I believe that every Christian is obligated to be a Missionary. I believe that every Christian is obligated, not so much that you have to go over into the old country and preach or something but if you can't go, you can help send somebody else.
The laity of today will use their money to sponsor Zoos and Parks and refuse to sponsor Missionaries to take the Gospel to the world. There are hungry Missionaries out there preaching the Gospel without shoes on their feet. No denomination will back them because they stand for the Word of Godů Real true Missionaries with signs following them have to depend on some little wash woman to save a few pennies for their support. There it is!
[The Endtime Messenger]

God is relying on us of this Age to bring this Gospel Light to a dying, demon-bound, traditional world. God's laying the burden on me and you. Woe unto us if the heathen dies without knowing!
[The Patmos Vision]