MAY 2014





05th - 08th MAY, 2014.


Shalom dear saints! I am Bro. Sunday Moses Samuel from Life Assurance Tabernacle, Lagos, Nigeria. I was privileged to have accompanied Bro. Akpan Blessing Nice to Ghana in his maiden visit. He had made several attempts in the past to visit Ghana but none was successful, and at a certain time somehow concluded he might never be able to make this visit.  Bro. Kwa Thomas was introduced to Bro. Nice and Life Assurance Tabernacle in 2008, and since then Bro. Thomas, an evangelist by calling, had made several visits to our assembly and really wanted to reciprocate this gesture by contacting pastors in Ghana.

The first invitation came through Pastor Abedi, though verbal, was very willing to have Bro. Nice minister in Ghana to the saints. Bro. Kennedy Uzezi, a deacon, was asked to convey some materials to Ghana upon the request of the saints there, and since he was newly transferred to work offshore in Ghana, it was easy for him to visit these believers and fellowship with them. Prior to our contacting these 2 Ghanaian preachers, Bro. Nice had earlier been introduced to Pastor Philip Mensah, a seasoned servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, through a Nigerian preacher, Pastor Ebubechukwu Udoka.


While the Pastor and the ministering brethren were finalizing the arrangements for the West African Mission trip, Pastor Abedi received the news of the death of his mother, and this shattered us all as his end was hindered. When we contacted Bros. Thomas and Mensah, they quickly came up by taking over the entire programme. Pastor Philip Mensah took over the planning and facilitating of our movements and other engagements. This humble servant of God and the entire church opened their door wide for us to minister with liberty of the spirit. We spent four wonderful days in Accra, ministering in 2 services, and there were visiting ministers and saints from other nearby assemblies of believers who came to partake in the meeting on Sunday. And sibce then we are looking forward to a wonderful convention in the coming month of December 2014 that will be hosted by Pastor Mensah. We are expecting to have our humble brother and minister from Lebanon, Bro. Pierre Rouhana, to visit us in Ghana during that time. We give God all the glory for the safe and memorable trip to Ghana.

Bro. Sunday Moses Samuel

[Life Assurance Tabernacle, Lagos - Nigeria.]




14th - 21st MAY 2014


I was selected to travel with Bro. Nice to Freetown, Sierra Leone, and Conakry-Guinea in the May 2014 outreach. Having served as a parish pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church in Guinea for about 4 years, and have been involved in missions in the surrounding countries, it was a blessing for me to re-visit these areas.



I had a vision on the 1st of July 2009 which served as a turning point for me and the narrow road I would later come to discover and follow. In that vision, I was standing outside my house in Conakry, Guinea and it started raining and with it came lightning and thundering. It was getting very dark and the people were running in confusion not knowing where to go but they kept jostling one another, a scene of great confusion. Among all the people running and crying, I could only recognize 2 of my church members namely: Innocent Unachukwu, an usher and Bro. Tunde. My attention was drawn to a finger emerging from the cloud and writing boldly: 'THE COUNTDOWN TO THIS EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE IN THE YEAR 2012'. The cloud was rolled like a scroll while these words were written on it, and it stayed for about 15mins maybe longer before it was turned off, and I woke up and shared it with my room-mates, and a few persons in the church.


I was sent as a missionary to Algeria in 2012, but while I was contemplating whether or not to go, I decided to visit Nigeria, having been away for 7 years. In March 2012, while in Nigeria, a brother, who used to minister with the same denomination as the one I was serving in Guinea, told me that he wanted me to meet another servant of God who is also a missionary but that the words were different. I was invited to the fellowship where this servant of God was also invited to preach at Igando new town. We were already seated when 2 men and a woman entered the fellowship hall, their looks were different, their spirits gentle and you could feel an inward sense of the power of God. The preacher was introduced as Bro. Blessing Akpan Nice, accompanied by his wife Sis. Blessing Nice, and another preacher Bro. Sunday Samuel Moses. I was seated directly at the front seat looking straight to him and as he was about to preach, I heard the re-echoing of the same voice that read out what was written in the vision of 2009 saying, “THAT VISION OF 1st JULY 2009 IS ABOUT TO BE FULFILLED TO YOU This voice spoke deeply in my heart. A few days later, I met Bro. Nice and spoke with him and the conversation led to my being re-baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Glory be to God!


Flying to Freetown was a big problem as the Ebola virus was spreading around Guinea Bissau, some part of Liberia and Guinea Conakry. The flights were cancelled at very short notice and passengers were left in frustration and there was also no proper explanation given. Our flight was scheduled for 8:00am but were took off at 10:55pm. This affected our budget, as we had to pay 5 times more for every other transport at that time of the night. We had to cross the sea to the city of Freetown from the airport so that we can catch the early morning bus to Conakry. The journey by road was supposed to be about 5 hours at most, but we ended up spending about 11 hours. We got to Conakry tired and worn-out.


We were warmly received by Pastor John Kembay who had met Bro. Richard Gan and Bro. Jean-Marie Ndimba in Brussels and Paris.  Bro. John and his lovely wife took very good care of us while our stay lasted, and coincidentally I used to know Sis. Kembay while I was in Conakry because we both belonged to the Association of Private School owners. It was surely a great time for me to return to Guinea with the true faith of the Lord Jesus Christ.


I went to visit the school I used to own in Kipe, Conakry and the news of my visit got around the churches and soon we got busy receiving guests at the school and ministering to them, many of them thought the Redeem Christian Church Headquarters in Lagos had transferred me back to Conakry. Bro. Nice ministered to them and they were so shocked to understand that they had the Bible but did not believe it.


The First Miracle

Bro. Jehoshaphat Nwachukwu, our brother from Guinea Bissau, had sent some books from Cotonou, Benin Republic to Guinea, but since there was no direct routing these books had to be sent through Bamako, Mali and the agents will have to resend it to Guinea Conakry. The recipient of this material in Conakry was Bro. Daniel Nwanosike, the Secretary of the Language School where we were holding the spiritual discuss. Inn his office we met a young lady who was trying to get admission, and things were not quite right with this lady. She had a serious spiritual problem that was known to most people in the town. Also, her story seemed strange. She narrated that when she was 12-year old living with her parents in Sierra Leone she picked a golden ring and a piece of diamond which she kept and could not tell anyone. And one afternoon while sitting with her mother, an average aged man walked towards them

and demanded the ring and diamond. Physically before her mother, the man was calm but spiritually he was tormenting her, squeezing her neck; so she got up, ran into her room and brought out the items to the amazement of her mother. The man physically left that day but never left her spiritually, for her story is one that is well known in the town and its environs. Josephine lived the rest of her life in torment and embarrassment as the said man turned her into one of his concubines. She had been taken to many places, mostly Marabous (Voodoo men) and churches, and her father died as a result of heart failure over her case. She was very uncomfortable when we entered into the office, and she started making signs as if she wanted to leave. Another strange thing was that she seemed to be in 2 worlds at the same time. It looked like another being was talking to her or telling her what to say and do. Bro. Nice told Bro. Daniel that she had some problems and he would be willing to minister the Word of God to her, and Bro. Daniel agreed.


As soon as the ministration of the Word begun, she started feeling severe pain in her abdomen. Then Bro. Nice said to her, “You have a guardian demon who had damaged your life and destroyed people around you”. Her response was simply “How do you know?” After a while, she threatened, “My man is here and he said he is going to destroy you and that I should stop listening to you.” Bro. Nice told her to ask him if he (Bro. Nice) was alone for there were angels all around him. After much speaking, she started crying and confessed that since this spirit came into her life, she had destroyed a lot of people, including the blindness of her foster father. We invited her to Bro. John Kembay's church that evening and she came with a family member, and the power of God through the preaching of the Word touched her life and she surrendered and even came out to be baptized.


Bro. Nice started praying for the sick and spiritually oppressed people and this young sister was among those being prayed for. The spirit threw her down, spoke through her with the voice of a man, introduced himself as Musah, and finally cried out and left her. The pastor's wife (Sis. Kembay) along with other sisters came and carried her to have here cleaned up and given a change of clothing and stayed with here till she was strong enough to go. The next day, something very unusual happened in her home; armed robbers paid a visit (this is not common in Conakry) and catered away things that belonged to her but most of which were not even useful. Sis. Josephine was among the 11 souls baptized in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Her deliverance was also witnessed by some Muslim people standing close by the church (some of them had even threw stones on the roof of the church), led to their bringing for prayers one Mohammed, a young man of 19 years, possessed of a terrible spirit of insanity, to be prayed for. Mohammed's father was among those baptized after the deliverance of his son. Glory be to God.

Bro. Kingsley Tochukwu Nlemeke]

[Life Assurance Tabernacle, Lagos - Nigeria.]