You are saved when you accepted Christ, but you are converted when you received the Holy Ghost.
[God In Simplicity, April '63]

Religion is to feed the widows, the poor and so forth, that's religion.
Salvation is the New Birth, being Born Again.
[A True Sign Overlooked]

When the Holy Ghost comes in, you are a restored person.
[Future Home Of The Earthly Bride]

If you don't believe the Word of God you haven't received the Holy Ghost yet…When you hear the Truth, and the Holy Ghost doesn't lead you to It, then there's another spirit in there keeping you away from It. So the spirit you got in you ain't the Holy Spirit.
[The Spoken Word Is The Original Seed]

When the Supernatural comes in, that's the Mind of Christ.
[The Seventh Seal]

Then He will give to you Supernatural Faith… Coming to you, your Mental Faith, making it a Spiritual Faith; then the Spiritual Faith only recognizes the Word.
[Blasphemous Names]

The Mind of Christ is His Will and His Will is His Word.
[Choosing Of A Bride]