1. Why We Meet Together

It is later than we think. We don't come to church to occupy a pew. We do not come to church to hear a good sermon or good music, though they all have their place; but what we better do is come to church to check up with God and our soul's salvation, for the day of redemption is here. The church had better be examining our purity, loyalty and devotion.
[The Second Coming of Christ]

…Everyman ought to have a church home. You ought to have a place where you worship. Don't just float about from pillar to post, but have somewhere that you go to church, and you call it your church. You should have somewhere to pay your tithes and help support the cause.
Take your choice; but then don't ever disfellowship the other man because he doesn't belong to your group. Discern his spirit and see if he has the same purpose in his heart as you have. Then you can have fellowship one with the other. You are working for one great cause; that is the cause of Christ.
[The Spirit Speaks Through The Prophet]

And what makes a church? It's not the building. It's the people who gather in it to worship God. We're grateful for these things.
[Standing In The Gap]

…But there's only one real Church, and you don't join it; you're born in it. See? And if you're born in it, the Living God works Himself through you, to make Himself known. See? That's where God dwells — in His Church.
God goes to Church everyday; lives in Church, He lives in you. You're His Church. You are His Church. You are the tabernacle that God dwells in. You are the Church of the Living God yourself. And if the Living God lives in His living being, then your action is of God. If it isn't, then God isn't in there.
[Why Cry? Speak!]

You say, “You have to love the Lord, you ought to go to church.” You don't have to tell them people that. They go, anyhow. They'll walk through rain, they'll go to their death or go to church. Sure, they love it, they've just got to get there; that's all there is to it; it's their life. If they don't, they feel like they are perishing. Sure, yes sir. You just go to get there. And wherever there's something just burning in their heart, they go, not to argue, not to fuss, but to worship. And you go home refreshed. Isn't that a wonderful life? How many have experienced that?
[Testing Time]

What are we coming here for? What are we doing? Are we coming here playing a game? Are we coming here meeting as a lodge? Christ can't come until that Church is perfectly right. He's waiting on us. I believe we're at the end.
[And Knoweth It Not]

…Just remember, if time moves on, we're not going to have this privilege very long. See? Remember, something will take place. Either the law will stop us or Satan will move among you and scatter you. It's always been that way. See? Something will take place. So let us appreciate every minute that we're together.
[Recognizing Your Day and Its Message]

2. Attending Church

Don't stay home. If God is in your heart, you can't hardly wait for them doors to open out yonder to get in here to fellowship with your brothers. If you don't feel that way, then I tell you, It's time you got to praying, because we're in the last days where the Bible exhorts us — much more as we see that day approaching, to love one another with Christian love and Divine love, to assemble ourselves together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus and love one another.
[Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed]

…And you go to church; don't sit at home, go fishing or hunting, or things like that on Sunday.
You say, “Well, I'm not a legalist.”
Well, you'd better be in that manner for a while, seeing that you dishonor the resurrection of Christ. You go to church somewhere!
If you can't come here at the tabernacle, get some church somewhere; go to it. You don't have to take all they do. What part of the bread they're serving, you serve the bread. When they got the garlic, why you just leave it alone. See? That's right.
Sure, you go to church. Wherever the church door opens, you take off as hard as you can go. Now, you don't have to partake. Don't join them, don't join any of them churches; but go to them; fellowship with them. How do you know it's not the Lord? He said He'd make everything work together for the good! And maybe there's a soul in there that ought to be saved, and you can shine the Light to them. See? Go on down there. Don't go arrogant, go sweet; and the people begin to say, “That's such a Christian woman, and a Christian couple; that's such a Christian boy or girl. My, I'd like to… Boy, they really act like they've got something.” See? And they'll say, “What is it?”
[Questions & Answers Book 1]

We've got ministers sitting here that's scattered all around the country, and I believe they are part of that Bride. I believe that a man or woman can go to church anywhere they want to go that teaches the Word. And I believe if they don't teach the whole Word (and you can't go to church any other place where they teach the whole Word), go where they teach half the Word until you can get to where they teach the Whole Word. Go to church whatever you do. Do that.
I believe it's a sin to fish, and hunt, and work on Sunday when you can go to Church. Now, I believe you are transgressing the laws of God.
...Now, if you're away in a wilderness somewhere, and you're out there on a hunting trip, there's no church around, anything like that, and there's nothing you can do; and if you are fishing, I believe that would be alright. But if you're around in the city, or around where church is going on, you should attend church by all means, somewhere.
And I believe, as far as working, I believe if the ox is in the ditch, or something has to be done on Sunday, you go ahead and do it (if it's something that you couldn't help), it had to work that way. But if you just wait till Sunday to do it, or just do it like that, you're wrong. See?
[Questions & Answers Book 3]

…Sure, I want you to go to church. You go to church wherever you are going. But just don't let that be your hope, saying, “Well, I belong to this” or “I belong to that.” Oh, brother or sister, belong to Christ! Go to church, but belong to Christ!
[The Easter Seal]

There's something about where you go, what church you go to, and what Teacher teaches you. Do you know that? It's got something to it. Therefore we ought to seek out the very best that we can find, so we're getting the best; not because it's sociable and so forth, but the real Bible teaching.
[Hebrews Chapter 3]

…And church member, if your church isn't like that to measure up to God's qualification of His Word, get out of it, and get into Christ. That is solemn warning.
[Choosing A Bride]

…And so is the Bride, not taken from a denomination, but taken from the bosom of the Word of God for this day.
…Let me tell you, whatever you do, I don't care how well you go to church and how loyal you are to church — that's fine, nothing against that (you should go to church, you do that), keep on going to church, but whatever it is, throw away your traditions and move right on up into Christ 'cause it's going to sound one of these days, and you're going to be caught with the Mark of the Beast on you and not know what it is until it's too late. That's exactly right.
[The Rapture]