Wouldn't it be wonderful to see all you other brethren here come together, meet, come into a place? You ministers sit together and discuss things? You've got to have fellowship somewhere; you've got to have something to come together as a group of men and believe one with the other and the like, and discuss these problems and set out, maybe once a month, just ministers alone. Let you meet somewhere in one of your churches, sit there and discuss it and talk it, each one of you Pastors, and Evangelists and whatever you are…
Now remember, in doing this you'll find out there may be times that you'll disagree with Brother So-and-So. You'll disagree over here. Remember, as long as you get to the spot where you say, “Well, because he doesn't believe it just like me, I ain't gonna have…” then there's something wrong with you. It's not wrong with the other fellow: it's something wrong with you.
[Taking Sides With Jesus]

We Pastors will be held responsible for the sheep: what they eat, their blood will be required at our hand.
[Ye Must Be Born Again]

The Spirit of God will come into ministers with power that they will be like Him.
[The Placing of The Church]

And you Pastors should never tell a Prophet what to do. Or you Evangelists tell a Pastor. Each one has his office.
[Doing God a Service Without His Will]

It is a Minister's duty when any question is brought up that he solves this out and then proves it before the people that they might understand, because no one wants to be found wrong, holding to the wrong thing.
[Proving His Word]

Ministers are to feed God's Sheep, Sheep Food.
No man has a right to enter the Sacred Desk to preach the WORD until he has done as Moses did, met God Himself, upon grounds where there's no Theologian can explain it away.
[Why It Had To Be Shepherds]

What is Sheep Food? The Bread of Life. (Jesus is THE BREAD OF LIFE, Gospel Truth.) Preach it without compromise. Then you know that when you have to answer at the Day of Judgment for their souls, as a minister of the Gospel, you can stand and say, “That's what was written in the WORD”. Feed them the Truth, “Feed My Sheep”. And Practice what we Preach. Now, we must do that.
[Convinced Then Concerned]

And any Minister anointed with the Holy Ghost will stay by the same Word, 'cause the Bible said that the entire Bible was written by the Holy Ghost.
[Restoration of The Bride Tree]

If God sends you, He'll take care of you. If He hasn't sent you, then let the denomination take care of you then, but if God sends you, He'll take care of you.
[Questions & Answers On The Holy Ghost]

Be humble and go right on with the same plain message.
[Questions & Answers On The Seals]

When God was ready to send forth His Prophet-Messenger of the New Testament, He spoke to one man, and that man brought the message. Others went from him everywhere with the same message…
[End Time Messenger]

Take the Ministers of today. If he has the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, he knows that if he preaches that Word it is going to cut away his fame. It is going to put him in a little bitty church somewhere or maybe even out on the street. But he also knows that there is something burning in his heart, for he sees the coming of the Lord. He doesn't care whether he has a big church or a little church. He does not care if he has food for today or not. He doesn't care if he has good clothes or not. He is only mindful of one thing, and that is life within him crying out, he is trying to achieve something for the glory of God. That man will act the very Life of the Spirit that is in him. Do you follow me? He will act it out!
[The Spirit Speaks Through The Prophet]

It is your place to get the REVELATION and GO TEACH YOUR FLOCK. You are the shepherd of your flock — I am speaking to Ministers.
[Throne of Mercy]

I believe also that God has set men in the Church, men who are gifted by the Spirit, and they will keep the Church in order, I believe that.
[Seven Church Ages]

The Full and Complete Authority of the Church is the Pastor.
[Church Order 22/Sept.'57]