If you know what is the Gospel truth and it's laid out to you, and God has revealed it to you and you know it's the truth, but just to satisfy some congregation or some petty preacher, or to be popular for you want to hold on to the things that you want to hold on to, instead of taking God's Word, Paul said that he that sins or disbelieves wilfully after he has received the knowledge of the truth there remaineth no more sacrifice for sin. There's your unpardonable sin — is to know what is the truth and refuse to walk in it.
[Unpardonable Sin]

And when a man turns down the Gospel truth, Satan marks him. Where? In his ear. He deafens him so that he can't hear the Truth no more. He is finished! He stays with the group he is with if he won't hear the Truth.
[The Second Seal]

…Now, will you speak, Lord, in Your own miraculous and glorious way, that they might know that I have told the truth? They could doubt me, it would be alright, but Father, to doubt You would be sin and unpardonable.
[Contending For The Faith]

Thus Saith the Spirit of God that's on me: this is the last sign to the Gentile Church before the Rapture. Thus saith the Word of God! Thus Saith the Holy Spirit that speaks, that knows the secret of the heart. Thus saith The Lord! You are receiving your last call! Call me fanatic if you wish to, and blaspheme the Holy Ghost.
[Wasn't So From The Beginning]