Look at the earthquakes over in California. I predict that before the coming of the Lord Jesus that God will sink that place. I believe that Hollywood and Los Angeles and those filthy places over there — that God Almighty will sink her. It'll go beneath the bottom of the sea.
[Who Do You Say This Is?]

Remember: the Coming of the Lord will be a sudden, secret going!

The Harvest is here and She is dead ripe. She's ready now for the Coming.

Can't you see, Spirit-filled people? Something is fixing to happen. Don't look for a great big universal something sweeping…nothing but the Coming of the Lord Jesus!
[Easter Seal]

And now at the coming of the Lord Jesus, for those who really love His Coming, that's living for it, He'll appear in the sky. The Church that's dead in Christ shall arise and those living shall be changed in a moment. But the rest of the people will know nothing about it. (Remember, appeared to those in the city? Matthew 27:52-53. See?) The Rapture will be like that. We'll see each other and we'll see them; the rest of the world won't see them. And we'll be caught away as a secret going. (Waiting for that Time.) Then returning back to the earth for that Glorious Millennium, the thousand years. The rest of the dead lived not for a thousand years, and then come forth the General Resurrection.
[How Can I Overcome]

And the first thing He does when He starts descending from the Heavens, there's a shout. What is it? It's a message to get the people together. A message comes forth first.
[The Rapture]

There must come a True Seed. There's got to be because He's coming for the Bride without Spot or Wrinkle. He's coming for Her. What if He took 500 in the last day? You'd never know it. Takes 500 within a few days time…in the Secret Coming of the Lord Jesus, She'll be taken away and the rest of them go ahead preaching just like it was in the days of Noah.
[Harvest Time]

The church goes through for purification (sure, it's on the 6th Seal), Israel does the same thing, the 144,000, but not the Bride. The Bride is forgiven, She goes straight to Glory in the Rapture. (In my opinion, the last member will be caught up one of these days.) It might come and you will know nothing about it. Remember, it's a secret, secret catching away. He'll come in an hour that you think not. You won't know about it. She'll be gone, it'll be too late then.
[God in Simplicity]

So we'll know how to behave ourselves and act, purging ourselves and bringing the members of our body into discipline to the Word, that we might know how to live in this present day at the approaching of the Lord Jesus.
[Running From The Presence Of The Lord]

There is no future but the Coming of the Lord.
We're at the end. There's nothing else that I know to happen but the Coming of the Lord.
[Flashing Red Light]

Whoever is born of the Spirit of God will be caught away with Jesus Christ when He comes.
[Standing In The Gap]

What are we coming here for? What are we doing? Are we coming here playing a game? Are we coming here meeting as a lodge? Christ can't come until the Church is perfectly right. He's waiting on us. I believe we are at the end.
[And Knoweth It Not]

…Don't look to that, turn your head higher than that, towards Heaven. Look towards Jesus sitting on the right hand of God, ever living to make intercessions on our confession of what we believe His Word to be — The Truth.
[Things That Are To Be]

The very minute that outside Denominational World begins to receive this Message, that's exactly the hour He's coming.
[Only Believe]

God Himself appeared in the form of a human being to Abraham's natural seed before the destruction, and Jesus said it would happen again the same way to this Royal Seed before the Promised Son returns.
[Unveiled God]

There're Three Comings of Christ.
(1) He came once to redeem His Bride
(2) He comes the next in the Rapture to catch away His Bride.
(3) He comes again in the Millennium with His Bride.
[Message To The Church]

The last Book in the Bible (Revelation) shows us that there will be a return of Him in the last days to the Gentile Church — a sign. How they miss it! He's prophesied to come again, just before the Great and Second Coming of the Lord.
[A True Sign Overlooked]

It's not our Will to know when You will come, it's our Will, Lord, to keep humble till You do come, and walk with you.
[Doing God a Service Without His Will]