Faith is a Revelation, because it is something that is revealed to you… Faith is the Revelation of God… The Church, the entire Body is built upon a Revelation.
[The Rapture]

It is the Revelation of God that will give you Authority over the devil… There is nothing of such prevailing power as the Revelation of the Word. It takes the Holy Ghost to give us Revelation or we fail to get it.
[Exposition of The Seven Church Ages]

Spiritual Revelation is the only way you will ever know the real meaning of Power and Healing and Salvation… It is a Spiritual Revelation of the Will and Word of God.
[How To Approach God]

I want you to get built up now in the Holy Oracles of God in the Faith — the Faith of this hour… It is going to take more faith in this Age than in any other previous Age, for there has to be a Rapturing Faith for us to be taken up. We want you therefore to believe in all that you have seen and heard, the Word that you have heard preached, the signs and wonders that you have seen done. We want you to accumulate all that together in your heart, and consider whether if that be God or not.
[Spiritual Food in Due Season]

You might differ with this, but listen close! Just because you accepted Christ as personal Saviour, that doesn't mean that you're going in the Rapture. That's for the Elect, that'll go in the Rapture. There'll be a remnant left here on earth that'll go through the Persecution and the Great Tribulation. The Church will be caught up in the Rapture…Now, who places the pattern? God, by Election. Amen! God by election places the pattern. He said, “Now, I have chosen before the foundation of the world…I place these…” Why, Jesus told the disciples that He was with them, and He had chosen them, and knew them before the foundation of the world was ever laid. Is that right? So God places the pattern. Now, there'll be an Elect that'll go in the Rapture. And there'll be a group of people that's good, upright, holy living, god-saved people, that will not be in the Rapture; and they'll come up in the Second Resurrection.
[Conduct, Order & Doctrine]

Enoch typed the Bride. Noah went over through the Tribulation Period, suffered and become drunk and died. But Enoch walked with God…and had a testimony; he pleased God with Rapturing Faith and just started walking right out and went up through the skies and went home without even tasting death. He never died at all.
[Revelation of The Seven Seals]

Not one time did he (Enoch) misbehave himself, but he kept the testimony. Everything that God told him to do, he went and did it. Never arguing about it, he just went and did it. No matter what anybody else thought, he went and did it. Why? He was full of that quickening power!
[Easter Seal]

Look what we've seen in this day. The quickening power has come to us to open the Seven Seals…
Quickening power lets us see His Coming. Quickening power snatched us from death to life.
[It Is The Rising of The Sun]

Watch a Perfect God with a Perfect Heart keeps a Perfect Promise by His Perfect Word, which is sharper than a two-edged sword and a discerner of the thoughts of the heart. What? We're coming now to the Perfection because the people has to come to this in order for the Rapture. That's what's holding it away right now, is, waiting for that Church to come into that Perfect Rapturing Faith.
[Perfect Faith]

[Note: Many followers of William Branham hold the wrong belief that one could only possess the Rapturing Faith and go in the Rapture by “searching or listening to all the messages of the Prophet Branham”. Many have forsaken the Black Book called “THE HOLY BIBLE”. This false idea that Rapturing Faith is found only in the messages of Bro. Branham is a result of the misinterpretation of the following statement:

I believe she's ready to strike that final climax yonder, to bring forth a faith that will rapture the Church into glory and she's laying in the messages.
[The Absolute]

Misinterpretation of just one point in God's Truth will lead one further into more errors. Throughout the ages, many sincere Bible believers without the revelation of the Holy Spirit have misinterpreted the Truth recorded in God's Holy Scriptures and those spoken by His ministering servants. If we do not use the Word of God to interpret Itself, then the following statement of Jesus in John 6:53 could literally be encouraging the practice of cannibalism: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you”. Read verses 60-61 cf. verse 52.

The Word of God will always interpret Itself by the Revelation of the Holy Spirit. As typed by Adam and Eve, the Word and His Bride are one. If so, the Elected Bride of Christ will not fail to walk in the Light of His Word. She will not fail to unite herself with the Word-groom and make herself ready for the translation. Throughout the Church Ages she has been laying in the messages of God's Truth — the revelation of it — and not mere words quoted from the Holy Scriptures or those spoken by men of God. If she is one with the Word, she will walk with the Word. She will have spiritual intercourse with THE WORD. That's what identifies her. It's the WORD TEST. She is one with the Absolute Christ and therefore she shall have no fear of the mere words of men or churches. The Revelation of the Word of God will get her into the Rapture — not the words of (all) the sermons of the prophet, William Branham.]