My Testimony to the Love of Jesus Christ

In 1983 I was in Muscat (Oman) working as a finance clerk in a reputed company where I met one brother who started sharing with me from the Scriptures. I was a staunch Roman Catholic but the Scriptures from ‘Romans’ and ‘Ephesians’ uttered by the brother created a uneasiness in my heart. Then the brother mentioned to me that all the teachings and rituals in the Roman Church was not scriptural. He also gave me a copy of the "Seven Church Ages" by William Branham to read and told me that Bro. Branham was the messenger for the second coming of Christ. I still remember that I read the whole book in one night, from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. I checked the words of Bro. Branham and I found that they tallied with the Scriptures. This book greatly stirred me and I immediately received the revelation of the baptism in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ and that the Lord God is one Eternal Spirit and not a Triune God consisting of 3 persons as was taught to me in the Roman Catholic church. I wanted to get baptized immediately according to Acts 2:38, but my friend was reluctant as he said that only a pastor should do the baptism.

Meanwhile my friend was getting Prophetic Revelation messages from Bro. Richard Gan of Singapore. So I wrote to Bro. Gan that I wished to get baptized immediately and Bro. Gan wrote back that a brother who has been baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ can baptize another brother if there is no pastor in the locality. So I showed the letter to my friend, but still he was reluctant to baptize me.

In 1984, I went back to Bombay on leave and one brother who was in the end-time faith took me to a pastor and on 30th June 1984 I was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. While I was in Bombay during my leave I was attending fellowship in Agripada, pastored by Bro. Richard D’souza, Bro. Hubert D’souza was an elder in the same fellowship.  Some two months after I returned to Muscat, I had a wonderful experience. I was in my room at night, praying. Suddenly I started speaking in tongues. It was sudden and spontaneous, and was beyond my control. It lasted for about 5 minutes. I thanked the Lord for this experience, confirming that he had given me the earnest of His Spirit. Then after some 2 months later I again had the same experience, this time it lasted for 2 minutes. These were the only 2 instances I spoke in tongues. Looking back I compared that with what I knew when I was in Charismaticism in which the leader would compel and cajole us to roll our tongues and speak in tongues and we used to convince ourselves that that was a Holy Ghost experience but that was a counterfeit.

I used to write to my wife, Hilda, about the new found faith but she was reluctant and was continuously attending the Roman Catholic rituals. In 1985 on my leave I gave her the "Seven Church Ages" book and some brethren of the end-time faith visited her and shared with her from the Scriptures. In Feb’85 Hilda was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. I again returned to Muscat and was able to arrange a visa for Hilda and my daughter, Benita, who was 2 years old. While we were in Muscat we used to fellowship with my friend and his family. We were in constant communication with Bro. Gan who used to send us his message books, together with Contenders and ‘Spoken Word’ books. We were having rich spiritual food. My friend once told me that his desire was to go to Singapore and sit at the feet of Bro. Gan and learn from him more about the end-time faith. But alas, the same friend has lost his first love and gone into ‘Branhamism’ and the ‘Thunder cult’.

While in Muscat we had a zeal to reach out to the Roman Catholics from our company and share the truth with them. Out of the ones we approached, only 3 gave us their ears, but 2 later lost their interest. Only one got baptized in Jesus’ Name, but later married a Catholic girl and went back to Romanism. We felt that we were the only 2 families in the whole of Muscat who were in the end-time faith.

In 1994 my contract was terminated. My family and I returned to Bombay. I wanted to do something for the Lord. The Lord put it in my heart to arrange a convention with the help of Bro. Hubert, who is now the pastor of Faith Assembly in Borivli. We invited brethren of the end-time faith from different parts of India. Some 120 brethren attended the convention, which was held in Nasrapur in Oct-Nov ’94. The convention was for 5 days. It was wonderful experience to meet and fellowship with brethren of like faith. The spiritual food for the convention was provided by the main speaker of the convention, Bro. Richard Gan. All those who attended still remember and savour the memories of that convention.

I am now 19 years in the apostolic truth but still have to learn. I feel that something is missing in my life and also in our local fellowship. The Holy Ghost fire has still to be manifested in my life.   On 25th May 2003 I attended a meeting in YMCA, Agripada, where Bro. Gan preached. His preaching answered many of my questions. Bro Gan mentioned that the important thing in our life is to do the ‘will of the father’ and the other things, such as reaching out to others, performing miracles, doing ministry work, are secondary. By living our life according to the Will of the Father , which is according to His Word, our life itself will be a living testimony to the truth. I am now living my life taking one day at a time, and like Paul I am trying to ‘die daily’ so that I will be able to subdue the things of the flesh and reflect Christ in my life. The other works will follow.

Bro. Vally Serrao
Borivli, India.
5 June, 2003