1. You Must Not Misinterpret The Word

To misinterpret Jesus in the form of God in a Man, you would make Him one God out of three. To misinterpret Jesus Christ being the Word, you'd make Him the Second Person in the Godhead. And to do that you'd mess the whole Scripture up. You'd never get no where. So it must not be misinterpreted. If anybody misinterprets Jesus Christ in the Bible as not being God Himself, make Him Second Person or One God out of Three, this would upset every Word in the Bible. It would break the first commandment: “Thou shalt not have any other God before me”. It would make the whole Christian race a bunch of pagan worshippers worshipping three different Gods! So you see, you mustn't misinterpret the Bible, for Jesus Himself is the Interpretation of the Bible when He's made manifest in the Age that the part of His Body is to be made manifested. If it's a Hand Age, it must be a Hand, it can't be a Head Age. If it's a Voice Age, well then it can't be a Foot Age, see? And now, we're at the Eye Age, the next thing is He Himself to come: seeing, “prophetic”… the complete Body of Christ is revealed in a form of a Bride that was taken out of His side.

2. You Must Not Misplace The Scripture

When every Scripture in the Bible has the same application you got to set it in its place: for to misplace it, you might make Him God in one Age and the next Age you'd make Him a History. So you mustn't misplace the Scripture. He's God all the time. If you make Him, today, a God of History, what was He back yonder?…He isn't the same today. What are you going to do with Hebrews 13:8, see? He's the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever. Now, see what this would do and what it has done, it's already done, made Him deny His own Word.

3. You Must Not Dislocate The Word

To dislocate the Scriptures, you might put His Body together wrong; the Foot where the Head should be or something. Just the same as Wesley teaching Luther's Age. You might have our Age teaching Pentecost, the Pentecostal Message. You see what a mess it would be in, Pentecost has already shown its colours. Luther's already shown his, went into denomination, it died right there. The Age struck, there it went! Notice: just as soon as it organized it dies…it became a worshipper of the god of this world. It went off into organizations, denominations and illusions; a bunch of “Rickies” got into there, injected their own thoughts into it, and what did happen? It became a mess! Gonna head up in the god of this world where they'll throne Satan himself, thinking that they're having a great world leader to bring them peace.
[Christ Revealed In His Own Word]

What is the Seed of Abraham? Those that believe the Whole Word of God regardless of what denominations, or Papa or Mama, or anybody else says; they believe the Whole Word of God!
[The Spoken Word Is The Original Seed]

And many times that God has…did things or let his servants do it that was mistakes in order to prove these things.
[Standing In The Gap]

Spiritual Revelation is the only way you will ever know the real meaning of power and healing and salvation… It is a Spiritual Revelation of the Will and Word of God.
[How To Approach God]