1. What Is The Holy Ghost?

It is the Spirit of God dwelling in you to do the works of God.
It's God's satisfying portion to His Church.
That's what the Holy Ghost is. It's a Power. It's a Seal. It's a Sign. It's a Comforter. It's an Advocate. It's Goodness. It's Healing. It's God's Open Door. It's an Assurance. It's Rest. It's Peace. It's Life. It's a Promise. It's a Mark. It's Your Protection. It's Your Witness. It's a Covenant. It's the Spirit of Jesus Christ in you. He's the God of Heaven.
[What Is The Holy Ghost?]

The Holy Ghost is The Word of God in you that identifies Itself by accepting that Word.
[This Day This Scripture Is Fulfilled]

There is also a “3" in the PERFECTION of the Steps of Grace to the Church — Justification, Sanctification and the Baptism Of The Holy Ghost, that consists of the NEW BIRTH.
[Seed Is Not Heir With The Shuck]

You're a Christian when you are born again and filled with the Holy Ghost, and not until then, and you are yielded completely to the Spirit. If you are not yielded to the Spirit, then you are not born again and you don't have the Holy Ghost.
[Perfect Strength By Perfect Weakness]

2. What Is The Baptism of The Holy Ghost?

It is the Spirit baptizing you into the Body of Christ. It is the New Birth. It is the Spirit of God coming in and filling you after you have repented (having heard His Word) and been baptized in water as an answer of a good conscience towards God.
I cast the net and invite a response from the people. I ask them to come forward and receive the Holy Spirit. My Pentecostal friends, upon hearing me say this, believe that I am inviting the people to come forward to be baptized with the Holy Ghost because they are already born again. So when I invite those who are Spirit-filled to come and deal with those who have answered the invitation to receive the Spirit, these dear ones surge forward and deal with the people in such manner as to encourage them to yield to God and believe to speak in Tongues. This has caused a great deal of confusion and I want to tell you exactly what I mean. I mean for the sinner to come forward and be born again, which is to be baptized into the Body of Christ by the Holy Ghost which is exactly what took place at Pentecost when the Church was launched. In other words, to be born of the Spirit is to be truly baptized with the Holy Ghost. It is one and the same.
Now to receive Christ is to receive His Spirit. To receive His Spirit is to be born again. To receive His Spirit is to be baptized with the Holy Ghost Fire, Amen.
[Exposition of The Seven Church Ages]

If you haven't got the Holy Ghost, brother, I don't care how many churches you belong to, you're lost! If you are not born again of the Spirit of God by the baptism of the Holy Ghost, you're lost!
[Pergamean Church Age]

3. What Is The Bible Evidence of Being Baptized With The Holy Ghost?

The Evidence of receiving the Holy Ghost today is just the same as it was back in the day of our Lord. It is: receiving the Word of Truth for the day in which you live…
Jesus never did stress the importance of the works as He did the Word. He knew that if the people got the Word, the works would follow.
The true evidence of being baptized with the Holy Ghost is for the believer to receive the Word for the age in which he lives.
The evidence is hearing what the Spirit says.
Make no mistake about it, a person that is truly baptized by the Holy Ghost into the Body of Christ, receiving the Fulness of the Spirit, will be in the Word all the way. That is the evidence of being baptized with the Holy Ghost.
The proof of the indwelling Spirit was to acknowledge and follow what God's prophet gave for his age as he set the Church in order.
The evidence of a Spirit-filled Christian believer is not to produce the Truth (Word), but to receive the Truth (Word) and to believe and obey it.
[Exposition of The Seven Church Ages]

Now, if the spirit of Elijah upon John would make John act like Elijah, the Spirit of God upon you will make you act like Jesus. Now, there's where you find the Holy Spirit. See? That's what the Holy Spirit does, it makes you meek, makes you humble, makes you forgiving…
When someone says evil about you, say something good. If you can't say something good about them, then don't say nothing. Just let it go, see? And then, when you get to yourself, pray for them…
[Questions & Answers Book 5]

4. Can Anyone Understand or Get A True Revelation of the Word Without The Baptism of The Holy Ghost?

Before this certain thing called the New Birth happens to a man he cannot, no way, at all understand or even understand God.
[Proof of The Resurrection]

Without the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, you can never have your eyes opened to a True Revelation of the Word. A man without the Spirit is blind to God and His Truth.
Only a Spirit-filled man can hear the Revelation for that Age. None other can, no sir. They cannot because that is exactly what Paul said in 1 Cor.2:6-16.
You have to receive the Holy Ghost and then, and only then, can the Spirit give you the Revelation that Jesus is Christ: God, the Anointed One.
[Exposition of The Seven Church Ages]

5. Why Is This Holy Ghost Baptism Important?

I say this with reverence and respect: I believe that the Bride of Christ is called. I believe she's sealed in the Kingdom of God. (Read Eph.4:30). I believe the Mechanics are there. They're waiting for the Dynamics that'll take her off the earth into Glory in the Rapture — and we're waiting and watching for that. The Dynamics Of This Church will be a refilling of the Holy Ghost.
[Jesus On Your Hands]

I'm persuaded that many of us, friends, have received the Holy Ghost but we just receive enough Holy Ghost in us to take us to a place where we don't want to lie, don't want to steal, we don't want to do anything wrong, but God wants to fill every fiber of His Church. He wants to fill your thinking, He wants to fill your mind. He wants to fill every bit of you.
What are we doing? Getting ready for that Rapture! Holding ourselves steady for a few minutes till every fiber is filled with the Holy Ghost. Then she'll go up.
[Oneness with God]

All down through the Ages, they received the Holy Ghost, but not in the measure that they have it now, 'cause it's a restoration of the first.
[Blasphemous Names]

That Holy Ghost ought to be more important to you than everything else there is in the world, your prestige, your life, your job, your anything that there is. You should not cease until you have it. You must receive it.
[Questions & Answers Book 5]