me on the contrary way thereby almost frustrate my life and the church which i was pastoring  even up to the extent of causing a  lot of division and disagreement between the church members.this is one of  reason and God  also knows why the church had to scatter and after that, i decided together with my wife to seek on the face of God and to start a new beginning of spiritual life then the lord was reminding me to start a new work in the ministry.Also some ministers of the end time message persuaded me from reading your books that it is not the message but my spirit was always crying and desiring for the truth and God ministered to me to read the prophetic revelation books written by Richard Gan so that I could get more understanding of the inspired word of God.Bro Gan there is a move of God in this closing time and for a  true child of God see this move,the must be separation from all these what so call message people. Presently God is helping us in this new work and attached to this letter are the pictures of the new one year old ministry which we all gathered and took on a Sunday service.
I thank you a lot because God has used you to enlighten greatly concerning the message and through this, I can now have a lot of focus on the ministry. Message churches in this town are weak and falling but our mission is to mobilize and spread this truth to God's bride who are in the denominational settings to come out and receive the light in this closing hour. Church services are held in my house and right now the sitting condition is already full for people, because the room is becoming tide for brethren s.
Brother Gan I pray that God should grant me an opportunity to shake hands with you and met you physically so that we can discuss issues partnering to the kingdom of God. indeed you are a true servant of God despite all the criticisms
Brother Touko Ivo Chango
[Email: 14 Nov.2015]


My precious brother.

Your ministry has been the light that opened my eyes to so much truth. I'm in the spirit of thanksgiving and I thank the Lord first and foremost for showing me the light and calling my name. All the glory and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ. The revelations and power of his word has been showering on me night and day. I'm downloading all the preaching of 2015-16 and I've been watching around 3 a day. I cannot seem to escape this beautiful reality of God.

God bless you brother. The agape love has filled me up and I felt the need to send you this small message of thanks. I used to wait weekly for worldly television series to watch but now I patiently wait for the sermons that you post each Sunday on the most important website in the world propheticrevelation!!!

What a blessing this has been to the saints. The lord is truly amazing.

The light never stops!
-JP Rouhana

[Email: 20 Jan.2016]


     Wow! Bro JP, your love for God's TRUTH makes you high!  :0)
       God bless.



Shalom Bro Gan,

Just saw the letter you posted from Bro JP Rouhana and I would just like to echo his words.
Thank you for the word you bring to us weekly for its real refreshment to our souls.

May God continue to bring forth much revelation through you.
God Bless,
Bro Batsi
{Email: 21 Jan.2016]

     Thank you.
     It depends on what the soul needs. To many of them, the teachings are too lengthy. Most Christians drinks milk even after years of going to church.
     They don't drink deep. They do not believe that doctrines are really important. So, they just simply follow basic church traditions, which is one reason
     why their minds could not stay to drink the deep things of God.


Good day Brother Gan, 

Thank you for your answer to my email. I greatly appreciate it.
It is true what you say that a dream is just a dream unless it has spiritual connections. I think that maybe in myself I was hoping that it would mean something. That would be my mistake.

You have made me think about things from your reply and it goes with what has been on my heart for the past 2 or 3 weeks now. That is to stay with the Word. That the Word of God is the absolute and no matter what dreams or experiences we may have (however spiritual they may seem), we have to stay with the Word.

I thank God for sending you to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that people like me who want to know the truth and to walk in it can learn and grow. I still have much to learn and I pray that God help me.

I must confess that I have learnt much more truth since going to your website and reading and listening to your teachings than I did in 12 years in “The Message of the Hour”. It was always “the prophet said this or that” and “Brother Branham brought all the revelation we need for rapturing faith”. I looked at the believers around me and they were so full of faith and humble people. I wondered if I could ever walk in faith like they do and possess the spiritual knowledge they possess.

I started becoming a bit confused though when I started learning about divisions and arguments amongst believers. I would wonder “How can we be divided when brother Branham gave us all the revelation we need for rapturing faith”? Surely we should be uniting and not dividing? I also became more confused when I saw things being said by quoting brother Branham but I know the Bible shows me something else. I would question this and I get the answer “You don’t need to understand it, just believe it”. So, not understanding, just believing, I go on. Yet I always wanted something more. I see now that during this time I should have stayed with the Word. What a confused person I became when relying on words of (good intentioned) men.

It has only been a few months since I was shown the error of my ways. Since then I have had a desire to study the Word and to know who God is, whereas before I knew a lot of quotes and didn’t know who God is. I am grateful and forever thankful to God who is rich in mercy, that the Light of God may shine in my life and clear away all darkness. That I may have my hope in Jesus Christ and not in (supposedly) spiritual dreams, words of men or anything else that may seem good.

Again, I thank you for your reply. It has been of great help to me.

God bless
Christopher Vaghi
[Email: 21 Jan.2016]


oh Bro Gan, the Lord Jesus has really ordained you for this purpose to enlightened and give understanding to the inspired word of God in this closing hour of the Gentile Bride Age. you were raised to teach some of us who have been seeking to know the truth for the past number of years now and explaining what bro Branham  said in the sermon books, i give glory to God. Truly as you often make this statement if the Holy spirit does not give a believer the understanding of the word even the prophetic books you have written would  equally not be understood.
 I just felt in my spirit to share this brief testimony on what i experience today the 18 of february 2016 while reading and studying the prophetic book tittled the Ten virgins in fact i was touch of the revelation and inspirational knowledge i saw and was really blessed, suddenly i started weeping the holy ghost gave me a Holy cry in fact it so awesome. please would you come for this conference here in Buea cameroon? stay blessed and pray for me for that Grace which was once delivered unto the saints .Jude 3

touko chango
[Email: 18 Feb.2016]


hello Bro. Gan...  Pray the Lord keep you at HIS Service doing the wonderful work HE has  ordered for you.  I get amazed when I read your messages ... It is God writing  and I thank you for giving HIM your time.    I received the books, for which I give you thanx.    It was nice to have  them in my hands.  It was like been there part of your congregation... having part of you  people here.  So, I cried.  Emotional  I guess...     I have Zoe's mail and will send her a gift offering for the books.   Thank you again for what you do for me,  your time, your explaining things.  I appreciate you...   God bless you and your wife and family.  
sis. Isabel  Weber
{Email: 20Feb.2016]


 Br. Gan  it is very respectful I write to you.   I have been listening to your messages. And  the way you expose your sermons, is so  Word upon Word with Scripture references, quotes.  precept upon precept. It is clearly seen that you are full of the Holy Spirit. that it is the Lord Himself who teaches you, to teach us...   Just  thank the Lord Jesus Christ for you.  A few time ago I have decided to stay with your teachings.  and one of your messages preached verified the same.  The Talk and the Walk... not to be faith wavering, and tossed, I was doing that,  searching from preacher to preacher, from place to place,  it has caused confusion, and because well said I will receive NOTHING FROM THE LORD.   Thank you brother Gan.  You know very well I live alone, no husband no children alone... and I am a widow of almost 70  (uy!  sounds a lot of years when I put it on writing).  Please pray for me,  that I will understand when I read and especially when I  hear.    I am firmly part of your congregation.  I bought a computer and a big Monitor to see you clearly.. have nice speakers to hear  really well... And please keep me in your email list.  thank you,  may the grace of God keep you always.   Thank you,  your sister in Christ   Isabel Weber [Canada)
{Email: 20 June.2016]


shalom brother Gan. we're greeting you in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, we are so thankful to our Lord for giving us his grace to hold on to the faith in this difficult age we are living. Brother Gan we are still blessed with the ministry the Lord has given you, honestly it helps us to answer many of our questions which had not answered before, we've confirmed many teachings to be true by examining it with the bible and the holy ghost bearing witness in us to be true, now we've open a little blog by the grace of God sharing with people this truth, we can now able to answer many questions people asked, which cannot even answered by many biblical teachers including some endtime message believers, as you know in our country here in Tanzania we speak kiswahili language and many people dont read english, so we have used this precious chance Lord has given us to share with our brothers and sisters here many truth which Lord has unveiled to us through prophetic revelation And we thank God many people are benefited through our little channel.
pray for us as we pray for you brother Gan
God bless you.
Bro. Devis and Denis.

[Email: 14 Dec.,2016, Tanzania]


Shalom., brothers.

Are you both related blood brothers?
It is wonderful to hear that you both are blessed by the ministry from Singapore. God fulfilled His prophetic words that were given to me back in 1971 (see Testimony section of the website).
Truth is constant and its revelation is progressive as the Word opens up little by little to show the full picture.

It is good that you both are doing what you can for your national citizens in Tanzania. May the Lord guide you to help make the Truth understood in the Kiswahili language to your own people.

God bless you richly.


Shalom Bro. Richard Gan

God Bless You ,

Thank you for your Website support and uploading messages which I am really blessed by those messages audio and video.

God Bless You.  Thanks for Your Support. Take care, give my regards to your family and your Church brothers and sisters,  And the Grace of Lord Jesus Be with Your Family. and I have been Witnessing your ministry from the year 1985 when i was in 7th standard. Now I am 44years OLD. God bless You Dear brother. and agian thnks

Rakesh Kamble (Mumbai-Virar-Maharashtra-India)

[Email: 2 Jan. 2017]




I have been blessed by the past three Sunday's sermons posted on the Prophetic Revelation website. I was meditating on one line of thought you mentioned in the message Spiritual Thought Block where you read Isaiah 28:16 - "I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation." You know this is true also of men called into ministry. They so to speak lay a foundation on which believers can stand on. For that to be, a person's character will have to be tried and tested in order to be able to raise a standard which the flock can look up to. A time-tested character has a certain preciousness about it.  It's a virtue that attracts and edifies a family of believers. This is what the Prophetic Revelation ministry has been to us here. When I came into the Message years back, there was all the confusion which would have easily swayed us but we found something that gave us a solid ground to stand on. May the Lord richly bless your ministry. I just thought of sharing some thoughts of my morning devotion.

Kind regards.
Andrew Phiri
[WhatsApp: 4 Jan.2017]

Dear brother Gan,


May the Lord our God bless you and your family for everything you do for us!


By His grace I was guided to your website and it is a blessing for me since then.

Finally, I have the knowledge; I finally can see!


Thank you dear brother and blessed be our Lord that is doing this wonderful work through you!


Please brother pray for my little two years old nephew (Gabriel) who was diagnosed with autism.

For The things which are impossible with men are possible with God (Luke 18:27).


PS. Please find enclosed 50 euros for the  ministry.

Thank you.

Snejana Melniciuc (sister)
(Chisinau - MOLDOVA)

[Letter: dated February 5, 2017]
Reply had been mailed.



Dear Bro GAN,
Sincerely i feel immensely privileged to be in touch with you. God alone and Him alone knows what He's reserved for you beyond The Pearly Gates. We sing songs of praises to His Holy Name, and at the same time WE THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR ENERGY AND TIRELESS TOILING AROUND THE WORLD IN RECEIVING AND TRANSMITTING TO US THE PROPHETIC REVELATION. Personally I believe such wonderful wisdom can only come from above. This is it. Prophetic revelation books speak peace to my soul. The grammer itself is so simple for any honest seeker of Truth to grasp the wisdom within the pages. It becomes so convincing when the Biblical references in the books are equally consulted. Thank you Sir.
Please Brother Gan the difficulty we have here is that we lack the French copies, given that my country Cameroon is virtually French speaking. I discussed with Bro Nice and he asked me to contact you. At the same time he linked me with one lady (Mrs Lydia Nana) who is doing the translation from English to French of PR Books here in Cameroon so that we work together to make sure the French versions are within context. I told Bro Nice that i will gladly be willing to render any service that i can. My country is a bilingual country so i understand both English and French. More to that i have 2 Francophone Pastor friends with whom i share the few PRbooks i have. Together we will cross check the translated manuscripts each time the sister is through with a book. Not only this pastor friends but also some brothers are beginning to be more and more interested in the PR BOOKS. As For me Your website gives me access to all the PR Books and recorded Video/Audio Sunday messages. My worry is for the brothers who keep asking me for French copies of the PR BOOKS since i'm the one who introduced them to the PR BOOKS here in Yaounde. At first they weren't interested but God in His own unique way which is higher than ours has once again caused His Truth to find its way into hearts that are willing to receive Him. Amen. Please Sir, if there is any way you can do something for us over here to have some of the French copies available, we will greatly appreciate it. So far i had just FINAL EVENTS and POLYGAMY in French which i've given out to them and now they wish to have the other books too. There are also French versions of some 3 other books on your website which i intend to print out and share (if you permit) while waiting for the French versions available.
I will patiently be waiting on you to tell me what to do,Sir. Thanks.
Bro Constantine Loh.
[Email: 25 Apr.2017]



I just want to thank you for being a man of God and speaking the truth. I live in America and I believe I was led to your website. I fear for America, unfortunately many of the deeper things you are speaking of on your website, do not seem to be in circulation over here. I feel everyone in American has bought into the baptist end time doctrine of gloom and doom, along with the blind support for the Zionist state. I do believe though, there is a small remnant who God speaks to and shows his will to who he will use to get us completely out of the harlot church and her denominal institutions who are a part of her.

With that said, I just wanted to say thank you and stay encouraged! I hope you are growing the body in Singapore and continue to do great exploits for the LORD Jesus! Upon your response I want to share something that God shared with me and I believe it will be a great blessing to you. I know you will accept this because I know that you know that the real blessings are not material or money, but rather wisdom and understanding from God.
Your brother in the Apostolic faith,
Barry Pechous II

[Email: 9 Aug.2017]



Hello Richard,


I wanted to take this opportunity to say hello. My name is Marc Boucher and I reside in Ontario, Canada. I was so inspired today to stumble upon your website. Today, all things considered, I find it very difficult to find like minded believers who are not living under a pretentious cloud of lies and deception. Sometimes I feel very alone in my beliefs about Jesus our King. I am a man who diligently seeks our Lord and Savior for truth. I carry many burdens not only for the lost but for a church system which has been overtaken by a different gospel rooted in lies and deceit. My heart cries out constantly. A corrupt self pleasing gospel instead of the true gospel which teaches self sacrifice in Christ. Sometimes I feel that perhaps I am the one at fault because I find it very difficult to accept the fact that people are that blind. It tears me up. I'm hoping we can be friends in Christ. As I explored some of your writings I was so inspired to see the word explained in truth. When I read your article on the seed of Satan and the Adamic bloodline I was amazed. I completely agree with you. The enemy has tried and succeeded in hiding this fact as to what really happened in the Garden of Eden. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal this to you. I am still a young Christian in my understanding of the word, yet I am older in age. My heart seeks only truth, as to not be deceived so that I might be pleasing to the Lord. I am one who desires what Jesus desires. I love him so much. I've been forgiven much, therefore I love him much. I am sincerely thankful that you desire the same. It is very encouraging for me. I am writing you so that Lord willing we can be friends. I am a very simple man who loves people and who pleasingly loves to serve. I find that very rewarding and a privilege when God uses us to impact lives. For He is that He is which makes me so appreciative and thankful for His loving mercies and grace through His son, our deliverer. I will end this letter here. I just wanted to connect. You are a very special man, I can clearly see that.


I hope to hear back from you Soon!


Blessings in His Wonderful Name,


Your Brother in the Lord,


[Email: 12 Aug.2017]



I have received many emails from Christians around the world, telling me of the blessing they received from what they read on my website.  Some continue to stay and learn by watching and listening to the video message which is uploaded after each Sunday's service. And a few even supported our outreach through able ministers, in other countries, which work alongside me.  These ministers are independent.  As for many of those who wrote in, they soon left, after finding the "food" too hard to chew.

You said you are older than me in age.  How old are you?

Well, keep walking in the Lord, as you said you love Him.  Amen.

God bless.


I'd been warned a lot of bro.Gan.

I believed the warnings but when I took my time to read them,
I almost broke in tears. I was wrong.
Gan is just too deep in the TRUTH.

Lawi Oduor Agok
[Email: 21 Nov.2017]

Shalom Brother 

I was so happy to read ur massage and I thank God for what he used you to in our lives and our family and ministry. You are wonderful made.The roles of your massages made us what we are today. The mentor of my life and ministry. The Apostle of my age. I respect you. 
We are praying always for you 
I love you but loves most. 
Thanks yours in the Lord. 
Rev. Daniel white E. 
[Email: 26 Nov.2017, Nigeria]


Hi Bro Gan,

I am so happy to come across your scriptural teachings that have enlightened my understanding of the message of the hour. I come from a background that taught never to give up the bible nor the messages of Bro Branham and i strongly held to that. I immigrated to Canada from Ghana with my family since 2010 and have been fellowshipping at a local church in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Here in this local church, they seem to uphold the quotes of Bro Branham more than the word of God, so much so that in the power point of the Pastor he always quotes Bro Branham as the final authority. Infact i became so confused that i have been asking telling myself something is wrong somewhere. I contacted Faith Assembly to enquire about Bro Amos who i know was affiliated with Faith Assembly. I was told he is no more one of them since he preached series of messages claiming he is the 8th Messenger after the demise of Bro Jackson. He was asked to correct those messages which he refused. Once a while i  go to Amos website to read his latest updates. But on one of those occasions i forgot the name of his church and was trying to goggle his name. Mysteriously  your write up RELIGO popped up and Andrews Phiri write-up as well to defend yours . It was a great relieve to me as so many questions bothering my mind concerning the message was answered for me, the mess of the message. Your website is now a golden nugget to me which i cherish so much. May God bless you richly. I am wondering if you have been to Canada? 

Lawrence Tay
[Email: 11 Jan.2018, Canada]


Hopefully you have warm clothes during this cold period. 
21 degree C is excellent summer temperature here in Norway. Strange how different it is!
Today we have 5 degree C in Bergen, very windy and some rain. You know yesterday when I was listening to your sermon and you were pointing to The Bible, showing The Truth, I felt so privileged. The way you teach I could see how it will be during the wedding supper. The Lord will teach us and we will see more and more. I see how The Truth is setting me free more and more, free from the darkness and all the wrong teaching during years. I become more and more awake. Before The Lord led me to your Ministry I was actually very unconscious both natural and spiritual. Praise The Lord for what He is doing in my life through your Ministry, His 5-Fold-Ministry. God Bless you very very much.

Sis Grete Solomosen
[WhatsApp: 15 Jan. 2018, Norway]


God bless you Bro Gan,

Am so grateful for your words of encouragement. I believe and will always believe that doctrine should be according to The Scriptures, and I will be forever grateful that I found that book 'What Is The Message of The Hour?' when i was still a child coz though i didn't realize it then, God had used it to straighten me out. I hadn't known back then that I was to be a minister.
On the FaceBook spate, most of the participants are clearly full of unholy fear and thus have to toe the Branhamism line. Since they know me personally they think that they are trying to save me from you, the problem is that they are not facing the issue that you had addressed. But by and by they won't run away from it because the truth has a way of catching up with any man.
I admit am a bit slow in taking the messages from your website and reading them, but the ones I have read have been of help to me and I always know that I will come back for more. I just recently started on Logos: The Beginning of Creation coz I am seeking to know the Godhead clearly and tis a very sweet one, am still reading it.
Thank you for heeding God's call when you did, coz I can testify that were it not for Him using you i probably would not be believing the message that William Branham brought, or worse still i would have a man as my absolute which is idolatry.
Paul Kirui
[Email: 25 Feb.2018, Kenya]



Br. Gan,
Greetings in our Lord Jesus and may the peace of God be upon you. I just want to thank you for standing for Jesus and the Word of God like you have. It's good to see a Message minister go against "branhamism." I am blessed to go to a church that teaches the Message and yes they do quote Br. Branham but only to clarify scripture and bring out the fullness of the Word. The emphasis is on the Word. I have to say I have noticed there is a spirit that hovers around Br. Branham's sermons that lures you into just reading his sermons only as I myself have warred with it numerous times. I have been in his sermons a lot here lately to get acquainted with his teaching on the 7 Thunders and 7th Seal b4 I take it to the Word to get the revelation of it all. Your exposition on Revelation 10 was very deep and left me hungry to know more for myself. Keep standing on the Word brother. There are those of us out here still waging war with the spirit of idolatry... Both in the Message churches and denominations. 
Br. Jerry Williams
[Email: 10 Aug. 2018]

Bro Gan, I was so touched by your call into ministry. And that has made it possible for some of us to take our stand in these end times. We have been enlightened by your response to the call. In fact at one point, I didn’t know my left from my right, I came across your website. God bless u richly. Shalom

Lawrence Tay
[WhatsApp: 28 Mar. 2019]


My brother, am writing to you to thank you and God for you work in the ministry.  I was a Pentecostal preacher before I became a message believer. When I  thought I had just gotten the revelation of the truth, by knowing the message and the Messenger, it didn't not take long to realise something was a miss.

I realised among believers there is a very religious spirit that has enveloped many. They Prophet is referred to as Absolute, His message is Absolute and every word He spoke was as good as the scriptures. I began to speak against this, I was called unbeliever and labelled a candidate of hell. At some point I  felt like,"Am I the one with the problem with such things as "Say what the tape says", I was even called an impostor when I  published one book entitled The Plumbline-I was so much discouraged that I couldn't write any more, something which is in me, to write.

I got one of your books, was given by a friend who is with the Lord now, He was the Director of VGR Uganda. When I  saw you talking about the same thing about Branhamism I was excited in the spirit. I don't know your experience in the ministry,  because I don't know how to get more books from you. I have read only one, The Revelation of the Flaming Sword-its wonderful message.

I wish you had soft copies I could download as PDF file. I really want to read more of your books. I have a conviction that you are an Apostle God has ordained for this end time to bring the balance, that the message believers are staggering as though drank of strong wine. There is a mess in the message. Personality cultists are becoming more and more each day..

Thank you in advance for your kind reply.

Pastor Charles Lwanga
>From Kenya-Africa.

[Email: 15 July 2019]

Well, welcome to the religious world of the MESS in the Message Movement. 
The many disciples of William Branham are not true disciples of the Word Branham believed in.  They thought that parroting his words make them true believers.  On the contrary, they are just religious parrots, who parrot "Good morning" from morning till night.  They cannot differentiate night from day; darkness from light; errors from Truth.
The simple message of BACK TO THE WORD is taken as SAY WHAT THE PROPHET SAID.

Well, there are many foolish people around; and the scary ones are the religious ETM people.  They can proselytize a person and make him two-fold a child of hell than themselves.

Yes, I have have soft copies of my message on the website. Just go to:

May God bless you.


Bro Gan I heard your last week's sermon and it was such a blessing.  God bless richly. If not for your message I would be drifting nowhere. God has truly called and so far you have been faithfully unlike all the ETM fellowships I have been associated with so far.

Gladys D.
[[WhatsApp: 15 Sept. 2019]


Yes. Amen. Same here.
Aside from our local Church Service, I am also blessed in watching your online Sermon.
Before, I really don't understand God Head Doctrine, so I ask God to help me understand.
During those time I was watching your series THE TRAIL OF THE SERPENT, and I was glad that you tackle about the God Head Doctrine. So I take notes while watching your Sermon and also used my Bible, I take note all the verses given to understand God Head and even the Renteso and Baptiso difference. And I thank God after that that I fully understand the God Head Doctrine. Praise the Lord.
And that's why I always watch your online Sermon also, because it also helps me to grow Spiritually. I learned a lot. And I thank God for teaching me.
God bless you Bro. Gan.


Windy T.
[WhatsApp: 15 Sept. 2019]




Shalom Sir,
It is a privilege sending you this mail. Greetings in the name of the
Lord Jesus Christ.
I give thanks to God for preserving you and other true servants of God
that see the Bible as the Absolute against the believes of the main
stream of the End-Time Message Believers.

I recently started following you on your website, and thanking God for
His grace in your ministry. There are some few element of Believers
globally standing for the Truth as you do but may be unknown to you
and me. God is uniting the Bride Church in the Word in preparation for
the latter rain.

I discovered through some articles on the website that you may have
some differences with our late Brother Raymond Jackson.
Notwithstanding, I wish you can still reach out to the Disciples of
Christ that faithfully followed Jackson as He followed Christ.

As you know that Gentiles worship idols, so some faithful disciples
may want to worship Branham, Jackson, Gan......etc. I believe you are
equally conscious that some may even want to worship your flesh, so
you need to teach them otherwise as you constantly point them to
Christ. I know that you are not pointing any man to yourself from your
messages and books.

Sir, there are so us that have respect for the ministry of Jackson but
not seeing him as any Chief Apostle but one of the Apostles in the
Five-fold ministry. We need to stand together as one and fight the
spirit of the Antichrist.

Jackson is gone, you and others are living, may there be grace from
God to unite the body through the Word. God  has an expectation from
us all.

I am unknown brother to you from Nigeria who pastors local assembly in
Lokoja, Nigeria. Regards to all Saints in Singapore.

Yours in Christ,
Bro. Ilesanmi Onile
From Nigeria
[Email: 11 Feb. 2020]
Hello brother Richard,
Galvery greetings to you, your family and the brethren there. I'm a message Believer worshipping in a local church in Nigeria. I first read your exposition on the serpent seed and find it very interesting. And also your writing on the parousia coming of Christ, its so revealing and insightful. May the Lord bless you and the entire church, and keep you all save till he returns Amen. 
                 Brother Paul Marcel 
                 From Lagos Nigeria.

[Email: 4 March, 2020]

I came to know about the office of the Apostolic Ministry through Pastor Mawino Zambia, I did write you the letter that was in 1998 mid year as at that time email were unheard of especially in our country Zambia. Brother, your response to my questions in that letter left no doubt in but conclude that you are a genuine Servant of God, now I desired to get a chance to talk to you about something that will never change and Pastor Andrew Phiri made it possible when you came to Lusaka. What a humble servant of our God you are!
To cut my too long a testimony short the Great Wonder is that you have never departed from the infallible true teachings of the Blessed Bible. To this Brother I thank you, Continue in this Light and I will surely get in touch with Brother Andrew so I can serve some money and travel to your Country and sit under the sweet fellowship.
Thank you so much and God Bless.
Brother Cephas

[Email: 5 March, 2020]

God bless you brother on your upcoming 50 years in the Ministry , you are a blessing to all the believers who are seeking for the truth , you did your best even some will spoke evil words against you ,your ministry, the prophetic Revelation help a lots of people to grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I thank the Lord for allowing me to know you And be Identified to your ministry because it Helps me a lot to know Him and be founded to the truth of His Word 
Thank you not just for your standing for the truth but also to all the help you did for the ministry here in Masbate, because of your kindness some of our need has been provided.
Bro. Jtog
[Email: 23 June, 2020]


How are you man of God? My prayer for you is that you continue walking in the light of the word of God . I came to know the word of God through reading the Bible and your books before joining the Zambia police in 2002.I came to know about pastor Andrew phiri in 2019 and I didn't hesitate to leave the assembly which is dancing around Ewald I have been reading your books since 1998 . I am very happy to be in the true light of the word of God.Greetings to the family and brethrens in singapore.shallom,
bro Weston simukoko in Lusaka Zambia.

[Email: 8 Aug, 2020]




David Owens wrote on 31/10/2020 11:56 PM:

Hello Dear Brother, Christian greetings from the UK, about 210 miles west of London.
Thank you for your wonderful website.
However, it is very difficult to print from the site – inasmuch the font/lettering very feint, caused by the colouring of page and font colour.
I am disappointed as I find the site very interesting.
May God continue to bless you in your work.
With blessings from David.


David & Nancy Owens wrote on 2/11/2020 2:47 AM:
Dear Br Richard, Sunday evening 1835hrs
Christian greetings.
Thank you very much for your kindness and help. I am now blessed to be able to print the topics in pdf form.
I particularly wanted to thank you for the pdf link - without which I probably would not be able to locate the pdf format.
Do you print your Biblical beliefs? I would be most interested if it were possible to learn of your fundamental Bible beliefs.
I have now printed several of the articles and will spend time reading them.
May God bless you and your family in your wonderful work.
Thank you, with blessings from David


Shalom, Bro David.

No we do not have a statement of Faith, if that is what you mean.  A statement of faith will never cover every thing concerning Yahweh and the revelation of His Faith to His elect.  I have Christian friends who confessed they believe in ONE GOD, and yet could not explain what they meant by ONE GOD.  They ended up with either TWO or THREE. :O)

God bless


David & Nancy Owens wrote on 3/11/2020 8:31 PM:
Dear Br Richard, Tuesday morning 1135hrs.
Christian greetings.
Thank you very much for your welcomed email. Contents read and understood.
I was so pleased to learn that you do not print a Statement of Faith. Your feelings on such writings are the same as mine.
I really am blessed to have come across your site. I have downloaded/printed a number of your writings, In particular, I am reading "The coming of Christ," "Branhamism" and "What was the original sin?
Mention was made - in your article titled The Coming of Christ - that Br William Branham was the antitype of John the Baptist John proclaiming the first advent of Christ. Br William our Lord's second advent.
I looked up on Google William Branham. I also looked at YOUTUBE, and was able to view an interview between Br Branham and two others. It was most interesting, and I could see that Br Branham was indeed one who was endowed with the Holy Spirit and Spirit gifts. From this brief interview one felt they were in the presence of a person who was "chosen" "different. I was also able to listen to sermons given by Br.
I have already started my read of " Branhamism" and I may further add, that your writings are so enjoyable to read, and I thank you for such a wonderful site.
Your writing "What was original sin" is so comprehensive, it will take some time to complete.
Thank you so much. I trust that you and your family are keeping well.
With rich blessings from David.

Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Bro David, Wm Branham has been a very controversial preacher since the day he appeared on the scene in the early 20th Century.  This is not only because of the gift he had received from the Lord but also because of his hard preaching against Christendom and its dogmas.  Then there are some of his teachings that to many in traditions seem to be demonic, calling him a false prophet.  On the other hand, those followers who are extremists believe that ALL his words spoken are to be taken as SCRIPTURES, and some even believe that he is Jesus Christ Himself.
There is a whole lot of confusion and schism in the movement just as there are in Christendom.

May the Lord bless you and guide you into HIS TRUTH.
Baruch Hashem.


Dear Br Richard, Friday afternoon 1425hrs. 6/11/2020
Grace and Peace.
Thank you very mucgh for your email with attachment video of song "Wonderful Tme." It was such a lovely experience listening to it, and more remarkable about the circumstances of it's origin. I can picture you on that road and tapping the sounds that were the basis of such song and music.
It is such a simple song with a wonderful message - a song one can keep singing through the day.
My wife, Nancy, attends a local Methodist church, and she has been singing the song during the morning. Unfortunately, I have no singing voice.
After reading some of your wonderful booklets, I decided to re-read them. They are full of new Truths to me. I have been a Bible Student for many years, but have never read such comforting Truth words. The words have made me look at Scripture in a different way to that of which I was previously accustomed.
Thank you so much. I am the type of Bible Student that needs to summarise Scriture in my own words, and since re-reading "The Coming of Christ" have been blessed to have such a greater understanding of this wonderful event. I am so blessed to learn such new things. shall begin to summarise other booklets in due course. I may add that I have been reading the emails from many parts of the world listed on the website, and I appreciate the comforting mesdsages contained therein.
May God bless each contributor. I also note the videos etc available on the site, and again, take much joy in viewing same. I must close now, in order to return to my work of reading/summarising your works.
I send my Christian blessings to you and your family, and thank God for guiding me to you site and works.
Br David



Shalom, I have recently come across your website and I have been blessed by the many articles that you have written.

I have been in the ETM since I was a little boy though I have just recently been born again (about 6yrs).

I am actually getting fed up with the ‘’the prophet said’’ that we hear all the time.

I have long held the stance that the prophet came to point us back to the bible and not his ‘’messages’’.

Is has been a great delight to come across your website that thoroughly teaches what the prophet William Branham actually stood for and his purpose as the 7th Messenger.

I heard of you long ago when I was a little boy from my Pastor, the late Asihene in Ghana and I am glad to actually come across your works and just wish to get acquainted to you.

My name is Philip Kasu, I am a 35yr old man living in Accra, Ghana. I am a medical doctor by profession with a desire to know the deep things of God and to be able to perfectly explain the bible without having to quote the prophet all the time.

May the Lord continue to grant you good health and long life  to continue doing the good work you do.

It will be an honor and a great delight to hear from an Apostle of our time such as you.

Thank you for reading me email

Yours sincerely,
[Email: 05 Dec. 2021]