Guinea-Conakry & Monrovia-Liberia

JUNE 2017

Bro. Akpan Blessing Nice

The plan to visit the western part of West Africa came in the early part of 2017 but was halted by the passing away of my beloved mother (Sister Comfort Akpan Nice).
The trip that was originally scheduled for March 20th, 2017 was postponed to the month of May and again was pushed further to the month of June 2017.
We were faced with different challenges while trying to book the flights. There was a hitch connecting Guinea-Bissau to Guinea-Conakry and to Liberia. When we finally got an airline that would make that trip, it was cancelled at the last minute, citing that they could only take passengers who paid online, and the total time for the flight was 36 hours. We decided to divide ourselves into 3 different groups moving (i) Lagos to  Conakry via Abidjan, (ii) Lagos to Monrovia direct, and  (iii) Lagos to Bissau via Casablanca (Morocco). It all went well except the Bissau trip, which was canceled and we had to plan a road journey from Conakry for the distribution of Christian study materials.

CONAKRY, GUINEA (June 7th to 17th, 2017)

I received news from Conakry that the church we visited in 2015, during the Ebola crisis, was in a bad state as most adult members had left, leaving behind the children. I told the pastor (Bro. John Kembe) to just allow me to come and see things for myself. I traveled through Abidjan and got to Conakry at 2:45pm. Bro John Kembe and Bro Kamano Benoit (a minister) were at the airport to receive me. I rested for about an hour and headed straight to the church auditorium for that evening meeting. It was well attended by children and only 2 adults. It was long after preaching that the children fell asleep, leaving two attentive adults, who were converted to the Gospel and was later water baptized.



I was introduced to speak in a gathering of over 600 people of different denominations, Muslims and some African traditionalists. They usually gather every Saturday morning to receive prayers from  a "prophet" named Ray, who was the organizer of the meetings. I sensed that the people were there to consult this "prophet", the same way they could have visited the marabou (witch doctor). I spoke on confession and  repentance, and the atmosphere was different from what they were used to. 



The usual charismatic shouting of “preach on” was missing. Some sick fellows were laying by the side waiting for the prophet to come and touch them, but as the Word was coming forth, their faith seemed to have been re-directed towards the Word of God. At the end of the message, the people that were ready for water baptism were over half of the crowd, but when we met with them to discuss when to go for the baptism, they said it must be after the Muslim fast, I quickly understood who I was dealing with.

The next morning as I was preaching over the radio, I decided to give them a "Ramadan message" being that the nation is a Muslim nation. I talked on the promise/covenant of Abraham, how that the promise was to Abraham and his Seed (singular), and that the seed was neither Ishmael nor Isaac. Therefore, we had nothing to fight for in the flesh because we, as Gentiles living in Guinea, would be deceived if we want to be in that seed of Abraham by becoming Jews, Muslims, Catholics or any of the other groups in this world.

I concluded by telling the people how Saul of Tarsus was delivered from the Jewish traditions by the revelation of the Seed of Abraham, which is Christ. With these words I ended the teaching by saying “therefore, it is needless for anyone to be a Jew, a Muslim, a Catholic or a Protestant, when the seed of Abraham is Christ”. As soon as I ended, the phone lines started ringing and questions dropping like fireworks; and the host announced a 3-day  conference from 14th Wednesday to 16th Friday June 2017.


Private Interviews (12th and 13th June, 2017)

God did heal a sick woman among the people, during the interdenominational open-air meeting, and she decided to meet John Kembe and I secretly in the church. She was accompanied by another woman and a female preacher (Virginia Maomou) who was asked to help interpret into the local language.

I was inside praying when they arrived and Bro. John sat with them waiting for me to finish. I came to join them but somehow Bro. John said he wished not to be there, that he wanted them to be free to speak their minds. As I bowed my head to pray, I saw a vision in which the woman was seated to my right on a plastic chair, and suddenly a force pulled the chair from her and she fell.

I tried to concentrate because I was praying with them before we could start talking, but again I saw another vision of her kneeling by an open grave, and a little boy of about 4 years was lying in it. I had to share the vision through the interpreter, and the woman screamed. It was the very dream that she had a night before, and that was the reason she wanted to see me. I told her that she could only find peace in the Lord Jesus Christ. The same thing happened with the other 2 women; and as we looked into the scriptures, they believed and were among those that were baptized on Saturday, 17th June 2017.


Bah Mamadou

The next day, a call came through the brother who was receiving people in the church. He told us that some Muslims were there to see us, who had come from far. We rushed through our lunch and drove straight to meet with them in the tabernacle. We met a man and a woman, both of the Fula (Fulani) tribe; they too had followed the radio program but they were not together. I would not mention the name of the woman, as she is a wife to a strong fanatic Muslim, and is currently facing very tough persecutions for believing the Lord Jesus Christ.

God revealed the secrets of these two people, and Mr. Bah fell on his knees, under great distress, and with tears, started repenting. He faithfully attended all the meetings and believed deeply in his heart. I could not baptize him on Saturday morning with the others because he had a secular appointment to keep. Bro. John Kembe later baptized him on Monday morning.

I continued teaching on the covenant of God with Abraham during the 3 days conference, which was well attended by all those who had come for private counseling; and some denominational church pastors. The Muslims simply believed on the Name of Jesus Christ, but the denominational preachers were angry, and they threw questions to disrupt the meeting.


ONE SPECIAL MIRACLE (Friday 16th June, 2017)

I had just ended my sermon a few minutes before 6pm, and while Bro. John Kembe was rounding up I decided to go outside. I walked away from the tabernacle and stood behind a vehicle that was packed. It was the vehicle of one of the Muslim men who were preparing to pray and close the fast of the day. As I looked to my left, I saw them gathered at the prayer ground to start their prayers; a large crowd of men, women and children came to join them there. Then came this man, who was walking towards the prayer ground, but he had his eyes on me, so I smiled and waved at him. Telling his fellow Muslims to continue on to the prayer ground, he changed his course towards me; he greeted me, in French. I asked him if he spoke English, he said no, and just then something happened.

Since we could not understand each other, I just spoke by faith and gestured with my hand, what I just saw at that moment, concerning him. The little kettle (containing water for his washing before prayer) that he held in his hand, fell to the ground. One of the French-speaking preachers who was with us, joined us. I told him what I saw so that he could translate it to the man, but to our amazement, this man said he understood everything. He told the preacher that what I spoke to him by gestures was true, and he demonstrated the experience he had in his dream a week ago. He said that he had gone to consult a witch doctor, and the events kept re-occurring. The vision, I saw at that moment, was a female dog dragging him along the street by his leg, and the same dog also ate up his hands, while everyone watched without rendering any help. 

He held my jacket crying that I must help him. I told him the kind of help he needed was not from any man but from the Word of God, which is Jesus Christ. I told him the connection he had with that dog, and he cried the more. He asked how he could become a Christian from that moment onwards. I asked him about the prayers he was going to attend, he said he's done with that. I spoke with him a little and as I started to walk back into the tabernacle, he followed me. I told him I was not sure of his faith and was not going to have him baptized; he pressed and was baptized by Bro. John Kembe on Monday along with others.


BAPTISM (Saturday 17th June, 2017)


My flight back to Lagos was scheduled for 2pm. Because I have promised the new converts,  especially  those converted  from  Islam, to baptize them before leaving. They were already in the church by 8am waiting for us to come. I made sure that the books we brought were given out to those who needed them before rushing to the seaside to conduct the baptism.  I encouraged  them to continue steadfastly in the faith of the Apostles, that people all over will read their testimonies and join them in their faith and prayers. I got to the airport at 12 noon.. The flight was safe and after a stopover at Abidjan, I finally arrived Lagos at 12:50am and by 1:15am Sunday morning I got home.


MONROVIA, LIBERIA (June 21st 27th 2017)


Bro. Kingsley Nlemeke returned from his eastern trip where he had spent a month and 3 days. As he was familiar with the coastal West African countries, I had to include him in the trip. We both left Lagos 3 days after my arrival from Conakry with a total of 104kg of Christian materials for the saints. It was my first time visiting Monrovia, but Bro.Kingsley Nlemeke had lived there, as well as in Conakry. 

The airport in Monrovia looked more like a makeshift motor park, and one could see the level of damages the civil war had done to this small country. The more we moved into the heart of the city, the more we discovered the decay, both spiritually and physically. 

After the Immigration and Police had cleared us, we came out to call the phone number of the pastor who was to receive us at the airport but no one answered. We met a pastor from the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Movement, who flew on the same aircraft with us; we requested him to assist us in getting a taxi to the city, which was an hour drive from the airport. We took the same cab to Monrovia and on the way we were able to contact our host, Pastor Patrick High, who took us and lodged us at the Lutheran Church Guest House.

Communion Assembly (June 22nd to 25th 2017)

The revival meeting commenced and I was led to teach on the visit of Nicodemus to Jesus in relation to the new birth. At first, the ministers and other church leaders who were invited showed some form of resentment. Prior to this meeting, I saw in a night vision, men walking in the streets of Monrovia  without  their heads. It was revealed to me that the men of the city were in that condition because of their women who were possessed by a strong spirit of witchery. These women trapped their victims through immorality, both spiritually and physically. Indeed this was clearly noticeable everywhere, from the streets to the churches.

             Pastor Patrick High giving me the pulpit


Talking about the new birth, I told the preachers that they and their followers were pretending to have the Holy Ghost by involving themselves in spiritual exercises outside the True Word. As I preached, I hit out hard at sin, prevention, self-deception in Christian life; one could sense the discomfort of those possessed with evil spirits. As I closed my Bible to go, I told them that, with what I had spoken that night, I doubt if the meetings would continue; I also apologized to the pastor, if in any way I had offended him, but that I was not apologizing on behalf of the Word. 

As the pastor drove us back to the lodge, he said to us that he had, for a long time, desired to hear what he had heard me spoke, and that he did not care who was offended; so I asked him to invite other preachers for the meeting.

The next day we received Bishop Melton Seleweyan, who was introduced to us by Bro. John Kembe of Conakry. He spent time with us at the hotel. He left, promising to see us the next day. We were  surprised  to find him  waiting  at the church in the evening for the meeting.  He stayed through the meeting that day; a very humble servant of God. He followed the teaching, confirming the words with the scriptures; and when the service was over, he requested Pastor High that his people must also hear this old time Gospel.



Bro. Kingsley Nlemeke was scheduled to preach in Pastor High’s church on Sunday morning, while I was taken to the outskirt of the city to a village called Thinker’s village to minister to the congregation of Bishop Seleweyan’s church.

Bro. Kingsley preached on Spiritual Famine. After the sermon, he had a prayer line with discernment, and 9 persons were ready for water baptism. I preached on Practical Christianity, and as I concluded the message, a brother stood up crying to the altar, and confessed openly to the amazement of the congregation. He knelt down and begged the Bishop to forgive him for things he had done. He was secretly sowing discord in the church, and it started to spread like wild fire. Then believers started to confess to one another. I prayed for those who openly repented. Later, I was taken back to my lodging place to prepare for the evening meeting at Patrick High’s church.

Sunday (June 25th 2017)

Bro. Kingsley was sharing with me the events that took place during the morning session; and how that the heavy downpour had disrupted the planned baptism for that afternoon. We felt that our labour was fruitless without the converts being baptized before we left for home. In the quietness of the room, we started singing a short chorus titled: ‘The dawning of a new day’.


The dawning of a new day,
The dawning of a new day,
It has dawn.
The dawning of a new day,
The savior has given us.
The dawning of a new day,
It has dawn,
The dawning of a new day.

The Sunday evening was to be a farewell meeting as that was the last meeting  before our departure. Having spoken against the Trinity doctrine as not being a Bible teaching, questions were coming from every angle. I taught on the 3 Guests of Abraham from Genesis 18. Oh, it was a special night, and the people did not want the meeting to end. The Name of the Lord Jesus Christ was lifted that night, and many came out on their own accord to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.

I had prayed the previous evening for the sick. Since the people on the prayer line were so many, I decided to make a general prayer, considering the time and the narrowness of the place.I also commented  that healing was something  very simple to get, as Jesus did not have to die for us to be healed. He died to save us; He is also the Healer. I rounded up the Sunday message by telling the saints, that since a Saviour had died for us; He is our Lord and Master, and we are members of His Body, His Wife; and no wife can refuse the name of her husband.

High, Nice and Chukwudi

Pastor Patrick High stepped forward and openly declared his willingness to be
re-baptized, and the Overseer of Christ Way Assembly, in Semenco, followed suit, openly declaring the same; and the presence of God shook the place, as many more indicated their interest to start a new life with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Baptism and Testimonies

The baptism was slated for Monday 26th 2017, and a total of 19 persons including 3 ministers were present for the baptism. Those who could not make it, due to their jobs, were rescheduled for the coming Saturday. Prior to the baptism, some converts openly opposed it saying that they could not partake, but the night before the baptism, 3 brothers were given visions in the night.

A notable healing!

A brother had a growth inside his throat region that caused him not to eat certain foods, and this have kept him sick for years. He was one of those on the prayer line who felt nothing had happened to him, but in his dream he had an angelic visitation. He was asked to drink a bitter substance from a cup and he objected but the drink was administered to him forcefully. When it got inside his belly, he felt strong bitterness and he vomited. The brother woke up to find out that he had really vomited strange things, and he called the attention of his brother from the another room to help him. He also discovered that the pain in his throat for the first time, in a long time, had disappeared.  He rushed straight to the seaside to testify and was baptized.

Entry denied!

Bro. Daniel told other church members on Sunday evening that the issue of the Trinity doctrine is delicate,  and he cannot be quick to believe or be carried away because the pastor has denied the Trinity. He went home that night after bidding us farewell and also wish we would come back for more clarification in the near future. The same night he had a dream, he saw that he was in a long queue, and up in the front people were being received and allowed entry into a beautiful gate, but when it got to his turn, he was told he had not the seal. He argued and cried to the man, begging and trying to explain, but the man told him that these ones, pointing to those inside, that they have the Name of Jesus Christ marked on them; and he woke up. He called his wife and told her that he must be baptized at once, and they both rushed to meet us, to the surprise of the other believers. Praise God!                                                              Bro. Daniel being baptized.

I cannot baptize you now!

Another brother who was also not willing to come for the baptism, not because he did not believe, but for the sake of his work, being Monday morning, dreamt that he was late for the baptism. He saw in the dream that the baptism was over, and I was addressing the new believers, so he approached me, pleading for me to baptize him, but I refused. I told him that I cannot baptize him this time but to get ready until I return for another visit. He wept bitterly. Then he woke up.

This fellow was the first to get to the church auditorium the next day, and as he shared his dream with me, I also received a message from the Lord that he had things to make right before his baptism. 

I counseled him and he opened up and was prayed for, before his water baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ.             

                                                  KINGSLEY, NICE AND A BELIEVER


Monday evening (June 26th 2017)

Pastor Chukwudi the overseer of Christ Way Assembly, who also was re-baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, had requested our presence in his church. The believers were seated 2 hours before our arrival, some of them having heard of the meetings in Pastor Patrick High’s church in the city center. The host pastor stood up to introduce us and also testified of his re-baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ. He did not fail to tell the church that most of the things he taught them were challenged by The Scripture in the last one week; and since it was proven by Scriptures to be wrong, he himself announced that such things, and many more that shall be revealed, must be thrown out. The assembly was dumbfounded, and there were murmurings, especially when he mentioned the word ‘trinity’.


Then I called to preach and as I understood the state of the minds of the congregation at that particular time, I tried to explain to them to bear with their pastor because most things are better taught from the Bible than just plain talking on Bible topics. I preached from Galatians 5:7 Ye have run well, but who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth.




The Lord granted me utterance and the Spirit of God moved in the building, touching lives and convicting sinners and hypocrites. I closed my bible, and told them that the Church of Jesus Christ was one True Church and not an organization, so if ever they wanted to belong to this one True Church, they must be born again. Hands were lifted up for prayers, and we left joyfully knowing that a great revival had struck the land of Liberia. The pastor testified to Brother Kingsley concerning those who were preparing for baptism the following weekend.



We left the Lutheran guesthouse at 12pm to the airport, in a car driven by Pastor Patrick High. There was a heavy downpour. God saved us from a terrible accident when the car in front of us came to a sudden stop; He kept us from any vehicle ramming into us from behind. The flight was delayed due to bad weather for an hour.

The Lord brought us home safely, and our joy knew no bound, for the sweet victory recorded in Conakry and Monrovia (Liberia)

We have been requested to send preachers to assist these churches in Monrovia and Conakry.

The Lord Jesus Christ has blessed our small assembly with over 10 preachers who are seasoned in the Present Truth. We are making plans to assist these churches with teachers of the Word to help position  them in the Body of Christ, and for this we humbly request your support. God bless you all in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

The Name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run in and is saved!

Shalom! Shalom!! Shalom!!!


Bro. Blessing Nice Akpan


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